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Jennifer Aniston is a Top Earning Actress

Jennifer Aniston is a Top Earning Actress

Jennifer Aniston walks through the UCLA campus in Westwood for a special event on Monday.

The 39-year-old actress was just ranked #3 on Forbes‘ list of Hollywood’s Top Earning Actresses. Jennifer reportedly earned $27 million over the course of the year. This year, she has worked on films such as Marley & Me, Management, Traveling, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

In addition to those movies, Jennifer signed onto endorse Smartwater.

Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz beat Jennifer on the list, earning $32 million and $50 million, respectively.

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  • ♥♥Hayden Leslie addicted♥♥

    ♥♥first for the 1st time♥♥

    ♥♥Hayden’s huge #1 fan♥♥

  • laura

    Second! Love her!!! she looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jared for posting!!

  • ♥♥Hayden Leslie addicted♥♥

    ♥♥first for the 1st time♥♥

    ♥♥Hayden’s huge #1 fan♥♥

  • Glenda

    I find this very hard to believe …. anyway her lips look funny. Oh well it goes to show that money can’t buy happiness!

  • Make my day

    Love her – she’s beautiful. And why is Angie wearing a nightgown for the whole world to see (and don’t start – I love her too).

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    of course she is!
    so gorgeous. so sexy. so natural. so smart. i love her <3

  • ♥♥Hayden Leslie addicted♥♥


  • Nicole

    I’m just not that into her either.

  • xxxx

    her age starting to show around her chin,next year will be very critical for her.she’ll be 40 and i dont think producers would like an old actress to play comedy in’s a shame.

  • Jennifer

    It’s sad really that she’s a 40 year old, overated, bleach-blond, unmarried, no kids, sex with toy boys, smokes and still has to compete with 20 year olds.

  • tim

    Good for you Jennifer.

  • null

    She’s very blond now.

  • Stefanie

    aww she’s beautiful!! goooo Jen!!!

  • eternal
  • oh puleeze

    Why does she always look at the camera? Must be her own paid photograhers.

    Where are her bre*asts in this pictures? On and off.

    She does look like a man. Her face is so fug.

    Where’s her boytoy been? Who dumped who?

  • http://deleted addictedfan

    ^^^shut the fuck up
    Jen is the best if you do not like her do not post here

  • I dont understand

    What the Heck? How did she earn that money?Did she made a movie in the past years? I dont remember any (maybe cause i dont watch stupid boring movies), i just know that she was rachel and one of Brads ex!

    I’m just not that into her either.


    Jennifer is very lucky to have John Mayer. He’s hot !

  • Jennifer Aniston

    I´ve got new lips…..there is more to come :-D
    plastig surgery victim

  • chatia

    if she earned that money for three movies then she is being paid less than 10 million a movie which is not good for someone of her age, she is paid cheap, so i will not say she is a top earner at all this is wrong

  • Erin

    Chatia, how much are you earning for each movie? I’m sure you can top $10 million per picture. Or maybe you’re getting $40 million for two seasons of Friends. No, wait, that was Jennifer.

    Jen rules.

  • http://lala lala

    O pulezze,Jennifer does alot of working out yoga and running. That’s the reason she will always look good. People that does Yoga will look younger. I do yoga it does wonders for the body…..You really need to try it and quit being so JEALOUS of jen. It’s also rid the toxins out of your body. You will have a GLOW…try it

  • chatia

    if Angie did three movies in one year she will get 60 million coz she gets paid 20 million per movie, that’s a top earner

  • umm yeah

    only here in america i guess where talentless people get to make millions. :lol: the american dream…. i guess that’s why she’s loved by so many, gives hope to the masses of mediocrity.

  • nikomilinko

    but top happy I think it´s Angelina Jolie

  • nikomilinko

    top happy :Angelina Jolie

  • terissa

    Does all that money make her happy?

  • gds

    Proof that money can’t buy happiness…

  • chatia

    she can still do one movie a year earn her 20 million spent time with her family, partner, do her humanitarian work, travel and see different countries and still people who have done 4 movies a year are still earning 27 million, tell me who is the top earner here it is ANGELINA JOLIE-PITT

  • em

    cameron diaz is the worst actress ever. i dont know how the hell she makes that much money! she’s talentless! and im not much of a kiera fan either. blehhhhhhh!

  • Jill

    With all that money, how come she looks so unhappy?

  • terissa

    She really looks pis**d at the world, hmmmm wonder why?

  • Sun

    Look at the BRANGELINA ass they wait for a post of Jen so that they can spit their venom here….oh GOD you all are such loosers…get a life or F–k around on brangie websites….we dont need u here….

  • terissa

    I just knew her and Kfed wouldn’t work out, what a loser.

