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Jennifer Garner's Brentwood Barrettes

Jennifer Garner's Brentwood Barrettes

Jennifer Garner leaves a friend’s house in Brentwood wearing two red hair barrettes on Thursday.

Over the weekend, at a Barack Obama fundraiser, Jennifer‘s husband Ben Affleck said, “All of us are here because we just want Barack. We believe in what he wants to do: Ending the war in Iraq, universal health care.

At the event, Jen joked, “I’m here to audition for the next John McCain TV commercial,” referring to the same commercial Paris Hilton later fired back at.

15+ more pics inside of Jennifer Garner‘s Brentwood barrettes…

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jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 01
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 02
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 03
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 04
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 05
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 06
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 07
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 08
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 09
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 10
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 11
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 12
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 13
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 14
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 15
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 16
jennifer garner brentwood barrettes 17

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  • jared doesn’t like me

    She looks so preggers all of a sudden.

  • Cutie

    oh god, what do these idiots know? reciting lines and pouting for a living….these are the dimwits supporting obama

  • jo

    Both candidates want to end the war in Iraq. US and Iraq are already making plans for all our soldiers to come home by 2010. These people are so stupid. Don’t they listen to the news?

  • renee

    her hair always looks bad…

  • jenjen

    i have no problem with this woman,

    but the berrets are NOT working for her.

  • bea

    This sun-glasses are horrible, please Jen, change .

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….. those glasses make her even uglier.

    no woman should look like robo-cop.

  • lola

    there is no fasion sense at all BUT I ADORE her ANYWAY :P

  • :)

    I love her hair color but the barrettes are a big no no!
    where is Violet???

  • Bella

    Not liking the clips too much. Other than that she looks beautiful as always :)
    I agree she is looking more preggers.

  • stevie

    With those hairclips, she looks like she has horns. Awful.

  • nikomilinko
  • julie

    Stay out of Violet’s hair accessories!

  • Mieka

    Unless Violet did her hair, there is no excuse for those hair clips.

  • lisalisa

    So odd. One minute out of her life and Jared gets 15+ pics out of it. lol Weird when you think about it.

  • yeah

    What the hell happened to her???

  • :)

    Jen can make mistakes
    she’s pretty no matter what
    she just needs to take those off
    and congrats on their new $16mil house

  • bet betty


    My. Eyes!

  • youwillmissme


  • MMM

    She looks like a 7 year old from the 70′s with those barrettes. What was she thinking?

  • US voter

    Baby bump watch time.

  • US voter

    # 2
    Cutie @ 08/08/2008 at 8:38 am

    oh god, what do these idiots know? reciting lines and pouting for a living….these are the dimwits supporting obama
    So who are you? One of the dimwits who support old senile decreped McCain?

  • US voter

    I was the first one to call Jen Jen’s pregnancy on JustJared. I hope she and Ben have a boy this time around. I love this couple.

  • US voter

    I wear my daughters barrettes, there is nothing wrong or strange about it.

  • angel

    In famous I live to read your comments. Hehe she is really ugly

  • emma lee

    I think she looks cute. They’re barrettes, not permanent tattoos. She is leaving a friend’s house, not walking the red carpet! Relax people.

  • minime

    Oh my God! What an absolute tool! Of all the women Ben picked, he picked a loon who at 36 years of age puts red barrets in her hair like a two year old. Of all the women he has banged, he nailed the one with zero style. All of his exes must be laughing at him. It looks so childish. Ben is hardly ever with her day after day. She must get lonely. Its a good thing her bodyguard is hot. Its also a good thing she has her baby to keep her company and another one on the way.

  • minime

    This is not about red carpet. Its about common sense when you leave your house. We don’t expect to see her in a gown but two blazing jumbo red barrets kind of draws a wee bit of attention on a 36 year old woman for all the wrong reasons.

  • ^^^

    SHUT UP fucker

  • Christy

    Isn’t she cute! oh wait it’s not Violet, it’s her 36 year old mother with the hairstyle of a two year old. Grow up Jennifer, you look ridiculous.

  • jan

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Amanda

    What sane normal 36 year old woman would go out in public with barrettes in her hair like a 5 year old.

