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Hugh Jackman Visits Nicole Kidman's Daughter

Hugh Jackman Visits Nicole Kidman's Daughter

Hugh Jackman takes his family to visit fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman‘s house for Sunday lunch in Sydney, Australia.

Hugh, who co-stars in Baz Luhrmann‘s epic new movie Australia with Nicole, popped over to Nic‘s home with wife Deborra-Lee Furness and children Oscar, 8, and Ava, 3.

The Jackmans visited Nicole, her country superstar husband Keith Urban and their newborn baby daughter, Sunday Rose, 1 month.

Australia opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, November 14.

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  • alina

    he just seems like such a great dad. i’m a fan.

  • ra

    Took ya’ long enough to post these! Thanks, JJ!

    Can never have too many photos of the delicious and delightful Hugh.

  • Bella

    God he’s hot :)

  • dancer

    Thanks so much! He’s hot, Nicole is hot and the kids are hot!

  • Nora

    Is the blond woman his wife?! Wow, she is old.

  • idc

    6th comment ahha

  • daisy

    Yes, the blonde, Deborrah, is his wife. And no she is not “old.” She is just older then he is. She is 48. They are a lovely family.

  • whocares

    Why aren’t the Urban’s visiting their granddaughter?

    Guess promoting a movie is more important.

  • Nora

    Only 48, huh? Seems much older.

  • mona

    Australia is a waste of investor’s $$
    it’ll flop.

    Hugh looks like a real wolfman.
    If you are into wolves, I huess he’s hot. LOL

  • Vogue
  • mona

    he’s gay…that’s a fake wife for people.

    he leaps around @ home to Broadway tunes.

    Nicole & him have ZERO chemistry in those stills I saw.
    Nic looks old & dried up & Hugh looks “old wolfish”

  • What

    Does Nicole ever see her other kids anymore?

  • ra

    mona, how can you tell from still photos? Have you seen the trailer for “Australia”? Have you watched the podcasts that Baz L did for “Australia”? It looks to be a stunning, epic film, and Hugh and Nicole definitely have some chemistry. I can hardly wait until November.

    As for what Hugh does at home – you can’t possibly know that. But it sure looks to the majority of us as if Hugh and Deb have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful family. Unlike many of the celebs the public is so fixated on these days.

    (And for the record – Hugh will be 40 in October, and his wife is 53. But it’s only a number.)

  • flower

    awww hugh is the hottest!!! he is such a great dad and husband , he is adorable :P

  • mary

    He is hot!!!
    Nic and Keith has true friends, no friends for publicity

  • Lillianne

    His wife must be very special. Millions of gals would like to have him but he chose her. HAHAHAHAHAHA NORA!!

  • Daria

    That is a huge age difference – 40 and 53. When she’s 60 he’ll only be 47….still nobody would be saying anything if the ages were reversed…..

  • Lillianne

    His wife was born in 1960 which makes her 48. Still just a number.

  • sunty

    Consumers demand greater transparency and guarantees. They are sometimes very demanding and require proper attention. On the other hand is not acceptable to treat people as if they were beasts of burden, is not acceptable be as bad as a person to do so. Consumers are not forget, the thrusters of the economy.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnn how old is she???for real!!!! LOL some say she’s 48, others say she’s 53!!!! how old is she exactly?! :p anyhoo, she seems much older but hey, age is nothing but a number,right? yeah, she must be special if he chose her….he seems to be gentle, nice and a caring dad

  • Miller

    Ive seen those trailers and they suck! Nicole doesnt have the sex appeal of an ant. Poor Hugh he made a HUGE mistake taking this film.

    Deborah looks older but not as old as Nicole.

  • Sammie

    According to an interview with Deborra-Lee Furness in an Australian magazine published in 1994, she was born in 1955 making her 53 this year. I think a 13 year age gap is significant in their case because of events in their pasts. They both seem to be very nice caring people, but there are still reasons to question what this “marriage” might be about.

  • TheUsualsuspect

    Who cares how old she is? It doesn’t matter.

