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Lynne Spears: Book Cover Revealed!

Lynne Spears: Book Cover Revealed!
  • Britney and Jamie Lynn‘s mom, Lynne Spears, has a tell-all book out next month.
  • Did Jennifer Aniston get a lip job?
  • Paris Hilton wears best push-up bra on the market.
  • Jess and Tony are still smliing
  • Audrina Patridge is in a pool filled with boys
  • Lisa Marie Presley is saturated in happiness for twins
  • Eli Manning plays fashion model for Men’s Vogue
  • Tommy Lee won’t quit meat for Pam Anderson
  • Matthew McConaughey says he kept the placenta from the July birth of his son and plans to plant it in an orchard. The actor tells CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta in interview scheduled to air in two parts Aug. 9 and Aug 16 that he hopes it will fertilize the land, a ritual long followed in several cultures.
  • Sen. Barack Obama has written a book about policy due out Sept. 9, the AP reports. “Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise” will have a first printing of 300,000 copies and a list price of $13.95.
  • Michael Phelps and his teammates won the 4 X 100 meter freestyle yesterday earning Phelps his second gold medal of the 2008 Olympics and keeping him on pace to potentially win eight gold medals during the games.
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  • neemz

    gooo LYNN!!

  • neemz

    gooo LYNN!! i love hiary <3

  • kelly

    Lynne Spears” Through the Storm”??? Oh please, get a real problem and then write a book. Give the proceeds to charity, then we’ll talk.

  • LOL

    Of course this isn’t Aniston’s first surgery, but it doesn’t really matter, because she could get a million surgeries and still be completely average in every possible way. She’s can’t act, she’s a bitch in interviews, her movies suck, and she should get on her knees every fucking night and thank whoever had to be killed in that voodoo satanic sacrificial ceremony for her to ever be considered an A-list movie star.
    This is so true. She is such a fake old hag getting operations to stay try and stay young. 40 is still coming faster than the speed of light for her.That’s why I think she is in such a hurry to rush to the alter before her junk run out. I believe Jen and her PR people played on John desperation to stop the gay talk after he made out with Perez Hilton, now she is using pity to keep Mayer. She sure is not what I thought she was. I think she is D-list and hoping publicity with John will get people out to see her movies. I will never go she this fake trash in a movie again.

  • yeah

    #3 – I totally agree. The book should be titled “white trash with money.”

  • Lea

    Lynne Spears is pathetic loser. She is leaching off of her kids. We wonder what what’s wrong with Britney.
    Jennifer Aniston is another pathetic loser. She and John Mayer are leaches in Hollywood. Both are bad as Jessica Simpson-going down the tube and grabbing on to any body to stay on top. John Mayer play a little guitar and then try to charm his way through the rest. Jen is the same kind of hack, she did a little TV show a few so-so movies which some one else carried and now trying to charm her way through here in 2008. I’m so sick of these two jerks.
    THE ONLY TALENT IS THEIR PR TEAM, must be a hard job trying to make these two clowns look like stars.

  • Nicole

    “Through the Storm” or “How To Turn Your Daughters Into Whores and Come Out Richer For It.”

  • jules

    Michael Phelps is just amazing to watch in the Olympics!! Go Team USA…

  • Vogue
  • chantall

    Lynn is soooo stupid ok sh was goonnnaa write a book about how to raise ur kid but since her kids are stupid the stopped it last minute!

  • Hillary

    I don’t want to read nothing by Lynne Spears.

    #4 I agree with you. Jennifer Aniston is a desperate hack. She is trying to latch on to douche bag and drag him to the alter before she turns 40. She is very pathetic. Her desperation is showing.
    Douche bag needed a beard. His action proves he did make out with Perez..

    Tony Roma and Jessica Simpson kind of reminds me of John and Jen but John and Jen are a little more fake and desperate.

    I don’t care about Lisa Maria Presley at all. She should stay out of the media. I don’t understand these so call rich people that claim to be rich fighting to stay in the public eye.

  • Danielle

    Oh dear. Through the storm? What a crock of bull. I couldn’t agree with Nicole, #7, more.

  • Supernetuser

    Obama is smart in writing a book.

  • LuckyL

    Lynne Spears sucks and McConaughey tries to constantly pretend he’s more cultured than just an over-grown frat boy. We all remember his obnoxious quotes from the birth.

  • Tim

    Jennifer Aniston I’m betting has had a truck load of surgery. High maintenance Ho. How else is she going to make a 30 year old marry her desperate azz.

