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Kate Bosworth: Life's A Beach

Kate Bosworth: Life's A Beach

Kate Bosworth lays atop British model boyfriend James Rousseau on a beach in Malibu, Calif., on Friday afternoon. Kate, 25, and James, 27, soaked in the sun as they chatted up a mutual female friend.

Here’s a recent sighting of Kate from late last month you may have missed: “Kate Bosworth, floating onto the patio at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, looking youthful and summer-appropriate in her pale, cropped denim jacket and short navy dress. After greeting a few friends, the actress sat down with her scruffy male dinner companion. At one point, British actor Jack Huston approached the table, hugged Bosworth and crouched down for a chat.”

15+ pictures inside of shirtless James Rousseau and bikini-clad Kate Bosworth

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kate bosworth beach bikini 01
kate bosworth beach bikini 02
kate bosworth beach bikini 03
kate bosworth beach bikini 04
kate bosworth beach bikini 05
kate bosworth beach bikini 06
kate bosworth beach bikini 07
kate bosworth beach bikini 08
kate bosworth beach bikini 09
kate bosworth beach bikini 10
kate bosworth beach bikini 11
kate bosworth beach bikini 12
kate bosworth beach bikini 13
kate bosworth beach bikini 14
kate bosworth beach bikini 15

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  • kiki

    I like her.

  • Zino

    She’s disgusting. Eat bitch!

  • Helena

    I think she has eaten. She looked painfully thin a few months ago, now she looks a little better.

  • suzette

    i didn’t know she was dating a model, just like orlando is :)

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Is it me or does her body looks awfully like Keira Knightley’s (Nice abs with the you-know-what)?

  • L

    She’s been dating James almost two years now. So longer than orlando has been dating what’s her name.

    I like the bikini, its cute, I know she said a few months ago she lost a member of her family and it was a hard time for her…but its time to start eating now Kate! But she’s cute, she seems like a laid back kinda girl.

  • yadayada

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a talentless skinny tart

  • Helena

    Why are you calling her a tart for? Any valid reason?

  • agi

    ew eat…eat eat……please do something…this is not healthy…

  • alina

    kate is cute, always been. james… not looking too cute these days.

  • Victoria

    She looks good, and obviously she does eat otherwise she would be dead!

  • anon

    Aw, she’s cute, I like her. She’s got a great smile, and she’s one of the few young actresses who don’t party all the time.

  • Starlite

    They’re going to have the most beautiful kids!

  • Jennifer

    who’s this skeleton? someone call Feed The World! there once was this talented actress called Kate Bosworth, and she was so gorgeous in Blue Crush.

  • nikomilinko
  • lukyu

    She looks beautiful and fit. Good muscle tone in her thighs. Very healthy. She seems like a cool girl. They’re a cute couple.

  • ew eat…eat eat……please do something…this is not healthy


    for all you fat slobs telling her to eat, i hope you realize that a sandwich will not miraculously cure someone of a smaller size! believe it or not, but some ppl do not put weight on as easily

  • mark

    she has no ass
    she shouldn’t be wearing that kinda suit
    with no butt ewwwwwww

  • Cheese

    Her and her model Can starve together! YAY

  • KC

    EWWW Ribs galore! She looks like a starving child.

  • naty

    she is way too skiny for my taste. It makes me want to feed that poor girl.

  • lovesimpsonsis

    Please stop bashing her. I have had anorexia, and it doesn`t matter if you want to eat, you just cant do it. I wanted food, I just would let myself have it. I`m healthy again now(thank god!) and I think if you just give her some space, she`ll gain a little and look musch healthier.

  • cute!

    Kate looks great, happy and healthier than her scary-skinny days. Cute bikini!

  • http://justjared beautiful

    she is cute but her body is unattractive

  • remember da truth

    #16 Lukyu and #17 ….
    Hooray for you guys — you make TOTAL SENSE!!

    Fat people get so used to seeing their bodies with extra weight that someone with little or no fat looks odd to them. But look at her muscles! She is NOT starving by any means. And there SHOULDN’T be anything over ribs, so hers look fine. If you see ribs on the chest, where there is supposed to be muscles, you are too thin, but not here….

    Kate is looking so happy and fabulous! But I don’t like the suit. I like bikini bottoms that go higher on the hips.

  • Bella

    Please eat something. Why do actresses in hollywood either insist on having little boy bodies???
    She looked so much healthier when she did Blue Crush.

  • Lilly

    Why is James wearing jeans at the beach?

    They make a cute couple, Kate looks happy with James.

  • darlin’

    No looks. No talent. No real future in the movies.

  • Vogue
  • UH-UH

    Damn, I see the “soopermoduhls” fans took time off from shipping cabbage to bash Kate. You want to feed her so bad, why not make her some cabbage soup? Hee.

  • Joyce

    I completely agree #25!

    Are you all blind or fat? Because she looks perfectly fine! Remember her months ago? That was unhealthy! ..Not this!

  • Better……but just barely.

    She actually put on a LITTLE bit of weight, and some of her hair is growing back I see.
    HOWEVER…….she is still a bit too thin, (remember the camera adds weight, she looks a lot thinner in person) and I would NEVER wear a bikini if I has that body.
    I used to think that Bloom was better off without HER………..but in light of the retarded creep he has shown himself to be over the last year or so (especially lately) I now think SHE is the one better off without HIM!

  • wow

    Someone looks a little anorexic…and no I’m not jealous in the slightest. The camera adds on some extra weight so just imagine how thin she really is. And this is not her normal weight, she looked gorgeous in Blue Crush where she probably weighed 20 lbs more than she does now. She WAS a beautiful girl.

  • ha

    I see that she put in another call to the paps
    boring and pasty


    She looks like a skinny boy with all the bones showing. From the back she looks even worse.. Her man is def. Gay!!

  • bejeebus

    okay…when she actually eats something, her body looks nice…other then that….her face is PLAIN and her talent is……let’s just say that i hope she never gets trapped in a paper bag…b/c her @ss couldn’t get out of it.
    so…..can someone please explain why she is famous? a park bench is more captivating then this “actress”

  • Marta

    she looks good, thin not skinny.

  • http://justjared the truth

    actually it is kate fans who bash miranda kerr 24/7 non stop wonder why as this fame whore left orlando’s bed to get into james in only two minutes

  • Caring

    Thank God she gained some weight! She still has more to gain but at least it is a start!!

  • shorty

    she’s naturally thin and she looks fine

  • Paula

    Nice, some fellow bump into the pic with a brazilian’s flag.
    That’s how we do… lol

    She is beautiful, but not in those photos. And who goes to the beach with jeans??? Not the best choice mate.