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Nicole Kidman is Cirque Du Soleil

Nicole Kidman is Cirque Du Soleil

Aussie power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban catch a showing of the new French-Canadian Cirque du Soleil at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, Australia on Saturday.

On their first post-baby date without daughter Sunday Rose, Nicole, 41, and Keith, 41, wore matching black leather jackets and caps.

Kidman is expected to return to the set of Baz Luhrmann‘s Australia, in which she stars with Hugh Jackman, at Fox Studios this week.

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Credit: Picture Media, Carlos Costas; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Just to point out the FACTS


    i LOVE this actress

  • thank you justjared

    wow she is beautiful

    I am glad they are enjoying themselves out & about in Sydney

  • victoria

    What a hot couple!!!! I love their leather jackets and caps… Nicole looks awesome.. I bet Sunday Rose’s aunt ( Nicole’s sister ) is doing the honor of babysitting. She was who they were visiting and her family met them at the airport. What a lucky aunt!! Nicole and Keith will make wonderful parents..

  • Daviii



  • Claire


  • can

    Love them.. They are the cutest couple.

  • hostas

    Man, all the work she has had done to her face is very obvious in that 1st picture – the cheek implants, the nose job, the lips and the chin implant. She asked the paps to give them their privacy, but yet she rolls down her car window and waves to them! Well, that’s Kidman for you – says one thing and does another!

  • shorty


  • notbusy

    Nice to see Nicole and Keith out on a date together. They both look great and really happy.

  • cassie

    ok it’s all good and wonderful that everyone mentions the new baby. but hey, doesn’t she have two older children. what about them. or have they just become an after thought not only to tom but to nicole as well

  • Megan fox rocks

    love this couple so much

  • boston

    my thoughts exactly cassie. nicole is never seen with those kids.

  • Matthew

    It’s only a matter of time when the trolls start walking in..
    (looks at watch condescendingly)

  • the_boyfriend

    Stylin’! I love them.

  • S

    she looks ridiculous trying to be cool and rock and roll in the motorcycle jacket and boots…give it up Nic it is so not you….plus one minute she’s telling the paps to back off and the next she’s waving at them.

    She’s such a hypocrite!

  • anite

    they look better than the curiazy and robo for sure.

  • dancer

    #7 and #15–they didn’t ask for the paps to give them privacy–they asked for the paps to spare the baby. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • dancer

    #10 and #12
    Glad that you are constantly monitoring Kidman’s life and can say with authority that she never sees her older kids. She just saw them a week or two ago. She bought a house in LA to be closer to them. According to people I have met that have worked on films with her–she talks to them daily, writes in a diary to them so they know how much they mean to her, emails them, and sees them with a lot more frequency than people like you know about. She has always been fiercely protective of her children and their privacy. She loves those kids and shame on you both and others like you for your idiot comments. I don’t notice you putting comments on threads about Ryan Phillippe who is rarely seen with his kids or Ethan Hawke or Jude Law or the dozens of other Hollywood males that don’t have custody etc. Seems like it is just this WOMAN who is targeted.

  • hostas

    She DID NOT see them two weeks ago. That was a story fabricated by one of her fans. They were photographed at two different events – not in Nashville – during the time her fan claims to have seen them in Nashville.

  • virgo

    ok.. that wave is just a probably a goodbye wave. Shes just being a nice person. you know #10 and #12.. think if you were put in the situation, Would you want your kids in the spotlight? Im not saying that she sees her kids all the time, but the fact is that, we dont know because she keeps it private.

  • ra

    The FACT of the matter is that no fan or non-fan can possibly know what Nicole’s real relationship is with her two older children. It’s very easy to throw stones based on hearsay or comments by people who couldn’t possibly know. I am by no means a Kidman fan, but the constant harping about her son and daughter is just ridiculous because NONE OF US CAN POSSIBLY KNOW THE TRUTH! And that includes the rabid fans of Nicole who post as if they have a camera on her 24/7 or know her personally.

  • hostas

    “she talks to them daily, writes in a diary to them so they know how much they mean to her, emails them”

    Do you call this being a mom? If you ask me, she sounds like a pen pal to me!

  • ha

    All I remember her saying is that she wanted the paps to stay away from her baby. Also who cares if she isn’t seen with her other kids, they aren’t 5 anymore and maybe they just don’t have a close relationship, it happens. Big deal it’s not like those children were thrown out on the street with nothing.

  • Bella

    I think these two are great together . . .however they look too old to being wearing these matching outfits.

  • to dancer

    oh yes she really loves those children!!! notice my sarcasm. you mention Ryan Phillippe; well his children are with their mother Reese Witherspoon. where exactly are nicole’s children? oh yes, i know she emails them daily, talks to them on the phone daily, writes to them in a diary daily so they know how much they mean to her, etc. etc. etc.
    what is she? i know she’s a long distance friend they see every once in awhile.

  • anonymouse

    “to dancer” stop being a jealous idiot.

  • daisy

    Thanks for the pictures. Glad they enjoyed some time out.

  • Pandora

    S — so true. She looks ridiculous in that get up. She’s often seen in dresses that look so frumpy and little girl-like, complete w/ ribbons and bows in her hair. Then she wants to be more rock n’ roll, and that, too, looks ridiculous. She lacks personal style.

    Is it just me, or does she now look even more anorexic than before she was pregnant?

    I think that one should get some serious therapy and cease to spend $$ on the plastique face.

