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Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty

Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty

Sienna Miller breaks down and almost starts to cry when the paparazzi question her in Malibu, Calif., on Monday.

The 26-year-old actress was trying to fill up her Lexus at a Malibu gas station, when one of the paparazzo questioned Sienna about her alleged homewrecking.

“Can you leave me alone, I’m trying to get gas and this is really harassment. Please leave me alone,” Sienna said. “Please I’m asking you. I can’t live like this, please give me a little bit of respect. I’m just trying to f***** fill up my car.”

After she left the gas station Sienna pulled into the Police Department’s Emergency Safety Zone to ask for an escort home.

10+ more pics inside of Sienna Miller running on empty…

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173 Responses to “Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty”

  1. 1
    Patty Says:

    Cry, *****, cry.

  2. 2
    Nicole Says:

    You reap what you sow – and in this case, she deserves all the harassment she gets.

  3. 3
    Ruth Says:

    I am sorry but this is obviously reaching a level of stalking.
    Whilst I really despise Ms. Miller and Mr. Getty for their behaviour, I think that enough is enough and that the papz should leave her alone.

    With that I must say that their arrogance which is so clearly shown by the continued public parading of this affair on a daily basis is only fuelling the fire and the anger of the public. I understand that her PR people have advised her to do this but it is really a subject lesson in how NOT to separate and divorce a spouse who has already suffered enough humiliation at the hands of her husband and his lover.

  4. 4
    percypiglet Says:

    can’t handle the truth. she IS a homewrecker.

  5. 5
    NONO Says:


  6. 6
    Beth Says:

    They’re both homewreckers. Sorry but I think she deserves it. So does Balthy whatever his name is.

  7. 7
    Helena Says:

    God, they were separated. But really, she is in California! Of course she’ll have the paparazzi hounding her.

  8. 8
    Ingrid Says:

    I can not believe people are still calling her a homewrecker. You don’t even know the truth.

  9. 9
    hahahaha Says:

    u deserved it u biatchhhhhhhhh!!!!!1

  10. 10
    edie Says:

    If she wants the paps to leave her alone, then 1: don’t go to California, 2: don’t take up with a married man (who STILL isn’t legally separated from his wife), 3: don’t date another well-known guy PERIOD, 4: if you are going to date a well-known guy, make sure you aren’t photographed cavorting around TOPLESS (even if it is the European custom).

    Really, Sl*uttyienna, cry me a river.

  11. 11
    Stefanie Says:


  12. 12
    umm yeah Says:

    give the poor girl a break.

  13. 13
    hanne Says:

    I agree with #5!
    Sienna is not the one to be married..why doesn`t anyone call Getty a ***** instead of her!
    She`s just fallen in love, while ha has made the biggest mistake!
    I cant blame her, Getty is toooo sexy.

    I like u sienna!!

  14. 14
    jj Says:

    Poor Girl!!!
    This is a total stalking case. I can´t get over how close they are standing to her flashing her face. I really do NOT understand, why it is legal to harrass somebody in that way in the name of them being a celeb. I really do not get it!

  15. 15
    gds Says:

    She can’t have it both ways…they are both scum.

  16. 16
    Jase Says:

    Slag, cry me a river.

  17. 17
    umm yeah Says:

    it’s not the cameras that upset her, it’s the rude things yelled at her to get a reaction.

  18. 18
    Jennifer Says:

    my god, her legs look scarily skinny!

  19. 19
    Amy Says:

    Sienna could quite easily get away by going back to England and staying low for a while – if she stays in LA, she’d going to get hounded by the paps, period.
    If Getty was anywhere near decent, he’d continue this ‘affair’ in a more private manner…

  20. 20
    Sheryl Says:

    Oh, is this how she looked when she was suffering so beautifully from being “cheated on” just a few years ago? And maybe Rosetta should go ahead and issue a statement to Sienna and tell her she better “watch out” as Sienna so eloquently up it back then. Maybe she’s good at drama after all. Looks like she’s back to playing the sympathy card.

  21. 21
    stella Says:

    Why don’t we just brand the girl with a capital “A” while we’re at it. I agree it’s completely unfair and sexist to chastise Sienna and not give equal mistreatment to Getty…whether or not the man was married at the time of their involvement. No one knows 100% of the facts or truth from either sides.

    I really feel bad for her ’cause she’s obviously emotionally unstable and seem to not know how to deal with the paps. She should start considering options like getting a bodyguard before going out in public or stay away from the public till the media issue simmers down.

  22. 22
    Sun Says:

    Another ANGELINA JOILE in the making hahahahaha LOL…Hollywood is one SWINGERS club….only whores and homewreckers around….

  23. 23
    Sun Says:

    Another ANGELINA JOLIE in the making hahahahah LOL….Hollywood consists only of whores and homewreckers…One big swinger club….

  24. 24
    Mondo Bongo! Says:

    I have no idea what’s going on in the life of SM nor do I
    give a lollipop, I do know the media/paps are out of control
    feeding on others like blood sucking vampires, fabricating..
    and like rats eating cheese the public eats it up.. phooey

  25. 25
    Linda Says:

    Oh you all know how to judge people without really knowing anything about them or their situations. Maybe Rosetta was a bad wife, maybe not, maybe they just ran out of love or whatever. You people in the states are weird.

  26. 26
    Annika Says:

    She only gets what she asked for when she fooled around with Getty. I don’t have the least bit of sympathy for her.

