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Jennifer Garner's Got Giggles 'N' Hugs

Jennifer Garner's Got Giggles 'N' Hugs

Jennifer Garner takes daughter Violet, 2, to a birthday party at the Giggle ‘N’ Hugs children’s restaurant in Brentwood, Calif., on Tuesday morning. You can check out pictures of the super cute restaurant at

The 36-year-old actress is going to give birth to her and Ben Affleck‘s second child this winter. Though it’s quite clear from Jen‘s babe bump, no official confirmation of her pregnancy has been released yet from the couple’s reps.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s giggle and hugs…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 01
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 02
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 03
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 04
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 05
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 06
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 07
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 08
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 09
jennifer garner giggle and hugs 10

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  • Adoring Fan

    Cutest baby ever! Thank Jared. Love this kid.

  • woogie

    she’s adorable and seems to have a mom that loves her to pieces!

  • Brooklyn

    Aww. She just gets more adorable every day. I’m sure their next little one will be just as cute, and I’m sure Violet will be a great big sister.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….`number-one baby whōrɛr’err.

    `ugh, violation. bio`lation.

  • Amanda


  • ivermom

    It is getting annoying. Good for you Jen! on baby number 2,but puleez stop making a career from w*oring yourself out with your kids.

    Most celebs’ moms try to take care of their kids with not dragging them in most papz friendly places,but Jen just loves it. It is sad. this kids got photographed more than any other celebs baby,Paris Hilton is written all over her future.

  • Adoring Fan

    Love there sweet pics of adorable Violet. Keep bringing sunshine into our lives with them. Thanks again Jared. Love Jen and Vi.

  • no

    u know this kid always looks happy and she’s the same age with Suri however she’s already off the bottle but Suri still sucking on her bottle. I think Violet is real cute and more mature than Suri.

  • remember da truth

    Ivermom you are one sick individual. She takes the child outdoors and spends time with her and plays with her, so that is whor ing the baby out?!? I guess in your view she should stay inside all the time.

    I notice that the haters run to the Jen threads just to trash her. What is wrong with you people that you make this your pastime? If you notice, she is always smiling and happy while with Violet, but look at the picture after she has Violet in teh car. Jen is NOT happy with the paps, and would prefer they not follow her everywhere. If you’ve seen video, they stake out her place and hope she’ll lead them to the new house, and shots with Ben.

    If you keep getting on threads with Violet, you will keep seeing pap pictures of them because they are popular — it’s that simple. Too simple for the morons here!

  • Bella

    She is such a cute kid.
    Why is it that pics of Jennifer and Violet look so natural and like she can be your next door neighbour. . .and yet with Katie and Suri they always looked so overdressed and never smile.

  • a realist

    I love the Afflecks, my favorite celebrity family.

  • Ally

    Another day, another chance to p*mp your kid out with an image-friendly photo-op.

    And she seems to have an endorsement deal with Giggles and Hugs- the owner, some “expert” on parenting because she’s seen “lots of moms and kids” talks about how “perfect” Jen Garner is as a mother and Jen keeps coming to her establishment.

    I guess all the other celeb moms (you know, the ones who don’t get photographed 4-5 times per week) just must be bad moms who don’t care about their kids. Yeah, that’s why Jen and Violet get photographed so much while NONE of the other celebrity moms do.

    Since you believe that, I’m sure you also believe that there’s *no way* Edwards fathered a child out of wedlock- the “secret” meeting at a hotel last month, his willingness to take a paternity test, and the mother’s refusal to submit her child to a paternity test all just *happened.*

    There truly is a fool born every minute.

  • a realist

    # 10
    Bella @ 08/12/2008 at 6:29 pm

    She is such a cute kid.
    Why is it that pics of Jennifer and Violet look so natural and like she can be your next door neighbour. . .and yet with Katie and Suri they always looked so overdressed and never smile.
    I think Katie is uptight, and Suri is a little spoiled brat. They can’t even take the bottle away from her, and she is going on 3 years old.

