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Bridget Moynahan is Anti-Aging

Bridget Moynahan is Anti-Aging

Bridget Moynahan leaves an anti-aging clinic in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The 37-year-old actress gave birth in California in August last year. Moynahan split last December from her NFL beau and baby-daddy Tom Brady.

Tom, 31, is now reportedly moving into girlfriend Gisele Bundchen‘s newly renovated West Village townhouse in New York, according to In Touch. The New England Patriots quarterback is also looking for a new home in LA to be close to his 1 year old son, John.

10+ more pics of Bridget Moynahan anti-aging…

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bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 01
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 02
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 03
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 04
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 05
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 06
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 07
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 08
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 09
bridget moynahan anti aging clinic 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • shorty


  • Abbyyy

    i feel sorry for her…

  • Bella

    I think she looks beautiful :)

  • JK

    Great to see bridget back in LA. jacks BD is coming up very soon. She looks fantastic

  • samantha

    so she’s coming back out for photo ops because her son’s almost a year old and she hasn’t gotten enough press lately….. nice.

    the patriots got the weekend off, hopefully the reason why she wasn’t with her publicity ticket was because he was with his father.

  • dd

    #2 why do you feel sorry for her she seem to be really happy without brady in her life and has stated she has moved on with her life

  • dd

    samantha please stop with all the bashing as you can see she is not using her son he wasnt even with her she is a good mother and takes care of her baby by herself she is one classy lady and i have alot of respect for her

  • boston

    She looks amazing!!! So much prettier then Giselle(yuk) Tom is such a fool. The Pats lost last night ha ha

  • laurie

    Bridget is beautiful I would love to see pics of John.

  • shaboo

    do you expect to stay inside 24/7 samantha? Idiot.

  • stuey

    Bridget looks so great and happy.

    Thanks for the pics Jared.

  • jill

    She looks so much prettier than Giselle….she has that classic beauty and don’t get tired of looking at her face. Giselle has the body but I don’t and never found her attractive….Bridget looks so happy with her life and has moved on….I wish her and Jack nothing but the best….Tom was a fool to let her go or should I say that good for Bridget for escaping from Tom…he’s just not the same person as 4 or 5 years ago…not the golden boy anymore eversince hooking up with the model

  • Vogue
  • Kaye

    She looks beautiful and fresh.

  • lola

    she is lovely, tom brady must be a fool

  • Katie

    Jared, she didn’t split from him last December; she split from him a year and a half ago.

  • lmc

    Bridget looks stunning as usual! Thanks for the new pics Jared!

  • jade

    she looks beautiful!!

  • bridget

    um..intouch is not in touch..Tom Brady moved into Giseles townhouse with her in spring of 07′……why does Bridget think she has to do anti-aging stuff?? She looks totally nice and normal for a 37 yr old.

  • bridget

    Also jared..she broke up with Brady in Nov. of 06…over a year and a half ago..

  • http://lorlopeck angela

    Love Her!! I admire her courage and how she has handled a very difficult situation and done it right! ( and also dealing with her ex and his very controlling and domineering gf has got to be very very very difficult) More power to Bridget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    I agree that she is absolutely beautiful and has handled a very stressful and humiliating situation with class and dignity.

  • Cindy

    She needs to anti age!

  • Image sucker

    She did not break up with Brady!
    Pretty obvious he broke her heart. She told the World that in Harpers Bazaar recently. She wanted a baby and marriage – he didn’t. She forced his hand with a pregnancy. Pretty low of her you must admit and then he broke it off. Sorry, but you don’t trade up from Mr. Brady. She is pretty for sure, but she is never going to do as good as Brady. Not a 40 out of work actress!

  • Holly

    What is it about her I just do not like. She just seems like such a stuck up snob and for what reason. She cannot act. Has average every day looks and has not real career. But somehow she seems snobbish. Not a fan.

    PS Tom Brady is a hot mutha on Esquire. I don’t like him either, but at least he has some level of success and is one hot guy.

  • gds

    And you are such a success at life Holly?

    Bridget looks beautiful and she has a beautiful son, nothing more needs to be said.

  • remy

    I love white summer jeans. Bridge looks great!

  • jsy

    Tom is definitely more successful than Bridget, gds. When was the last time you saw a movie with Bridget in it? Bridget and Tom broke up for whatever reason, that probably has nothing to do with Bridget being an attractive woman. Just because she looks lovely on these pictures Brady is a fool for leaving her? Grow up.
    I think Brady is hot and a great football player, Bridget is beautiful and handled this situation really well and I have no problem with Giselle.

  • Elle

    Why feel sorry for her?? She’s beautiful, she’s healthy, she has a beautiful & healthy baby boy. She looks happy and she’s getting on with her life and looking better than ever.