  • Jennifer is a celebutard

    What sane normal 36 year old woman would go out in public with barrettes in her hair like a 5 year old.

    The scary part is that Jennifer actually thinks she’s looks good like that. I think her mother might have dropped her on her head when she was baby.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jealousy rears it’s ugly head again and again. All you hussies out there hating on my Jen wish you could be her for 5 minutes. lol She looks so cute. I bet it was Violet’s idea for her to wear the barrettes. You idiots wish you had a mommy to love you like Jen love Vi. Too bad–so sad for you.

  • minime

    Jealous of Bongo the Clown with jumbo red barrets for a mom. Doubt it.

  • Adoring Fan

    #7 infamous, you are always right there whenever a Jenn Garner thread comes out. If you were straight I would think you had a serious crush on her but since you are not, we know it’s Ben you want. Anyway, try to get you own man. Ben is taken. You might have better luck with Tom C.

  • Red barrettes

    I bet it was Violet’s idea for her to wear the barrettes.

    LOL! Jennifer Garner has the brain of a two year old.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jennifer Garner rocks. If she has the brain of a two year old I wiant a brain like that. Quite an accomplished person with a brain of a two year old. What with a college degree and all. The best part, she doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ what you idiots thinks of her, she is doing her thing. What are you doing?

  • victoria

    Well, I have to agree with JO, and In FAMOUS and MIEKA!!!!!!!!! Those pink do-dads have GOT to go honey-do!!!! AND, the sunglasses!! Jen has such healthy hair, BUT, she is in dire of a new hair-do, like yesterday. It has become ragged and just — THERE… She obviously feels the same way, because she has resorted to wearing Violets thing-a-ma-jigs.

  • Alison

    I agree – she looks ridiculous with those hair clips. Are they Violet’s?

  • mina

    Media w#ore…she loves the attention…since she didn’t have her daughter to exploit she put raging red little girl berets…this women will go through extremes for attention. Doesn’t she get it that it is better to not be in the limelight! hasn’t she learned anything from being with Ben??? he hates the paps, she is a total idiot. And is really uglie.

  • meandme

    What the f#ck is wrong with her toes…man the girl has some big f#cking feet, big forehead, big ears…and uglie liver lips…ewwwwwww…how could ben f@ck that fuglie byotch! The baby is going to be uglie like violation!

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is so cute that is why it so many ugly people changing their name and posting. That is not going to accomplish anything. Why don’t you people go on to another thread where you will be taken seriously. To chicken to stick to your original name. Stupid and and devious. What a joke. She looks cute with those barrettes. You on the other hand, don’t even have hair to clip barrettes to.

  • uh-oh

    Is it Garner´s psycho-doctor´s office again? This (not)good girl goes there very often, don´t you think? What´s wrong with you Jenny?

  • shelly

    oh come on guys! this girl just shows us how down to earth she is and how normal stars can be. Although agree that her barrets is kinda odd, she should have used black so it won’t look like horns, but still she is no show-off. who cares? the hair looks very natural and theres no problem with that. i don’t like those stars that look so dressed up all the time anyway. as if they’re always ready for the paparazzis…hello, stars are also ordinary people you know…

  • Adoring Fan

    I still thinks she looks cute and if how she looks to you hateful uneducated misfits was all she had to be concerned with…..well it sounds like you guys are the less fortunate. Pathetic losers. Especially you meanandme #42 (aka infamous) attention deprived moron.

  • doug lemoine

    Hey! My friend made those!

    Buy some for your favorite two-year old or star/mom.

  • goo

    13 going on 40.

  • jennifer

    Although jennifer garner doesn’t have a good taste in fashion, i still adore her. she’s confident and funny. she has a point, she expresses it. She’s right we dont need more soldiers dying in Iraq. McCain is Bush, they just say what people want and dont perform it… Come on, cant there be peace? we need our soldiers back..!

  • adela De La Garza

    I’m not a fan of JenG, but I’m glad she has the guts to dress as she pleases & not feel she has to play up to the media & the public ALL the time, as so many other starlets do. They’re so fake! Way to go Jennifer! Too much is expected of women nowadays, that’s what brings on the stress & depression, feeling you can never relax & be yourself. Why isn’t the same demanded of men? Compared to women, men have it so damn easy!