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Sienna Miller's Mouth is Wide Open

Sienna Miller's Mouth is Wide Open

Sienna’s got an eye on you!

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty eat, drink and get merry over their lunch at Taverna Tony in Malibu, Calif., on Sunday.

Sienna, 26, and Balthazar, 33, are currently living together in a beach house in Malibu.

The couple has been less secretive about their relationship and were last seen heading to a pharmacy on Saturday.

10+ pictures of Sienna Miller‘s mouth wide open…

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sienna miller wide open 01
sienna miller wide open 02
sienna miller wide open 03
sienna miller wide open 04
sienna miller wide open 05
sienna miller wide open 06
sienna miller wide open 07
sienna miller wide open 08
sienna miller wide open 09
sienna miller wide open 10

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    She seemed enjoyed with her lunch very much.

  • gshock

    i dont like her

  • b

    hes an a**hole

  • lounge

    It’s good that they are “less secretive” about their relationship!

  • Rayando el Sol

    To think I actually felt bad for her when Jude cheated on her, and now shes a homewrecker. Ugh

  • rien

    Less secretive?

    Can they be less secretive than their holiday action? I think it is too late, isn’t it?

    Let’s see how long this relationship will last…..

    Maybe they will get married, and Sienna will get children, and then she will see her husband’s and other woman’s picture somewhere in holiday, just like hers and his some years back…..

  • sharyllee

    I hate her,,, very ugly.. she is no good!!

  • me

    I can’t stand either of these two. They really deserve each other. I hope he loses his job at Brothers and Sisters.

    And there was nothing “secretive” about their sleazy affair when they were photographed in Italy.

  • Marco

    I don’t like Sienna Miller at all. She seems to be very unpleasant woman who only cares for her self.

  • me

    Oh yeah and forgot to say….. not often you see Sienna actually wearing some clothes.

    These two have been flaunting their affair for weeks now.

    I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners!!

  • Anonymous

    Boy, do these two look miserable! Where did their “love” go? Funny how that happens…but usually not quite so fast.

  • lilian

    Treat others as you would like to be treated…

    I am sure that one day Sienna Miller will see her husband’s and other woman’s topless pictures somewhere in holiday, just like hers and his some years back…

    Hopefully magazines will not write about these two anymore. Very nasty couple.

  • vicks

    eww! i feel disgusted now for feeling sorry for sienna when jude cheated on her. home wrecker and cheater deserve each other…ugh.

  • Emma

    She should get back on he knees and give Getty a good blow. It’s obviously what she does best. What a whore.

  • Breanne

    I usto like both actors but not anymore! It’s just disgusting how their treating the situation. I’ve heard Balthazar saying how his marriage is just fine and that he loves his wife blah, blah, blah. He’s a disgusting pig I feel bad for his wife and children who have to see and hear about these two. Sienna obviously didn’t learn from when Jude cheated on her and how much it hurts to be betrayed by your loved one. Ugh. Makes me mad! They are both pieces of crap who deserve each other! Karma’s a bitch.

  • MiHay

    Look, she’s doing her best cock sucking face. Homewrecking whore!!

  • hyeseon Kim

    It’s a serious offense when he has FOUR children at home. Even in my country (in Asia) infidelity is not rare. But it’s nonsense to f**k with a married man with FOUR children. Forget it. I know it takes 2, but she surely is Ho.


    This is classic. Again we have Miller looking footloose and fancy free, while Getty looks a nervous wreck.

  • mju8

    Sienna and her usual pose: Mouth wide open!

  • kaia

    She is a whore who destroys marriages, but he is worse because she is more important to him than his kids. Loosers!

    i really like sienna

  • Mary

    I liked Sienna, but now I think she is a bad person. Breaking families like that… very good Miller!

    Although, Baltazar has the fault too, two doesn’t get together if one doesn’t want!

  • ANNA

    she is a big bitch….she fuck a marriage….and of course,other things….

  • sheryl

    To all you who think she should have learned something from her experience with Jude, she was already like this before Jude…she up and left the boyfriend she was living with to go live with Jude, who was already divorcing when she met him…just like she up and left Rhys and then, what do you know, she’s in love with Getty. She just knew how to use the media to milk the attention after Jude’s affair…that’s pretty much what she cared about. I think it stinks that she’s still portrayed as Jude’s victim almost every time something is written about her, as though to remind everyone to feel sorry for her, when in fact, even though Jude was wrong, she wasn’t the little innocent, either.

  • hahahaha


  • hahahaha

    SON OF A

  • remember da truth

    Homewrecking? What century do you people live in? A man doesn’t leave a happy home — when will you nitwits get that?

    In reality, talk about milking a situation for publicity, the wife and Getty had been separated for some time. In matters of huge estates, often there is never a divorce, or it takes years. There is no sad wife sitting around pining for him as the children cry. You people have watched too many soap operas and read too many tabloids, believing every word.

    That said, these two are kinda sleazy, but not because of any “affair”. They just have no class.

  • Adrianna

    ”Sienna Miller’s Mouth Is Wide Open”

    Hers always is around men, probably something natural to her.

  • tina

    one can only wish them happiness

  • tricia

    To #27: if they have been separated “for some time,” then how come Getty was denying any marital problems less than two months ago? How come Getty and his wife were photographed together at a public event just last April?

    Come on, this isn’t high school, where “some time” can equal 2-3 days. That whole “separated for some time” bit is just a line Miller and Getty’s camps are using to justify Getty’s cheating after all those pictures came out.

