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Brad Pitt is Officially an Inglorious Bastard

Brad Pitt is Officially an Inglorious Bastard

Brad Pitt has officially signed onto Quentin Tarantino‘s World War II action-drama Inglorious Bastards, sources have confirmed.

The 44-year-old actor will play a Southern rebel who assembles a team of eight prisoners-turned-soldiers to battle the Nazis.

Production for the film is set to begin on Oct. 13 in Germany. Tarantino, who wrote the script, is aiming to complete the film and have it ready for next year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Simon Pegg, David Krumholtz and B.J. Novak are also in talks to join the project.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad as an Inglorious Bastard?

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  • bdj

    It sounds like an interesting project. I am looking forward to Burn after Reading and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie also.

  • kei

    I know he will be good!

  • gena

    Boy, seems like the Jolie-Pitts are at Cannes every year! They have a really good year! Guess they will be moving to Germany in October. Keep the brood together. Wonder if they will come back to the states before they go to Germany? Congrats Brad.

  • mike

    Sounds interesting… :)

  • gena

    It sounds like the old film “the Dirty Dozen”

  • cook


  • Angi

    It seems soon to be going back to work when you can afford not to, but also like a great opportunity. It’s also really close, a short flight so he’ll probably be home every night too.

  • Jill

    This sounds good….

  • tammy

    Sounds like a good movie for Brad. Look forward to hearing more about it……

  • cucu

    haha.. inglorious bastard…
    and the movie is called ‘identity theft’

  • vickifromtexas

    sounds interesting.

  • cook

    …I can’t wait to NOT see this inglorious piece of s hit…hahahahahaha

  • Reposting

    passing Through @ 08/07/2008 at 10:20 pm

    On another note…while I’m thinking about it…the other tabs….

    Let’s all hear it from the Bauer rags. They have boldly gone where no tab has gone in the last 3 year and 8 months – neither rag has a Jolie-Pitt story! Yippee!!! B#tches knews their usual fictional stories weren’t going to be even remotely believable this week with Brad & Angie all over the Peeps with their beautiful family. I bet the editors at Bauer are going through the DTs right about now. Poor dears.

    Also – US Lies Weakly…I’m gonna give Janice Min a Brownie Point because after that ridiculous claptrap on the US website celebrating the non-wedding anniversary of Brad & X US actually had the decency to write in the new issue that Brad and Angie are happier than X roasting away in the sun in a too-small bikini and showing the world her ass and cooch doggie style. Writing happy-happy probably gives Min indigestion, but their little story says Angie LOVES being home all the time with the kids.

    Meanwhile, OK did their best to avoid mentioning the J-Ps at all and could only manage some minor mention in a much larger story. The story was so benign I can’t even remember what the hell it was about. It may have been how to turn your man into the SO of certain HW stars. I vaguely remember something about Angie turning Brad in to a humanitarian. No, they did not have X turning Brad into dead bore. For the sake of space they left that out of the issue.

    All of that aside, the real coup this week belongs to Star. Undaunted by the thought of having their nonsense blown out of the water by all the happy-happy Peeps pix, Star has fabricated a story claiming that on the night of July 26 Brad ditched the family, leaving Angie alone with 6 kids under 7 and no help for the evening, for some alone time with 2 of his buddies at restaurant in Aix-en-Provence where he chain-smoked, drank wine and champaign, dine on filet mignon and caviar and stayed out until after midnight. Bear in mind that on July 27 they did the Getty shoot…just saying… Then they go on to say that Angie is dreading Brad going back to work this fall and leaving her to take care of all 6 kids by herself.