  27. 27
    Natalie smith Says:

    …of course no one knows what really happend but why do they keep going around like this in the one place in the world with more paparazzis than inhabitants????


  28. 28
    Kathy Says:

    Whether or not Rosetta was a bad wife is besides the point- after all of Sienna’s angst about being cheated on by Jude Law (and they weren’t even married), it’s the height of hypocrisy to start running around with a married man! I don’t think any self-respecting woman should take up with a man who’s still in a relationship. HOWEVER, Getty is the one who really deserves the scorn and harrassment because HE is the one who is MARRIED. Regardless, the paps always act like this- Sienna isn’t receiving any special treatment. She needs to go back to England and let all this die down.

  29. 29
    sheryl Says:

    Yeah, right, “Linda.” Fact is, Sienna invited all this attention back when she was “sort of” in Rosetta’s position and everybody was feeling sorry for “poor cheated-on Sienna” and she was making statements right and left and talking about it in interviews, etc., that whole “look at me, I’m somebody.” She brought it on, JL suffered more than he should (and still does), and now she’s getting exactly what she gave out, a fact that pretty much explains why I’m commenting at all…otherwise, I frankly wouldn’t give her the time of day.

  30. 30
    lori Says:

    anyone on here defending this hoe bag is either paid by her pr company or is sienna woman who’s been scourned like rosetta would have the balls to defend sienna the slag!!! god you people are like f***ing lambs…if sienna says jump you’d all ask how high!!!! idiots!!!!!!awww poor sienna in her lexus….can’t get any privacy so she can suck off the next hollywood director to get a job…

  31. 31
    Sofia Says:


  32. 32
    alice Says:

    PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE? come on, if she kept her legs closed the paps wouldnt be houding her like they are…..not enough to jump from man to man, have to go after a married man as well…she’s trash. Trash trash trash…she asked for the attention by sleeping w/a married man!!!!!!

  33. 33
    Sofia Says:

    Rosetta and Balthazar were already separated…so why call Sienna a home wrecker? She’s not!!!!

  34. 34
    shut up man Says:

    police have more important things to do! KARMA BEEEEOCH!

  35. 35
    alice Says:


  36. 36
    - Says:

    LET HIM who is WITHOUT SIN cast the FIRST STONE.

  37. 37
    Ria Says:

    Why woudl they eb appearing in events lovey dovey if theyw ere already separated? Lies being spread around by Sienna’s PR>

    Please. She says to the paps “Please give me a lettle bit of respect?” Why? When you go flaunting your affair with a not even legally separated man instead of keeping a low profile, you reap what you sow.

    No sympathy for ehr at all. She’s happy enough to use the paps when she needs them then cries foul when not. Go back to England so I don’t have to see your face on print here where I live.

  38. 38
    tim Says:

    Trash deserved to get trashed. She broke up a family and she’s crying for being photographed? Sorry, her tears do not work on me. I only have sympathy for the wife and children she victimized.

  39. 39
    lu Says:

    Yeah Tim, like you know them personally and know the whole story behind this…c’mon people stop judging situations all you know about is what the paparazzi show you.

  40. 40
    andy Says:

    Sienna is so beautiful!

  41. 41
    Kaye Says:

    I wonder why no one ever called Angelina Jolie a “homewrecker” to her face. hmmm… and now she’s a media darling w/ her “charity works”. Yes, her contributions are commendable, but she still hooked up… and got pregnant… w/ a married man.

    No one knows the whole story w/ Sienna and Getty, we may not like their behavior 100%, but it’s too soon to judge.

  42. 42
    Ali Says:

    Homewrecker. He is married and with four children! Does she have a consciousness!

  43. 43
    aress Says:

    The sad thing for her is at some point she wished she had a career. I read that she has several films coming in 2009.I hope for her that she’s absolutely riveting in them, because right no absolutely no one even remembers that she’s actually an actress.
    It doesn’t seem pretty good if you want a future in the industry.

  44. 44
    Calypso Says:

    Sienna is NOT a HOMEWECKER!! Balthazar and Rosetta were ALREADY SEPARATED!!

  45. 45
    - Says:

    LET HIM who is WITHOUT SIN cast the FIRST STONE!

  46. 46
    NONO Says:




    GO SIENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    LuckyL Says:

    They were f****** separated, get over this sh** you freakin’ maniacs.

  48. 48
    woogie Says:

    Sienna made her own bed. She is responsible for HER own actions.
    Women like her- suffer the consequences. Same thing with the married men.

  49. 49
    LuckyL Says:

    God, so many bitter, cheated on housewives in this thread. Perhaps you should pay more attention to your marriage and kids, and perhaps not let yourself go right after the honeymoon and you may not end up separated from your husbands as well, and they try and pretend there was a chance you and your ex getting back together when it had been done and over with years ago. Having a kid didn’t fix things and that part was irrelevant. What went to sh** had already gone to sh**.

  50. 50
    LuckyL Says:

    People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.

  51. 51
    caroline Says:

    Seriously, just leave her alone. Her business is nobody else’s, it’s just unfortunate that she has her picture taken everywhere possible. In the words of Sienna, just let her fill up her car!

  52. 52
    caroline Says:

    Seriously, just leave her alone. Her business is nobody else’s, it’s just unfortunate that she has her picture taken everywhere possible. In the words of Sienna, just let her fill up her car!

  53. 53
    ivon Says:

    I have absolutely no respect for her at all and no sympathy, what did they expect in LA. Nobody is buying her act.

