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Katie Holmes Gives Rolled-Up Jeans A Rest

Katie Holmes Gives Rolled-Up Jeans A Rest

Katie Holmes may be getting a lot of heat for her rolled-up jeans, which is why she arrived for rehearsals in New York City on Thursday morning without them.

The 29-year-old actress sported a regular pair of relaxed-fitted jeans and plain white Nike kicks. Katie (and costar John Lithgow) arrived to prepare for their upcoming Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons, which opens on October 16 and runs through January 11, 2009. Who bought their tickets so far?????

Last night, Katie took 2-year-old daughter Suri to see the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid.

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  • sarah

    I think their the same ones again…

  • gnmc

    She still looks like a slob.

  • Clara

    they’re the same jeans… not rolled up

  • renee

    i think they r the same jeans too, but at least they arent rolled up this time!

  • diane

    Katie is such a super mom and Suri is just the cutest little girl ever

  • irene

    Yes, sahra, I believe they are the same ones too. From the front they look the same, if they look ill fitted from the back, I bet you they are.

  • Ann

    You mean people are actually expected to pay over a hundred bucks to see this ‘droid “act?” She couldn’t even get people to fork over ten dollars to see her last movie.

  • Dancer

    They are the same jeans. If you go back to the other thread and blow up the pics you can see that they all have holes in the same places – knee and pelvic area.

  • ShaiBELLA

    Enough with thes ame jeans already, does she like own 432423 pair of that same jeans, or does she keep wearing them EVERYDAY! ugh. i hate her.

  • ShaiBELLA

    The same *

  • sandra

    Come on give Katie a break! If she wants to wear the same jeans well then let her. Like you don’t go in the same jeans in a few days!

  • share

    She’s wearing baggy jeans to hide her pregnancy. Expect announcement soon.

  • sandra

    Come on, give Katie a break! If she wants to wear the same jeans then let her. Like you never wear the same jeans in a few days!

  • ShaiBELLA

    Enough with the jeans! :S They’re horrible,
    They’re soo not flattering.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    She looks casual. Casual is good ;).

  • american


  • american

    Just expect her to parade Suri all over the town even more to boost her down in the drain career.
    According to other websites, Katie is also taking acting classes in New York. Do you really think Broadway accepts any half-baked actresses like her?
    Big star my back! I believe more and more that the part is paid by her master so that she can kill time, for she’s apparently not interested in raising Suri.

  • lalala

    Do you really need to post these Katie&the Jeans pictures every day? :D

  • youwillmissme

    She seems out of touch with reality! What’s happened to you Katie?

  • Rita

    her kid is over two and still in diapers and still pacifies herself with a bottle. someone needs to give Katie some parenting lessons, or yes, she needs to have baby#2 so that Suri is no longer the princess!

  • woogie

    #12- silly thought! What does a pregnancy have to do with jeans that are baggy in the legs???? geez i think you need new glasses.

    Her jeans don’t even cover the stomach area

  • jane

    Katie is a terrible, lazy mother. She needs parenting classes. Her daugher will be in elementary school with a baby bottle in her mouth, and the other kids are gonna make fun of her.

  • nauseated

    Katie is nasty, look at those photos of poor Suri at the show. She’s miserable, scared & her mom could care less, mom smiles for the paps, ignores her daughter. Her daughter is her prop, her object to use for the paps. No, this is not a nice person, maybe she
    once was, but that’s gone. She’s gross.
    When is kh leaving NY, it’s nauseating having to see her stuck up boy face every single day. Show us the real heroes of NY!!!

  • ok

    other scientologists are the same way with their kids. Leah Remini’s kids is 4 and rules the house. Stil sleeps with mom, still not potty trained and still on a bottle!

  • ?

    Two things that REALLY irk me about this site:

    1. People who double and triple post. (Do you copy and paste your messages over and over on purpose? Or, do you copy and paste your messages over and over because you think the first one didn’t post right? There is a LAG on Just Jared. Just Jared should put a stop check like some other sites that say “you already said that!”

    2. People who use the word “prolly” for probably. That is just plain wrong and not cute.

  • barf

    KH go home, every time you come to NY you gross out alot of people.
    You don’t need the money, just quit this acting jig and leave. Spend time taking parenting classes and care for your upset daughter.

    Your daily public displays are not helping ticket sales.

  • jakesmom

    It’s called a Laundromat Katie.

  • ck

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s pics of Katie going to rehearsal *sarcasm*


    Don’t you just love the photos of Suri.. she used to be the best dressed
    child.. now she looks like her Gramma Cruise made those dresses..

    And how she went from being a top celebrity baby top ten list…
    to being a nothing.. Are those gold mary janes the only shoes that
    Suri owns..Just like her mother …. wearing the same jeans every day..

  • Bella

    So true! So true!