    Mona, you wouldn’t be allowed any nearer to the Jackmans’ home than it takes to clean their sewers, which is all you are fit for, so stfu. Stop pretending you know anything about their private lives.

  • janeway

    Thanks Jared for the pics of the gorgeous Hugh and his family. Too bad that their are always so many negative comments. Good think Hugh and his family don’t care about what people think- they are just happy. Good for them.

  • ratsass

    Mona and Miller – then don’t bother seeing the movie. You won’t be missed.

    And since I will see it multiple times – at the cinema – I will more than make up for the ticket you won’t be buying.

  • to mona

    let’s see; a good looking man who is happily married to an older woman who many consider not to be that attractive. oh and children are adopted. so therefore; automically he must be gay. how transpartent can you be?? do i detect good old fashioned jealously at the wife’s good fortune.

  • to mona

    let’s see; a good looking man who is happily married to an older woman who many consider not to be that attractive. oh and children are adopted. so therefore; automically he must be gay. how transpartent can you be?? do i detect good old fashioned jealously at the wife’s good fortune.

  • Anon

    I’m glad Nicole and her husband and baby are having a good visit with friends and family but I have a question. Since Katie Holmes is in New York City with Suri, where are NICOLE and Tom’s OTHER TWO CHILDREN, CONNOR AND ISABEL??????? Do they ever see their mother?

  • gina

    Jackman is such a great guy, and his kids are adorable. He looks to be such an amazing father.

  • A

    Oscar is adopted?

  • botox boy

    Nikkers might be having a botox party – sure looks like hugh has de-wrinkled his forehead. crows feet are next! still, he’s divine even if his wife is wearing a marcel marceau tribute!

  • Hugh jackwoman


  • Gosh

    To Mona and Botox boy: How old are you?? 5?! Get a life!

  • victoria

    To WHAT Number # 13… Bella and Connor spent over a week in Nashville with their new sister recently. ( CNN ) It showed them getting off a plane at the airport in Nashville and Keith and a bodyguard picked them up, in a limo. The news said they brought several ” bags of gifts” for their sister. I bet Hugh had a great time with his kids visiting Sunday Rose. He loves children and I have seen pictures of him playing with his own kids in the park and on the beach. He seems to be a great dad.

  • diamondh300

    Victoria….thanks for the CORRECT info on Bella and Connor-straight from CNN and with pics….but I’m sure those posted really stupid comments don’t even know what CNN is….they are know-it-alls who really know nothing at all….for anyone who has followed the Jackman’s for years knows what a perfect family they are…..

  • G550

    To be old, or older than someone, is not a sin. Aging, and one day dying, happens to everyone. It will happen to everyone reading this board. Luckily, some will go into the light having known love. Stop hating on Mrs. Jackman because she has someone who knows that love is ultimately the most valuable thing two people can share, regardless of age.

  • http://Karinya casperrrr

    yeah i saw the video for this, n as they walked in the house hugh’s daughter says “daddy is the baby in there?” lol so cute

    SEXY BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zen

    All “HATERS” check your pie holes at the door. Whats with all the hating on the internet these days? ??

  • Mchelle

    I admit that she doesn’t photograph well and she doesn’t do herself any favours in those horrid outfits either. She is one of Australia’s (the country not the movie btw) most talented, and underrated, actresses.
    She is supposed to be the life and soul of any party, I remember reading years ago how Nicole Kidman envied her because Deborah-Lee would be the one up on tables dancing and having a great time whilst Nicole was too shy to let go! I think that they would have a great, fun relationship and that he is married to her because she is a wonderful, supportive, talented woman. Believe it or not but these qualities aren’t restricted only to only the young, thin and beautiful!

  • LucyC

    Jackman is such a nice guy, and his kids are adorable

    Never mentioned he has much in common with Dermot Mulroney?