  54. 54
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    stupid slʊt.

    …cry me a river! lol

  55. 55
    Jaime Says:

    why is she even crying for what she’s done…

    dunno even why a lot of celebrities are swearing at the paparazzi…yah they are annoying, but they’re doing their job…its part of having fame, and they can’t handle that than get out…

  56. 56
    LuckyL Says:

    And I wonder, when he explained his situation off the bat, if he did at all, if you all know how these cheating wives and husband work, you would know that even the best women find out in surprise that the guy was married, or separated and not yet divorced, or the divorce is still pending, but the words that came out of his mouth, did they say otherwise? Do you really think he sat down and clearly rehashed all this?

  57. 57
    naty Says:

    I don’t like her but I don’t think is OK for the paparazzi to stalk her. She is not a good person, but neither the other guy, so they deserve each other.

  58. 58
    divya Says:

    I guess Sienna deserves it all.
    imagine the pain the kids and rosetta is goin through..
    god bless them !

  59. 59
    real world Says:

    They should leave her alone.This isn’s the first married guy she ever dated .and it won’t be tthe last. there wano about jude law are guys she dated.what make this so special.But should until everything was clear up before jumping like that, why the paparazzi hounding him like that hhe’s part of it too. where was he at when this was going on? should have threr to protect him.if really care about her. but it won’t last too of them will get tired and move on.

  60. 60
    Vogue Says:

    shes stunning

  61. 61
    movies Says:

    Edge of Love: no US release date
    Hippie Hippie Shake: postponed release
    GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra: sequel with Sienna doubtful
    Nottingham: postponed

    Sienna is blackballed by the film industry.

  62. 62
    blackworm Says:

    Sienna absolutely deserves this. She has no sympathy for Rosetta and the kids so I have no sympathy for Sienna.

    Sienna ,your time is up. Your career is over. The public is ready to stone you. What goes around comes around.

  63. 63
    Lynda Says:

    Why not get an assistant to fill up your car?
    She is just looking for attention and she got it!

  64. 64
    what else is new in la la land Says:

    waaa waaaa, we all know shes not self-rightous, but we do know she is self-seeking and what she wants she gets no matter the concequences…..the sad truth is people have affairs all the time, it’s the nature of a weak being ;) the only thing here is the childrens welfare and embarrassment they will and have suffered through this all, the wife should just take the fuuuuucker for all he’s worth but the poor children will be the ones suffering from all the shiiit going down, they are kids, they don’t understand why daddy couldn’t keep his small penille in his pants :P I hope the British bomb shell is happy w herself, soo many fish in the sea and she has to nibble on one w 4 kids…..I hope Karma bites her HARD in the buttocks …what a SAD f.uuuckkkkk she is

  65. 65
    Maniston the rich woman corned Says:

    let Angelina alone
    your idole Maniston was BANGING and PUMPING VV early on while still married

    now she’s peed on and shitted on
    well deserved
    4 years and still crying a river
    no “home” no kids , only a rich ,silly woman who thought she was the world ..

  66. 66
    Highwayroller Says:

    I feel SO sorry for that girl…
    she is beauty and really talented actress, just look at her movie “Interview”
    but the media hounded her like nuts just because she lives her life.
    Be strong, Sienna

  67. 67
    andré Says:

    I don’t think she did anything remotely wrong.
    She just fell in love with a married man.
    He was the one that was married and was supposed to be faithfull.

    It’s amazing how plp can be mean towards someone else especially when it comes to cheating.
    Get a life, everyone..your husbands are safe at home!
    Sienna wouldn’t like fat a.s.s. men.

    It reminds me of Jennifer and Angelina and now everyone loves that freak Jolie.

  68. 68
    Leah75 Says:

    Yes, they are harassing her and it must have been a scary situation. However, she should realize that there is a very simple solution: she doesn’t seem to be doing work right now, so she can go somewhere quiet and lay low for a while. She is getting publicity for all the wrong reasons, and it’s sad that nobody (publicist, family, friend…anyone) is being honest with her and giving her a bit of advice on how to handle herself.

  69. 69
    hahhahhaa Says:

    Karmic sucks doesn’t it?

  70. 70
    mimi Says:

    I don’t see what the difference is between getty and miller and pitt and jolie. Both couples got together before they were divorced from their respective spouses. Maybe Miller should get pregnant really soon like Jolie did so she can make it more official…a la Jolie-Pitt.

  71. 71
    null Says:

    Funny that some of you think that Angelina got off lightly when until now ignorant people still blame her for the split? How many years has it been?

  72. 72
    mery Says:

    People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.

    Well… Jude and Sienna NEVER were married.

    I don’t like Sienna, but I don’t believe nobody have the right the offend others.
    Sienna have wrong way. Before Getty.
    She like the fame, the cover magazines. She don’t like the privacity, but I hate the public moralist. When someone don’t like me, I ignore them.

  73. 73
    blackworm Says:

    You know, Leah75, I’ll bet that there have been people giving her advice and I’ll bet that Sienna just has not listened. She seems to be the type to just do what ever she wants to do. To hell with everyone else and what they think.

    But sometimes that kind of attitude turns back and bites you and I think that’s what’s happening. Maybe Sienna will learn to listen to advice or maybe not. Maybe she’ll just drink and drug her way to oblivion. That would be fine with me.

  74. 74
    sheryl Says:

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 9:48 am People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.”

