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Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers

Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise are spotted leaving Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Suri, 2, covered up her face from the blinding flahes while photogs snapped away on Friday night.

This past week, Katie has been coming and going for rehearsals of All My Sons in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress has been showing off her new pixie haircut while she has been taking Suri to the park to play on the swings.

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89 Responses to “Suri Cruise Visits Chelsea Piers”

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  1. 76
    McLovin Says:

    YOU and other regular critics should get a life, #35. I won;t stand to let this poor woman be judged by some anonymous losers who spin things to paint her as ‘he poorest excuse for a mother on this earth’ when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Take her where the paparazzi will find her? That’s potentially ANYWHERE outside because she’s FOLLOWED by them because she’s FAMOUS!

    Brangelina’s kids DON’T manage to hide. They’re seen ALL the time.

    Wait a minute. Violet Affleck, who people always unfairly compare, is seen all the time. Why aren’t Garner and Affleck called bad parents? Hypocrisy…

    What locations would those be, #36. Holmes didn’t choose where auditions would take place and last time I checked the paparazzi normally don’t stalk park and Chelsea Piers.

    Show me this phantom watchdog then or shut up. Ever considered that your precious tabloids were full of crap?

    Do all celebs cover their kids all the time in face of the paparazzi? Who knows?

    Once again I’m accused of being a Scientologist by idiots like #42.

    You mean, Ticketmaster where there’s a disclaimer saying that it’s a popular show? Anyway, available ticket sales does not equal bad sales.

    Then you got suckered for trying to buy sunglasses for babies. And I highly doubt you slam other celebs for not buying sunglasses for their babies for…paparazzi protection?

    Holmes never tried to get her child to smile or wave or anything at the paparazzi-ever. Or ever try to get away quickly and calmly back to her waiting car. Prepared accordingly? The worst you can do is that Holmes was hugging her daughter ENOUGH when leaving to her car? For all we know, her daughter pushes her away.

    It’s really not fair that you treat TomKat with so much suspicion with so little proof and you don’t do the same to other celebs.

    No, #43. You’re trying to IRRATIONALIZE Holmes’ NON-IDIOTIC behavior.

    Stop accusing her of needing publicity, #58! It’s unrealistic that EVERYTIME Holmes simply goes outside in public she’s looking for publicity. It makes NO sense. Even IF she was actually looking for publicity, there MUST be some LEGITIMATE outside public time.

    You mean that blanket she ALREADY has and make fun of Holmes for letting her have one AND also never bug some other celeb with a kid that doesn’t have a blanket???

    So Holmes should actually take so time out of her schedule to drive out to most secluded and remote park outside NYC just so idiots like you won’t think she’s trying to get publicity?

    Quit comparing kids. They’re all different.

    They obviously did get from point A to B ‘hidden’ because there are no pics of the two going to the park or Chelsea Piers. Remember these are pics of them LEAVING.

    That’s just mean, #59.. Don’t call him tiny and shut up about sunglasses since I don’t see any other celeb kids wearing them and you harping on them for not doing so.

    She always wears sunglasses, #60. So does her husband. Her daughter can’t handle the lights hence why she’s covering her face and Holmes is taking her away.

    No one’s exploiting a anyone when a mother is just taking her kid out, #61. Millions of parents do THAT. And do you even know WHEN these pics were taken?

    It’s crazy how everyone keeps saying that Holmes uses her daughter for absolutely no reason at all.

    I’m not that person, #63. Just an actual concerned citizen rather you self-righteous idiots.

    But the only solution to that is never taking her kid out anywhere at all, #72.

    It wasn’t rehearsals, #73. It was a nice mother0-aughter trip to Chelsea Piers.

  2. 77
    victoria Says:

    RIGHT ON MCLOVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I have said before, people are entitled to their comments, BUT, I don’t understand the constant HATE and BASHING of the CRUISES. I cannot think of any other couple or person EVER on this site that has created so much controversy and nastiness about a child and what a young woman wears than Katie and Suri… OR about their scientology…. AGREED, not everyone is for their choice of religion or as most put it ” cult of robotics ” BUT it is their choice, and Katie knew that going into the marriage. Whether she knew the extent of all of this who knows…. and only she can or cannot get out of it….. BUT neither have not done anything to any of us to cause this type of abuse….. Especially to Suri… Good grief, she is a tiny precious child and Katie is trying to lead her life. Can’t we give her a break???

  3. 78
    nancy Says:

    In response to #76, I did not mean to say that they should not take their child out in public. What I meant was when you know that there will be paps swarming all over the place and crowds of people screaming out your name and you know that your child will be upset by all of the commotion, why put your child through that!!

