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Hayden Panettiere's Dad Arrested For Assaulting Wife

Hayden Panettiere's Dad Arrested For Assaulting Wife

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere‘s father, Alan, was arrested early Monday morning for allegedly battering his wife, Hayden‘s momager, Lesley Vogel.

“There was a domestic argument between the mother and father,” Sgt. Scott Wolf of the West Hollywood sheriff’s said. “He got upset and struck the mother in the face one or two times on the left cheek which caused some bruising. The mother called police shortly before 3 a.m., and Mr. Panettiere was taken into custody. He’s been cooperative. Earlier, they were at a party and the husband apparently felt disrespected by his wife.”

Alan, 49, allegedly struck Lesley, 52, in the face at around 3 a.m. Monday, and is currently being held on $50,000 bail, according to TMZ.

Hours earlier, Hayden‘s car, driven by Heroes costar/boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia, ran over a photographer’s foot outside Eva Longoria‘s restaurant Beso in Los Angeles.

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  • Eyda

    OMG poor hayden

  • katy

    that sucks even family business has to get aired

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..hōɛ shouldn’t be disrespecting.

  • Anon

    When the young kids come out messed up, this is the stuff that was going on behind closed doors. We see the glamour and fun of a celebrity’s life, but we don’t see the yelling and screaming and fighting that goes on when the doors are closed. These young kids have no support at home. They have parents who are trying to be young and live thru their kids’ lives and live off their fame and their money. It is real messed up. I am glad now that Hayden has Milo. He seems like a good perrson and he is someone who will be there for her when things get stormy at home. I understand why Hayden would be attracted to him even tho he is so much older.


    Who told the media that this happened the police… ?? The sheriff has
    a big mouth…

    Who’s business is it anyway….No ones… When you get arrested the
    police should sign a privacy clause .. that they can not release any
    information to the media..

  • Miapocca

    I am not suprised..afterall the decision they make concernign their teenage daughter is poor enough ….the rugby player looking kid must be embarrased…

  • lisa

    I have NEVER liked Hayden’s mom. She is still trying to be young, stage mother and slutty. Unfortunately, I think Hayden has a lot of her mothers awful ways. This doesn’t excuse spousal battery however. I thought the dad was the normal parent but I guess not.

  • victoria

    AAAWWWWW!!!!!!!! Poor Alan thought he was being disrespected!! Good Lord, who hasn’t… But, I’m sure they do not go around smacking people across the face every time it happens. You try to grow up and deal with it, and move on. Especially if it is with your spouse, for God’s sake. How childish and arrogant. I read in US Weekly that she was not any easier to live with, thinking she was ” all that “, as in his words, ” some celebrity herself”, ” a tempermental hothead”. I guess if you have two people like that living in a household, tempers are going to flare. Get therapy people…. And on the paparazzi who probably stuck his foot out to have it run over by Hayden’s car, it serves you right!!! Now we will be reading that person is filing a lawsuit for injuries..

  • yeah

    very nice, i knew that hayden had a bad home life because she is sexually provacative at such a young age.

  • Cc

    The cops call the media. Not just the H W cops. What is with the families of the young celebs?

  • Cristine

    I hope her mom is ok and I hope things turn out ok for everyone.

  • your name here

    This certainly explains Hayden’s ignorance.

  • Mahmuda

    Ha ha.

    I bet Hayden had something to do with this.

    How did you find this out Jared?

  • Every family has its problems

    I really feel bad but every family in the world has its problems. I just feel sorry this has to be all public. You know how many people have bad tempers and sometimes hit their partners, evry second this happens. I just think the family will get through this. Its unfair their business has to be in out so everybody can see.

  • Waht!

    Who the fuck is this ?

  • Maria (Shorty)

    It amazes me that some of you write as if you know them on a ‘personal’ level. Very hilarious!

    This is a private thing and should have remained private if it weren’t for someone with a big mouth!

    We don’t know what happened and we shouldn’t be writing comments like if we did — as some of you have already done.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    It amazes me that some of you write as if you know them on a ‘personal’ level. Very hilarious!

    This is a private thing and should have remained private if it weren’t for someone with a big mouth!

    We don’t know what happened and we shouldn’t be writing comments like if we did — as some of you have already done.

  • nn

    I feel sorry for both Hayden and Jansen, they were both at the event, but Hayden left before it happened. I hope it’s resolved soon.

    As for the pap that got his foot caught; serves him right! From the videos of Halo leaving the restaurant, you can clearly hear people telling the paps to move back. Paparazzi these days give celebs no breathing space at all, and then they complain when someone gets hurt.

  • Maria (Shorty)


    You are so right! The papps are rediculous. Maybe some of them should be runned down — I know if I was driving, it would be heck to pay. They’d be alot of papps in hospital!