  • Teri

    She’s so phoney. Always all smiles when it’s just her and Violet but when Ben comes along she acts like she hates the paps!

  • teacup

    #9, #7 – we are in this blog doing the same thing you do when you go to other blogs and trash people you don’t like. So deal with it. We do know it bothers you from your reply’s. But seriously she needs to keep this little girl away from the paps. It’s a bit too much.


    wow, a mom with sense (unlike that idiot Katie Holmes). She dresses her dariling to PLAY not pose with paps. To the morons 15, 12, 14 , 6….if you dont want to see her scroll passed her picture and dont WHATEVER you do DONT type on a message about how you are sick of seeing her etc. etc. It will only make JJ post more on her.note she is #4 in popularity due to all the messages on her posts. I have a feeling you love to see her and Violet and only Pretend you dont. WHy else do you spend all your time talking about her? Becuase you are morons. Oh yeah.

  • remember da truth

    teacup, teri, did you ever think that smiling with the baby keeps the baby happy and relaxed?
    Look again, without your own neuroses projected onto the photos…. When away from Violet, even in these photos, she is NOT happy with the paps.
    She is not trying to get the baby into all the photos. She is merely taking her child to lunch, to the park, with her on errands, just like any other mother would.
    And yes, LOTS of celeb moms are photographed with their kids doing these things. But not all are hounded and get multiple posts on their threads causing the price to go up, and not all are pregnant, adding to the intrigue.

    And teacup, I don’t seek out people I don’t like. If that’s what you do when you are on blogs, you have a problem. I have no trouble skipping all the gossip girl and disney and reality people. If you actively seek out spending time reading about adn discussing people you dont’ like, I suggest you work on how to interact with people.

  • Angi

    I want to have my birthday party there. It looks so cute!

  • Ambar

    What’s with the pacifers in her bag. Isn’t Violet like 3 years old? Seems a bit old for pacifers. We do see a whole lot of pictures of these two, but maybe b/c of her unconfirmed pregnancy she’s getting a lot of face time.

  • Daria

    She’s photographed so much because she is a good mom who takes Violet out to educate and teach her about all sorts of different things. She can’t avoid walking on sidewalks where paps lie in wait to get herself and Violet to these venues. Not sure why haters say she is “whoring” her out….should she keep her in the house behind closed curtains? Don’t be so stupid….unless your brain doesn’t allow you not to be.

  • Lonely Jen

    She takes Violet out so much because she’s bored home alone with her daughter and doesn’t want to entertain her. She has no one at home to talk to or pay attention to her, her husband is hardly every around, at least the paparazzi pay attention to her.

  • Adoring Fan

    I love seeing pics of Jen and Violet together doing such fun and interesting things. They are so adorable and such a delight to behold, especially Miss Violet. I swear she is the cutest kid and so happy. She could not be that happy unless she was shown love and attention on a regular basis. If kids are only used as PR objects, that will show when they are in public. Kids are the real deal and tend to act the same all the time. No pimping involved here. The truth will out you every time.

  • Vogue
  • Fantasyisland

    My daughter is 3 and people constantly say she is the spitting image of Violet. I think Vi and her mommy are both gorgeous and seem very well grounded.

  • Ally

    Lonely Jen, you may have a point- Garner NEEDS this attention to fulfill her if her husband has tired of her. Ben certainly looks bored when she isn’t pregnant.

    To “Dear Morons”: you should stop projecting your own inadequacies onto others- it’s very obvious. Last time I checked, a little thing called the First Amendment guaranteed my right to post whatever the hell I want. Scroll past comments that offend your delusions.

    And the only thing you can tell from Violet’s behavior is how she feels around the paps- which is obviously comfortable, given how much her mother has paraded her around in front of them. Her mother may also pay her attention away from the paps- actually, I’m sure she does- but that doesn’t excuse wh*ring the kid out for more attention. As usual, Adoring Fan, you miss the point. The meds aren’t working.

    Then again, even some of you, Garner’s fans, have said you want to see Violet if there are pics without her. Garner’s desire for attention may have backfired. Serves the media ho right.



