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Rachel Bilson Drops Into Home Depot

Rachel Bilson Drops Into Home Depot

Rachel Bilson takes her sister Hattie and pet pooch Thurman Murmen to visit her grandmother in Universal City, Calif., on Sunday afternoon.

The day before, the 26-year-old actress was seen running errands in North Hollywood. Rachel left her mother’s house with her dog in her arms to do some shopping at The Home Depot. The former O.C. actress sported tattered, rolled-up jeans, gladiator sandals and her favorite green Chanel shades. Rachel also toted around a tasseled bag by her designer pal Zac Posen.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson dropping into Home Depot…

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rachel bilson home depot 01
rachel bilson home depot 02
rachel bilson home depot 03
rachel bilson home depot 04
rachel bilson home depot 05
rachel bilson home depot 06
rachel bilson home depot 07
rachel bilson home depot 08
rachel bilson home depot 09
rachel bilson home depot 10

Credit: Pedro Andrade; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • angela

    that dog is ridiculously adorable.


    Her Chanel shades look great. I love Chanel eyewear.

  • e

    jared, that is not her mother’s house.. it is Haydens brother Tove’s house. His mother is walking behind Rachel in the turquoise shirt and both her and Haydens sister, Kaylen accompanied her to Home Depot.. :)

  • Nella

    Look like she is with Alie and Kaylen Christensen. Is this Toves House, where they walk down the stairs?

  • Nella

    Looks like she is with Alie and Kaylen Christensen.

  • whizbang

    RB really looks like a TOAD standing next to those towering women – her pooch is far, far more better looking than her!

  • trueish

    @ # 4

    It looks that this thread would reached its 100 post or more becoz of that!
    That scheming imp really knows whom she’ll “hang” it with huh!

  • Vogue
  • justice

    since hayden is missing in action have you noticed that they are trying to make a point or trying to pull a fast one??? come on guys just get it out and over with.

  • r

    @ 9

    sorry, but i dont understand what you are saying ? what is pull a fast one ? get what out and over with ?

  • roe

    @ # 6

    Not a RODENT?!
    If it could get any better, BilHo looks like a “maid” assisting their errands… Tee Hee Senor!

  • anna

    So beautiful and so cute!!!!!!

  • lounge

    shopping outside home depot?! what was she getting? lol

  • sloane

    @# 1 : that dog is ridiculously adorable…

    Should that dog be the one who should ENTER showbiz instead of the owner?! Mind you, that dog might be more talented & much much more worthy if it can get job offers & attention.

  • sher

    I’m a pathetic bit*ch.

  • s

    i wonder where hayden is, why is she hanging out with his family?

  • robyn

    Wholly Molly… what a SHORT FREAKING LEGS Batman!

  • V

    Ahh fab she looks nice again. The last outfit she was snapped in was awful.

  • unreechy

    @ #17

    Looks like RB’s still “courting” Hayden and cant get him committed yet (I do not wonder why!). Thats why she’s into “desperate & pathetic measures”.
    You know if you cant still get in w/ the guy, try it on and/or seek out his family members and eventualy we might even see RB hanging out too w/ Christensen’s butler, driver, nanny, housemaids, cousins & neighbors – LMAO!

  • legs

    she’s too cute.

  • adriana

    I love her :)
    Thanks Jared

  • hca


    you are pathetic

  • laury

    Love Rachel and her dog

  • Peter

    Thanx Jared !!!!


    she is a big bitch!…slut!

  • Christine

    She looks great as always…


    WHERE IS HAYDEN ??? I miss him !!!!

  • newport beach, 92660

    How long has she had that bag for? Oh well, the glasses are awesome. Chanel my #1 sunglasses! Where IS Hayden these days didn’t they shoot a movie together in New York?

  • real world

    Didn’t the picture says she at mom’s house of somehing like that.Why you keep saying she’s with with his family all the time.she could be hanging with her family and friends.I am sure she have some too.Hayden have not been seen aound her too much lately .Maybe he’s busy doing other things besides shopping and going out to lunch all the time.she has new movie and new friends so leave his out of this .no one talking all the guys she been seen around LA .So stop making this out something it’s not.Rachel should also come clean about this too’She knows that hayden and her don’t hang out anymore..Hayden has moved on.SO let rachel move on like she alreay have IT over people for them two. she find someone new to be with(like she already have).Stop feeling sorrow for her!

  • omfgshelle

    wow @ #30. learn some proper english.

  • fran

    @real world:

    I don’t know what you are talking about. Those ARE Hayden’s mother and sister she’s hanging with in the set of pictures of her carrying the dog. THE END.

  • Gwen

    I love her dress, it looks so pretty!!

  • ha

    I didn’t know they sell dogs at Home Depot.

  • irina

    I like the last candids, cute dress

  • Thurmen Murmen

    Thanks to all my fans, I love you. Hayden and his family are really nice with me, I love them too.

  • Neo

    With those sunglasses on, Kaylen looks like Blake Lively

  • amaranth

    Even at her other patronized gossip site, “PopSugar”, BOREDOM & REPUGNANCE over this media-dog are now escalating…
    Thank God!

