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Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers

Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise are spotted leaving Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Suri, 2, covered up her face from the blinding flahes while photogs snapped away on Friday night.

This past week, Katie has been coming and going for rehearsals of All My Sons in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress has been showing off her new pixie haircut while she has been taking Suri to the park to play on the swings.

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89 Responses to “Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers”

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  1. 51
    Jess Says:

    Get the child some sunglasses too.

  2. 52
    ellie Says:

    That Suri is a little beauty. You are Tom are wonderful Parents to all his children. They are all well adjusted. Hands on parents, Katie your a wonder mother as you are to Toms stepchildren..

  3. 53
    me Says:

    You are a celebrity and if you do not like your nose, hips or brests easy solution….you can also get a stylist or personal shopper and why not? some of them learn but please all that is worthless if you DON’T LEARN HOW TO WALK!!!seriously look at her she has problems and it ruins all of her look doesn’t matter what she wears!!

  4. 54
    Poor Suri Says:

    Two nights in a row forcing the child to endure the papz..
    Suri should be in bed not out in the adult world in NYC at night.
    Katie saw how Suri reacted last night and that was painful for the reader to see.
    BTW Katie looks a dawg in those jeans and her hair is too short. She is so boyish looking. There is nothing sexy about Katie anymore.
    Taking her cute young daughter out to compensate for her crappy new look doesnt cut it..
    Smarten up Katie!

  5. 55
    nikomilinko Says:

    where´s tom?

  6. 56
    zoe Says:

    this family gets photographed everyday. suri’s probably really frustrated and scared to see the paps all the time. she’s a doll though. she’ll grow up to be very beautiful!
    katie’s still wearing those jeans…they’re just not rolled up, pity. she’s wearing trainers though! something i havnt see in a while. her haircut is okay…makes her look younger which is a good thing.

  7. 57
    Jq Says:

    she’s only famous because she married tom cruise and now because she is the mother of suri. I hate her acting. They do make sunglasses for babies. Does suri ever sleep, she is usually out at night. And why didn’t they park the car as close as possible to the exit? I do see the curb in the last couple of pictures.

  8. 58
    dancer Says:

    I can’t believe you condone this behavior. Katie could at least talk with the child and tell her she’ll cover her with a blanket. This should be about Suri not about Katie and this need she has for publicity.

    You know there are a lot of good parks outside NYC that Katie with her limo could get to and play with Suri without having to contend with the paps. Yes they’d probably show up, but at least poor Suri wouldn’t have to run the gauntlet of flashes.

    And #47 Yes Brad and Angie are photographed every day in NYC, but their kids don’t look as distressed as Suri. They don’t appear to be at the end of their emotional tether either. Personally I think Brad and Angie would not bring one of their children out if they acted like Suri. Or if they did, they would cover his/her head.

    All I’m saying is that Katie has a perfect right to take her child to a play, to the park and have fun with this child, but there are ways to get around in the city where they could bypass the paps and go from point A to B “hidden” rather than very publically.

  9. 59
    gnmc Says:

    Where’s her tiny husband?? She should get Suri some sunglasses, or give hers to her. She doens’t like photog’s much these days, little tyke.

    And get new jeans!

  10. 60
    doc Says:

    paps bad, paps goods–it doesn’t matter. katie knows the flash lights are blinding and disturbing. that why she has the sunlasses on at night, right? when would she think a two year old can handle the lights without sunglasses? or at all?

    katie said on letterman that she doesn’t put suri to bed until 11:30 PM. hey how about letting suri o to bed at a normal bedtime instead of dragging her out in new york city in the middle of the night. this kid goes out more than paris hilton!

  11. 61
    howtoboost ticket sales Says:

    Katie, what about putting Suri to sleep at the appropriate time, leave her with her nanny, her grandma, someone loving & trustworthy then go out WITHOUT her and have a good time. Millions of parents do this. LOTS of paps will be waiting for you, don’t worry and Suri won’t be tormented. You will be all over the internet for sure since this is what you want. You don’t need to exploit Suri for this, tc & you know how to makes sure photographers are waiting for you.

    The public finds it revolting how you use your daughter.
    This HURTS ticket sales which is all you care about.

  12. 62
    dahlia Says:

    To truthsayer #43:

    From your keyboard to God’s ears. Epic FAIL, McLovin!

  13. 63
    hear this Says:

    McLovin is a freak who posts as K-Anne and Lauren on other sites. She’s so obsessed with Katie that she spends her days and nites locked in a room in her parents basement having delusion about Holmes and Cruise and posting about it all over the net. She’s a sad, unhappy, psychotic lunatic who attacks everybody and anybody that shows the cracks in her delusions. She’s almost as crazy as Cruise and Holmes.