    And I think it’s telling that there is still no legal separation.

    I do think Sienna is a hypocrite for sleeping with a married man after all the whining she did about Jude Law cheating on her (and they weren’t even married!), but Getty is the one who broke his marital vows. He is the one who was responsible for protecting his marriage.

    As it stands, I hope he’s fired off Brothers and Sisters (his character isn’t interesting anyway), and I hope this negatively affects Sienna’s career, too. Her latest movie’s release has already been pushed back- hopefully studios will stop casting her altogether.

    I, for one, never intend to watch either one again in ANYTHING they do.

  • K

    I think the first picture of her pretty much sums why these married men flock to her.

  • Fruit loop

    The s k a n k sideshow continues, I see.

    I’m going back to bed now.

  • luciana

    Creepy how much he looks like Charlie Sheen.

  • Ria

    The PR spin goes on I see. Oh and Sienna was overheard asking Balthy for a new puppy but Balthy told her it was too much of a commitment. I guess since she does not want to have a kid yet she thinks a puppy would soften her image.

    What happens to the 2 dogs that she used to have then? Dumped like Rhys Ifans I would imagine.

  • Bella

    She’s only 26???? I thought she was way older than that!

  • N.A.

    Hate them both. No more, please.

  • Ruth

    to #30 Tricia. Excellent comment and I agree with you 100%.

    I am sure that Sienna’s PR team have organised their daily trips to some restaurant to be photographed by the papz. The lies just go on and on and on: “he was already separated for a long”, “Miller didn’t break up anything” etc. etc. etc. All they had to do was keep the affair quiet so that he could obtain a divorce. By the way, has he filed for a divorce?

    The Getty/Miller Reality Show or A Soap Opera based on the wonderful lives of Getty and Miller. Call it what you want, they are an arrogant and disgusting couple.

  • bridget

    OK..I know this is horrible but……I like them together. They look so!!

  • Ria

    How touching to see them so happy together. Nothing makes me so ”
    happy” to see these two living it up and Rosetta at home taking care of 4 kids.

  • squeezymcfeel

    She’s pretty, and they look good together, but still a whore is a whore – and she’s a whore.

  • blackworm

    Sienna is a user and a slut and a druggie with absolute no capacity for feelings beyond her own immediate pleasure. She’d do anything for publicity and fame. She doesn’t even really care about her acting career. That is now obvious. And it’s obvious to all the producers and studio execs too. Her career is over.

    No wonder the critics thought she was so good in Interview. She was 100% playing herself.

  • shea

    #34- You are right. What happened to her two dogs? Who watched them? She is so immature and her most recent escapades with Getty prove how selfish, classless, and immature she really is.

    She isn’t even responsible enough to be a good dog owner let alone a committed partner in a relationship….it figures that she is sleeping with this married man with absolutely no regard for what she did to this man’s marriage and his poor family of 5 adn her previous relationship that she was engaged only months before to Rhys. Don’t get me wrong- he Getty equally as repulsive as she is.

  • gnmc

    Lol!! Good pics. I never noticed before, but he is UGLY. She sure has been picking yucky men after Jude.

    Get a career Sienna!

  • nono


  • whatyasay

    A man is driven by his d*ck if a young hussy like Sienna throws herself at him his brain isnt the one doing the thinking. If women would stop allowing married men to cheat with them there would be far less divorces.

    ALSO, Sienna was all up on Diddy as well when his significant other was pregnant with his twins.

    Sienna reminds me of another homewrecker… Angelina. Angelina began dating Billy Bob while he was married, then Brad…she likes the challenge I believe…disgusting.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    gosh, theres something her that i deeply dislike! i actually felt bad for her too when jude cheated on her, and now she’s a homewrecker? wtf? she seems to be a ho. i don’t like him either for doing this to his wife……damn maybe their similar behaviour will make those two soulmates after all!

  • remember da truth

    Billy Bob wasn’t married when Angelina began dating him. His relationship was coming to an end and Laura Dern was off on her shoot and he was off on his. Nevertheless, they waited until the movie was over. Dern, who herself dated a married man right afterward, just wanted publicity and sympathy, but everyone knew the truth so the story went away until Brad and Jen’s marriage broke up and all the people who had been fooled by the media-created romance of the Prince and his Ugly Duckling started looking for someone to blame.

    She also didn’t date Brad until after the divorce papers were filed — and Brad and Jen had been separated for months by the time Mr. And Mrs. Smith was finished filming. They only stayed together to do publicity for Troy and Friends, which Jen herself admitted in interviews. In fact, in four years of marriage, they had only been together for a cumulative time of about 1 1/2 years, and for the first year, Brad had to go into therapy. Then they just started staying apart. Jen is perfectly happy getting all your sympathy, though!


    Diddy is all over EVERYONE and as you can see, he has never married Kim Porter. They have an arrangement — he sees her when he is between girlfriends. He spends a lot of money on Kim Porter, she pops out his kids, and they are together sporadically. She has a good time when he’s otherwise occupied.

    People really need to get their noses out of tabloids and Harlequin romances and smell the coffee. Life is not like soap operas.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    i smell another angelina in here

  • Pinky

    No wonder she’s siting. Her heels are so round from always laying back for any guy that comes along. Is there anyone in Hollywood who she hasn’t slept with.

    Trash, trash, trash, both of them. If this is an example of his moral code, I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners and he never see’s his kids.

  • hmm…

    Do either of them wonder if all this is actually worth it? They don’t look too happy.