    And yours is the epitome of illogical banter. Jude and Sienna were NOT married. Slob of a nanny? How nice. Now run along and lick Sienna’s feet.

  75. 75
    Annie Says:

    It doesn t matter if Rosetta is a bad wife or what, he is still married with her and if he was unhappy in the marriage he should have devorced her before he hooked up with Sienna. ………maybe Sienna and Balty should be somewhere else than Malibu if they get harrased by the papz.

  76. 76
    Brangelina Says:

    Sienna and Balthy are IN LOVE and should be left alone! He does not want to be with his wife, so what is the big deal!
    Also, unless we have picutres of them doing the deed, don’t assume he is cheating!!!
    They may be waiting for his divorce papers to be finalized before they have sex!

  77. 77
    selma Says:

    He was the one who was married, she was single, so why do the medias and you people offend her.
    It isn’t like if a woman could steal a man like people steal an object!!!!
    If you really need to offend someone, offend him and not her. HE IS THE ONE WHO WAS MARRIED.
    The same thing happened with Angelina and Brad, nobody offended him, but only her. Can you tell me why should her be more guilty than him?

  78. 78
    mille Says:


  79. 79
    Sprmcandy Says:

    Sienna is soo Beautiful and Gorgeous, I dont care if she has rancid dog *** oozing out of her . Eye candy she is.

  80. 80
    Nadia Loves Sienna!! Says:


  81. 81
    Mimi Says:

    One day, she courts the papz, goes out in public with her married lover, In extremely PUBLIC places where celebs go deliberately to be seen and photographed, then the next day it’s boo hoo… poor little homewrecking me.

    She really can’t have it both ways. And come on, her PR people have tried to make it seem she’s not a bad girl. Hogwash, spin and lies.

    Yes, of course the papz are getting way too close to her. Shame on them too.

  82. 82
    666 Says:

    I think she’s even hotter now. Most people hating on her are really happy that they have a titilatingly sweet target in which to throw stones at. Deep down inside the more beautiful the target the more we want to either consumate it or consume it. It’s all a little prurient, and a little reptillian. But I’m ok with that. Are you?

  83. 83
    666 Says:

    - @ 08/12/2008 at 9:16 am

    LET HIM who is WITHOUT SIN cast the FIRST STONE.

    LET HIM who is WITH SIN get his ROCKS OFF.

  84. 84
    blackworm Says:

    You’re right, Mimi #81, she can’t have it both ways. She thought she could but no. The public is sick of her and her flaunting her private life for the last 4 years. She’s getting everything she deserves. I hope it keeps on going and drives her out of the film industry.

  85. 85
    Leyla Says:

    She’s ******* a married man, and some of you think that’s okay? If you think a celebrity is trash, then you’re jealous? you people a re scary

  86. 86
    sheryl Says:

    Not really, 666. I just like seeing her get what’s coming to her, and then I hope she goes away.

  87. 87
    sheryl Says:

    Not really, 666…I just like seeing her reap what she sowed, and then I just hope she disappears. She has NOTHING that makes me want to ‘consume’ her…and she has NOTHING that I have any reason to be jealous of.

  88. 88
    Leyla Says:

    its not okay what she is doing anyone who defends her is wrong

  89. 89
    Anne Says:

    The only person who deserves our sympathy is Mrs. Getty. She has to suffer the daily PR papz photos of Mr. Getty and his girlfriend showing the “togetherness” of their three month affair and exposing his wife and children to even more humiliation and stress.

    Generally speaking people announce separations and file for divorce before going public with their new partner, especially where there are small children. Ms. Miller should have stayed away until her boyfriend had completed all the legal details of the separation and divorce. I don’t like seeing people harassed or stalked and I would suggest that Ms. Miller sit this time out quietly and forget about “selling” her love affair to the public. Unfortunately she is getting most of the flack and the blame whilst the married man seems to have been excused his appalling behaviour and cruel treatment towards his wife (and it doesn’t matter if they were separated before or not).

  90. 90
    joey Says:

    It is Miller and Getty’s business. The talented duo met and fell in love. I hope they get big money whoring their babies out!

  91. 91
    Children crying Says:

    Why were the paparazzi running over kids at the gas station? (a child screamed ‘ow’? – paps suck!)

    Where is the civility/decency?

    Who do you all think you are?

  92. 92
    james Says:

    Homewrecking WH*RE!

  93. 93
    imjustsaying Says:

    I am not saying it is right but, give me a break. Quite frankly millions of spouses male and female cheat every day, that is just a fact of life. I am not saying it is right, I am just stating the truth. I get so sick and tired of when situations like this happen that the woman is always the one hounded, blamed, called all sorts of unsavory names and as the one individual said she is branded with a A. Leave her the heck alone, and by the way all of you calling her these names what do you have to say for yourself. Do you think this makes you any better or shows your so called Christianity, get a grip. Oh and one more thing, unless you are privy to this family you never know what situation was in the home, for all you know how do you not know that she has cheated, I am not saying it happened, just for Gods sake think. By the way get off the computer and take care of your perfect lives. Before you say anything I am single with no one to care for but myself.

  94. 94
    BRAD Says:

    **** **** **** ****!!!!

  95. 95
    Ned Says:

    LuckyL and all you others defending this ***** ho- get your di*cks out of Sienna’s mouth. It’s probably got all kinds of bad bacteria in it.

    Getty is the bas*tard who was in the wrong (hint: separated men don’t go to public events with their wives and get their photos taken, and separated men file for a LEGAL separation), but I don’t understand defending this ***** ho, either.

