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Kevin Jonas: Team Demi and Selena!

Kevin Jonas: Team Demi and Selena!

Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is ushered into his NYC hotel by bodyguard Big Rob after performing at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.

The 20-year-old Jonas Brother showed off his pride for TEAM DEMI AND SELENA. Of course, he’s referring to his current tourmate/fellow Disney sensation Demi Lovato and her BFF Selena Gomez. It’s pretty clear it’s a slight jab to Disney’s reigning tween queen Miley Cyrus and her backup dancer BFF Mandy Jiroux.

BTW, the back of the t-shirt says: “P.S. Buy our new album in stores on August 12th!”


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Credit: K Mazur/TCA 2008/Wireimage; Photos: INFdaily
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1,006 Responses to “Kevin Jonas: Team Demi and Selena!”

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  1. 126
    Lucy Says:

    that is sooooooooo low of him to do that. Kevin is supposed to be the mature one. I like Miley AND the Jonas Bro but seriously, i will not be surprised if Miley does a jab back, KB is unnecessarily starting a feud with Miley.

    Oh dear, let the war begin.

  2. 127
    monique Says:

    I HATE JONAS BROTHERS!!! kevin is ******* ugly

  3. 128
    Bex Says:

    I doubt he’s done it to offend anyone. It’s probably a joke to see how much outrage is caused.

    And your all entitled to your opinions, and you choose teams but hes not ? A bit hyprocitical I think.

    Anyhow after what Miley did to Nick i’m not surprised he’s pissed off.

    Forget Miley, Demi and Selena.

    Team Jonas Brothers



  4. 129
    Melissa Says:

    haha Team Selena and Demi all the way!
    woot Kevin! haha :]

  5. 130
    alysonnn Says:

    DUDE. everyone read this.

    seriously, it doesn’t matter.
    i love them both. and, specifically they said there was so drama, or whatever.
    so, i mean – i absolutely adore jb, but that’s pretty messed up, to be wearing that shirt. even if it said “team miley, and mandy” like, it’s pretty low.

    he’s just making it worse.
    i mean, i love love love them all.
    but, who agrees? :]

  6. 131
    NIckJonas:) Says:

    Team Demi and Selena… Sorry Miley and mandy

  7. 132
    brittany Says:

    Okay, Kevin is still the sweetest guy alive. What Miley did to Nick was also VERY disrespectful. She didn’t have to come clean about her past relationship with Nick, that was a very private thing. And although, the media and all the fans knew it was true, she didn’t have to confirm it. She’s dumb for doing that, wouldn’t you be pissed off?

    I’m sorry, I love Kevin for doing this! Miley needs a taste of her own medicine, what she did was wrong. I feel bad that Nick has to deal with that magazine article now.


  8. 133
    Nicola Says:

    Hai JustJared
    I love youre webside!!
    okay sorry Miley but I´m on team Sel and Demi … I really like you but Demi and Sel are my fafourite … I don´t like Mandy!
    Sorry but why put Kevin this tee on??
    Its not fair to Miley … right?
    Nicola (13, Gemany xD)

  9. 134
    JJ Says:


    DEMI AND SELENA!! They are awesome and such sweethearts. I love Kevin for doing this. Someone needs to show miley that she should keep her mouth shut on private business. You go Kev! i want that shirt.


  10. 135
    alysonnn Says:

    and, by the way.
    nick seriously should get over it.
    for everyone saying what miley did was wrong – in the seventeen isssue.

    like, really?
    since, when is it wrong to tell the truth.
    EVERYONE wanted them to admit they were dating -
    and, she finally does, and you guys bash her for it.

    oh dear. the poor girl has been through enough.
    have some respect.


  11. 136
    JENNIFER Says:

    I will NOT buy their album!!

  12. 137
    ashlee Says:


  13. 138
    klemmelemm Says:

    totally agree with kevin jonas! TEAM DEMI & SELENA, btw is there anyone who knows if demi stands for something? :b JONAS BROTHERS ROCK!

  14. 139
    JBLOVER Says:

    Team MILEY AND MANDY 4ver!

    I Hate demi a selena!

  15. 140
    Vicky Says:

    thats kinda childish, I’m surprised he’s wearing that t shirt…but what the hey…


  16. 141
    robin Says:

    Oh grow up.
    he’s sticking up for his brother. it’s just a joke, obviously.

    that’s really sad if you’re now going to hate kevin/ the jonas brothers over a t-shirt.

  17. 142
    gossipgirl Says:

    Team Selena and Demi.

    Kevin!! Where did you get that shirt?! I want one so bad!!!

  18. 143
    Kelly Says:

    ERGH! You people make me sick. You’re all hating on Kevin now because of a SHIRT. Did it ever occur to you idiots that he’s wearing that shirt cuz Demi is on tour with them and he just wants to support a friend?! I’m pretty sure he would wear a Miley & Mandy shirt too, IF they had one, which they DON’T. Kevin is nice and a gentleman, more polite than any of you will ever be, so stop saying he’s rude because you all know very well that if they made shirts for each “team” then you would be wearing them too. He can freaking do what he wants. He doesn’t need your permission for any of this. BTW, the Jonas Brothers were famous before Miley and her tour, they don’t need her to get famous because FYI they already were and they are way more famous then she is now. And all of you saying that you’re not buying JB’s album because of this are a bunch of immature babies if you think it’s gonna stop the sales of their CD because they WILL debut at #1 and stay there.

  19. 144
    LILLY Says:

    DEMI & SELENA… Miley’s a ****

  20. 145
    mileyfan Says:

    Miley and Mandyyyy!!!

  21. 146
    stephaniem Says:

    i think its a little messed up how the jo bros arent that close to miley anymore considerin that they went on tour together, they were really close, and they were neighbors. i think they started ignorin her a bit ever since nick and miley broke up. but aside from that i like selena,demi,miley, and mandy!

  22. 147
    mart Says:


  23. 148
    letsmakesomefriction5 Says:

    Exactly. The last thing the Jonas Brothers want to do is draw more attention to the Nick and Miley relationship. The Team Demi and Selena isn’t a hit back at Miley for anything she might have done to them – it’s more of a supporting and loving Demi and Selena thing. I bet they were just messing around with the shirts and then got photographed with them and had no idea it was going to turn into this big thing. People really need to stop trying to find new ways to hate Miley. Read my sig, those are words spoken by Miley about how she feels when she reads stuff online about her. She’s only 15, she has a lot of responsibilities and she messes up a lot but that doesn’t give the rest of the world a right to bully her and call her stuff. It’s just cruel and JB aren’t cruel. They are focused on their own career and with their own path – they are trying to distance themselves from DRAMA, not go straight for it. I bet you when they saw this they were shocked how big it became.

  24. 149
    LN Says:

    So unnecessary Kevin!


  25. 150
    Sillyme Says:

    Yea! #135 I totally agree…. The truth! What a concept!
    And by the way, those of you who are beating up on Miley for speaking about a relationship that she was a part of…. Hello! She has every right to talk about HER past relationship!
    Kevin… Grow up! Why are you concerned with 15 & 16 year olds?

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