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Brad Pitt Pays Tribute To Bernie Mac

Brad Pitt Pays Tribute To Bernie Mac

Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other cast members of the Ocean’s trilogy have paid tribute to their co-star Bernie Mac, after his tragic death on Saturday.

Pitt said, “I lament the loss of a ferociously funny and hardcore family man. My thoughts are with Rhonda and their family. Bernie Mac, you are already missed.”

Clooney lamented, ”The world just got a little less funny. He will be dearly missed.”

Don Cheadle, who also starred in the Ocean’s films, added: “This is a very sad day for many of us who knew and loved Bernie. He brought so much joy to so many. He will be missed but heaven just got funnier.”

Samuel L Jackson, who costars with Mac in Soul Men (out later this year), said, “It goes without saying that Bernie was one of the pre-eminent comedians of our generation. He was also an attentive husband, a great father and loving grandfather. I feel blessed to have shared years of friendship with Bernie Mac, and I’m honored to have finally co-starred with him in what I consider to be his finest cinematic acting achievement.”

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  • Helena

    Bad news – Isaac Hayes also died. Weirdly enough, he is co-starring with Bernie Mac in an upcoming film. Creepy! Samuel L. Jackson is also in that film, I hope nothing happens!

  • Belle
    Angelina Jolie’s Nightgown Identified (GALLERY)

  • bubblegirl

    how sweet

  • a fan

    RIP Bernie and Issac.

    how nice of them and how nice of Brad to remind people he was first and for most a family are already missed prayers with him and his family.

  • cc

    RIP Bernie. Brad is such a sweet guy.

  • angel

    life is too short,it is important to enjoy every bit of it,rest in peace bernie and isaac,am off to the pool,bbl

  • Sheri

    Bernie, I have been watching re runs all day! Your humor was one of a kind, your dedication to your family, something for others to emulate. You are so very missed as Brad said.

    Isaac you formed and molded a whole generation of music, lived your life on your terms no matter what. Have always respected you! May you both rest in peace!

    From previous thread–
    Mondo Bongo! @ 08/10/2008 at 4:38 pm
    Wonder Woman! Your here! Drat new thread will go over there! Hugs!!!! How are you momma! We keep missing each other by minutes! Is life treating you well? I hope so, you deserve the very best! :lol: love you!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    What a wonderful and funny man. Rest in peace.

  • vickifromtexas

    bernie mac was just so young and it is a tragic loss. God bless his family.

  • nichole

    dang. celebritys are droppin like flies!

  • sharon

    How nice of Brad, George, Don and Samuel paid tribute to Bernie. Rest in Peace, Bernie Mac.

  • Another Fan

    He must have gone to Heaven. RIP Bernie

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    oh gosh, this is soooooooo sad. Rest in Peace Bernie and Isaac. you’re so very missed already. Bernie was such a gifted funny man. thankx for all the laughs. may you rest in peace in Heaven for ever. That was nice of all these actors. Carpe diem people, life is so short…one day you’re living and the other day you’re gone. ….gosh, Heath, now them……what’s happening to the celebs world. seems like the best of them are fading. i’m not saying others should die, no worry. it’s just so sad. Death is unfair…but hey, maybe t

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    they’re gone to a better place

  • Aggie

    Wonder if brad will go to the funeral.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    McNasty this is soo disrecpectful. hope you’re not as evil and mean as u seem because you’ll regret this sometime. would you be happy if someone’d say that about your death?

  • Jill

    McNasty @ 08/10/2008 at 5:20 pm

    You do, dipshit, or you wouldn’t be posting on here.

  • Jill

    Lord, first Bernie Mac and now Isaac Hayes… bad moon rising or what??

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. I wasn’t familiar with either Bernie Mac or Isaac Hays but it’s always sad when someone dies. I’m sorry for their families. BBL

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Sheri sweets :smile: still standing babe-girl .. hey! I can deal
    nothing weak about the sister.. :wink: love..U..2 thanks for the
    good vibes.. OX

    Talked to NY Lurker… all is good, just busy preparing for the
    big move.. hands full..