    In addition to Brad, as their source put it, “still being independent”, Star also claims to have inside info on the goings on at Chateau Jolie-Pitt. Brace yourselves – it seems Shiloh is being a wee bit of a troublemaker with the twins. Yep, she think they’re “living dolls” and her toys to play with…and wake up…as she pleases. Apparently Shiloh likes to help change the diapers, but she’s not very good about throwing them away and once she left a diaper sitting on the living room coffee table, didn’t tell anyone and natch the stink lit up the joint until a nanny stumbled upon the source of the smell. But, undeterred, Shiloh insists on helping, but she’s also taken to – get this part – letting herself into the twins’ nursery, climbing a chair and hovering over their crib, then she stares at them and talks to them…which eventually wakes the twins, who then start crying and wailing because they’re tired and cranky and Shiloh won’t let them sleep. Not to be outdone, Z, who Star says is usually the ringleader of the bunch, tattletales on Shiloh…but she’s not quiet about it. Instead she yells for Brad, “DADDY!!!!!!!! SHILOH’S WAKING UP THE TWINS!” So now Star has painted Z as not only the head-troublemaker, but also the family snitch. Nice, Candace, nice.

    At this point I was laughing so hard that I can’t really remember if I ever finished the story. If I didn’t, I’m sure it was just more of the same kind of poorly imagined work of fiction. For God’s sake…Angie’s in the Peeps magazine sitting right next to the Star saying that Brad ‘rents are there helping them out! Yet Peeps claimed that Brad went off to dinner with friends and left Angie alone with all the kids. Nevermind the fact that they said Shiloh was bum-rushing the nursery…when Hello clearly said that the twins’ cribs are in Brad & Angie’s bedroom. This kind of shite would NEVAH happen on Bonnie Fuller’s watch! Oh wait…my bad…it happened all the time on Bonnie’s watch! In fact…she encouraged it…

    OT – one last comment about Star – ROTFLMAO at the X having The Urinator’s baby story. Their X source said when Brad dumped X it was bacause she was “More interested in having an Oscar, than having a baby”. But Brad was all about family and when he hooked up with Angie she only had Mad, but three years later…he’s STILL all about family and has 6 kids to X’s none…and, they didn’t say it, but implied it – no Oscar either! So now X wants to have a baby to prove to Brad that she did indeed want children. Seriously…can these rags make that ho look any more pathetic? I’m actually starting to feel sor….nah, who am I kidding…

    Oh yeah…before I forgot – I bow to Janice Min. All hail Janice Min. Janice Min wrote a 2-page article on Kate Hudson and basically called her a big ho who’s hopping from man to man to man to man to man to man…you get the idea…and in the process bringing all of these men into her son’s life only to drop them regardless of whether Ryder has grown attached to them. Basically KH’s “pal” says KH goes into these liaisons hot and heavy…then gets bored and dumps the guy and has no trouble NOT looking back. Min then points out that KH has prolly already replaced Lance. And of course she trots out the requisite shrink who doesn’t treat KH and the shrink says KH is scarring Ryder (her son) for life and her actions could result in his inability to form lasting attachments as an adult. In other words – he’ll be a ho just like his mama. A manho, but a ho is a ho is a ho. All hail Janice Min…can’t get shite right about the Jolie-Pitts, but let’s give credit where credit is due…she’s got Kate Hudson sussed to a T.

  • cook

    …WTF!!…now, here we go…damn!

  • sharon

    I am looking forward to the movie and next year’s Cannes.

  • cc

    Jolie-Pitt dominates every year’s Cannes Film Festival. This movie sounds very good.

  • Ginger

    This will be a digusting but exciting film I’m sure. Quinten’s movies are always great!

  • Marieme

    Fan-effing-tastic! Brad is so on a role in life and career! I know he’s going to be superb in that role. For us movie lovers it is a dream pairing! Can his month get any better?

  • Life is the Pitts

    his hair looks red and beard gray but still looking good

  • Orchid

    I don’t like wars, but they have happened, and then I like the movies made about those wars!

  • cucu

    that’s the twilight zone… i won’t recomend it Brad.

  • oh snap!

    i love brad he’ll be good in this i was just reading about this on bradpittweb site i can’t wait to see how it turns out

  • kate

    It is going to be a great movie. I can’t wait.

  • Marieme

    What the heck? My grammar has been whacko lately.

    ROLL, roll, roll…Brad’s on a roll not role! LOL! :D

  • tabitha

    I’ve never been a Taratino fan so I have my doubts about this movie. I’m sure they took in consideration that this movie will be filmed in Germany/France.