  • A

    I love how everyone says “poor Bridget, she’s so classy” She’s so classy that when she was engaged to Scott Rosenberg who wrote October Road, she went to Tom Brady, who Scott was a big fan of to have him wish Scott a Happy Birthday in a video she was making for him. Her birthday present to him ended up being dumping him for Tom and breaking his heart. He has openly spoken out about being dumped for Tom and said at least it was Tom Brady and not some regular Joe. You can’t get much classier than that. She was just spotted having lunch with him in Boston. Guess Scott can move on and be civil unlike “poor Bridget.”

  • jill

    #30 yes she broke up with Scott and moved on with Tom and now they had lunch a couple weeks back, which means that they both moved on past with what happened between them and are friends again….I don’t think tom and B will have a civil relationship until Gi is out of the picture…and talk about class, gi sending out messages in the media while Tom and B are still together that Tom “is not too shabby”….

  • susan

    How do people know how someone is handling something? By pictures? She is not a normal single parent. When people say that I want to puke. She has nannies and money. Two things most single parents dont have. No worries about how to pay the bills or having 24/7 kids or being at work. When I go out I have to get someone or pay someone to watch my kids. That is if I can come up with the money to pay them. If i need a gallon of milk three kids get in the car with me. Being a single parent is not easy.

  • me

    Jill…”poor Bridget” has definately moved on from Tom Brady…He sees her son, but if I was Bridget and been treated as awful as he treated her, I would not want him in my life either..She is truly a beautiful woman with or without make up…Looks terrific in these pics..Kudos to you Bridget for being so classy…

  • metoo

    Tom Brady has been living with Gi all along….Bet God doesn’t think much of that either…Bridget looks fantastic!!!!!

  • me

    Sorry jill,,,,I meant A for my message….

  • to all the haters

    to me she looks even better since she dont have brady in her life she has moved on and looks better than ever people have tried to bring her down but she has kept her head up and has overcame all of the mess that brady and his camp tried to throw her way she is one classy lady and one good mother that puts her son 1st

  • mattie

    success comes in many different forms…Tom Brady is a successful “jock”..He does not appear successful in talking in an interview…Not a very intelligent person…Bridget is successful in life because she appears very happy and adores her son..If she never makes another movie, so what…If she never does any work again, so what…She is a devoted mom to her son John, that is enough to be successful…She is a beautiful lady…Not snobbish to me, she is almost always smiling…Thanks for the pics Jared…

  • jill

    I agree with mattie….Bridget has made a good number of movies and I’m sure was paid enough ($1 mil-$2 mil/picture)….I probably have to work 15 years to reach $1 mil….I’m sure she’s invested well and can provide for her and jack comfortably….Tom and Gi both sound so stupid in their recent interviews….the public really have a negative perspective on those two since hooking up except for the people in Boston….Bridget acted with nothing but class last year but clearly is just doing what normal people do and has moved on…people have different definitions of what “success” means..this lady is successful coz she has money (more than the rest of us could ever have), support from friends and family, and most of all a son that would love her unconditionally…meanwhile, Tom has millions, Gi, and vida…

  • to mattie

    thank you mattie i hope people get a real understanding of what your comment is saying

  • reality

    Poor susan. Just because you weren’t financially secure before having children, you have to take out your frustrations on a successful, beautiful woman. Brady’s groupies are getting a little desperate, the more they find out about their hero.

  • to jill

    i dont think boston is still in love with there golden boy anymore just go to the boston herald they talk about him and gisele so bad and the comment are about his action towards his son and peole dont understand why he puts his gf 1st and his son last

  • Bonitto

    # 37 mattie stop let people laugh at you, go and read Tom Brady interviews and see how intelligent this man is, the nonsense you people chat is insane – tell you what , stop posting rubbish here you are a damn fool.

  • Bonitto

    To Jill, I feel very sorry for, If you take what the Boston hearld say for anything, you are sad.

  • mattie

    #42…You must be related to Tom Brady, for you are not intelligent either…You poor soul..

  • jill

    oh lord Bonitto is here….for all you people that don’t know Bonitto is Tom and Gi’s #1 fan….

  • crazy bonitto at it again

    bonitto you talk about me being sad what about you your the one that is crazy and needs to be locked up and the key thrown away

  • to bonitto

    you must be on tom and giseles payroll so how much money do you make?

  • me

    Bonitto, you are the damn fool…

  • Bonitto

    Of course , I know that was the comments you all was coming with, let me ask you this fools, do any of you know Bridget Moynahan? tell me that and them you can all chat – I have to shake my head everytime one of you post here – and has i say mattie go read Tom Brady interviews again and I hope you can read, can you? and let me ask also are you guys on Bridget Moynahan payroll, let me quest no, because guess what she cant pay you guys, she is an out of work old hag, I have never seen more insane fools like all you “poor” Bridget Moynahan groupies – go find something constructive to do with your life and stop taking up for Bridget Moynahan – you all sound so foolish.

  • gds

    jsy, are you Holly…Yes Tom has a bigger career at the moment, while Bridget is raising his son. You must be a Rhodes scholar, eh?