    On one of the batman sites she got caught and banned for using dozens of names to attack other posters when they had anything slightly critical to say about Katie. The admin of that site spread the info all over the net. She has been banned from the Katie Holmes fansites for doing the same thing. What we have here is one sick puppy who no doubt will change her name and keep returning.

  14. 64
    viv Says:

    i can’t wait until tom wakes up and divorces this crazy chic! poor tom and suri.

  15. 65
    hear this Says:

    Katie is nothing but a curiosity because she’s married to Cruisazy. That’s why we’re treated to pictures of her everyday.

    Katie NEEDS to drag Suri around to keep getting the PR she has been getting. Any normal parent would put their child to bed at a normal time, keep her away from the press she obviously hates and go on with her life.

    She’s more interested in promoting her “family” than taking care of her child.

  16. 66
    Jill Says:

    doc @ 08/09/2008 at 12:09 pm
    katie said on letterman that she doesn’t put suri to bed until 11:30 PM.

    WTF?! What time does this child get up in the morning — or does she sleep all morning and wake up in the afternoon? She’s two years old! She needs at least 10 or 11 hours sleep a night. Katie needs to get that child on a decent schedule. What kind of mother doesn’t put a 2 year old to bed until 11:30 p.m.?

  17. 67
    oh well Says:

    Katie is such a lazy mother. I guess Suri will be on the bottle until she is in grade school.

  18. 68
    Daria Says:

    Stuff your dumb comments. It’s better Suri be with her mother during the day than left with a nanny in an empty rented apartment. Katie is not phoning anyone to come and take photos. She’s just trying to get from Point A to B, which does require using sidewalks.

  19. 69
    Jill Says:

    Daria @ 08/09/2008 at 2:19 pm
    Stuff your dumb comments. It’s better Suri be with her mother during the day than left with a nanny in an empty rented apartment.

    A nanny would probably do a better job of raising her than Katie seems to be doing.

  20. 70
    victoria Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you MCLOVIN,,,,,,,, Katie has no control over what the paparazzi’s does with their camera’s… Tom has said they have tried little sunglasses for Suri and she just ” yanks them off her face”. ” They scare her”. So what is she to do, but cover her face. Of course they have to take her out, every now and then…. She cannot be a recluse for, goodness sakes, people!!!! If they use her blanket to cover her eyes, you idiots complain she is wierd and creepy and retarded because she is still attached to ” her blankie “… The poor child cannot win. AND, what is this silliness that Katie has Suri OUT in FRONT of her??? How else is she going to carry her? On her head? You guys are just looking for problems.. I don’t understand what Katie and Suri did to make you all hate them so much, but it is sad. AND, why should they GO HOME? They have the right to be there as anyone. If you don’t want to look at them, go on to the next line of business. It is real easy//// Just scroll down. Katie is doing the best she can. No wonder she looks sad with all the haters and bashers of her if she reads this crap. Go get Broadway Katie!!!!!!!!

  21. 71
    dahlia Says:

    Katie *may* not be able to control where the paps go and how they behave, but she CAN do a better job of protecting and showing concern for that little girl’s comfort and safety, and she is NOT. She holds that child like a bag of groceries. As a mother, I can say with utter certainty that if Katie was doing her “best” just going from “point A to point B”, she would be cradling Suri’s head against her chest or shoulder and/or shielding Suri’s face with her hands. But no, she holds Suri OUT and away and facing forward.

  22. 72
    nancy Says:

    It is obvious that camera’s and loud noises scare Suri. I would never have subjected my children to a situation that terrorizes them. I am so surprised that Katie does not have the common sense to not subject her child to frightening situations.

  23. 73
    Maria Says:

    why must you bring a 2 yr. old with you to rehearsals AT NIGHT, mind you? katie should’ve let Suri stay at the hotel with a nanny at that time of the night. I agree Katie wants publicity and she’ll use Suri to get it.

    she’s no Angelina. Even Ange won’t bring any of the kids with her to rehearsals especially at night.


  24. 74
    rain Says:

    classy Katie

  25. 75
    jill Says:

    they’re letting this little girl control their lives……..geez, toddlers should have some type of imposed rules or habits…my husband and I usually don’t stay out past 7:30-8:00 at night because that’s our son’s bedtime and he’ll probably have a meltdown after that….i like having our child on some type of schedule because it gives my life some type of order and I don’t thrive in chaos….poor Suri…

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