  96. 96
    mille Says:


  97. 97
    mille Says:


  98. 98
    LuckyL Says:

    sheryl @ 08/12/2008 at 11:22 am

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 9:48 am People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.”

    And yours is the epitome of illogical banter. Jude and Sienna were NOT married. Slob of a nanny? How nice. Now run along and lick Sienna’s feet.
    Pathetic response, irrelevant mistake

  99. 99
    LuckyL Says:

    Ned @ 08/12/2008 at 12:27 pm

    LuckyL and all you others defending this ***** ho- get your di*cks out of Sienna’s mouth. It’s probably got all kinds of bad bacteria in it.

    Getty is the bas*tard who was in the wrong (hint: separated men don’t go to public events with their wives and get their photos taken, and separated men file for a LEGAL separation), but I don’t understand defending this ***** ho, either.
    Whatever, I’m not overly concerned any longer, the loudest ones win out, not the thoughtful ones.

  100. 100
    alina Says:

    balthazar and his wife WERE already separated before the relationship with sienna began, that’s fact. however the way balthazar and sienna showed off their relationship regardless of whether he was separated or not was in such poor taste that yes, people are going to think sienna’s a home wrecker and balthazar is a sleaze. had they been more discreet and sensitive, maybe the public’s opinion would not have been as harsh. it’s too late now but people shouldn’t negate the fact that balthazar and his wife have been separated for quite some time now. sienna may have been living a life of scandal but in essence, no one deserves to be disrespected and harassed like that.

  101. 101
    Kathy Says:

    Alina #100: you say Getty and his wife were separated, “that’s fact.” Apparently, someone forgot to clue Rosetta (you know, the wife) in on this “fact.”

  102. 102
    repeat Says:

    Sienna you need to learn from Angelina-
    if you are going to be a home wrecking tramp –
    go and adopt a ton of kids
    pimp out the kids for $14 mill and donate ONE million of that to charity –and then your home wrecking / trampy ways will be ignored and you will be labeled a humanitarian instead!

  103. 103
    Arnaud Says:

    Whatever, Brad had the affair with Angie when Brad was still married. It doesn’t matter if “the marriage was over before it ended”, it is what it is, Brad cheated and Angie was the bulldozer that finally wrecked that home. Only an idiot won’t see how obvious that was or EVEN WORSE, deny that it ever happened. Just because Brad never admitted to cheating doesn’t mean he didn’t, I mean what celebrity in their right mind will admit to the entire world about an indiscretion? That’s career suicide! Balthazar Getty started a relationship with Sienna Miller when he was already separated, Brad Pitt did not. Brad may have been discreet about his affair with Angie but don’t be delusional and think that they’re faultless.

  104. 104
    alina Says:

    Kathy, yes, they were already separated. How do you know they were not?

  105. 105
    nic Says:

    omg, how come no one’s acknowledging that there was a separation already???????????? she’s not a home wrecker.

  106. 106
    Kathy Says:

    Alina #104: I don’t think they were because of all the statements made before the topless pics came out and because of the inconsistencies.

    Sienna and Getty are saying that the Gettys were already separated and he was sleeping on people’s couches for six months.

    If that’s true, then why was Getty saying his marriage was fine in late June/early July? Why was Getty photographed with his wife FOUR MONTHS ago at a public event if they were separated? Why hasn’t Getty yet filed for a legal separation? Why were Sienna and Getty sneaking around in Prague and at the Chateau in May if Getty was already separated?

    See, there are far too many inconsistencies to believe the Gettys have been separated for “quite some time,” unless you count a “few weeks” as some time.

    And if you still believe this lie (and you aren’t a paid PR flack), then I have some wonderful swampland in FL to sell- this is a perfect time to invest in real estate.

  107. 107
    mickey Says:

    Let’s see, she is publicity ***** who romps around topless a married man and SHE wants respect. You reap what you sow, honey. If you don’t want the paps following you around don’t give them reason to. My advice to poor little Sienna is that she hone down on the ******, scandalous side of life and try more tact, class and discretion.

  108. 108
    Columbus Says:

    Re. Kathy and Alina’s discussion:

    I don’t understand why Getty would’ve denied the separation from Rosetta at the airport. When asked, he could’ve remained silent, but he said, “We’re fine, guys.” I think that has added to the confusion of when or if a separation occurred.

    I agree that no one should judge the situation. No one truly knows what goes on between people, and private matters are just that. I also agree that the parties involved should keep a very low profile. The cynic in me wonders if the incident at the gas station wasn’t a set-up for a sympathetic reaction. If Getty is in LA to see his children, Sienna really should not be there at this time. At the very least, she ought to be in Santa Monica or Santa Barbara or anywhere out of the direct path of the paps. It’s a bit soon to set up house together in light of the circumstances.

  109. 109
    sdnd Says:


  110. 110
    joey Says:

    The wife deserves NO sympathy. She is older than Miller.

  111. 111
    sheryl Says:

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 12:40 pm sheryl @ 08/12/2008 at 11:22 am

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 9:48 am People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.”

    And yours is the epitome of illogical banter. Jude and Sienna were NOT married. Slob of a nanny? How nice. Now run along and lick Sienna’s feet.
    Pathetic response, irrelevant mistake”

    Pathetic response? Your response or mine? I vote yours!

  112. 112
    Calypso Says:

    Sienna is NOT a HOMEWECKER!! Balthazar and Rosetta were ALREADY SEPARATED!! …even the wife admitted it!

