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Britney Spears & Russell Brand's VMAs Commercials

Britney Spears & Russell Brand's VMAs Commercials

Check out two new hilarious 2008 MTV VMAs commercials featuring host Russell Brand and pop princess Britney Spears.

“It was mostly ad-libbed, with Russell asking her for advice about hosting the show,” a source tells E!. “There’s also a 9,000-pound elephant in it, as in ‘the elephant in the room.’ ”

Britney is looking sooooooooo good and soooooooo normal! Yay Brit Brit!!!!!

The VMAs will air live from Paramount Studios in Los Angeles and one-time only in its original format on Sunday, September 7, 2008 @ 9PM (Live ET/Tape Delayed PT).

Britney Spears & Russell Brand‘s MTV VMAs Commercial #1

Britney Spears & Russell Brand‘s MTV VMAs Commercial #2

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britney spears russell brand vmas 02

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  • stefff

    she looks good [:





  • brendon

    omg thats the laugh i missed and needed to hear!
    love you brit brit
    your fans will never ever give up on you




  • Daisy

    lol…I always thought his last name was Brown.

  • Kelly



    AHHHHH! i love russelllllllllll! he is so adorable.
    i met him when he was doing gigs in los angeles, and he was soo cute and i took a picture with him. hes a giant.
    i cant wait for the vmas!

  • luvd80s2

    I luv u Brit! U go and conquer the world!

  • eva

    i love russell brand!

  • Vshizzle

    YAY!!!!! GO BRIT!!!!


    yay Brit looks fantastic and Russell is going to be the next big thing I love him!!

  • haha


    britney’s back to normal again!

    i am happy.

  • hotbitch

    In the 2nd video, I love how she is totally uncomfortable with him being so close and scoots back. ha ha ha ha Hell, I would’ve done it too…

  • corrr

    russell is the best

  • samy

    aww she look really good
    i’m happy for her

  • Eli

    i can’t express how happy i am to see her like this.

  • donalu

    im so happy for her:)
    shes back and beautiful

  • Mrhot

    OMG ! this is amazing ,Britney looks great ,im so happy

  • mela

    Britney, girl… give it up already.

    You just dont have “it” anymore.

    She seems to desperate to stay relevant. Britney missed her shot at fame, and she’s been replaced by newer and better popstars. Hasn’t anyone told her yet?

    I feel embarrassed FOR her. These commercials were so boring. Is it supposed to be funny that she acts normal in the commercial and not nutty?? i’m confused.

  • AJ

    She’s back! For all who doubted

  • Kay

    britney needs to find a new job, because, popstar she is not.

  • Suzanne

    Glad to see her back and better then ever. Hope she wins and performs.

  • Britney is so Passe

    Totally exploiting Britney.

    britney seems really desperate.

    if she wants to stay in the limelight why doesn’t see do something besides be a freakshow.

    she only gets gigs now because she’s a total freakshow. this commercial is no different. it’s only interesting because she’s acting ::Gasp::, normal, which is totally out of character for her freakshow.

    britney– so passe

  • Rita

    Britney! I have faith in you, I’ll always wait till you come back.. and you are most definitely on your way!

  • SNZ

    OH GOD! SHE’S BACK, BITCHE.S!!!!!!!!!

  • felicia

    britney, we are all happy that you are comfortable and on your feet again……

  • melisa

    why is her arm so freakin dark? its weird looking.

  • britfan4eva

    TO “Britney is so Passe”…shut the fuck up u motherfucking cunt! if u hate on britney so much, get the fuck outta here! y u in here then huh!! admit it, u like her secretly too ass-face! Ur just barking trash cuz britney is gettin better and doing better in every aspect of her life and giong to prove u haters wring when she pulls off the long-awaited comback, the biggest comeback in music history!!! so in your face pathetic motherfucker!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHaaa poor u!

    LOVE YA 4 EVA!

  • gelli

    Why isn’t she speaking in her “english” accent?

  • b

    God bless this girl! all that she has been through, and she can stand up dust her self off and come back with a smile on her face. amazing. good for her! i’m glad she has her family by her side and all the right people back in her life.shes taken all the right steps to get healthy and happy good for her.her laugh is contagious! i’m happy for her.

  • Noelle

    She looks amazing. I am so happy to see the “old” Britney back! I can’t wait for her to comeback fully.

  • george

    #28, therapy works wonders…give it a try.

  • ashley

    nice to know you copied that line from dlisted dot com! very original! grow up bi*ch!

  • britfan4eva

    really whatever! im just so excited i aint gona lissen to all the sh*t u haters say!

  • britfan4eva

    really whatever!! im just so happy and excited, i aint gon lissen to all the sh*t u haters say!

  • britfan4eva

    really whatever!! im just so happy and excited, i aint gon lissen to all the sh*t u haters say!

  • D

    very PROUD of her.


  • nikki

    wow, britney looks soo good!
    glad to see she’s bouncing back!

  • james

    OMG i havn’t heard that laugh in ages! go brit brit!

  • Shelly

    wow she looks really good! & is happy. hopefully she’ll be at the VMAs. she has to be there if she’s doing these videos. performing, presenting, or co-hosting. something!

  • R

    It made me laugh so it must be a good thing.

  • Sottos

    She looks great and who is he? the winehouse? what is wrong with these peole’s hair???

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    an english douche and a dummy – perfect together.

    ….`i also hope she performs… i’m still laughing from that last god awful performance she gave. the world’s still laughing. and obviously she doesn’t mind being used by mtv ` again~!

  • Bella

    I agree with #20.
    She looks great. I have no idea who Russell Brand is but he kinda reminds me of Jack Sparrow.

  • groovacious

    looking good britney.

  • rae

    LOL i loved them. she looks great and she’s come a long way.
    way to go, britney!

  • maria

    “She seems to desperate to stay relevant. Britney missed her shot at fame, and she’s been replaced by newer and better popstars. Hasn’t anyone told her yet?”

    replaced by newer and better popstars? like who? the jonas brothers and miley cyrus? give me a fucking break. britney didn’t miss her shot at anything.

    she looks amazing. i like how it was mostly ad-libbed and both her and russell did a hilarious job. :)

  • janelle

    #19, stfu. go f*ck yourself. she’s back and she’s gonna be better than ever.. i’m proud of her for turning her life around.

    go brit!!

  • jerry

    where are you haters now huh?? got nothing to say?? britney having the last laugh eh…well in your effin faces! ha ha haters, ha ha!!

    rock on britney, lookin great

  • kay

    Britney looks better than!!! I think we’re getting the old Brit back!:)