  • someone

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  • debra77

    I will definitely see this film. I hope all the fans will support it as well. I love Q’s work. Sometimes weird but always interesting. Can’t wait for the TIFF. I hope Brad and Angie will be there. The red carpet will certainly heat up then. Also I really want to see Burn After Reading. E will be talking about it on Monday. While I don’t really like them, I will watch to hear about the movie.

  • Jared Lurker

    It sounds like an interesting project. I am looking forward to Burn after Reading and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie also.
    He also has Tree of Life. All of his upcoming films are Oscar baity. Ever since he hooked up with Jolie, all he’s ever done are Oscar baity films. Jolie should do the same so she’ll have as much respect as an actress.

  • xyz

    Thanks for the repost #13. As always LMAO!

  • some girl

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    2 ripe plums, pitted and cut into 1/4-inch wedges
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  • Andrómeda

    It sounds like an interesting movie.
    Thanks JJ for the new thread.

  • Paul

    I think he will do great.

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Good for Brad! Thanks Jared. Hi cook, hi vicki. :) I hope you both are having a great evening. Jill, LOL at your last post on the last thread. I’m wiped, goodnight everyone.

  • Me too

    passing Through @ 08/07/2008 at 10:20 pm

    pt great article as usual. you crack me up every time.
    pardon me as I give my proper respects to the dragon lady
    otherwise known as janice min. :-& ~x( =))

  • to repost

    P t— Regarding Kate Hudson – raised by parents (mom and stepdad) who to this day have never married.

  • alia

    Cool :)
    can’t wait!

    Brad is so gorgeous

  • burn

    I saw a clip of Burn After Reading – it was very funny. Brad plays dumb, stupid and gay very well. Looking forward to this movie he has a real comedic bent.

  • the shiznack

    Orchid @ 08/07/2008 at 11:05 pm

    I don’t like wars, but they have happened, and then I like the movies made about those wars!


    technically its not a full on war movie

    WW2 is just the setting and background and the rest is a sort of fantasy/drama/action story from the mind of QT

  • tabitha


  • to tabitha

    just wondering why you think that they should take into consideration that this movie will be filmed in Germany and France? since this film takes place during world war 11 it only makes sense it will be filmed in France. France was invaded by Germany in Sept of 1940 and the Germans didn’t leave until they were forced out by men like my father.
    as for Germany; it should be obvious why they’re filming there. It wasn’t Switzerland that invaded France.

  • tabitha

    to tabitha: I was not referring to that at all. Let me make it more simple. I was referring to Brad taking a movie project that will film close to where they are currently living ie southern France. I am very familiar with WWII history. It had nothing to do with my post. I am now heading off to work.

  • right

    # 25 tabitha @ 08/07/2008 at 11:14 pm I’ve never been a Taratino fan so I have my doubts about this movie. I’m sure they took in consideration that this movie will be filmed in Germany/France.

    Don’t care for Tarantino or his movies either. Yes filming in Germany/France would be convenient for the Jolie Pitts right now.

  • Vogue
  • anon

    Brad is in super demand. He’s hot, hot hot. Brad
    is also the hottest Hollywood dad.

    Re smile gate from the last thread. uh, didn’t that magazine know that when babies try to pass gas it comes across as a smile? Every mom knows this.

  • alexanderina

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. It sounds like a very interesting project and good for Brad.

  • mia

    I think it sounds like an interesting project and a good role for him.

    I’m very excited about his 2 upcoming films. One that is due out in Sept. and the other in December.

  • che

    I am looking forward to see BAR. Brad role is hilarious and the rest of the cast is funny too. It is sound like a good movie. I can’t wait.
    Brad will do great for IB. It is all good for brad.

  • nice

    God, keep blessing and watching over the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • Shar

    wherever they shoot this movie, i’m sure Brad will make it work to be with Angie & their children!!!!

  • creativegirl

    i just caught TROY on TV last night – gosh this man is beautiful.

    He’s only getting better with age and the fact that he is a doting dad, well – that is just the icing on the cake.