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Honor Warren's Clean Checkup

Honor Warren's Clean Checkup

Jessica Alba takes her newborn baby Honor Marie for a checkup in Brentwood, Calif., on Thursday.

The 27-year-old actress recently commented on the need for male and female equality.

“I’m not competitive with them (actresses). I root for all of them because we definitely don’t have equality with men in this business,” Jessica said.

“There are a lot more men making a lot more money and headlining movies than women, and the more of us who can come up and do that the better. I want my friends to produce, direct, act, write, all of it.”

Last month, the first pictures of Honor Warren were released.

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jessica alba honor warren checkup 01
jessica alba honor warren checkup 02
jessica alba honor warren checkup 03
jessica alba honor warren checkup 04
jessica alba honor warren checkup 05
jessica alba honor warren checkup 06

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  • me

    For a second there I thought that jessica was Halle Berry

  • tia

    shes so overrated…

    but her baby is gorjuzz! when i saw her on ok! i was like damn thats a cute little baby!

  • lola

    Doesn’t she look like she’s carrying her baby like you would carry a dog in a dog carrier?

  • the shiznack

    maybe if u learn how to act and lose the p!ssy attitude people might go and watch your movies and line your pockets

    there are female writers,directors and producers also, if $20,15 or 10 MILLION isnt enough money for you (or Cash to mooch off) – then you’re a greedy b!tch

    i despise this no-talent hack

    rant over.

  • just me

    I don’t know why there is so much hate for Jessica. I think she is beautiful and if she always looked pissed off it’s because the paps are driing her crazy! You have never heard any bad gossip about her even when she was much younger. Just because she isn’t pictured out drunk or pantyless and doesn’t make calls to let the paps know where she’ll be (like Jennifer Garner or Tomkat, or Katherine Heigl) so she can grin and wave like they are so surprised to see them. Keep on being yourself with your beautiful baby and handsome guy!

  • Matthew

    Tia#2 I agree this slag is overrated. I think I’m noticing this just now.. now that she’s looking like a normal chick and doing worse at it then well, normal chicks. Her legs look like she’s in her 30′s 40′s.. being “famous” there’s no excuse for that. F’ing Nicole Kidman at 10yrs her senior at least, looks better then this chick ever will.

  • shebly

    why hasn’t anyone commented on those buttt fugly shoes?

  • Megan fox rocks

    so fat and ugly , i was so in love with her now i’m so whatever

    Megan is 10000 time hotter than jessica

  • rachelSun

    Alba does not make $20 million salary. this why women will get no where because there are too many hateful bit*hes that all they want to do is hate on this woman for no reason. She has a valid point. Women go to movies but the male dominated studio heads still refuse to see that. Really what has this woman done to you or any body else? If you don’t like her movies then don’t go. she is a fine actress and will get better parts in the future. Psychotic bit*hes make it hard for all women.

  • hahaha!!

    This just goes to show how much airbrushing is done in the magazines. She was looking slim and svelte on the magazine covers but in reality she looks like this – which is how a woman looks after giving birth.

    I’m sick of these magazines putting pressure on normal mother to lose the baby weight straight after birth.

    You can clearly see that Jessica has not lost any of the baby weight yet (which is normal) but she is happy to pose in magazine covers with all that airbrushing showing that she’s lost the baby weight – how fake!.

  • skdj

    I think Jessica is a beautiful women & the reason why there’s is so much hate for her is cause there is alot insecure people out there,.

  • nikomilinko
  • sandra

    She does not need to lose weight! She had her baby för two months ago, I mean come on.

  • zoe

    she looks good! i also thought she was halle berry for a second. too many celebrities having babies all at once haha.
    jessica does not need to loose weight. she looks great but i dont like her shoes…they look like bandids wrapped around her feet. anyhow, i also think she’s overrated in hollywood. but she’s got the look so yeah…

  • Lourdes

    fat and ugly is right

  • pacha pacha

    nice pics
    I love her…..

  • victoria

    NUMBER # 7… I will say her shoes are not the cutest in the world…. but she will lose the weight when she is ready. It is hard, and I’m pretty sure she is exhausted with a newborn. I don’t see a nanny following her around in any pictures of them since the baby has arrived like most celebrities have, unless she stays at home. But, looking at her hair ( scragglier than usual ) , SHE is a typical mom.. Good for her. I think she is adorable.

  • kelly

    For God’s sake,she had her baby 2 months ago, will you give her a f*cking break!?

  • Lisa

    2 months, whatever it’s not an excuse. My sister was back to normal within weeks, she also hardly gained anything during her pregnancy because she ate well and right and walked for exercise when she felt well enough to do so. Some people are just lazy.

