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Ellen Pompeo Hopes For Barack Obama

Ellen Pompeo Hopes For Barack Obama

Ellen Pompeo spends the day with family at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, Calif., on Wednesday.

The Grey’s Anatomy star wore a “Hope” Obama t-shirt while she carried a bottle of Vitaminwater. She also made a few phone calls as she walked through the theme park, proudly displaying her shirt.

Ellen, 38, was also spotted on Tuesday petting a panting English bulldog after leaving Book Soup, a bookshop on L.A.’s Sunset Strip.

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday, September 25, 9/8c.

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84 Responses to “Ellen Pompeo Hopes For Barack Obama”

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  1. 26
    Mq Says:

    THEEEEEEEEEEEE only reason she supports him is because barak is 50% BLACK! 50% PEOPLE! I am white so why doesnt he call himself a WHITE man ….. His Mama be! Hes a dumb prick! His wife a RACIST Beotch! Talk about the TYPICAL ANGRY mad BLACK person….get the F OVER it…

  2. 27
    lisa Says:

    YEA! Go ahead and choose a demorcrat to run your country your stupid F*cks! Oh, yes, when the next attack h appens maybe Mr. HUSSAIN will ignore it……? Peace right? NEVER EVERYONE hates America and if we get some panzie ass (like Clinton) in office we will be F’ed up….Hmmmm clinton didnt pass the gas bill??? Hmmmm? Why cant you get to work now because GAS is TOO EXPENSIVE? Hmmmmm DEMOCRATS SUCK DIRTY BALLS!

  3. 28
    JT Says:

    Oh Finally some Ellen Pompeo pictures.
    thanks jj

    Shes looking good. gorgeous in the new ABC promo.

  4. 29
    lulu Says:

    Ellen is gorgeous
    love the pictures.
    don’t know the people with her, maybe her nieces.

  5. 30
    Hmmm Says:

    ” really appreciate this kind of women who don’t give a sh*t to popularity ”

    Then why did she do Playboy ;). She’s like every actress in Hollywood. I know EP peeps are slow, but I didn’t know they were this slow.

  6. 31
    lovergirl Says:

    I have hopes for Obama too, good choice Ellen :)

  7. 32
    sheryl Says:

    Hope is just words coming from Obama. He hasn’t brought hope to anyone as a leader. He hasn’t united anyone either.

    In fact, not since the OJ trial has America been shown to be so racially divided. But what do you expect from a man that sat in a church for 20 years with a pastor spewing racial hatred and who thinks black brains are different than white brains…..sad.

    Obama makes me sad, not hopeful.

  8. 33
    sam Says:

    How can a rational adult wear a T-shirt that says Hope on it and imply that a politician is the answer, celebrities have the intelligence and maturity of some kid in school maybe it’s the bubble they live in but do they ever grow up? I would be embarrassed to walk around with a shirt like that and be naive enough or immature enough to believe that a politician was the “Hope to believe”, they are and the college kids that also fall for the Obama marketing the 21 first century version of the 60′s hippies, 60′s recycled LOVE, HOPE and PEACE,

  9. 34
    John Says:

    I agree with Hmmm. Playboy – really classy. NOT !!

    Ellen fans are deluded if they think she is a sweet unassuming publicity-shy person. She was a ***** on Punked, married to a convicted drug dealer & credit card fraudster who ruined many people’s lives, & is fugly, with one of the most irritating voices EVER.

    Thank god Greys has talented actors in Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez & Chandra Wilson. Now that the puck-worthy Mer/Der are together, hopefully they will be put on the backburner to let the real actors of Greys come to the fore, although it’s amusing that even Sandra Oh with no storyline last year can still outshine the lead & secure an Emmy nom lol. Talent always wins out. Ellen will be back to obscurity after a few more seasons, so make the money for your drugs while you can !

  10. 35
    anna Says:

    I missed her pictures and news.

  11. 36
    george Says:

    WOW lots of jealous people here.
    hate won’t get you anywhere you know.