  • Martha

    Block/Report this user/ flag their videos. This user is hacking into the Jonas Brothers youtube account!!! They already deleted the Burnin up music video so please help delete this hacker!

    this is NOT the real “Leona Lewis”
    just letting you know.
    thnx for ur help!

  • Mandy

    i bet u all gonna buy that book! Or at least u are going to read it!
    U are the ones who are talking trash and of course u cant wait for that to come out and start talking more garbage about the spears!

  • dumbbisch

    Mandy, nope. Won’t even crack it open while standing in line at a bookstore. I could not think of something more boring that that book. It’s not like it’s a tell all because the press has already told all. Thanks to Britney dating the PapZ and letting the media into her world!

  • yawn

    She should ditch that book and start writing another book on “10 Steps On How Britney Can Make a VMA comeback!”

  • ebno

    although I a not a huge Britney fan, I thought it was criminal the way she had to go through her break down on the cover of every tabloid imaginable. I am happy to see she is doing better!
    As for Lynn Spears…stop trying to make a buck off your children for heavens sake!

  • shitneyhaspassedthebaton

    Wow, well this goes to show or prove that Britney is washed up has been. This post gets a mere 20. Vanessa gets 150.

  • cassady

    Lynn Spears is not Brits mom. The supposed aunt Sandra is the real mom who raised brittany like an angel until she passed , and she passed from brain cancer not breast cancer, why do you think Brit shaved her head? Lynn Spears is a joke and a nobody and jamie lynn and bryan are not Brits siblings . lets see a blood test . Brit has 2 half sisters and had two half brothers now one because one passed last year . So the book is all lies and heresay and the photos are photoshopped pictures that lynn stole from brits real family. Lynn did not get to be near brit until brits real mom passed in jan last year , only then did this liar appear.Brits mom hated lynn and for good reason, look what she is doing!

  • doesn’t matter Cause i’m right

    Ok. Selena HAS NNNNNNOOOOOOOO TALENT!!! GAWD SHE SUCKS!!!! YIKES!!! i’d rather be burned and tortured to death and my left overs thrown to starving vultures then watch her acting!!! I’m being mean i know and i’m sorry but seriously!! She needs fired, besides with that bad acting and glass breaking voice of hers she really is only famous for dating Nick Jonas!! Her song “tell me something i don’t know” only reaffirmed something i did know… that she IS DISGUSTINGLY UNTALENTED!!!

    And the only reason she got Nick is because he fell for her Victoria Secret Whore looks. Selena is doing to Nick what Nick did to Miley. She’s feeding off his fame. GAWD!!! SHE’S A TERRIBE ACTRESS!!!! THERE IS NO TALENT!!!!

    As for Demi she’s better but she needs therapy! I seriously think that girl used to cut herself! I’ve seen her in Iron Maiden and shirts like that plus she SCREAMS!!! in her songs! HAS DISNEY GONE SCREAMO?!?! She has talent though i’ll give her that. She has a voice. but she’s soo dark and all that black eye liner is way way way way wwaaaaayyyy tooo much!! She’s still better than Selena. AS for Camp Rock is really is only famous because the Jonas brothers are in it.

    Now it’s miley’s turn. She’s just a kid. I’ve seen her do the same things that every other kid her age does. the only difference is that she is well Famous and is supposed to act older. So is it really a shame on her for acting her age? That vanity fair poster was TRUE ART!!! all you saw was her back. like none of you girls have worn a backless dress? The only reason the poster wasn’t seen as art was because of how america thinks! She’s an open minded girl but america isn’t. Also Personally I’m pretty sure Miley has ADHD. IF she were to get medication she would be alot more level headed than she already is. She acts like an adult but when she acts her age she gets slammed! it’s unfair really i say.

    She was not wrong for putting her’s and nicks affair out in seventeen magazine. She was giving us what she thought that we all wanted and we really all did. It was her form of diary writing. For those of you saying that miley didn’t make the jonas brothers Uh yeah she did THE JONAS BROTHERS HAD STRUGGLED FOR FAME FOR YEARS WHEN THEY LATCHED ONTO HER LIKE A LEECH AND JOINED HER BOBW’S TOUR!!!!

    as for the shirt. It wasn’t a high point for kevin. i mean Kevin is the least liked jonas and he thought he would steal some thunder from his brothers by making this tee-shirt and latching onto their spotlight. That’s not very brotherly. It’s not a proud moment for kevin!