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Angelina Jolie Replaces Tom Cruise in "Edwin A. Salt"

Angelina Jolie Replaces Tom Cruise in

Angelina Jolie will be replacing Tom Cruise in the Columbia Pictures espionage thriller Edwin A. Salt.

Variety says Angie is “the rare female who is viable in an action genre that has been almost the exclusive domain of men.” No doubt!!!

Jolie would play the title character, a CIA officer who’s accused by a defector of being a Russian sleeper spy and must elude capture long enough to establish her innocence. Edwin A. Salt will be rewritten by the movie studios and will undergo a title change, obviously.

Tom had long been rumored to take the project but eventually bowed out because (reportedly) a $20 million salary wasn’t possible. The film will reunite Angie will her Bone Collector director, Philip Noyce.

Wow, who saw this one coming!? More spy chick Angie! Woo!!!!!

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  • Angi

    Sounds fun, just what she needs!

  • Angi

    It’s in preproduction and sounds like it needs a script rewrite… it’ll be a long time before she films. Plenty of time to be with the lil ones.

  • bdj

    Man, you are fast. It sounds like a great project in development for AJ. AJ is an in demand actress and can handle action roles as well as drama. I am looking forward to Changeling.

  • silence

    so tom wouldn’t do it b/c they wouldn’t pay him 20 million? is he out of his mind? he’s box-office poison! no one wants him these days…

  • jp

    Great angie is ALWAYS kick as s in these types of movies, you go girl.

  • bdj

    Hanging out with hotties all in a day’s work for Adriana Barraza

    You’ve worked with your share of hunks.
    Gael García Bernal [in Babel and Perros] is a total pleasure. As for Brad Pitt in Babel, I mostly talk to him on the phone. I was in Miami, and he was in Marrakech. But I did get to meet him, and I have to say he is just as good-looking in person as he is on screen. Maybe more. You don’t realize how tall he is. He was very courteous, a gentleman.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`that’s a lie, jared. a big fat lie! and you know it!

  • mesopotamia

    This confirms what Geyer Kosinski said about her clout in HW.

  • LuckyL


    ….if it’s true

  • LuckyL


  • mesopotamia

    This confirms what Geyer Kosinski said about her clout in HW. Angelina Jolie is viable in an action genre.

  • LuckyL

    It’ll be FOREVER before she starts, between RE-writing the script, picking new co-stars, picking location, etc. etc. so haters, back off.

  • a total fan

    Great news!!! I can’t wait

  • Belle

    Angie is the greatest actress in Hollywood at the moment. GO ANGIE !!!

  • Orchid

    I love seeing AJ on the screen and I love spy movies.

  • soopx

    Love Angelina Jolie.

  • alexanderina

    WTG Angie. Awesome news. Thanks Jared. Bye bye Crazy Tom lol

  • dancer

    Tom wanted 20 million. Is he crazy? No one will pay him that anymore.
    But Angie in this will be fantastic. Much better than Tom could be! You rock Angie.

  • :)

    yay :D
    love her

  • anustin

    read this at the fraternity.

  • http://justjared susieqt


  • L

    I’d sooner see an Angelina movie before a Tom Cruise movie any day of the week! So this is good news

  • lylian

    Great News. Its good to see Angelina take on these action movies (Lara Croft, Wanted) and make them her own, just like she takes on the crazy girl movies (girl interrupted and gia) and makes them her own, or just like she takes on the serious roles like Wallace, AMH and Changeling and makes them her own and other ones in between such as Jane Smith or Amelia and makes those roles her own.

    Now let’s hear it from the crowd who says that she can only do crazy girl parts – heheheheheheheh

  • anustin

    ohhh poor tom tom! tehehe

  • anustin

    sooo jared,its gonna be EDWINA A.SUGAR?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….`they couldn’t afford tom so.. this is who they got? a woman?!? ~lmbaoo `will & the other guys must of been busy.

    ..a, female.. lead – don’t expect much financially.

