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Clay Aiken Welcomes a Baby Boy!

Clay Aiken Welcomes a Baby Boy!

American Idol star Clay Aiken is officially a father!

Clay, 29, and music producer friend Jaymes Foster, welcomed a baby boy in his home-state of North Carolina Friday morning, Aiken‘s mother Faye told local TV station WRAL.

Faye reported the boy’s name is Parker Foster Aiken, and was born at 8:08 a.m. weighing 6 pounds, 2 ounces. He was 19 inches long.

Back in May, it was first reported that Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated with Clay‘s sperm and his rep later confirmed that. Clay and Jaymes will reportedly raise the child together even though they are not romantically linked.

Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name Parker Foster Aiken?

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  • black

    Well, this certainly prooves two things.

    For starters—-he´s a bit crazy in the brain.

    And this also goes to show you that he is gay. But since he´s so big on his reliogion he wouldn´t dare come out.

    Or why else would a “man” want to have a child with such an old women, without being with her??

  • beckz


  • Ely

    Kinda weird

  • ZaZi

    The end is here.

  • mike


  • Taylor

    Born on 8.08.08 @ 8:08. Yeah him being a father was already creepy enough. This is just the beginning.

  • the lish

    YES…he IS gay. Did you miss that or what?

  • Abbyyy

    this is so wierd!!

  • athena

    Congratulations to Clay!!! I hope his union with Jaymes will work for the childs benefit…


    who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    I am so thrilled for Clay and Jaymes. This baby will be so loved. I can’t imagine a more wonderful dad. Congrats Clay and Jaymes and welcome to Parker.

    The name is adorable.

  • Helena

    I think…he has a punchable face.

  • US voter sweet. He was born at 8:08 on 8-08-08….I love it. Congrats Clay!

  • Ashley

    Poor Parker..

  • Vogue
  • Vangie

    Congratulations 8-08 8-08 2008 What a lucky Guy

  • k

    that is sick. ugh!!!

  • Bella

    What in the world?!?!?!?

  • Passerby

    Wow, the understanding of sexuality here is truly mind blowing.

    If the man if gay, that’s his buisness. Leave him be. None of you have the slightest right to judge him and far less right to assume he will abuse HIS OWN CHILD because of his sexuality.

  • SUpernetuser

    He had a kid. Deal.

  • James

    I have no problem with Clay being gay, but I do have a problem with him conceiving a child with a 50 year old woman whom he is not romantically involved. It is simply going to be puzzling to the child when most other kids have a normal domestic family.

    I can’t imagine how this kid is going to react once he realizes that the two were never romantically linked, and he was conceived out of a gay man’s want for a child. Clay should have adopted; it is not right to inflict this kind of confusion and undoubted ridicule upon an innocent child.

  • marine queen

    LOL. I’m from NC and it’s so funny hearing people mention WRAL and Lynda Loveland (Jared didn’t mention her – but several other sites did, like People Magazine). What’s even more creepy is Clay’s uncle lives in my town, so I’m sure we’re gonna have to put up with some big story on the front page of our Saturday paper. ;)

    Even though I’m not a big fan of Clay – all he’s really good for is making people shudder – I hope he and Jaymes are happy!

    About the name – I think the name Parker is cute, but I’m not sure about Foster as the middle name. Too many “er”s for my liking. :(

  • Morganbee

    Ok Diamonds or whatever your homophobe name is, the statement you made that gay people were abused as children…where the F*** did you get your facts. Yes there may be some that were, and thats horrible. But who the hell cares if he is gay or not, The gay community are just like us, doctors, lawyers, teachers, celebs. Check your facts, cause you KINDA made your self look like a under-educated ass

  • Morganbee

    Oh and all this stuff about him being gay, its all an assumption. He has NEVER come out and said he was gay. No i am not a fan of clay, I just think these BS speculations are stupid

  • Morganbee

    And thank you Passerby, WELL PUT!

  • taylorstone

    Funny, her names is Jaymes.

  • Senova

    I think Clay will be a very good father. I think he really loves children. The mother is probably a lesbian or an older woman who cannot sustain relationships and just wanted a baby. Since she obviously has a deep friendship with Clay, she probably knows he would make the best dad, so they did this.

    I don’t feel sorry for them. The baby will know his father and these people have money and extended family, so the rearing of the kid should go well.

    Congrats to them.

  • emmie

    he has a sick mind…to have that desire to father a child invitro with a 50 year old is really creepy…clay has not even made peace with his own father and is still bad mouthing the dead man so i don’t know what kind of father he’ll be…very weird and sicko for sure…

  • tarly

    i thought he was gay?! 0__o

  • truthfully

    The ignorance on this site is tremendous. Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes!