  • daniel

    to all the jennifer haters which one of you has made $27 million in the past year??? anyone??? i didnt think so!!!!!!!!…….at 39 she is one of the hottest women in the world put her next to a 20 year old and jen will still be the hottest…..and to answer why she looks at the camera???? i dont know maybe they follow her 24 7 with 20 of them at a time and is abit pissed off at this picture……. she has made that much money from 3 movies and one endorsement (who else judging her has done that) and no wonder people are committing suicide and getting depressed about getting older when c*nts are coming on her and discriminating women and their age………….show me another 40 year old that looks as good as jennifer…. grow up you small minded people if you were anything decent you would be in that photgraph not here judging a women who has endured so much pain but still has the biggest heart. Also how dare anyone make fun of the fact that she is unmarried with no kids!!!! how selfish of you!!! do you think that she doesn’t want that?? do you think she doesn’t hurt when homewrecking tramps like Angelina Jolie parade their kids for money (thats the only way she makes it) how degrading and to put her newborns infront of the camera…how sad!!! and just because brad the loser didnt want to wait until she finished friends before she settled down but if it was the other way round she would have agreed. Also 40 year olds are getting so much more roles now!!! You wonder why people have surgery???oh wait again its because bit**es like ones commenting here critisize women for showing there age then bit*h about them for having surgery…. shame on all of you and I wish you all the unhappiness in the world for doing the same to jennifer….by the way send me a pic of you when your 40 so i can say a few comments about yourself and FYI losers she made over $40 million in the last 2 seasons of friends and over $60 million since then….like to see you guys do that……

    Love you jen and i wish you all the success in the world and a lifetime of happiness (and once you have a baby leave john!!!!lol)

    your hot sexy smart graceful and elegant and very rich and your still so young you can enjoy it all…

    to all the jen haters go jump off a bridge you sons of bitche*……………………………………

    you guys got done!!!

  • lol

    When will this bxxch will disappear from Hollywood?

  • daniel

    “lol” to answer your comment she will disappear when cu*ts like you die and or drop dead

  • aress

    To #29: your 2 precious holy divinities are NOT married. So for the moment you can stick to Angelina Jolie and not Angelina Jolie-Pitt.

    But be patient,maybe they’re just waiting to fulfill your fantasies of a fairy tale wedding.

  • xxxx

    when will be the time that maniston will get a good challenging film that she always dream of?i heard she tried to get a role in the lovely bones film but the producer gave the role to rachel weizs,i wonder’s the acting that makes the difference,you can’t compare the acting of maniston to rachel or vice versa,it’s like north and south totally opposite!!whereas with angelina,she gets what she wants bec. she is the ONE!

  • daniel

    you go #38 and also to #29 if she does make that much per movie and angelina has been in more than one movie in the past year why wasn’t she on the in the top 3 or ranked higher than jen??? don’t forget endorsements are also included and angelina has heaps of those but wait she still isnt in the top 3….woops!!!

  • terissa

    Oh daniel why such the long face? Jen has brought this onto herself. She really thought the pity party would make her the victim and her career would boom into something huge and distroy Brad and Angie. That was her goal right? Jen wasn’t anymore victim than Brad was during their whole marriage of lies. Remember Brad lost much of his life beside Jen visa versa. Jen is holding so much guilt in for making it appear Jolie ruined her marriage and it’s backfired. Me feel somewhat responsible for Jen being miserable? never
    I just don’t get why she pitied herself and made it appear Jolie came in and ruined her whole meaningless marriage when she wanted out to become this big famous star. Reese W. has class, Jen doesn’t.

  • terissa

    Brad could have waited a whole year to start a relationship with Angelina and Jen would still hold jealousy and anger towards them.

  • michelle

    you rock love u jen!!!

  • Daniel

    terissa,,, what was your response to the rest of my comment why just part of it… you know women are judged and its not fair to her or any other women to go through that and im not even a women…….. i know both of them were hurt and jennifer has never gotten over it but what has she said to make her the victim.. nothing its what the media played it out to be!!!! and her career has gone from strength to strength since friends… she is the only one to make a decent career after that show…… and there are heaps of actresses out ther so if jen is so bad why was she #3 and not at the bottom???

  • ellie

    thanks Jared its great t see Jen again. if she had surgery done,it barely noticeable she’s as usually looks the same from people mag from 1997. Just a natural beauty. still looks in her early thirties. And i also think Jen dresses beautifully shes a natural beauty, and whats wrong going with a younger man, doesn’t it go both ways. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Can’t everyone just be nice to everyone, you all say such cruel things. why doesn’t jen deserve happiness, its a good ting try it….

  • Patricia

    To Daniel: I agree with you that she does not look bad for her age, but she is by no means unique in that. I’m over 40 and I think I look a bit younger than she does, because people (no, not men in bars around closing time – coworkers in broad daylight ;-) usually think I’m in my mid thirties – and I’ve never used botox , lip enhancement or any plastic surgery. I’m just lucky: it runs in the family, so most of my relatives look younger too. My sisters are about 30 years old and they are often mistaken for coeds.
    But really many older woman, older actresses too, look better than she does. What about Diane Lane, for example. I think she is in het early forties, and if she had anything done at all, it’s very subtle. And Mariska Hargitay looks good too, and isn’t she in her forties now?
    So I agree she looks OK for her age, but so do many, many other woman.

  • Maniston sucks

    Shes only popular in America…….cause americans like stupid fugly blondes.her movies are SHIT!

    The rest of the world is just not that into her since she broke up with brad. And the rest of the world is thankfull for that brokeup HAHA!

  • ellie

    Jill @ 08/12/2008 at 8:01 am
    oh Jill your always picking about something,you just can’t help yourself can you? Its ok that’s Jill for you. Everything that comes out of your mouth its expected.. LOL

  • Noel

    Maybe she looks upset because the paps are following her to a funeral! In all other recent pictures, she’s looked happy, but I think it’s understandable that she doesn’t look quite so happy in these.

  • jojo

    is she natural blond ? i think not …like Madona ..artificial blond. why doesn’t she want to have kid ?