  • suzy

    Hello to all fans!!
    OMG If this is really true, than I must say this is just AMAZING!! Angelina is really THE BEST!! She is amazing mother, wife, she works for UN and she is such a great actress and probably the only actress that can replace a man in a movie!!!! AMAZING!! She is such a great role model for every woman, no wonder that there are people who are so jealous!! Unfortunately, even today there are still people who can not stand successful woman, and that is way haters behave like those here on every Angelina thread!! They only know how to write evil comments while sitting at home and doing nothing!! Angelina is just amazing, I really like her!!
    I have always been Angelina fan, I never really noticed Brad Pitt before Angelina, but now I think that he is also a great person, actor and humanitarian! I am sure that he is so happy now because he has such a great life and beautiful kids and of course Angelina!

    Greetings to all J-P fans from Europe!

  • Belle
  • Jill

    Oh wow, this is gonna be one kick-ass movie! As long as they don’t change the title character’s name to Edwina…

  • anustin

    20 MIL?as long as he’ll drive her mom to he nearest dentist !!!!!! why not? hehehehe….eewwwww

  • ebno

    I love the way Angelina can pull these roles off and make them as believable as she does intense dramas.

    Can’t wait to see this, and the Changling!

  • sonia

    go Angie and brad you both deserve the best because you are the best and you are so giving with big hearts, it will come back to you, i am glad to see Angie and brad back at work, we miss them.

  • Jill

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Poor Tommy-boy got his ass kicked out by a GIRLLLLLLLL….. how is he ever going to live this one down?

    Does he really expect to pull $20 mil a movie any more? The way his movies are bombing all over the place, he should be paying the studios just to let him act.

  • no longer a lurker

    i think this is what geyer was saying in that variety (?) article – that companies are making/altering scripts to get angie’s services. way to go, angie!

    and thanks, jared.

  • Belle

    I can’t wait to see Angie in that role.


    Whooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!! Go Angie Babaaaaaay!! She kicks asssssssssssssss!! Replacing Tom Cruise, who else does that??? What WOMAN does that?? No one haters, NO ONE!!!

  • felix
  • the shiznack

    sounds interesting

    and Tom really is crazy

    $20 mill haha, the dude hasnt even completed his latest movie yet

    and as LuckyL said it will be a while before shooting actually starts

    if it isnt just a rumor of course

  • mike

    love them! <3

  • gloria

    I might go check it out if they make a good movie out of it.

  • nyc

    Wow I love it already. Go Angie!!

  • sonia

    oops!!! sorry, where are my manners? thanks jared for the new thread, hello again j/p fans, our girl is on a role, yay Angie. BBL gotta lot to catch up on, (reading post)

  • don’t be jealous

    Jealous much?
    You might want to advise Tom Cruise to get in touch with reality he is not in any place to ask 20,000,000 dollar pay day right now.

  • vickifromtexas

    sounds like a great role for angelina.
    hello jolie pitt fans.

  • dancer

    This truly is exciting in terms of a Hollywood studio replacing a male “star” with a female star. Wow. Angie is probably the most A list actress around right now–power, charisma, marketability etc. Actually I was reading somewhere that she and Brad are untouchable as an A list couple–no one else comes near:). Go Jolie Pitts.

  • fyi2

    Great news. This could be a franchise for Angie like MattD has with the Bourne films.

    Nicole Kidman is already back at work, ONE MONTH AFTER THE BIRTH OF HER BABY in AUS doing reshoots on her film that will be released in a couple of months. Then Nicole will start filming Nine next month, TWO MONTHS AFTER THE BIRTH OF HER BABY. So anyone who complains needs to back off. Knox and Viv will be one month old tomorrow and Angelina is not going back to work for months.

    Tom has to be unhappy as to this as his name has been attached to this film for a year. Supposely he is going to star in a comedy as a cook. One would think with all the money Tom has he could finance a film or take a lower salary. The days of Tom getting the huge money to star are over.

    I am wondering if MattD will be back in The Fighter as he was originally supposed to be in it and Brad came in when Matt’s schedule was full. But the film Matt was to do with Eastwood and Morgan Freeman about Nelson Mandela was to film in Jan and Morgan won’t be well by then according to the news released about his condition. Since Brad is now in IB he may switch with Matt again.

  • anustin

    oi! attaching anjies name again!next thread must be,the management and his not just into you lead star angelina jolie………got an oscar buzz!

  • shar



  • Anonymous

    WOW. They’re rewriting a male lead role into a female character.