  • marthix

    ”Jackman is gay, did botox, ‘Australia’ will be a disaster…” HOW MANY STUPID PEOPLE ARE IN HERE?!!!? Hugh rocks, he is unique and the rest of us are always in love with him. ‘Australia’ will blow up the box office and all HUGH JACKMAN and NICOLE KIDMAN fans, who are definetely more than all of you silly people who despise them, will go and see it twice and even more!!! Plus, leave Deborra alone!!! She’s a very cool person and Hugh’s fans like her a lot. And that’s my question to you: If you don’t like Jackman, why are you visiting his pages in jared and spending time writing stupid comments? I think it’s time to SUCK IT UP!!!!!!!!

  • http://Justjared Lily rose

    Nicole needs to take a leaf out of Deborah-Lee’s book and allow herself to age naturally. I would love to see Hugh in “Australia” but I could not bear to watch Nicole. The characters she plays never seem believable to me. I just find her scary.

  • Serissa

    I haven’t been commenting here for some time now, because I got bored with the same things being said about Hugh, Deb and their kids. I still try to enjoy whenever there are new pics, but reading all this bullshit this time again, makes me really angry. Why do people who don’t like special actors feel obliged to spill their negative energies everywhere? And I ask myself the same question as marthix (# 42): Why do they spend their time with writing things that no one is interested to hear?? If you don’t have any facts to tell, say something nice or just shut up!

    Oh, and… YES, HUGH ROCKS!

  • Geri

    Hugh seems very happily married… his wife is well regarded and their relationship is real. I think it’s grand that age doesn’t matter.

    Interesting, after the Jackman’s visited with Nicole, she, Keith and the baby left to visit with Nic’s good friend Russell Crowe and his family. It was reported on Ninemsn… obviously, the papz followed them.

  • Mimi

    There are some who say Hugh is actually several years older than he admits publicly. And truly, he has more wrinkles that most men of 39. So, maybe he and Deborah are closer in age.

    In any case, I love it that Deb is aging naturally. She’s a beautiful woman and has a world class smile.

  • emma lee

    I love this couple and this family. They don’t seem to put on airs or pose or dress in a certain way b/c they may have a photo taken. They look real and down to earth and completely comfortable in their own skin. Way to go Jackmans!

    For me part of Hugh’s charm is the way he is with Deb and his children, completely natural and content. I get so tired of people commenting negatively on age, looks, fashion, sexual orientation, etc. They say Nicole should lay off the botox and Deb and Hugh look older than stated. Geez! What do you complainers want?

    Serissa and others, I agree, HUGH ROCKS AND SO DOES DEB!

  • llucya73

    I’m a “old” (35) fan of hugh jackman since many year.
    I always look pic on JJ (thanks JJ!) and read the comment about HJ, but I never write. My english is not very well, so I hope you’ll understand my point of view.

    I adore HJ cause he’s a very talented actor, a handsome and sexy man (that face of him is PERFECT!!!) a kind father and a loving husband.

    His long marriage with a woman he loves, no matter if older/younger, makes him sexier than men who jump from bed to bed.

    I think that fans of Mr jackman love him for his unquestioned talent, his politeness, his down-to-earth attitude, and his “normal” way of life.
    But since people is not used to happy and “normal” movie star, here we have inferences about his sexuality and “secret” life.

    Obviously, please note that his happiness with family is well documented with pics and videos, while bad inferences are NEVER supported by any “evidence”!!!

    A man, although rich, nice and famous, which is still married with the girl he loves, is also a wise one, who lives HIS life and can overpower success without been annihilated.

    If he found – as it seems – the recipe to be famous and notwithstanding happy, he’s definitively the best!!

  • squeezymcfeel

    Many responses are just nasty toward Nicole Kidman, and since that doesn’t seem to play out in “real life” (ie: opinions expressed while face to face with someone) I tend to think these are $cieno minions. Many of them, not all of course. The notion that she would be allowed to “age gracefully” like DLF, is laughable – people would be just as nasty either way – so she might as well do what she likes.

  • squeezymcfeel

    oh, and regardless of hugh’s sexuality, i like him and his wife and they both seem like great parents and nice down to earth individuals.