  • ATlqueen

    # 30
    Do you know what you’re talking about. Everyone knows that is Hayden’s mom and sister Kaylen. They must be in town for a while because Rachel has been hanging out with Kaylen for a while. And I have a question who the hell hangs out with an ex’s family. NO ONE!!! They are still together Hayden just doesn’t like to be so damn violated all the time like Rachel is. He knows they love to follow her EVERYWHERE. He’s not stupid. He keeps his as in the house. Whether it be Tove’s or Rachel’s.

  • ATlqueen

    I have to say something for those that don’t beelieve Hayden and Rachel are dating. No, there is no visual proof but everytime this man comes to town who picks him up, Rachel. He has an older brother that he is very close with that lives in L.A. but he never comes by. Rachel hangs out with his family. Again, no proof but you don’t see her kickin it with Adams family like that. And for the last time when do we ever see Hayden anywhere at all let alone with Rachel. Hardly ever. And when we do he is with who? Rachel or her Lexus. Ya’ll get off the denial drugs you all are on. They are so dating and it’s gonna be about two years now very soon. Has he done this with anyone else? No.
    Oh yeah Kaylen is not persuing an acting or modeling career. If she were she doesn’t need Rachel’s connect’s. Her brother Hayden can do that and she is close friends with George Lucas’ family for God’s sake. And if she is she isn’t doing a good job. Yall use your brain.

  • no

    @ ATIqueen

    You are exactly rite!!! I agree with you100%!!!

  • kim

    “Looks like RB’s still “courting” Hayden and cant get him committed yet (I do not wonder why!). Thats why she’s into “desperate & pathetic measures”.
    You know if you cant still get in w/ the guy, try it on and/or seek out his family members and eventualy we might even see RB hanging out too w/ Christensen’s butler, driver, nanny, housemaids, cousins & neighbors – LMAO!”

    Too funny!

    @ 40 There are pics of Tove picking him up from LAX. The only reason you see more of he when he’s with Rachel is because she is a pap tipper! Duh! That much is obvious!

    She is friends with Kaylen, Kaylen is the one inviting her up to Toronto.

    You really only see him with Rachel for work-related things. Post production for Jumper began in spring of 2007 and went all the way through to when the film opened. Then they did NYILY, then they did the Jumper dvd promo, have not seen any pda between them or non-work related contact.

    This situation seems like she is friends with his sister, not him, that is why you never see any PDA between them. Of course Hayden is in L.A. with others, the reason you don’t see pics is because they don’t TIP THE PAPS!

    Hayden himself said he was not dating her and that he had a gf named Ellen. Good grief. Why is that so difficult for you to accept?

    If we were jealous then we would not want him to be with anyone, but he’s said he HAS a girlfriend, Ellen.

    Atlqueen, you and VOR and a few others must be Rachel Bilson’s pr team on these boards. That is the only thing that could explain why you would be so invested in them as a couple, for publicity, when there has been nothing to indicate they are dating.

  • no

    can you show the pics of tove?

  • Knew It


    I agree with everything but the Ellen comment. Don’t know that for sure, you know, a slam dunk. Just one article that could have either misquoted him or, if they didn’t misquote him, that girl’s no longer in the picture. Can’t say anything on that for certain.

    Everything else? Right on. There hasn’t been ANYTHING, not one damn thing, that has proven by a slam dunk that Rachel and Hayden have ever dated. And, the fact that no pics after over a year and a half haven’t even come close to popping up that shows beyond any doubt that they are a couple, they aren’t. PERIOD. No one in that industry, even the Z-listers could hide and avoid being photographed as a couple for that long. Anyone who says they could are both naive and unbelievably stupid.

  • no

    How do you know that he is still dating ellen? He could’ve said that just so that everyone can get off his back.

  • Knew It


    Agree with everything except the Ellen thing. No one knows that for certain. Just one mention in one article and that could have been either a misquote or that girl could very well be history by now. That article you’re referring to is old and that girl was older than that. Can’t say it for certain. If he does, than good for him. Happy for him. But, it’s pretty obvious that special girl in his life ISN’T Rachel. If the paps can get her with his family who are harder to photograph than Hayden himself, than it’s no where near a tall order to nail Rachel with Hayden in a casual moment and behaving like a couple. They actually would have gotten it by now. Not even Z-listers can go over a year and a half without getting nailed beyond any doubt and denial. Enough said. Why is this still an issue?? D*mn some people are beyond slow and stupid……

  • Knew It

    Sorry for the double post. Connection messing up. Ignore one of them.

  • isnt_it

    @ no (you dont – lol!)

    Latest posted name after HERE & DENY?!

  • kim

    @ 45

    I don’t know if he is STILL dating Ellen. But the last time he talked about his love life he said he made a really nice swing for his girlfriend, Ellen. And that was a few months ago. He also said Rachel was just a friend of the family and that they were not dating. He’s said that a FEW times.

    The pics of Tove picking up Hayden are on, Jen’s site. Later that day Tove and Hayden were paped leaving Mr. Chow’s. The next day there were pics of Rachel and he going to In and Out and this was during post production in L.A. for Jumper.

    @ Knew It

    Thanks. I think it’s pretty odd that there seems to be the same three or four people – maybe one publicists posting under multiple names – who seem oddly invested in the idea of them dating.

    I’m not jealous or a hater, he’s taken – last I heard – it’s just not with Bilson.

  • kim

    This was on 7/17 and you can see Tove’s red car in the reflection of the window. (The pics of Tove picking him up are not on dh. net, they were on another site though.)

    This was taken later on the same day at Mr. Chow’s

    Same red car.