  • rufus

    congrats to the parents – the boy carries both parents’ names without a hyphen whoo-hoo, aren’t you tired of all the hyphenated names ? who cares mom and dad aren’t married? it’s the new black isn’t it?

  • Katie

    Yuck! Eeeeewwwwww! He bothers me!

  • J

    its been 9 months already? wth!
    and ewww thats gross, pedo face

  • victoria

    WELL, I agree with Numbers # 12 and # 16 # 24……….. Clay will make an awesome father, and that is no-one else’s business. He is not asking anybody else to raise his son, or have anything to do with him. Why pick on an innocent child, for goodness sake. It’s like all you people who pick on Suri Cruise, like she has a say on anything that goes on in her life. My Gosh, these are children!!!! Clay has done alot of good things since American Idol, and has stood up for himself through it all. I for one am proud of him for that. He could have packed his bags and gone home. He has turned out to be a fine actor according to critics, AND a singer. CONGRATULATIONS CLAY AND JAYMES!!!!

  • meemaw

    I think it’s gallant for Clay to want to be a parent before he gets up there in age, and I respect him for his choice, Clay will be an outstanding father due to he works with kids. And so what that you assume what he is oh so it’s okay for druggies to make babies and they get respect but they can’t take care of their children. A decent person chooses to have a child regardless of how it’s done and you condone him for that because of what you all are assuming! Here is a greast reminder: Never ASSUME for you tend to make an A** of yourself so don’t never assume unless the facts are proven. It’s also not true that because they’ve been beaten that they turn out to be gays or leses it all depends on what genes the child has and chooses to do into adult hood. DON’T ASSUME GET THE FACTS!!!

  • suzy

    congrats to clay and james! Parker Foster Aiken…love the name…love clay aiken

  • Jess

    Whats people’s problem?

    He’s just a guy, who felt it was time to have a child. He and his friend got together, they have a baby and that baby is gunna have so much love and care.

    Parker is an adorable name.

    Congrats to mummy & daddy!

  • katrina

    very happy for Clay, Jaymes and baby Parker. It’s a great name and this little boy is a very lucky young man. Health and happiness to the three of them

  • Diane stone

    I think it’s wonderful……. What is the big deal with you people….. He is entitled to be happy and I am happy for him.

    I’m a mom with 2 children and I have 2 grandchildren.

  • agaffka

    Thats sooo great!!!! He’s gonna be a woderful father!!! And for all of you haters its one thing to call someone gay but it a whole different thing to say he’s gonna abuse the child!!! Think before you say something cuz it may really hurt someone!!

  • disillusioned

    Wow – so that whole freaky baby story was true?!

    I’m so gullible – I always believed Clay. I thought he was a nice, honest guy and that the slimy tabloids were full of lies and fabricated stories. I guess the joke’s on me. The tabloids DO tell the truth after all. How depressing : (

  • Genie

    If a 50-year-old woman decides to go to the expense and trouble of IVF to make a pregnancy possible, carry the child to term, at considerable risk to her life and health, and be the primary custodial parent, it’s a pretty sure bet that SHE was the one who was set on having a child while she still could.
    Maybe Clay wholeheartedly supported Jaymes’s plan, but there’s no way she’d have gone along with it unless SHE herself not only wanted a baby but wanted to actually carry and bear it.

    Methinks the people who already disliked Clay, for whatever reasons, are now choosing to frame every aspect of this situation as “support” for their preconceived biases.
    A man being involved with an older woman is “weird” or “creepy?” NOT
    A couple using IVF to conceive a child means one of them is gay? NOT
    A couple using IVF to conceive a child means they’re not having sex with each other? NOT
    A woman choosing to become a mother without being married to the father, even though he will be involved in the child’s life, is really bizarre? NOT

    As for Jaymes (not her real name) Foster being an odd name for a woman, how many men do you know of who are named “Jaymes?”
    (Not to mention that “men’s names” like Taylor, Ashley, Andie, Billy, Sidney, Elliot, Michael, etc., have often been adopted by women – sometimes to the point where people come to think of them as “girls’ names.”

  • Bill

    Congrats, Gayken !

  • http://N/a Kelly

    This is what I think. I don’t know anything about their “relationship” nor do I want to. To speculate either way would be pretty hurtful to both Jaymes and Clay. Parker will grow up to be a happy healthy baby with lots of love. I’ll admit I was a little surprised to hear about the circumstances regarding the pregnancy (Jaymes’ age, etc.) But at the very least at least she’s a classy lady. What was he supposed to do? Get Paris Hilton pregnant?

  • 19thMayflower

    well…i think he has the right to do WHATEVER he wants to do with his life. no one has the rights to say %$^*@*#^ about the way he lives and manage himself.

    esp for those who said he has a @%$#&#$ kinda face, look into the mirror yourself. you won’t know if there’s other people somewhere out there say the same thing about you.

    congrats clay!

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