  4. 79
    Maria Says:

    Rehearsals or no rehearsals you shouldn’t have a 2 yr old out that late (late for a toddler). Suri should’ve been at the hotel with a nanny prepping for a bath and bed. nuff said!

  5. 80
    dahlia Says:

    McLovin, people think you’re a Scientologist because you defend these two idiots no matter what they do, no matter how little sense it makes, and no matter how foolish it makes you look.
    “You mean, Ticketmaster where there’s a disclaimer saying that it’s a popular show? Anyway, available ticket sales does not equal bad sales.”

    Have you ever purchased tickets for a Broadway play? Or any major theatrical production? Or even a concert?? IF a show is in high demand, it’s very difficult to get tickets. When your order, you have to give multiple date and seat choices and *hope* that what you’ve asked for is available. Sometimes you can get the date you want, but usually not the seats you want, so they give you the closest *available*, or vice versa. With this production of All My Sons, you can easily get tickets for any date of the entire run; any seat, matinees or evening shows, doesn’t matter. Tickets are NOT selling. Even without that, it has already been reported in the New York Post and New York Times that ticket brokers are NOT HAPPY about sales of this show.

    “Then you got suckered for trying to buy sunglasses for babies. And I highly doubt you slam other celebs for not buying sunglasses for their babies for…paparazzi protection?”

    YOU said they “don’t make sunglasses for babies.” I said they do and I told you where they can be purchased, and I told you that my daughter has several pair. Don’t tell me I’ve been “suckered,” honey. After all, they don’t cost much, and it’s MY money and I’LL decide what to do with it. If I want to spend a month’s paycheck on sunglasses for my daughter, that’s my business.

    By the same token, I think YOU’VE been “suckered” into adoring and defending two ridiculous celebrities who don’t give a rat’s ass whether you live or die, but that’s YOUR business.

  6. 81
    victoria Says:

    DAHLIA….. I don’t know MCLOVIN of course, but I wonder if you took the Scientology OUT of the Cruises, if everyone would still be as hateful about them and bashing them every day. I’m not a Scientology member and do not know enough to discuss it. AND, do not want to argue about it or about the CRUISES. In fact I’m just the opposite, and was raised Roman Catholic like Katie, and still practice that faith. I have watched Katie Holmes since she has started acting and thought she was adorable, and STILL do…………………. And now that she is married to Tom Cruise and has Suri, her whole life has become a public goldfish bowl nightmare unlike any other celebrity. I tend to think it ONLY has to do with her SCIENTOLOGY ONLY that pick on INDIRECTLY, instead of other things. Other celebrities have made fashion mistakes but never get hate comments like this. Or do things with their children, but poor Suri gets a double whammy, and somewhere along the line, it always boils down to ” the cult”. I AGREE with MCLOVIN and I”M NOT scientology, only because I adore Katie and Suri, and believe she is doing the best job she can do. And YES, I repeat myself my B>S> everytime, because I’m just shocked at all the hate…………………… There is no need… Especially over a bedtime.. a bottle… a blanket… a flashing camera…a covered face. Enough said.

  7. 82
    dahlia Says:

    To McLovin, I mean Victoria: No. Every religion under the sun has it’s share of narcissistic, self-promoting asshats. Tom and Katie are just two of them. And their poor little put-upon baby girl has to bear the brunt of their selfish behavior.

    Enough. Said.

  8. 83
    lovesuri Says:

    awww… poor girl.. i love suri very much.. she’s very cute.

  9. 84
    victoria Says:

    Hey Dahlia, Happy day…… Without arguing, Why do you think the Cruises are selfish parents??? That is what comments are all about right? See ya later!!

  10. 85
    Kylie Says:

    So why won’t JJ post my comment about people comparing big lipped movie star to Katie, talk about censorship, guess you can’t say anything at all about that lady because it won’t be posted until it has been approved, stupid website! I didn’t use a single curse word!

  11. 86
    Annoying Says:

    Stop comparing Angelina to Katie! It’s not like Angelina doesn’t bring out all her army of kids to have their picture taken,

  12. 87

    I knew it! All this crazy fanatics always bringing up that movie star with the big lips and how much better she is than everyone else. Why doesn’t it suprise me at all. I don’t type her name because then my comments get deleted or not posted at all.

  13. 88
    Rose Says:

    Leave them alone photographers and nasty blog people. They are entitled to go out in public in peace just like we are. My heart goes out to Katie Holmes and her little daughter. You people who leave vicious comments are quite sick.

  14. 89
    jen Says:

    She wants to be with her daughter can’t blame her although suri does look like she is bothered. i love them though they are so fab. great people. does anyone know where i can get her shoes! i know there nike’s but they are so great.

    good luck katie i’ll be there to root you on.

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