    Where in the world is Ben? Day after day we see mother daughter activities even on Saturdays. Saturdays are like the one day families spend together, instead its Violet and Jen having lunch without Ben. Ben rarely carts his daughter out by himself for fun activities. Is he allowed to? I guess Jen is the old ball and chain in charge of the kids while Ben goes out to play. She messed up big time by not staying with Scott Foley. I think she would have had a man who wanted to be with her for fun family activities. Ben clearly has more important things to do.

  • Adoring Fan

    Poor Ally #25 and the idiot at #26, are you guys cut from the same cloth? Why do you keep bringing up issues that have been addressed and readdressed. Please try to keep up if you want to play this game. I fear you are much to slow to comprehend the real truth. It seems thal all rational thoughts just sail right past you. Get a grip.

  • Ally

    Oh, Adoring Fan, are my points so hard for you to comprehend that you can’t even respond? No, even you aren’t that stupid. It’s hard to answer to the TRUTH, isn’t it? Give up trying, dear. You’re in over your head. Just lose yourself in your swoon over Garner and stop trying to converse with people who can actually think, okay?

  • Marsha

    They are an adorable family, but some of their fans on this site are obsessive.

  • Retardfan

    some of their fans on this site are obsessive.

    They sure are.

  • J.

    Beautiful as Always:)

  • firstpost

    I use to be a fan if hers when she on tv and married to Scott foley. I’m just not into her anymore because she seems to be famous for being married to ben and her movie career has been mediocre. Not sure why the same pics of her and her kid are everywhere. My conclusion is that she must like the attention in some weird way otherwise there are ways where she doesn’t put her kid out there like that. She also seems more fake now then when she first started on tv.

    I also think ben isn’t that into her. He’s always gone without her-isn’t he in. The east coast again? My husband hates my outdoor acyibites but he loves me and so goes with me and enjoys it because he sacrifices for the family. Ben is just not wanting to be around her too much.

  • Adoring Fan

    Firstpost @ #32 why are concerned with whether or not Ben wants to be around her too much. If and when he ventures out with her it is always a paparazzi mayhem. I would rather see her and Violet anyway. Congratulations to you that your husband trails behind you like a well trained puppy dog. Give him a bone.

  • Mikey

    wow adoring fan. You’re a bitch. Firstpost, people either hate her or fanatically love her. Keep posting and don’t be afraid of adoring fan – she didn’t see her psychiatrist today.

    Free ben!!!

  • Mikey

    adoring fan, your inspiring me to create a ihatejengarner site. Wouldn’t that be fun? Lots of members on that site. Maybe if she won an oscar instead of being a media whore I would have some respect for her. Maybe if her husband hadan ounce of real joy whenever he’s near her instead of only for media opps, or if she stopped talking and acting like she was 13(have u seen her on interviews? Talks like an idiot with a baby voice and a lisp and wild hand motions) and stop wearing 5 year old barrettes on her head.

    There’s just something really fake or narcisstic about her underneath that image she wants to portray – it’s annoying.

    I’ll give her props for being a good single mom. You know it’s true and don’t deny it.

    FREE BEN!!!

  • lol

    Mikey go open the site i’ll take it down though :P so don’t invest in it too much ;)

  • lol

    oh and Mikey you are annoying the shit out of me you really “inspire me to do something about it… ”
    Adoring fan i’m with ya!

  • lola

    they went to a fucking birthday party leave them alone!

  • Jenfan

    don’t be afraid of adoring fan – she didn’t see her psychiatrist today.

    She just forgot to take her meds.

  • lol

    ^^^ you would know

  • mya

    I like those two ’cause even if Jen is a public figure, they seem (Jen and Ben) to live a kind of normal life than other with their child.

  • BFC

    Rosy, go to bed and stop spending all your time obsessing over Jennifer Garner.


    Dear Jen, oops, I mean Adoring Fan, accept the fact that Firstpost hit the nail on the head and shared the truth. End of story.