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Violet Affleck's Pacific Palisades Playtime

Violet Affleck's Pacific Palisades Playtime

Mom-to-be Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck head out to lunch in Pacific Palisades on Saturday.

Violet, 2 1/2, reportedly now has a new $16 million home in Brentwood to play in! Along with her younger sibling, she’ll have 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, 6 fireplaces, a brick wine cellar a library and a 3-car garage to run around in. Keep an eye on her Jen!

10+ pictures of Violet Affleck at her Pacific Palisades playtime…

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violet affleck pacific playtime 01
violet affleck pacific playtime 02
violet affleck pacific playtime 03
violet affleck pacific playtime 04
violet affleck pacific playtime 05
violet affleck pacific playtime 06
violet affleck pacific playtime 07
violet affleck pacific playtime 08
violet affleck pacific playtime 09
violet affleck pacific playtime 10

Credit: Most Wanted; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • victoria

    To Number # 23…. Very UGLY comment about a tiny child… What gives??? Violet is a beautiful child Number # 30… Who is she competeing with??? She NEVER had DARK brown hair, and I hardly think that the Afflecks would dye their childs hair… Good grief, people, is this jealousy or what? Violet is outside alot, and the sun does this. Her hair has always been light, and blonde hair gets even lighter in the summer. Jennifer looks pretty!!!

  • minime

    All this madness over a few hair follicles. Who cares?

    I don’t understand why Ben wouldn’t be with his lovely family on a Saturday no less. Hes in Boston for work on a Saturday no less. BS, he’s totally jumped the coop emotionally. Babies don’t change a thing. Jen looks like she controls everything regarding the baby which must suck the life out of Ben who is used to being in charge. I think one poster got it right when he said Jen is a spider and when Ben finally stops servicing her, she’s going to bite his head off like a black widow.

  • Caring

    Seriously, can this girl walk on her own ?! She is always in her mom’s arms at such an older age…….just curious.

  • US voter

    # 1
    CLINIQUA @ 08/10/2008 at 11:47 pm

    Wasn’t that kid’s hair brown just 8 mos. ago – now she’s a platinum blonde? come on.
    Violet has always had light blonde hair.

  • 3boysmomma

    I really adore Violet. She is beautiful. I even love her teeth and love that her parents are so superficial and leave her in her natural beauty. What I can’t get over is all the bedrooms bathrooms, etc. To much!! :0)

  • linda c

    Even though I don’t consider myself to be a real “fan” of the Affleck clan, this business about Jennifer Garner bleaching her daughter’s hair is just way over the top. Now, seriously, people….do you think that someone who shops at Whole Foods Market and is into organic produce at the farmer’s market in order to provide the best quality nutririon for her family would allow anyone to soak her child’s head in chemicals?? If she were that narcissistic, she’d have Violet’s hair dyed dark brown to match her own! Regardless of what anyone (including me) has said or can say about these people, I don’t for a nanosecond believe either Jen or Ben would ever do anything to hurt their daughter!

  • lily

    To OMG!!! #39- don’t you DARE bring Kingston and Suri into this, their mums don’t trot them out like Violet’s does- their hair has always been the same colour! Jen Garner is a phoney- she shouldn’t be mentioned in the same comment as Gwen and Katie!

  • Adoring Fan

    Linda C #56 Thanks for your sensible comments. However, I hardly think they will convince anyone who is hell bent on hating the Afflecks. Little people with little minds can certainly come up with some ridicilous conclusions. We must however tolerate them as much as it pains me to do so. That is what civilized people do. Frankly, I believe there is a bunch of children with absentee parents who are doing all the silly commenting.

    Anyway, congratulations to the Afflecks on finding what I hope is their dream house and good luck with the upcoming new addition. Violet is an adorable child who had brown hair at birth (just like her parents did). Just like Jen and Ben’s, it will most likely return to brown. If not, she is still a beautiful child.

  • shammy

    Wow! Truly entertaining comments and very twisted. The fact of the matter is, people on this board are arguing over hair of a child that they do not know. All based on assumptions or speculations and is really ridiculous. You fans and non-fans must really have a lot of time on your hands. Unbelievable!

    Anyway, wishing happiness and love to the familia!

    Love Benny boy!


  • Claire

    Shammy #59- this is the FIRST sensible comment I’ve read in this thread. Thank you!!!

  • 3boysmomma

    Oops!! Sorry I meant “not” superficial instead of “so” superficial.
    I have three boys and I would lose them in a house that big.

  • teacup

    I will say that Violets hair is lighter because she’s always out, so the sun plays a part in that. The reason that you have everyone going back and forth on the subject has absolutely nothing to do with that. IT’S JUST THAT THEY ARE SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is such a beautiful pregnant lady. I love seeing her and her delightful baby. Thank you JJ for the pics even though Vi is not smiling. I enjoy them just the same.

    Teacup @62 why does pictures of Jen and Violet bring out such hostility in you. You are not forced to view or comment on them. Is there something wrong with your scroll button? Use the wheel for goodness sakes. Dump sh*t.

  • rina

    For all those who say these kids hair is bleached, it is clear you are no parents! Many babies have brown hair color until 10, 12 months old and then it turns blond. Happened to my daughter and many other kids I know. I usually don’t post, but these comments are disturbing, thinking that so many of you would die your own kids hair blond and think it is OK???