  113. 113
    Columbus Says:

    Calypso, Rosetta has not admitted the separation. She has been silent and has chosen not to speak to the media.

  114. 114
    Jbo Says:

    I HATE when celebs cry about the stalkerazzi! It’s part of the job you *****! There are TONS of things I hate to do for my job, but do it b/c it’s what I signed on for.

    By acting all baby and crying about it, they are goig to follow you more – DUMB *****! Act like they aren’t there and don’t answer their questions – no matter how unnerving they are. By engaging with the paps and crying, you look like a ******* CRYBABY who deserves to be in agony!

  115. 115
    Calypso Says:

    Yeah…maybe you’re right.

  116. 116
    barbie Says:

    No-one ‘deserves’ to be stalked. Who has the right to make this judgement – certainly not the typical poster in these types of fora. Irrespective of what Sienna and Balthazar got up to, the Paps are being obnoxious and only thinking of themselves…and the dollar signs. I don’t know the background to these photos, but Sienna looks very distressed. I feel really sorry for her.

  117. 117
    angie Says:

    I’m sorry, that’s got to be some pretty poor acting on her part. Not convincing enough.

  118. 118
    shea Says:

    this is so funny to me. Miss Miller LOVES the papz attention and does anything to get it. Now all of the sudden they are no so nice to her anymore because of her taking up with a married man with 4 young children and she is SO upset. Boo Hoo. Cry me a F*cking river. give up the act Miller. You are a pathetic girl. See darling, your actions DO have consequences and you are NOT exempt from anything!

  119. 119
    bella Says:

    ***** puhlease. She ran from London coz she is despised by the Primose hill set where she lives. They are both disgusting, of course normal morals and rules don’t apply to these “stars”.

  120. 120
    cb Says:

    you can get police escorts because you don’t like the questions being lobbed at you? who cares. deal with it.

  121. 121
    Maxinme Says:

    She is an actress and now she wants you to believe her. She is fake crying, Jude Laws wife should reconize it. She didn’t have a hard time then, but when she was cheated on by Law. Then she wanted people to feel sorry for her. Now she is back in the old frame as homewrecker and she is playing us.

  122. 122
    Bbb Says:

    disgusting home wrecking ****, and that blazaarah watever his name is should be ashamed. i don ‘t care about double standards and society today this is whats wring wid it. ppl shld take responsibility for their actions, ***** r not cool

  123. 123
    mya Says:

    Here and there she was asking some advises for her career. But since the movie with Keira Knightley, she has nothing to do or so…

    She never asks for photogs attention before.She seem to enjoy it but never thought that she could be follow up to Malibu. She hoped that nobody will be watching her… Here’s the rewards!

    So, by now, if she wants to be out of attention, she just have to return to England. As long as she wouldn’t meet Getty in public, she’s gonna be fine.

  124. 124
    Pecker Says:

    You people are dumb here.

    Since we’ve been seen more lately news about Sienna Miller and her affair with some random douche-bag, I have a question to ask you people. Why is it that it’s OK to harrass someone like Sienna Miller, yet some of you people give Angelina Jolie a free pass for homewrecking other people’s marriages? Don’t get me wrong here, I think what Sienna did was wrong and desserves to be thrown everything thats thrown at her, but yet Angie is being praised by doing all this charity s*** & yet we’re all ignoring the fact that she’s a homewrecker too. So we hate homewreckers, but we like AngieJo? That’s just hypocrisy there. Anybody can do all the charity s*** that AJ is doing, and yet get no credit. But when she does it, it’s like some sort of “event”. Just last night i gave a homeless man a dollar, and it didn’t make the news, but i bet if she did it, then it would be on TMZ and everyone would praise her for that. BullS***

    And i know some of you are gonna say that Angie is getting a free pass because she’s hot…ppsshhh! Please. I’ve seen hotter women than her. Seriously. It’s no different than what Sienna did. They’re both homewreckers. If people are gonna harras Sienna, the Angie should be harrassed to.

  125. 125
    oh please Says:

    She may not have know Balthazar was married then, but she knows now!!!

    They are going out of their way to be in the public eye in an outrageous manner. Please, sucking her t!t in public?

    That he and Rosetta were seperated is FAR from fact!!! The only people that have said that he and his wife were seperated is HER friends!! Her PR would say Rosetta is an alien NAZI if they thought it would help. If it really is true, then why doesn’t Balthazar say something? Because he knows his wife would rip his nuts off!

    She broke up with her ex over the phone after she started ******* Balthazar. She better-dealed Rhys staight up, and then changed the locks on the home they shared!!

    She’s done this before! She prefers married or attached men! Do a search for “Sienna” and “homewrecker”.

    Why the Frick are people defending her? All of her talents lay between her armpits and her knees!!

    And BTW, I think Angelina’s a homewrecker, too.

  126. 126
    remember da truth Says:

    You lonely fat hags, Lori etc — how does a happy home get broken up?!?! Are you so insecure you think all it takes is a pretty girl making herself available to a man? What is your problem?

    No, it’s not just Sienna’s PR people defending her. I have never liked Sienna, but you hags are so despicable no wonder your men leave you!! You don’t care about facts, or that she and he both WORK IN LA and have to be there. You just can’t stand that a relationship doesn’t last and have to blame someone.

    Not everyone legally separates, just like not everyone marries. Get over yourselves. Stop projecting your own sense of being a loser on two people you don’t even know.