    I wouldn’t say there’s “hate” on this board. Just a lot of people finally getting over this girl. Who in my own opinion got way more attention then she deserved in the first place. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag and looks like your typical hot girl. Nothing special about her at all.

  • xyz

    typical fat Latina

  • kelly

    Because obviously every woman on this earth HAS to be like your sister…Whatever,give ME a break.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    she looks very very pretty…as usual. look, she gave birth like 2 months ago..i mean, come on. give the girl a break! she’s a beauty but yeah, soooooo overrated………i guess she just got the looks

  • jengirl

    are those cankles?

  • mike

    nice shoes!!!!!!! LOL……. and i really dislike her dumb braid, she has had that same braid forever, does this girl even shower?
    probably not, looks dirty to me!

  • anahi

    Gordis!!! I luv that she’s gained weight, she actually looks quite normal!

  • Truth

    This goddamn motherfucking pig slut cunt bitch can eat shit and die. I am so sick of seeing her sour fucking face. I’ve prayed for the death of MiserAlba many times, each time more earnestly than the last. Why God has forsaken me and continues to let this beast live is beyond all comprehension. This whore contributes nothing to anyone but jack-off fodder for 14-year olds who don’t know any better. Even her wide as the grand canyon and herpes-filled as a fucking cream pie vagina is an uptight bitch. One day, I will finally see her pestilent corpse, strung up on a rack, the verdigris of her sunken flesh riddled with open pustules and wriggling maggots and I will get down on my knees and weep with the joy of a man whose life has finally been fulfilled. Fuck you, Jessica Alba, and all that you stand for. A pox on your vagina, on you, and your house!
    and no, im not gay, ignorant, ugly, stupid, jejune, fat jealous, etc etc. i just have my opinion and im sticking to it!
    everyone else, miserALBA worshippers- keep thinking inside the fucking box.

  • neomi

    You are so pretty and most popular dat i know and ur baby iz soooo pretty..

  • Truth

    does her bastard- i mean illigitemate -i mean devil spawn have herpes too? i mean, the (unt pushed the bastard ( well, thats what it IS ) out thru her vajayjay, so im curious as to know if the baby got herpes as well, because “HONOR” (LO-muthaFUKING-L!!! she REALLY wanted to name the bastard “Im better than everyone except jessica alba because shes my mother” but the birth certificate was too short. ) “Mistake” or “Herpes” woulda been a GREAT name for the little bastard. jesSUCKA (sucks anything to be in a movie) albaTROSS is just a dumb broad who broke up with her slave, Change Warren, then found out she was knocked up, and stayed with him then, only to prove to her adoring(and brain dead, like her ) fans that she (unlike her “fat” aunts who “pop out babies” <—well that was quite racist, especially to say that about yr OWN FAMILY, u know, yr MEXICAN family in which you deny that yr mexican, but you wana ‘speak only spanish in the house to honor bc we want her to be bilingual”…..when…YOU jesSUCKA, are NOT!!!!!!) can get preggo, gain like, 4 pounds, then go ahead and starve herself and excersice hours on end so everyone will say, “wow! look shes so great!” blah blah. this UBER OVERRATED little 5hit smear needs to dissappear. i mean, you can only polish a piece of 5hit for so long, right? LOL and now i present to you, for your enjoyment….jesSUCKA alba(TROSS), the proffessionally made-up, hair done……everyone! here she is! your poilished turd of the evening wioth EXTRA rhinestones and GLITTER! lol get over this stuck up spoiled brat any time now people. if she didnt get on her kness she never would have gotten her start in dark angel by blowing james cameron. sheesh. and i agree with just to point out the facts, jen girl and mike. she DOES look like she smells!
    and not to be steriotypical, but i know shes indian ( like, from india–not SHES from india, just of decent) not native american )AND mexican ( and danish and french too) and we all know mexicans smell, but top that off with INDIAN, and youve got jessica :)who smells like a used diaper filled with old indian food with rotten chutney. i bet change-cash -warren needs nose plugs (not to mention EAR plugs that whiny twerp looks like she gets PAID a million bucks by the SECOND just to look pi$$ed off and stuck up and bitchy) when she begs him to do her, poor guy, you KNOW she stinks!!!! i bet if cash’s eyes begin to tear when she opens her (fat, celulite–whoops i meant to say cel-U-FAT) legs because of that (forever)acrid, dead animal stentch complete with a puss-filled herpes infested (unt. poor cash. he could do so much better than that stupid monkey tard clown.

  • Biah do brazil


    People who’s commenting here are just jealous of her, now, when she was at Alma Awards, she was just HOTHOTHOT, and, she just had the baby 2 months ago :/… I hate HATERS!!!

    Jess Alba roxx! Shes the best!!!