    Ellen is a wonderful actress and a lovely human being inside out.
    thanks jj

    more of Ellen I say.
    Meredith Grey is one of the best characters on tv.

  12. 37
    Rachel Says:

    yaay go Ellen! You’re supporting the right guy!!

  13. 38
    Merisi Says:

    #34 I don’t think Ellen is the sweetest person on earth (how would I know since I’ve never met her ?) but I do like what little I see of her very much. To me, actors all play a game, so I guess I just like the way she plays a little better. And I wasn’t shocked by her behaviour on Punkd, but I know other people agreed with you and that what is funny for some won’t be for others so there is no need to argue here.

    As for her husband, he made mistakes (big ones) and paid his due, so I believe he has a right to a second chance. If Society decided that he didn’t need to spend his lifetime in prison, what more can he do ? Locking himself up for the rest of his life out of shame ? Asking people to spit on him everytime he goes out ?

    As for Grey’s, I completely agree with you, I think Grey’s has some very talented actors, Ellen being one of them, and I hope SO will get the emmy, but I don’t think you need a reward to prove your talent. I also want to hope that “talent always wins out”, that’s why I’m glad to see that more and more critics are noticing and complimenting Ellen on her work on Grey’s.

  14. 39
    Merisi Says:

    And thanks for the pictures, with the new ABC promo, it’s been a great week ! I don’t know how to use smileys, but you can picture the big grinning one to know my current state of mind.

  15. 40
    HANNAH Says:

    Wow more pictures yay! Seriously though what’s with her clothes? She is cute still… But those pants…

  16. 41
    Peace and love Says:

    # Isn’t it that his suypporters hope that he gets elected not that they hope he can solve all hs countries worries…get over it.

    She’s looksing great in the ABC promo, im so glad her and PD are together at they end, I watch the show for them :)

  17. 42
    James Says:

    Can someone please inform all the publicists in LA that we do not care about political endorsements from celebrities. Really, it is quite infuriating to see these actors, uneducated as a whole for the most part, endorsing a candidate that they probably know little to nothing about.

    I hope this stupid crap loses votes for Obama. Mixing the pop culture with an election is repulsive and illustrates how idiotic most voters are in this country. Bring back the poll tests, please.

  18. 43
    trence Says:

    Ellen is lovely.
    thanks JJ. We love a Ellen a lot.

    more Ellen I say toooooo

  19. 44
    Vogue Says:
    dr in the house

  20. 45
    evie Says:

    I can’t stand this woman ever since I saw her on the episode of punkd. Is her publicist posting on this site? As for the outfit like most of these low rent celebs when their stylist isn’t dressing them they look a disgrace.

  21. 46
    victoria Says:

    Ellen looks like the rest of us. No Hollywood dress-up glamour. Just having fun with everyone, walking around. I love her!!!

  22. 47
    Kate Says:


  23. 48

    I think it’s great that celebrities give their opinion about politics, just because she supports Obama and not McCain doesn’t make her bad or good, she just gives her opinion, just like we all do by giving our opinion about her now!
    So before judging her look at what you’re doing!

    btw thank you JJ, we miss seeing Ellen around since a few months .

  24. 49
    Kamy Says:

    I really think that Ellen is a simple person who doesn’t run after popularity. Yes, she did Playboy, what the matter, she wasn’t naked and the pics were really classy and it’s a mag like any other! It’s part of her job to be on mag!

    What I want to say by not running after popularity is: she doesn’t where expensive designed clothes when she does her shopping, she doesn’t go where she knows papz will see her, she’s one of the most discreet actress I have ever see.

    I’m quite mature to accept people might dislike her, there are a lot of actors/actresses I can’t stand but bringing over and over again, the pun’k thing that we all know was a trick or her husband’s past as only stones to threw at her it’s quite lame and low!


  25. 50
    vanessaH's fan Says:

    She’s my fav actresses.
    Ellen is just great, thanks for the pics !

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