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Keira Knightley - "Vogue" September 2008

Keira Knightley -

Keira Knightley is the cover girl for the much-anticipated September fall fashion issue for Vogue.

The cover headline reads that Keira is a “fashion star, pirate queen, history’s sexiest Duchess.” Her new film The Duchess actually opens in the UK on September 5 and in limited release in the USA on September 19.

The 23-year-old British actress last appeared on the June 2007 cover, which was the second-lowest seller of that half of the year. It sold a mere 405,000 copies.

As for the other September cover girls, Penelope Cruz does Glamour, Jessica Simpson does Elle, Blake Lively does Cosmopolitan, and Vanessa Hudgens does Teen Vogue.

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  • omgsh

    first !

  • omgsh

    oh 1st ?!?! Beautiful her :D

  • Regina

    I was definitely anticipating this. But I ended up being disappointed. The hair is just horrible! It looks like she just shaved it off.

  • McQueen

    She looks ok but it is not the prettiest i have seen her

  • Helena

    She’s very beautiful, but the Balenciaga top isn’t very flattering on her. The hair, I won’t even mention…actually, I will…she looks like a newborn ape with that hair!

  • Porsche

    EWW! She looks like a boy.

  • sweetie

    Keira has a beautiful face, but the cover is just awful. Very disappointing. I was looking forward to this issue and I like Keira.

  • I Love Velvet Goldmine

    I don’t really like her hair here but she is a good actress. I liked her with Johnny Rhys Meyers.

  • mickey

    She is a good actress, but she’s so whiny. For someone in the very blessed position she is in, she should complain a lot less. Hopefully this interview won’t be another where she goes on and on about how difficult her life is because of her chosen profession–you know the one that enables her to wear designer clothes, travel to exotic places, get her lips injected, have tons of money and lands her on the cover of Vogue. It really is a tough life Keira.

  • whatever

    Um, this cover sucks. She looks like she belongs in a 1980′s music video. Terrible.

  • lola

    What is wrong with American Vogue and Anna Wintour? I think Anna has lost it. Keira is a beautiful girl and they could have done a gorgeous cover for her. This does not even look like a September cover. It looks like it should be on the thinner summer issues because those generally sell the least anyways. September’s issue is supposed to be the big seller but there is nothing appealing or intriguing about this cover that would pull people in. Anna needs to quit her day job. She is ruining the magazine.

  • Marta

    awful cover

  • EvilLynn

    ITA with all you guys about that HAIR, man! Wow….

  • renee

    what in the world is she wearing???? i dont like it!

  • A

    The September issue is the biggest and most anticipated of the year and they went with this???? I love Keira but they could have done a better cover.

  • A

    Lola, I couldn’t agree more!!

  • LOLA

    I agree- this is a different Lola, by the by- that the cover is hideous especially considering the previous covers they’ve done with Keira but I acutally think that the colors might help them out because every other issue will be filled with fall, dull colors and this one is at least different. It grabs my attention, at least. But there is no excuse for that cover. Hopefully the 18 page editorial shot by Testino will be a lot better.

    And do you know what is more annoying than Keira “whining”- people whining about her whining! I am so tired of it. Magazines want to sell, and they sculpt their interviews around that. So if she says ONE thing about paps- that is what they will focus on. I feel bad for stars like her who want their privacy. People like Paris and Lindsay are the ones who shouldn’t be complaining.

  • Eileen

    The photog’s perspective seems a little off. Is it just me or does her head look too big? It’s kind of just an off-kilter pic.

  • stephanie

    Blah, bad cover.
    I’m once again disappointed.

  • alina

    i love keira she’s definitely one of the better actresses in recent years and vogue is a great fashion mag. however this is one of their worst covers ever.

  • Vogue
  • Anastacia

    ew! I really really dislike her!!!!!!!! >__<

  • LuckyL

    This will not sell, yet again.

  • raye

    That is the ugliest Vogue cover ive ever seen! Even Kiera’s dress is really ugly! No wonder Vogue sales has gone down so much this year, the quality have suffered.

  • eMMA

    She has SHORT hair!!! Doesn’t fit her very well i think..

  • Halli

    Again? This woman has been on the cover three times already. Anna Wintour is getting very predictable and boring.

  • Martha

    Block/Report this user/ flag their videos. This user is hacking into the Jonas Brothers youtube account!!! They already deleted the Burnin up music video so please help delete this hacker!

    this is NOT the real “Leona Lewis”
    just letting you know.
    thnx for ur help!

  • haha

    I like the cover, but the hair ruins it. Vogue loves their cover girls to have their hair pulled back for some reason, and this makes her look like she’s 12 year old boy who finished chemo a while back and is in the middle of growing back her hair.

    I think it’s time for Anna Wintour to be retire or be fired.