  • Sheri

    McNasty @ 08/10/2008 at 5:20 pm
    If you can’t show a little respect for a life cut short, why come here and be, for lack of a better word, mean? This was a man that has a family a grand daughter, he was good to his family and brought laughter into many peoples lives.. if you have nothing nice to say about a man who is no longer with us, please, don’t post at all. It just shows there is something very wrong with you

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Ohmygawd, first Bernie, and now Isaac Hayes. My prayers are with both of their families. At least Morgan Freeman got better.

    This is from the Huffington Post today. I don’t think it has been posted yet. Peace.

    August 10, 2008
    Angelina Jolie’s Endorsement
    It may seem as if most entertainment industry figures are aligning with Barack Obama and just a few with John McCain, but there are still a handful of famous names who are still on the fence. And both campaigns are well aware of one star who stands out among the undecideds: Angelina Jolie.

    Both campaigns have reached out to her, apparently to court her support. But in a statement to Variety provided by political adviser Trevor Neilson, Jolie says that she is waiting to make up her mind.

    “I have not decided on a candidate,” Jolie says, “I am waiting to see the commitments they will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

    Unlike many other celebrity endorsements, Jolie’s carries the weight and influence of her extensive humanitarian work around the world, as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her statement was an indication that she would be open to choosing a candidate.

    That was in evidence earlier this year after her trip to Iraq, when she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Staying to Help in Iraq,” in which she argued that the U.S. should step up financial and material assistance to Iraq — not withdraw from its commitment in the region.

    She wrote, “My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis.

    “Today’s humanitarian crisis in Iraq — and the potential consequences for our national security — are great. Can the United States afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced people, in the heart of Middle East, won’t explode in violent desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder?”

    “What we cannot afford, in my view, is to squander the progress that has been made.”

    She did, however, “call on each of the presidential candidates and congressional leaders to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy.”

    Her call for a continued U.S. presence left some conservative blogs buzzing that Jolie may in fact endorse McCain — after some had just assumed that she would back Obama.

    Jolie has said very little about the presidential race since.

    In June, when Entertainment Weekly asked her whether she talked politics with Clint Eastwood, a longtime Republican, on the set of the upcoming movie, “The Changeling,” she said, “Actually, we don’t disagree as much as you’d think. I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama.”

    Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, has endorsed McCain and recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times highly critical of Obama.

    Posted by Ted Johnson on August 10, 2008 at 11:02 AM in Races | Permalink

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    #20- oops, that’s Hayes, not Hays. Later…

  • Sheri

    Mondo!! (hopping up and down like a kid at Christmas!) I know your still and will always be standing. Your one strong woman, I can only hope to be the woman you are! Glad you have heard from NYL, I’m bad when it come to emails and you know that. Life keeps getting in the way. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you all and think about you! :lol:

  • bethany kind

    This is so sad.2 black men in 2 days..
    R.I.P both brillant men

  • Mondo Bongo!

    dina #1……….. thanks :smile:

  • sonia

    again so sorry to hear about Bernie mac, life is too short, also i remember Issac Hayes song, i stand accused when i was a little girl , i will never forget that deep manly voice of his, they are both missed dearly. RIP

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Sheri.. Sweetie in my book U got it together… Cheers!


  • bdj

    RIP Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. It is nice to see people coming together to offer words of condolences and support to the family. Peace to all.

  • Sheri

    Sorry the site did something weird, if part of this comment shows, I apologize.

    dina #1 @ 08/10/2008 at 5:33 pm
    Sorry need to disagree with Angie!
    That was in evidence earlier this year after her trip to Iraq, when she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Staying to Help in Iraq,” in which she argued that the U.S. should step up financial and material assistance to Iraq — not withdraw from its commitment in the region

    Excuse me we are borrowing money from China at an unprecedented rate our economy is going down hill as the Iraq ‘s sit on over 80 BILLION dollars in oil money! We are rebuilding without any help from the Iraq gov’t.

