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Shia LaBeouf's Pinky To Be Amputated

Shia LaBeouf's Pinky To Be Amputated

Shia LaBeouf may have to amputate one of his injured fingers, reports Star.

Doctors have told the 22-year-old Transformers star that he is likely to lose the pinky on his left hand.

Shia called producers yesterday and told them,” the source on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Alamogordo, N.M. says. “It’s really thrown the movie into turmoil.”

Shia crushed his left hand when his truck rolled over twice in a July 27 accident in West Hollywood. He was arrested for suspicion of a DUI misdemeanor although do not believe the accident was his fault.

Perhaps Shia should invest in some of that magical pixie dust that grows back fingers. It’d be a good investment, don’tcha think?

See pictures of Shia’s mangled hand here.

DO YOU THINK having a missing pinky will negatively affect Shia’s movie career?

UPDATE: Shia‘s publicist, Melissa Kates, shoots down these rumors saying, “Totally untrue.”

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  • Suzanne

    Poor Shia, hope he gets better.

  • wowowow


    oh sweet babby jesus say it ain’t so.

  • iv

    oh this sounds really bad. i hope he’ll be ok

  • Angeline


  • OH SNAP!

    NOOOOO!!! i hope they can save it!!! but aleast he’s still alive his hand must be in really bad condition

    Get Well Soon Shia! <3

  • Jane

    No, I don’t wanna see any nasty missing fingers up on my movie screen, unless it’s a horror movie. Let this be a lesson that drinking and driving is D U M B.

  • kiki

    Oh no!!! his pinky..poor Shia.. =(

  • LOL

    I think it’ll fuck up his career. Hollywood is too shallow to let it slide.

  • Sarah


  • c

    Thats BS. Look at his post injury pictures and you can see his pinky is unharmed.

  • kiw

    Poor Shia..

  • Orange Clockwork

    1. Star
    2. “may”

    Can’t believe we’re posting this as fact…

  • wowowow

    why couldn’t lindsay lose a finger.
    shia is just too fine

  • hello1

    that “magical pixie dust” joke wasnt funny at all, this could be a serious problem for him. he’s actually a good actor and the lasy 4 movies he released were awesome. cant say that about any other younf male actor right now

  • Abbe

    Agree with c. BS. Look at the pics.

  • Sarah

    oh man! that’s sick, i hope that doesn’t happen.

  • Nicole

    Another story from Star that’s a bunch of crap. If they were going to amputate they would have already.

    This site sucks now, if I wanted garbage tabloid stories I’d buy the tabloids.

  • sophia


  • Vogue
  • wowowow

    if he’s supposed to have his pinky removed then why is it not wrapped in those pictures. it looks pretty healthy to me.

  • gina

    That really must have been one bad accident. I hope he is alright, and it is hard to tell how badly this could impact his career. It might have no impact at all.

  • omg!


  • melisa

    the pinky finger looks rather fine in the pics previously posted?
    unless the pinky got infected or something, im calling bs on this story.

  • Lily


  • Supernetuser

    I will also call bs on this story because I doubt the accident was that bad. DUI misdemeanor. He didn’t get his license taken away. He was being stupid though.

  • Jaye

    Sorry to hear about this, but I hope he learns a lesson before more of him is broken.

  • Lillianne

    the real Jared would never write something as stupid as this.

  • F.

    Jared, when you post things with Star as your source you lose what little credibility you might have had.

  • mike

    That is stupid…Star never reports anything actually worthwhile…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    wow….. that’s fcuked up!

    and i dont really see how losing a pinky will affect his career… not like his pinky has lines, or does sex scenes. lol

  • uhh

    jared i cant believe u fucking posted this garbage. incase u didnt notice his pinky is the only one not damaged

  • amy

    hows he going to carry things with his left hand then? lol. i hope he feels better though.

  • Deni

    nO! oF cOuRse, No! If He Is a GoOd AcToR tHat wOnT bE a ProbleM…

  • oh snap!

    you guys are right Star lie just like about that brad and angelina story that they lied about! they shouldn’t be lying about things like this thought unless they are really sure

    i agree with #13 WHY CAN’T lindsay lohan or better yet paris lose a pinky instead of shia he’s way to good for this they are just useless ho’s. it seems that bad things always happen to the GOOD PEOPLE NOT VICE VERSA

  • Donna

    Please GOD noooooooooooooooooo. I love him anyway.

  • mm

    Oh whatever, this accident wasn’t a result of drinking & driving,it happened because someone was too d*amn careless to follow the road rules. I don’t care much about Shia but this does suck for him if it’s true. Of ocurse considering the source it’s probably a bunch of bulls*hit.

  • sweetie

    I hope it’s not true! I’m sure it will not affect his career. Get well, Shia!

  • oh snap!


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    i feel like slapping you in the head with a fcuking brick. you stupid muthafcuka! how could you even type that shiiiiit! lmaoo

    the story sounds bogus to me cause if you look back at the pictures of shia with his arm in the cast ….

    his pinky looks to be the only finger NOT in the cast. lol maybe i just don’t know which finger the pinky is. lmaoo

  • Jo


  • Yuck

    Yes, his career will be over without that Pinkie. I know I don’t wanna watch a movie with Shia pinkieless ladouche dui anymore.

  • Yuck


  • spade

    I call B.S. clearly from the pictures of him at the hospital, his pinky is fine.

  • t

    um in all the pictures of him post accident his pinkys aren’t even wrapped up or injured star is ridiculous

  • Ashlyn

    umm hello people its not true if u look at the pictures of him outside smoking at the hospital the other day his pinky isnt even in his cast

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    I am literally at a loss for words. Star as a source by itself has thrown up a redflag, but the words: “It’s really thrown the movie into turmoil.” really get the b u l l s h i t -o-meter buzzing, mostly since the script has been redone to accomadate Shia’s recent injuries. I’ll believe this when I see Shia sans pinkie, thank you.

  • 3:21

    huh? but his pinky is not bandaged on the attached photo link. as a matter of fact that’s the only finger thats not covered. so which finger is it really???

  • CrazyDaisy

    that’s stupid in the pictures his pinky finger is not even bandaged.

  • TJ

    This is plain BS…
    His pinky didn’t get hurt in the accident, so why the hell wold they amputate it?? Gees…

  • alISA

    I really don’t see how it would affect his carreer.. Look at Matthew Perry, one of his fingers are cut off….well half-cut off.. it’s not the whole finger.. You don’t notice it.. But maybe it’s better to have half a finger than no finger?