  127. 127
    not given Says:

    It’s harassment.As i have said before,i’m a black male thirty two years of age(i know what harassment is).Being a celebrity seems to mean people have a right to be predjudiced toward you and disrespect you.

    I have always thought sienna(you)was nice looking although i do not watch your movies.Good luck,nobody(celebrity or not)deserve unwanted attention)harassment).

    citizen of virginia (united states of america)

  128. 128
    remember da truth Says:

    jbo #114
    NO you idiot, the paps are NOT part of the job!! You staring into their lives is NOT part of the job! In fact, it is the opposite of the job. That is why when there was a studio system, they were protected, so they had enough mystery to make people want to see them in the movies.

    Press interviews, red carpets, etc are part of the job. NOT casual pap photos of them putting gas in the car, going to get coffee, taking their kids to the park, etc.
    What a dip s hit you are!!!

  129. 129
    remember da truth Says:

    Not everyone feels the whole world needs to know their private business. If someone asks you about your relationship, saying “we’re fine” is a way of getting them out of your face. Saying, “well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you what she said to me the last time we talked, and then I said, and then she slammed the door, and then I walked out” isn’t the way to keep it private.

    Take Morgan Freeman and his wife. Still posing for photos, and not saying a word, but they have been separated for months. Only when it became public against their wishes, out of their control, did they admit it and then file for divorce.

    Just because a married couple goes to events together doesn’t mean they are in love!! Didn’t Brad and Jennifer teach you that? All the fools here ate it up that they were a golden couple when they spent most of their married life staying as far away from each other as possible, except for red carpet events for the public.

  130. 130
    victoria Says:

    BOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNIFF-SNIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. 131
    remember da truth Says:

    Barbie #116

    You are right. All these self-righteous people in here moralizing and yet they are gleeful at another person’s distress, and they want her to suffer. Soooo kind-hearted. And the reason they are so bitter and mean-spirited? Probably because they have cheated themselves and so will believe that another would do so, or they have been cheated on and don’t want to admit that they let the relationship die, that they were a bad wife, got fat, whatever and so want someone to blame.
    Sienna embodies their worst fears — the worst of themselves, adn the worst of the consequences of themselves.

    But wishing bad on someone, especially someone you don’t know, simply because you are a miserable angry fat cow, shows more about the posters here than it does about Sienna. You all sound like the misguided mob with torches running down a man accused, but later proven innocent. You all are out for blood, and are not acting with Christian hearts at all.

  132. 132
    Fruit loop Says:

    She’s such a nobody, famous not for films but for ********. So so sad.

  133. 133
    defap Says:

    remember da truth
    Wow you spent so much time to defend you idol (?). You must feel so proud of yourself to promote adultery and make the wives and children suffer and let the cheaters and homewreckers feel so proud of themselves.

  134. 134
    Sue Says:

    Kathy #28 I agree with you. She runs around playing victim for the tabs and paps when Jude cheated on her. I remember she went to all the places where the paps hung out to make sure she was photographed. Now she’s on the other side crying harassment. What a coward and a hypocrite. What did she expect? You play the tabloid fame game. That’s what you get. Suck it up, famewh*re.

  135. 135

    I find it funny that some people put so much stock into the “legality” of marriage to keep someone in the vice grip of a relationship. Whether your are separated or divorced, the bottom line is that you are NOT together, except for that little piece of paper that says you are and that’s a really bad reason to stay celibate. That would put it on the same level as a marriage of convenience — except with less fighting. There’s no betrayal where there’s no love. Yeah, it doesn’t look good and apparently we’re all so concerned with putting up appearances these days…better to be a hypocrite than *gasp* fall in love with someone other than the person you left because OMG state law says you’re still legally together!

    People get married and divorced all the time and while I don’t condone the casualness of it all, it’s ridiculous to leave it up to the legal system to say when you’re allowed to stop being publicly miserable. If you’re sleeping with your spouse and acting all normal one day, then cavorting around with somebody else the next, then yes you ARE cheating. But if you and your spouse have agreed to separate, then c’mon now, who’s the martyr here? It’s technical cheating if all you care about is that the legal papers have not been signed but I’d say emotional cheating is so much worst.

    And when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s even more ridiculous to have to answer to anybody else except your spouse or partner. There’s no reason why anybody, including celebs like Getty or Pitt should have to give status reports on their marriages to the papz. They should feel free to lie just as we would if accosted on the street and asked sensitive questions we don’t care to answer.

    And why on earth does Angelina Jolie gets dragged into everything? I never hear anything about what Julia Roberts did to Danny Moder’s wife, Vera. And who really knows what’s going on with Sienna? It’s fun to speculate and I imagine that’s why we all go on these sites, but random snapshots does not make a life. Ah, to be misunderstood! *LOL*

  136. 136
    oh please Says:

    Why are we moralizing and making judgements?

    Because we can. Go to another board if you don’t like it.

    I feel like calling shtty behavior shtty. YOU get over it.

  137. 137
    hmm Says:

    cry me a river. deal with it. BUY SOME BODY GUARD WITH ALL THAT MONEY. and stop wasting TAX PAYERS MONEY by going to the police…. if you can’t deal with the paps. leave. LEAVE. people need to realize what they are getting themselves into when they enter this bussiness…. she is creating her own MEDIA FRENZY. get over your self! YOU GOT THE MONEY, NOW SHUT UP

  138. 138
    defap Says:

    The bottom line is: we, the vast majority of people, hate adultery no matter what. That is why John Edwards lied and is not so proud of himself now.