    What we cannot afford, in my view, is to squander the progress that has been made.”
    What progress, we invaded a sovereign nation that had done nothing to us, not responsible for 911, no WMD’s while, their leader was a dictator and despicable man, women at least had rights. The right to own property , businesses to hold positions of power. Since our invasion, honor killings have become the norm, with no prosecution. The Islamic fundamentalists now have a better footing in the country setting women, children, Christians and Jews back. On MSNBC today there is an article saying the Iraq’s want a time line for us to get out! While I know that Angie is a wonderful humanitarian and a woman high moral principle, we can’t always expect other countries to adopt what we believe to be the best way. Iraq at one point was the one place in the Middle East that women and children had a voice, that was before we invaded. I’m very aware of the slaughter of the Kurds, Saddam will rot in hell for that, it doesn’t negate the fact that there are genocides taking place all over the world and our gov’t only steps in when there is oil at stake! Women and children be damned!

    Getting off my soapbox.

  • piper, with a low


    These past seven days have taken a very depressing turn.

    First, Morgan Freeman got into a terrible car crash (and we found out his marriage has ended); then Bernie Mac died; and now, Isaac Hayes.

    And to think… last week, many of us were so excited, waiting for the Knox and Vivienne’s pics.

    So flipping depressing.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Was thinking about BM… he could make me laugh without
    saying a word, just with an expression, great comedy timing
    WoW! such a lost.. looking forward to Soul Men.

  • Sheri

    piper, with a low @ 08/10/2008 at 6:11 pm
    So very true, thing is.. not sure why it happens this way, one right after another, but thank god Morgan will be alright. They say things happen in threes I pray this is the end of it.

  • tabitha

    I loved Angelina’s oped a few months ago. I agree with it. I supported the surge and think it would be huge mistake to leave Iraq too soon.I won’t go further in details since I don’t want this to turn into a long political discussion esp since it is a condolence thread.

    Hi Sherri, Piper, Dina and the rest of the JP fans.

  • Sheri

    Mondo Bongo! @ 08/10/2008 at 6:12 pm
    One of our local channels had a BM marathon today, I was laughing myself silly, then I checked MSNBC and saw the news about Isaac…
    Damn, Bernie, Morgan and Isaac are all in Soul Man!


    Angie was talking about the refugees in iraq, the surge allowed the UNHRC workers to go into the field to help the refugees, that’s what she meant when she said the progress we made,she doesn’t want the US to pull out without a plan for the refugees.She has never said she was pro or con about the invasion, her sole goal was to make sure the refugees are taken care of-this view of angie’s is not new.

  • nina

    R.I.P Bernie. You will be truly missed.

  • Sheri

    tabitha @ 08/10/2008 at 6:19 pm
    Happy Sunday tabitha! Sorry I jumped on my soap box! I know we have differing opinions, we talked about them in the past. Maybe another time on a more appropriate thread we can continue the discussion. I may not agree with your opinion but I respect it. Hope your having a wonderful Sunday, even with all the sad news.

  • LuckyL

    Now I know why I woke up sad the other day =( It’s like the darkness before a storm. I hope everyone lives a long ans prosperous life and he co-stars all had beautiful words.

  • Sad

    Out of respect for Bernie Mac please don’t turn this page into a Brad or Angelina thread.

  • bermy girl

    Sheri – hi there!

    What is the movie Soul Man about?

  • Vogue

    My thoughts are with his family

  • Sarah

    I loved your television show. You always made me crack up with laughter. I was so upset to hear that you died. I hope you are doing good up in heaven! You were taken to early. Love ya!

  • Anonymous

    Taraji… Brad and Angie’s new BFF:

  • Sheri

    Hey bermy! Good to see you here! From what I know it about two soul singing legends that haven’t spoken in years, they agree to a reunion in tribute to their recently deceased friend at the Apollo. Sounds really fun! Kind of weird that Bernie, Morgan and Isaac all are in the movie….

  • irma

    Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes are now in good hands. They will be missed. God bless.

  • Sheri

    SORRY! Samuel L Jackson, not Morgan is in the movie Soul Man! MY BAD!

  • alexanderina

    RIP Bernie Mac

    Thanks Jared for the new thread

  • bermy girl

    Sheri – thanks I hadn’t heard anything about it.

    Always good to see you posting, too.

  • alexanderina

    # 23 dina #1 @ 08/10/2008 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks dina #1