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Katie Holmes: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Katie Holmes: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri Cruise to see the Broadway show Mary Poppins in New York City on Saturday.

, 2, has been making the Broadway rounds, seeing The Little Mermaid last week!

With little Suri over 2 now, a lot of attention has been given to her constant use of her bottle. Extended bottle-feeding may lead to speech and dental problems according to pediatricians.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Suri’s bottle’s business — still a baby or time to grow up?

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…

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  • jill


  • Little Loca

    Actually Jill shows like Mary Poppins and the Little Mermaid are full of children. If she had taken her to see Grey Gardens then I would complain but not the Disney shows.

  • lisalisa

    The bottle is their business. Leave them alone!

  • noyb

    I agree – Broadway shows are not for 2 year olds.

    Yes, she needs to get off the bottle – she is going to have seriously f’d up teeth.

    I feel sorry for the kid – breaks my heart to see her covering her face like that. I wonder if she is told to do that by her mom or if she does it out of fear or discomfort. Either way, it is sad.

  • andré

    Suri is not old enough to even understand a little bit what she’s seeing.
    Nuts family.

  • andré


    I bet Tom and Katie think it’s cute that she covering her face.

  • krungkrung

    WHAT DO YOU THINK about Suri’s bottle’s business — still a baby or time to grow up?!?


    i think that we should leave lil Suri alone, if she still wants to use the bottle that’s fine, it’s not like she’ll gonna use the bottle forever, let her be a kid, geeze. neway, lil Suri have the cutest dresses ever, she’s so cute.

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand why they always have Suri out sooo late. She looks exhausted. My daughter is 4 and has never been out past 8pm. Her bedtime is 7pm.

    Between the bottle and the bedtime, they are really not doing right by this child.

    If you want to go see the show, what is wrong with a maintee performance in the afternoon??

  • Lillianne

    Their child = Their business

  • m

    The bottle business should be left up to the parents who probably know Suri best.

  • ali

    ditch the bottle! she’s WAY too old for it. and still wearing diapers? they obviously still treat her like a baby…

  • Elian


    The bedtime of your daughter is 7pm? Now that is just insane… How old is she, 1 month old? Seriously she’s 4, she shouldn’t be put to bed this early

  • blackworm

    I agree that 2 years old is too young to go to a Broadway Show even Mary Poppins. Have some respect for all the older ticket buyers that are sitting in the theatre.

    There’s nothing wrong with Suri still drinking from a bottle or certainly nothing wrong with her still being in diapers. She’s still a baby. And that’s why she shouldn’t be at a Broadway Show!

    Where’s Tom?

  • Dolly

    Lillianne @ 08/10/2008 at 10:07 am

    Their child = Their business
    Except that they use the kid for publicity. Nobody’s commenting on what they allegedly do at their home with her.

    Little Loca @ 08/10/2008 at 9:58 am

    Actually Jill shows like Mary Poppins and the Little Mermaid are full of children. If she had taken her to see Grey Gardens then I would complain but not the Disney shows.
    Someone posted on another board that she’d been at The Little Mermaid with her kids, sitting not far from Katie and Suri and Suri spent most of the time with her hands over her ears.

    This kid looks either miserable or bored in every recent set of pictures. 1 set – I’d chalk that up to grumpiness, multiple sets a pattern is forming – and the kid clearly hates the commotion of the paparazzi which her mother drags her through rather than getting her security to slip her out a side entrance which they surely could.


  • the_boyfriend

    Stop using your child for publicity Katie, 2 is too young for BWay and too old for the bah bah.

    Has she no common sense?

  • http://WWW.lermanet ANON

    Errrr more importantly, the questions should be:





    Why not read up on some factual information about this malicious cult that Kultie is part of. Check out the link and find out what she and Tom really believe in.

  • Amy

    If they want their kid to have screwed up teeth and speech impedements, that’s their business, not ours,

  • JunoFirst

    Is this kid going on 3 years old – if not there already – and still sucking on a bottle?? Good grief!!!!

  • JunoFirst

    Is this kid going on 3 years old – if not there already – and still sucking on a bottle?? Good grief!!!!

  • Ann

    She’s only 2 years old, most kids I know used a bottle until over three years old. People are making way too much deal about something it’s not their business. They accused Tom of trying to dictate how mothers should raise their kids and now they’re doing the same. It’s up to Tom and Katie to decide when Suri should stop using the bottle.

    We should be discussing how rude and aggressive the paparazzi are with a kid. They’re almost attacking a little girl.

