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Selena Gomez is All-Americana Girl

Selena Gomez is All-Americana Girl

Selena Gomez enjoys the weekend by shopping with her family at The Americana in Glendale, Calif., on Saturday.

After eating some ice cream and picking up a few things from H&M, the family then made a quick stop at the Burbank Media shopping district. At Target, Selena looked at birthday cards and had a few giggles at the toy department while looking at Hannah Montana dolls.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star recently revealed that she will not be pursuing a solo career, but instead wants to start her own band.

10+ more pics inside of Selena Gomez as an All-Americana Girl…

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  • Anja

    secondddd ;] selena is gorgeous ;]

  • kryzl

    awesomee. she’s so cuttteee

  • marlis

    she’s so pretty! Is she wearing glasses?

  • lily

    birthday cards ???
    for demi or joe ???
    demi’s birthday : august 20 ,
    joe : august 15

  • paulina

    She’s a pretty girl!

  • vanessa

    #5 – birthday cards for demi AND joe ;)

    she’s preetyy!

  • her whole family has strawberry blonde hair???

  • beth

    She’s adorable and it’s so nice to see her with her family. That’s what all these young kids need: family support to keep them grounded.

  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    she is gorgeous!!

  • hello


  • jess

    She is so cute! Love her and great to see her with family.

  • omgsh

    she’s cute and miley better :)

  • kira

    I love Selena!!
    Joe? He’ll receive an amazing Birthday present of us german fans xD !!
    and Demi?? is there any birthday project for demi?
    Well,Greetings from Germany :)
    xoxo Kira

  • omgsh

    she’s cute, but miley’s acting and singing is so much better !
    Go Miley :D

  • onon

    JJ, can never get too much of her! She is beautiful and so sweet. Please more of her and the Jonas Brothers and less of Zanessa, they are getting old and soooooooooo boring. Plus they are both so full of themselves with all of their success they are nauseating.

  • pam

    Love her and Demi and of course the HOTTIE award winners the fabulous Jonas Brothers!! Love the fresh look of all these kids. Plus their humility and innocence is refreshing.

  • jade

    SHUT UP ONON #16…………………….ZANESSA IS THE BEST! actually there a lot of jonas brothers here aswell so just shut the fuck up…….they are so not full of themself you don’t even know the real them…….stop the hatin..if you don’t like them then just keep your hate for yourself cause noone is interested .

  • kaitlin

    Selena is 16 now, remember her birthday the other week? So saying the 15 year old WOWP is a wrong statement.

  • asdfas

    her mom was 16 when she had her…….another teen mom





  • fidel

    Bobble head XDDDD

  • Dev

    ugh…hate her. Miley is so much better and wayy more beautiful than her.

  • kkkk

    she’s veery pretty. :) u rock selena!

  • zeze

    Whoa! I lOVE HER!
    she’s like the BEST
    and she’s better than MILEY!
    what a cuuuuuute girl

  • lisa

    love her,i hope shes dating nick

  • jess


  • jess

    she looks cross eyed

  • K.

    She’s cute..
    as I can see H&M rocks as much in US as it does here in Europe :D

  • iluvmiley

    okay so i like miley wayyyyyy better than selena, but it’s funny because my sister and i like to look at the hannah montana dolls and stuff too and laugh at it…

  • jacs

    i thought she was 16!

  • Miley fan

    she’s 16! AND UGLY!
    sorry 4 u selena fans but she’s skinny like a stick and her hair is horrible!
    miley’s wayyyyy much prettier an talented that seleba the ugly disney girl!
    not to mention her outfits! Those are NOT cute at all!!
    i hope nick dumps her soon! He’s to good loking for her!

  • Kaitee

    she’s so cute! the title is perfect :)

  • newport beach, 92660

    She is like sooo not famous. For what? A stupid Disney show that no one over the age of 12 actually watches… and she’s never really done any movies. hell Vanessa Hudgens is more famous than her.

  • Sarah

    She looks pretty

    I love to go to the Americana!
    It’s always crowded though.
    She must have had a lot of ppl come up to her.
    I feel like going now hehe
    I’m gonna go now

  • Angeline

    I’m starting to like her more and more.
    Before, I thought of her as fake, but
    as I watch more interviews and Youtube
    videos, she seems like a pretty cool
    girl that would be fun to hang out with.
    And that’s how I like celebs. I don’t care
    if they’re the biggest stars on the planet.
    They have to be cool to hang around with
    for me to like them ;]

  • Suzanne

    Love her, want more of her.

  • disneyfan

    didn’t she had her 16th birthday some weeks ago???
    it says she’s 15…

    love her! demi! jonas brothers!miley cyrus! zac! vanessa! ashley!

  • kim

    shut up all selena haters(mileyfans)..stop bashing her….why dont they just get along…

  • lee

    “She is like sooo not famous. For what? A stupid Disney show that no one over the age of 12 actually watches… and she’s never really done any movies. hell Vanessa Hudgens is more famous than her.”

    Selena has TWO MOVIES coming up, so what the hell are you talking about? You stupid b!tch! Oh and now you’re comparing her to Vanessa Hudgens?? Damn, first Miley and now Vanessa..God people, stop comparing these girls!! it’s pointless and stupid! it doesn’t matter if one is famous than the other, they’re just following their dreams and doing what they love to do. It’s not a fucking race on who is more rich, successful or famous.



  • girlleader1

    love Selena

  • Vogue
  • Zanessa-love4life

    She looks geart. I ♥ Selena!!!

  • Aisha

    Go, go Selena! She is the definition of down-to-Earth! You can tell she isn’t going to pose in Vanity Fair (like someone)…. Miley is a retarded b*tch!

  • CC

    Pretty girl. I love her, she’s so much better than ALL the other Disney girls.

  • zanessa_rox-nida

    omg hahaha lol ya i wonder what she did to the hannah montana dolls….did she make fun of it or just laygh at the way it looked hahah!?

  • lene

    I hate her.
    Why are paparazzi following her?
    OH, not because she has a show on DC, but because she’s dating a jonas.

    Wow, i wouldn’t want to be known for that!LMAO!

  • help me please!!

    does anyone konw where i cna get that cardigan!?

  • qt

    She’s so pretty!!