  • selma

    This is too sad, especially for the children, i hope he will follow a therapy, which will help him to control his violence, because sadly the husbands which maltreat their wives once, tend to start again.

  • yeah

    #16 & #17 – You are WRONG! It is not a private matter. Arrests are a matter of PUBLIC record simply because the public has a right to know of a danger to society. LOL!

  • chantall

    Wow this is sooooooooooooo sad/ embarrasing

  • yeah

    And, just to inform you ingorants, arrests are filed at the court, which can be looked up by anyone including the papz. This information is not “leaked” by a big mouth. LOL!

  • Vogue
  • Supernetuser

    If anybody can look anything up at the courthouse, then the paps can get all the info for free about anyone’s b.s.

  • http://oOoOo Catcat

    She probably deserved it too… ^_^

  • yeah

    #25, you are CORRECT! Ding ding ding. Ya’ll are finally catching on. You just learned the FOUNDATION and PURPOSE of

  • Miapocca


  • ad

    #28, that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You mean to tell me that just because fans make celebrities famous that means they should have access to every inch of their lives… what a bunch of BS. You wouldnt want some weirdo slithering around your house even if you werent famous.

    As for the pap that got hurt… he shouldn’t have been standing in the way in the first place. It’s like playing in traffic and being surprised when you get hit by a car.

    I like certain celebs like a lot of other folks but sometimes the paps and fans can go to far. There is no reason some crazy photog should be in a tree outside someone’s house talking pictures of them. That’s crossing the line.

  • Everyone deserves privacy

    With all due respect #28, everyone should get private moments to themselves. It is people’s attitudes like yours that give the paps a reason to stalk these celebs with such fervor. I wish Hayden and her family all the best.

  • bonnie

    Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for parents who live of exploring their kids.

    Their behavior explains why Hayden always gives off a trashy vibe, though.

  • LuckyL

    Imagine what the comments would be if this was an African-American couple. This board is so predictable.

  • ad

    LuckyL, you are so right about that. Some folks up here probably think that Paris Hilton is classy if they call Hayden trashy.

  • Alyssa Lane

    Anyone who knows this family personally knows that this is Leslie’s fault. What the media gets ahold of and what actually goes on in that family is something very different.

  • Martha

    Block/Report this user/ flag their videos. This user is hacking into the Jonas Brothers youtube account!!! They already deleted the Burnin up music video so please help delete this hacker!

    this is NOT the real “Leona Lewis”
    just letting you know.
    thnx for ur help!

  • oh

    Reports like this should be off limits to the public. Oh well hope it all works out.

  • Sam


  • dumbbisches

    Private matter! Not when someone (Hayden’s dad) commits a felony! LOL at these comments. It should be public record, famous or not famous!

  • your name here

    #28 is right. Please people, if they really wanted more privacy then step away. They make millions off of their fans and don’t have a problem selling images of their children, they ask you to donate to their charities. They spend a ridiculous amount of money without a genuine thought to the welfare of the environment and humanity. Those of you who think they deserve privacy, some celebrities don’t seem to have a problem. Besides Hayden wants to go to another country shaming them for something they were doing privately? yet her crap needs to remain hidden please people wake up. She wants to shame others, well, karma , it’s a beautiful thing!

  • Deb

    #39 Your post makes absolutely no sense. I’m not sure if it’s a stream of consciousness post (if so, that is truly frightening), or if English is your second language (in which case, I’ll cut you a bit of slack). Regardless, your statements are completely ludicrous. Karma? Really? That’s your theory behind family tensions and domestic violence? Is that directed at Hayden, or her mother? What a wildly inappropriate assertion. Drop the pseudo-religious pyscho babble, and let the family sort out their own issues.

    And what the hell are you referring to when you say “Hayden wants to go to another country shaming them for something they were doing privately”. Que? Do you actually mean her visit to Japan to highlight the disgusting practice of hunting an endangered species – in international waters, no less – for food (not science – no one believes that), in a country of plenty? Because that just doesn’t wash. Starving people in Africa aren’t permitted to hunt great cats or elephants because they are protected, and you don’t hear any bitching about their traditional rights.

    Christ, I don’t know why I’m bothering.

  • realnice

    #40, Deb, Wow you’re pathetic. Passing judgment on others for “pseudo-religious psycho babble,” and then taking the lord’s name in vain? Isn’t that breaking a commandment? You should examine yourself more than others.

  • ryan

    now you can see why hayden has an attitude

  • ♥♥Hayden Leslie addicted♥♥

    ♥♥I wish that Hayden and Jansen are fine♥♥

    ♥♥Hayden’s huge #1 fan♥♥