  • Ruth

    It is absolutely none of our business!

  • Ann

    Seriously, what’s wrong with you people?
    Katie has said Suri loves musical. According to Katie, she has seen Annie 60 times. If she does enjoy then, why can’t she attend one? Who says she doesn’t understand anything about it?
    Get real! Who are you to say what Suri should wear, dring and see?

  • Tami

    Hello!!! That’s NOT Tom Cruises child!! Put a picture of Suri and Katie’s ex fiance together Chris Klein…and WOW! You’ve just found Suri’s Dad.

    Notice how Suri turns away from Tom when he’s holding her!! This guy is a controlling weirdo that has taken a sweet young woman and her child and turned them into a photo shoot to bring the attention to him. I think Katie is finally catching on.

  • felix

    Who are you to say what Suri should wear, drink and see?
    Katie’s said Suri loves a musical and has seen Annie many times. If she enjoys these shows, why can’t she attend? These shows are full of kids, you idiots! Please, get real and start wondering about serious stuff.

  • whatyasay

    What’s up with poor little Suri ALWAYS wearing the same shoes. Also, if Katie is so in to playing dress up with Suri why not paint her little fingernails. I think Suri would do great to get to hang out with some other toddlers, maybe go to a play place occasionally.

  • Poor Suri

    Katie SMARTEN UP!! Your child should be in bed like everyone elses. Not this crying and whining ,holding her ears,holding her hands over her eyes due to flash bulbs at night.
    Yes Suri is adorable but there is a place and a time. How many pics have we seen lately of Suri looking so unhappy just plain miserable. I am sure the other peope who paid good moolah to see an evening broadway show have their toddlers in bed and dont appreciate the whining. Obviously Suri being with you is all about YOU not unhappy Suri.

    As far as the bottle being stuck in the childs mouth rather than a sippy cup , if it is to make Suri happy (shut her up) It is NOT working. Yes i know first hand what sucking on a bottle after 18 mos. can do to a chids gums and teeth, You could possibly save Suri from wearing braces if you switched her off the bottle now. .

    JMO Take it or leave it.

  • dal

    Its none of anyone’s business what Tom and Katie do with their child.

    Jared- you are starting to really annoy me.

    All anyone does on these sites is criticize the celebrities. Not just Tom and Katie- the list goes on and on. They are actors, let them do their jobs and go about their daily lives without all the nitpicking.

    Unbelievable how many critics are on here – Im sure if you were photographed every day of your life there would be plenty of criticisms from people who don’t know you.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you people obsessing over how late Suri is being kept out..This child is going to inherit a fortune for Tom Cruise’s estate. She is growing up in Hollywood and not a some D-Lister’s celeb’s child.

    By the time she is 5 she will know what and how a Broadway show operates behind the scene as well as how a movie studio runs…You people keep looking at her llife from you average citizen pov..

    That’s the same as people expect ing those royal boys Harry and William to be like them..THEY ARE NOT. and the same applies to Suri.
    All children who are exposed to more advance arts, sports, dance..will absorb and become proteges..
    Look at Tiger Woods, The Williams Sisters….Drew Barrymore came from a legacy of great actors…

  • regina

    Why dress her up like a woman and give her an empty bottle to suck!??
    Suri is a silly girl !!!!!!!!!

  • truthfully

    Suri is so cute. How she is raised is nobodys business, but her parents.

  • brenbren

    So what if Suri is wearing the same shoes.. how many pairs of shoes should a 2 year old have before they outgrow them. Poor baby, always being chased by the paps -I would cling onto my bottle too if I was constantly hounded like that. It’s a source of comfort for a baby. Her mother should stop parading her around and try to give her as normal a childhood as possible.

  • regina

    She is not a good mother, she should be at home, calm, resting, playing, NOT out at night!
    katie wants publicity!!!
    she wants this to be shown to Tom!!!
    Where is Tom!????
    With all his $$$$$$, he should be by he side, not in LA flying his plane!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    It’s long since time to move on to a sippy cup. The longer you wait to stop use of the bottle, the harder it is to do!

    Mom of 3.

  • dancer

    I would not be commenting on Katie’s handling of the child if Suri didn’t looks so darned miserable. I don’t care if she is up late, wants to ruin her teeth on a bottle, needs to drag her blankie all over NYC and the world etc., if she looked happy. That baby looks miserable. And if it is the flashes and the paps making her miserable, then maybe Katie should stay home and watch Mary Poppins on TV or find a more unobtrusive way to get in and out of that theater. And Katie is richer than most–get more body guards to protect that baby from the crowds, the shoves, the pushes etc.