  • newport beach, 92660

    LuckyL – This is the SEPTEMBER issue…. FALL……. Of course it will sell.

  • remember da truth

    It’s very 80′s that’s for sure….. Keira is such a beauty, she can even pull off this hot mess and still look gorgeous.

    This doesn’t look much like autumn, either.

  • shannon

    her outfit is on point but other than that her hair and face looks fug

  • Ryan Mac

    Whats the deal with this cover? I am not impressed the September issue is supposed to be one of the most important issues of the year. This is just very flat and boring.

  • maxine

    That’s what I was thinking…..this doesn’t look anything like the special, festive September covers they always used to do with the kind of outdoorsy Fall colors. September Vogue always used to be an event, but they’ve gone low-rent, from what I can tell.

    Does anyone know what the newstand price for this issue ? I think , last year, they wanted close to $10.00, but this year’s cover looks like any other generic throwaway month. Nevermind the underwhelming gal they decided to utilize…

    Big disappointment !

  • kira

    American Vogue is shit

  • Jill

    LuckyL @ 08/11/2008 at 4:09 pm
    This will not sell, yet again.

    The September issue always sells. June and July are their lowest sellers every year. But what in the world is that mess she’s wearing? I can’t even tell what it is.

    The cover is a disaster. It doesn’t look anything like September or fall. Keira’s hair looks like somebody cut it blindfolded with a weed whacker. That outfit doesn’t make sense on any level.

    Anna Wintour is losing it. She takes a beautiful young woman and turns her into a bag lady. The magazine has been going down the tubes for the last year. The clothes are unwearable. The only decent outfits are the ones in the advertisements.

    The publisher should take one look at this cover and fire Wintour on the spot. I don’t even want to renew my subscription behind this. From now on I’m sticking to British Vogue. It’s a much classier magazine.

  • Jill

    I just e-mailed Vogue and suggested they take a look at some of these comments. :lol:

  • WTF?

    This is a Vogue cover? For the September issue which is the biggest of the year????? WTF? it looks like that supermarket checkout magazine Women’s Day.

  • Pilar

    WTF? @ 08/11/2008 at 11:42 pm
    This is a Vogue cover? For the September issue which is the biggest of the year????? WTF? it looks like that supermarket checkout magazine Women’s Day.

    You got that right. Good lord! This is Vogue?! I don’t even want to read the September issue after seeing that cover. What in hell were they thinking of? That outfit Keira is wearing looks like something from the Good Will store.

  • JJ

    This has to be an old picture because recently she was photographed and she had long hair in indonesia.

  • ryan

    she looks awful, the hair looks awful, her clothes look awful, the background looks awful, her make-up looks awful.

    beautiful girls are made ugly by vogue

  • V

    Woo Keira. Im not a fan of the cover though. I think thats what lets sale down. Not keira shes gorgeous.

  • whaaaa

    does the duchess have a poodle perm?

    wtf is going on with her hair?

  • Ali

    It is not the cover ugly but the subject. She is totally overrated as an actress. I do not know why she continues to work. An academy award nomination??????? Hopefully the first and last. She didn’t diserve it.

  • ivon

    this is an awful cover, again American Vogue sucks ass.

  • atelier

    why is vogue usa so obssesed with british actresses for its september cover..last year was sienna miller..(awful)…and now is this stupid, unpretty, ordinary, super common keira who is even more ugly and more awful than keira..common…you guys should have put charlize theron, or liv tyler, or anne hathaway everyone but keira..keira is pathetic and doesn`t represent what vogue is..vogue is fashion she is not fashion, vogue is class and sophistication and she is certainly not that..just look at her hair,,lol hahaha awfullll

  • http://TBAinmagazine Crony_p.

    i have read nothing by horrible reviews for this cover…
    my company is in here and i hope otherwise…
    i think that it looks good, caught my attention!

    we made front bottom right with the Fitness Phenomenon Miracle Machine.

    this issue is supposed to be huge and i hope that it does good for us at least…

    as for the cover girl…
    i agree with you guys…
    they could have done her up differently…
    but you have to admit she trendy as fuck!


    I think that she is sexy on the cover. Perhaps what we weren’t expecting, but, Keira is HOT and can carry most any look off. She will sell these copies.

  • milanya

    jesus god tell me that is a joke, look@ the state of her her, she looks mingin, I better lookin than her, why arenat i on the cover, I’m sorry that cover is absolutely hideous, really horrible

  • Angela

    I don’t care too much for the cover choice or photo, but this magazine is terrible. The letter from the editor (1st article) starts on page 312 or something like that. I can’t remember exactly, but it was definitely in the 300s. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t spend $5 to flip through ads. Even the articles are interrupted by 3+ pages of ads. Useless!