  • Galey

    They are a beautiful couple. I heard her say once that the only people who she cared about opinions on what she is as a mother , were her two children. They eventually will judge her as a good or bad mother. I say we know little about her relationship with Bella and Connor. The people who say she is frumpy, obviously have not looked at many pictures of her. She is one of the most beautiful woman out there. Keith is great.

  • JLS

    She looks so happy now and I think Keith is surprised at how great this all is. I love these two together. I hope it works out for them.

  • Akth


    Hmmm, Kidman was in LA with her children before landing in Sydney.

    The outfits, it’s Winter in Australia and they had planned to take the motorbike, but the paps ruined that.

    FYI: When you see a celeb waving, they are NEVR waving at paps, they are waving at the fans standing behind the paps who are waving and taking cell phone pics, waving back at small children, etc.

  • Marxu


    Amazing that Kidman has the exact same nose job as her father, sister, niece, etc. LMAO

    There has been no surgery, tons of botox and lip and wrinkle filler and, OH YEAH, she has aged 21 years, her face has gotten fuller in places and fallen in others. We all look different then we did at 20.

    Her nose however, is the same one she had when she was acting at age 16.

  • Eddie

    Nicole is too old to wear those tight wrap round Jeans. Get over yourself Ms Granny Freeze! As for Keith, check out his fat butt in those jeans. He has more on some serious weight lately. Fatty boy! He is so small, so when he puts on weight it shows! Granny Freeze is so pathetic, can you see her pumped up lips in the photo? Even after becoming a mother she is still using botox and lip collagen. What a famewhore.

  • Eddie

    Granny Freeze should be home with her baby.

  • vogue
  • Lisa

    They both look ridiculous. She got right back on her botox regimen and back to her scary, waxen face.

  • BlahDeeBLahAh

    First of all, I could care less about the frequency in which she sees her kids or doesn’t. That’s their choice as a family, and frankly none of my business. Second, I don’t care that she’s out and not with her kid. What bothers me, is her FACE. She looks, literarly like a 50 year old. If i’m nice, she could pass for a late 40′s woman. But, c’mon on, 41? She looks awful to be 41. AwFuLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • L

    Dancer/#18 – What the hell are you smoking? Ryan Phillippe is always seen with his kids. Actually, all the examples you mentioned, Jude Law and Ethan Hawke, have been pictured numerous times. Nicole never has the two older kids and she is photographed a lot more often than the people you mentioned. The photogs always get candids of her and the kids are nowhere around. She trots them out for a photo-op at a public event every couple of years. Quit making up stories!

  • can

    Keith is looking mighty fine!!!
    Glad they got to spend some time together, They are so cute!

  • to anonymouse

    from #25, sorry dear but i’m not jealous. i have three children of my own to care for. i call it as i see it, and what i see is a woman who has wandered off with her new husband and left her two older children elsewhere. now there are pictures of nicole taking sunday rose to see her sister; but guess what the two older ones aren’t there with their mother. yes yes i know; nicole is a saint.

  • jack

    jesus…leave her alone…

    she can dress whatever she wants, she doesn’t need your permission.



  • Lisa

    Captain Obvious. Of course she doesn’t need permission from anyone to dress whatever ugly way she wants. Some are just commenting on her hideous looks and you seem to have a problem with anyone who doesn’t think your idol looks beautiful. The comprehension level of her fanatical fans is bewildering, and give spell check a try mate.

  • cpt jack sparrow.

    finally a normal couple!

    how people can say she’s done something to her face? you can’t see nothing in these pics, she’s covered by the hat and sunglasses.

    I think people have to stay calm with the imagination

  • cpt jack sparrow.

    finally a normal couple!

    how people can say she’s done something to her face? you can’t see nothing in these pics, she’s covered by the hat and sunglasses.

    I think people have to stay calm with the imagination

  • MAK


  • biker b&*ch

    bad outfit nikkers – skinny jeans, biker boots. biker jacket ….and a ribbon in your hair? time to give the scrunchies and ribbons to the baby love.

  • Just say these words

    I like Nicole Kidman. I enjoy her movies too. This outfit though…it’s too narrow pants.

  • Eddie

    Plastic Nicole. Once so beautiful, now just a waxwork. And don’t get me started on her lack of acting ability (whispers in every role she gets). And Keith Urban? Does anybody actually buy his CDs? Not in Australia.

  • koekie

    lovely people and actually nice people if you should know them. tom cruise & katie & surie are a good looking family. Keith Urban & Nicole & baby Sunday are a good looking family. happiness all round. in most countries in the world the mother gets custody of the children when divorcing. i am surprised (not shocked – hollywood took the shock factor out of the equasion for everybody i think) to read that none of the two couples dont have their adopted children in their homes. dogs don’t abandon their offspring. we live in a third world ccountry and here all African woman tend to their children and to the children of their clan should the children’s parents have died of illness or gone to the city to find work. we fight for our families and will give up a lot to provide for them. when i read the stories on the internet, my heart breaks to hear that they are religious affluent people and they renege on their promise to love, cherish and protect. and it boils down to one or two denominators – greed and selfishness. i will adopt them and invite them to my home. and it won’t cost them a cent!!! Shame on both of you, Tom & Nicole.

  • squeezymcfeel

    Like the both of them and like the both of them together. Nicole looks spectacular. Stop the hatin’ $cieno robots.