  • GETreal

    All the Broadway shows have restrictions, and the age restrictions for both shows are 6 and above. Some theatres don’t even permit children under the age 4. Katie Holmes is not only a bad mother, but also a bad theatergoer. Her publicity stunts are going out of hand.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    look @ all the people who hate the rich. lmaooo

  • angel hair

    why is she always alone like a single mom? where the hell is tom cruise?

  • Cheetah

    Their child = Their business

    Who ever says the above is nuts! nobody should be able to do anything they want to there kids. If she was beating her up or he moleting her, then would you say its their business?

    Mentally hurting your kids, bad parenting, bad food pattern or living pattern is also hurting your kids…

    So no.. its not Their business.. someone should stand up and help this kid!

  • Kristin

    She really can’t have a bottle anymore! She’s almost 2 in a half. She really is going to have messed up teeth if Katie and Tom don’t take it away from her now. If they don’t take it away soon, they will regret it when Suri’s teeth are crooked!

  • squid

    Idk about dental problems but I know plenty of kids who were on the bottle until age four and they have no speech problems. And 7pm bedtime isn’t for everyone, I doubt she makes the kid get up at 6am.

  • sleepy

    Looks like someone had too much benadryl with their barley water.

  • mediterranean

    New nipples for bottles are made for the baby-teeth and they are not supposed to harm them.

    If she likes to drink bottler, it’s her right and it’s up to her own parents.

    I have seen a “4,5-year-old” kid who goes to maternalle with my daughter and is still having her bottle.

    Most probably they are giving her a special misture of their funny relation.

  • over it

    #37 you ask where tom is?

    Tom Cruise is not with her because he is a walking PR disaster.
    He knows it and so does everyone else.
    If he is seen walking in and out of the theatre with her – the media will accuse him of paying for her to be in the production and start talking about xenu and the cult.

    I mean for goodness sake how much money has he spent on these useless ads promoting himself and his pathetic website?
    His self promotion knows no end.
    Can you buy back your dignity with banner ads?

    By the look of things Katie realises that suri = photo opps
    She and her daughter appear miserable in every shot.
    How many tickets is she ‘responsible’ for selling?

    No more Katie. No more Tom.

  • Kk

    Where is her PR people. Tell her the more the public see her the less they will want to.

  • barbie

    Instead of everyone bashing how zillionaire parents are raising their designer-clad little girl, how about putting that same energy into investigating and supporting ‘ordinary’ kids who are abandoned, beaten, raised really miserable and hungry in orphanages etc. Everyone’s surplus ‘criticism’ chips would then really have a purpose…

  • Dolly

    From the Disney on Broadway Mary Poppins website:

    Disney on Broadway performances are recommended for a general audience. As an advisory to adults who might bring young people, Disney recommends its productions for ages 6 and up. All persons entering the theatre, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Mary Poppins runs approximately two hours and forty-five minutes, with a fifteen-minute intermission.”

    But to you fangirls, I guess Suri’s such a *Hollywood/ Broadway* “protege” that age recommendations don’t apply to her. Only to proletariat civilians and not to someone as super special as her and her family.

    To the poster above who claimed Suri had seen “Annie” 60 times – according to Katie, that was the video – not the live show. Tons of kids can be plopped down in front of the TV and be content. It’s another thing entirely to sit in a packed theatre for a 2-hour live show.

  • Dolly

    barbie @ 08/10/2008 at 11:39 am

    Instead of everyone bashing how zillionaire parents are raising their designer-clad little girl, how about putting that same energy into investigating and supporting ‘ordinary’ kids who are abandoned, beaten, raised really miserable and hungry in orphanages etc. Everyone’s surplus ‘criticism’ chips would then really have a purpose…
    You have no idea how people spend their time aside from the few minutes it takes to read this post.

  • Mav

    Katie was always desperate for fame. Too bad she has resorted to this, but she really has nothing else going on. A minor role in a Broadway show wasn’t what she expected. Didn’t quite get the A list career of starring movie roles she was promised in marrying Tom Cruise, but who could have predicted he would go so far off the deep end the moment she hitched a ride to his star. Be careful what you wish for…

  • Jq

    okay, i don’t have kids, but is it normal for kids to stay up past 8pm or even 7pm??? And it’s not like suri is going to remember these shows when she is older. Why doesn’t she go to like the afternoon shows. I guess they want her to become an actess…..

  • well…

    Leave Suri alone.

    Where’s Tom Cruise?