    Nobody want to dish out over a hundred dollars to watch this no talent airhead on stage.
    Go to X17 and you’ll see for yourself how Katie enjoy her daughter’s discomfort. She smiled BIG to the paps when Suri was all worked out and curled up.
    No wonder that “strong woman” has difficulty weaning and parting from her blanket.

    Luckily Tom Cruise has all the world’s money to shell her away from the reality.
    I feel sorry for the child, yet, why do I care?

  • nikomilinko
  • mEEEE

    The only positive thing (if you can call it that) about Katie’s trip to NY is that the way she has been dressing lately is pretty much the way she dressed before she married Tom and felt she had to look “Posh” all of the time. Remember Loubotins’ on the beach? I’d actually rather her look “slobbish” as some of you have called her than look ridiculessly overdressed every single time. And no, I’ve never been a fan of hers, pre or post Tom Cruise (whom I do loathe!).

  • rylee

    I wonder if Tom asked “Kate” to cut her hair and dress like a dude?

  • go home ms. holmes

    there is nothing positive about kh’s trip to NY, Suri’s despair is worsening, kh’s terrible parenting is plastered all over the internet and, less importantly, the play will bomb.

  • American

    Echo this.
    Exposure has nothing to do with box office.
    Poor Suri has to be pimped out day and night.

    go home ms. holmes @ 08/07/2008 at 3:19 pm

    there is nothing positive about kh’s trip to NY, Suri’s despair is worsening, kh’s terrible parenting is plastered all over the internet and, less importantly, the play will bomb.

  • Denise

    I thought the same thing that they are the same ones. Maybe the theater is not the best place to wear your good lothes. Remember back to when Julia Roberts was doing her play. Everyone criticized her also for wearing the same, frumoy things…

  • McLovin

    They’ll wean her eventually, #22. Get a grip. It’s not serious. No need to recommend parenting classes and call her a terrible and lazy mother.

    Her daughter is in ‘despair,’ #34. She’s not a terrible parent.

  • Aquarius

    Suri is raised by nannies all day, on a regular basis. She is most likely closer to them than her own parents. So when the parents make it a publicity stunt to take her out in public, Suri is distressed and the bottle is a comfort to keep her quiet. Being that Tom and Katie have no idea on how to correctly parent, and don’t want a screaming tantrum-taking spectacle, they shove a bottle in her mouth.

  • regina

    she forgot she is NOT Tom Crui$e!!
    Go home and change! She looks ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bianca

    Katie always looks pretty.

  • olympics

    This family has it all no wonder some are so envious and threatened. Even hateful. I dont feel sorry for them but for the lost no life souls here.

  • Marty


    You are NOT the thought police. Please stop telling people what to post. This is the real world and everyone doesn’t have to agree with you. Are you 12? Still on a bottle?

  • olympics

    I got the pegged jeans Katie is sporting lately. Its on many stores now and ladies are indeed buying them.


  • jed

    She’s hot. She looks young unlike others who ages fast.

  • go home ms. holmes

    this “family” is not a threat, not a focus of envy, comments are not generated by lost souls. this is an open forum for comments written by many happy, fulfilled people like myself who get a kick out of viewing celebrities, and of course they need us for their audience, so we are good for them.
    we see it as it is and post a comment, that’s it, I personally think tc & kh
    generate alot of negativity and create their own poor publicity.

    Have a Happy Day Like Me!!!

  • Lauren

    UGH! Those jeans are gonna walk away by themselves.

    Are we gonna see pics of Katie everyday after rehearsals, cause if so, I’ll go somewhere else.

    Holmes is a piss poor parent and a celebrity attention whore who uses her kid as a PR prop. I’m almost as sick of her as I am of her tiny, little, crazy husband.

  • Vogue
  • victoria

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I have never in my life heard of so much hate in the last few days towards Katie Holmes and precious Suri. Why pick on a child who has nothing to do with what her mom and dad do with her? Katie has always been a beautiful and talented actress, and so what if she has some how gotten away from her self? Who hasn’t? I’m sure scientology is not an easy religion or cult as most say, to deal with. Even though she loves Tom, she has to accept all that comes with him, and she knew that going into the marriage, so now she has to work on what is important to her. Maybe that is why her own mother has spent so much time with her lately. Her fashion is not as it used to be, like last year. Victoria Beckham was telling her what to wear every minute. Maybe this is what she likes, not what another high profile woman is telling her. So, what? Why should she go home? And poor Suri!! She looks like she just slept during the show. AND, she will wean from her bottle when she pleases. The blanket is insignificant. So much so, that it’s ridiculous to mention it. Her hair cut is cute, a different Katie. Let’s back off the hate you guys. She has not done anything to any of us. If you don’t want to see the play, don’t buy a ticket. Simple as that!!

  • mike

    she is a better Rachel Dawes than Gyllenhaal.

  • Kim

    They look like guy jeans to me :| ….