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Katie Holmes: Jet Lag? What's That?

Katie Holmes: Jet Lag? What's That?

Katie Holmes opts for a plain white buttondown and skinny jeans as she arrives at a New York City theater early Tuesday morning to rehearse for her upcoming Broadway play All My Sons.

Just last night, the 29-year-old actress was on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere of Tropic Thunder to support husband Tom Cruise.

Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for a dance rehearsal with a private instructor, making sure to enter the theater through a side door in the alley so that the paparazzi and tourists wouldn’t see her.

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Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Ann

    You’re kidding, right, Jared? She looks awful–like she hasn’t slept, which she probably hasn’t.

  • Vogue
  • nda

    katie again??
    oh my…..

  • help katie

    Katie, is it worth the money? We know last night was fake, you have to be true to yourself and stop living so many lies. You look like you got a beating, help yourself.

  • vickifromtexas

    luv her

  • N

    I really want to root for Katie but the girl is such a fashion victim and evidence of all the things wrong with fashion and follow trends. She does not dress well for her body at all. Lose the skinny jeans and the short hair they look horrible on you, Katie. The short hair makes her thighs and hips look bigger.

    Grow your hair back (ignore Victoria and Tom) and don’t wear what’s in, wear what looks best on you.

    Very few (read the perfectly proportioned and narrow hipped) can wear skinny jeans and look good.

  • ck

    Madonna going to the gym in London laughs at these pics

  • tom c

    You know, with all the weeks of rehearsing you’d think she would have used the side door to the theatre earlier. It’s only after people started criticizing her for exposing Suri so obviously to the paparazzi that we hear of her using the side door today.–The girl’s an idiot.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, depressed.

  • LuckyL

    I wish people would stop acting like this bit** starts any trends. Trendsetters don’t RESCIND.

  • pam

    why does she always look so sad?

  • pam

    why does she always look so sad?

  • help katie

    because she’s depressed…she sold her soul for money and what she thought would be fame. She is living too many lies and is not too bright.
    KH always wanted to marry tc, so her wish came true, the audition succeeded, it was a terrible wish. She still can’t work it out.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    yeah she looks so sad. :(

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Josie

    Katie looks like crap. For such a skinny girl she has fat legs and she looks like she hasn’t slept.

    She’s over her head with this whole Broadway thing, not to mention the idiot she got herself hooked up to.

    She had to fly all the way back to LA for 1 day just to go to a premiere with CrazyCruise and you know its to get all the PR they can get. All Cruise has right now is a cameo. He got dumped from his next movie for asking for too much money! HA-HA!

    Cruise needs to except that he’s OVER and Katie needs to accept that she can’t hitch her wagon to him anymore. They are both losers.

  • ana

    OMG Maria! You are so right! I’m so sick of this biotch! Who the hell cares about her anyway? She’s a dumb-a** robot with no talent!

    NO MORE KATIE JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, so right about the Broadway part #16 Josie. She can barely get through the rehearsals, let alone 5 nights a week of giving a performance as if you’re doing it for the first time, every time.

  • umm yeah

    this woman has aged 10 years in the past couple of years right before our eyes, poor girl.


    How many more times do we need Katie walking up a sidewalk..Ben
    Affleck and Katie should get together since that is all they do in there

    Those two took over the premiere… It is amazing how he can do that…
    and the rest of the cast takes a back seat… Now that his own Nazi
    movie has been postponed until next year… We don’t have to see him
    just her.. Since his older children will be starting school next month…


    Katie and Ben Affleck should start walking up the sidewalk together..
    Since that is all they do in their publicity…


    Katie and Ben Affleck should start walking up the sidewalk together..
    Since that is all they do in their publicity…

  • Jaxon

    Who cares WHAT this chick wears?


    Why not have Katie Holmes do other things that just walk up a side
    walk… She should be proud to be at a premiere..Where everyone else
    in the cast were there..

  • Sofia

    LEAVE HER ALONE! She’s a beautiful girl…she’s just not obsessed with her look and her body like most other celebrities. I admire her for being able to be herself and to be natural. GO KATIE GO! We love u!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….`she’s such a trendsetter. women all over the world are trying to dress like her.

  • McLovin

    Maybe she should ignore YOU, #6. Who says she’s not wearing what she feels like wearing?

    You’re the idiot if you think she cares what a bunch of gossips think, #8.

    She doesn’t look sad all the time at all, #12.

    How did they take over the premiere, #20.

  • lemon227

    Yeah, women who are used to getting dressed in the dark are trying to dress like her. Someone go and buy this woman a lightbulb so she can see what the hell she is wearing.

  • KarenA

    Katie’s awesome. I swear, people who say she looks sad or unhappy or whatever. Why? Because she’s not smiling to herself while walking? Do you all do that? I know I don’t. And I’m always cheery. *shrugs*

  • kaia

    Is she on drugs? Or Tom feeds her with drugs regulary…..Get back on your feet, girl. Leave that psycho.

  • Cleatis

    Katie Holmes doesn’t set trends, she only follows them (just like every other actress in her limited ability range).

  • Supernetuser

    She’s probably not brave enough to set a standard higher than what she has. She’s afraid to do things differently.

  • Mav

    Isn’t it magical and amaaaazing that Katie knows just how to avoid the paparazzi when she feels like it or when it best interests herself?

    Yet when she has a frightened, tired toddler in her arms late at night, she seems to forget there’s any such thing as a side entrance or more private exitway?

    Don’t you? Thinks it’s amaaaazing?

    I do.


  • WillaCather

    Equally as amazing is how she thinks she can hide the fact she still reading off script, like we don’t know what’s in that briefcase or bag.

  • Lidya

    If you don’t want to know about Katie’s every move skip articles about her and go to the next one and stop commenting about her!

  • Love

    She was out parting last night at the Tropic Thunder premier after party and flew to NY today, so obviously she looks tired.

  • Calypso

    I think she’s GREAT. She always seems so humble despite the fact that she’s intelligent, beautiful, rich and famous!

  • regina

    her sandals are pretty, her hair looks cute !

  • Calypso

    If I were her I would feel like SUPER HOT SH*T, but she doesn’t appear to…she’s just so humble it’s inspiring..I admire her.

  • Mav

    Sorry to burst any bubbles, but she ain’t that humble, honey…

  • Calypso

    Maybe you;’re right Mav but she definitely seems humble…maybe it’s just good acting.

  • Mav

    More likely. Yet who could have thought five years ago that her best acting would be found within her real life…

  • anonymouse

    You might want to dust off your Webster’s dictionary for the definition of humble. This woman definitely does not fit the description.

  • anonymous

    tired but still pretty. Looks like Suri in some pics.

  • ninja

    adorable lady :)

  • fey

    Ooooooo yippeeee she is dancing for what? I know Arthur Miller is not a musical.

  • Vic

    Funny about her entering the side door – who would want to see her anyway?

  • liz86000

    WOW… You guys are really a bunch of angry people, aren’t you?

  • dave

    McLovin is an idiot.
    McLovin is an idiot.
    McLovin is an idiot.
    McLovin is an idiot.

    She has no life of her own so like a parasite, gets her thrills off of Katie’s.

  • eddie jones

    it’s what her brain has had since she’s gotten tangled up with tom cruise and Scientology.