    So you did find some reasons why the wives deserve be humiliated and hurt and the children deserve suffer because his father find love again. I guess Hitler must have found thousands of reasons why Jews deserve death. Same logic.

  139. 139
    JK Says:

    have any party filed for a legal separation or divorce? No.

  140. 140

    To defab #138, you’ve apparently misunderstood my statement.

    Nowhere did I say that wives deserved to be humiliated and children hurt…where the f*ck did you get that? I’d say that’s more a reflection of your your preoccupations than mine.

    By the way, children also suffer when their parents feel trapped and unhappy or haven’t you heard?

    As for John and Elizabeth Edwards, they were not separated when he had that affair – he was sneaking around and he should be ashamed for deceiving his wife!!!

    And c’mon now, Hitler? I’ll let you take that back if you want…bad logic not withstanding, that’s simply insulting!! We’re talking about celebrities here, whose lives we like to peek into, comment on, etc. because we can and because it’s FUN!!! Go ahead and call these people ****** whores and cheating good-for-nothing idots if that’s what you think, but to compare them to a self-righteous diabolical mass murderer? Get some perspective.

  141. 141
    booo Says:

    loooove you sienna! keep your head up

  142. 142
    defap Says:

    So adultery gets no one hurt, people are just all insane to get angry by it?
    In this case, his children will definitely get hurt seriously, if you can imagine.
    I think they started the affair before separation, and I won’t repeat why the conclusion is drawn. You can look back if you like. So it is adultery. John Edwards looks more decent than the two in comparison. By Hitler example, I say those people destroy others and just find reasons to justify their behaviors. They can dissolve the marriage in a sensitive way. Put the children first. That will have much different effects.

  143. 143
    Kathy Says:

    I honestly don’t understand all these people defending Getty and Sienna cheating (unless, of course, you’re PR flacks trying to protect your clients), but it’s time to call a spade a spade.

    Obviously, if a married person tells his spouse that he’s not happy, wants a divorce, moves out, and THEN starts dating (whether he has filed for a legal separation or not), that’s a different story. That doesn’t appear to be what Getty did.

    The reason I (and others, I suspect) find this infuriating is because Getty appears to have had an affair with Sienna- cheating on his wife, the mother of his four children. Only AFTER photos came out of Getty and Sienna together did he say “We’re separated,” and then her camp chimed in that they’d been separated for months, yada yada.

    The problem with this story was that it contradicted their previous behaviors and statements (see my post, #106). So now Getty and Sienna are in the position where, not only has he been caught CHEATING on his wife, both he and his mistress are now attempting to LIE about it.

    The fact that people would even defend this behavior shows just how morally corrupt some people have become.

  144. 144

    Chalk it up to insomnia but what the hell, I’ll respond to that:

    Don’t put words in my mouth. Once again, your preoccupations are coloring your ability to comprehend. Remember, we don’t have to agree! Beware the self-righteous. But nowhere in my post did I say or imply that aldutery gets no one hurt and that people are insane to get angry by it. Although, to be perfectly honest, I’d only get this insanely angry if It were me being cheated on and not some celebrity’s wife!

    And I still think the Hitler argument is bad logic and a completely incongruous response to my original post. But no biggie, I’ll agree to disagree.

    G’nite now. I’m sure Sienna is not losing sleep over any of our comments and frankly neither should I ( ;

  145. 145
    defap Says:

    It is you that constantly change the subjects. One word: you can’t change how people hate aldultery and seeing the wives and children get hurt by it.

  146. 146
    Susie Says:

    If the sk@nk doesn’t care about people calling her a ***** and homewrecker, then she shouldn’t be crying over the paps calling her those names either. I guess those are crocodile tears then. Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s staging the thing for sympathy.

    She is repulsive.

  147. 147

    Kathy #143 –
    That was a thoughtful post and if what you say is true, then yeah, that truly is deplorable. It sucks to be lied to and it’s only right that people should be upfront about wanting to be with someone else rather than try to have it both ways.

    I haven’t really been following either Sienna nor Balthazar — my comments were more of a general thought on the “legally separated” vs. not “legally separated” arguments that run abound. Personally, I don’t think legality should have anything to do with it. I’ve been on both sides and when it’s over, it’s over. But perhaps that applies more to the Angie/Brad/Jen situation. Who really knows?

  148. 148
    random poster Says:

    She wants ‘respect’?! LOL LOL

  149. 149

    defap #145:
    I can’t help myself, I’m sorry, but that’s more than one word.

  150. 150
    defap Says:

    I like sex outside marriage because I don’t love her again, but it does not mean aldultery? and I stab a knife in a person’s heart (adultery) but I don’t mean to kill her (get her hurt)? good logic. Have some fun. LOL.
    I would remind myself about self-rightous, and be aware don’t hurt others so cruelly like the two.

  151. 151

    defap, I sense your frustration and I apologize if I’ve added to it. Clearly, you’re trying to say something sensical and I mean no disprespect by not understanding.

  152. 152
    Breanne Says:

    I can’t help but feel teeny, tiny bit sorry for her for getting followed everywhere but what does she expect? She’s hanging with a married man! AND she’s in L.A. for ***** sake! Duh. She should be hiding out with the ******* if she insists on being near him.

  153. 153
    Natalie smith Says:

    …Come on you people..Angelina and Brad tried to keep as low a profile as possible….

    They sure didn’t go around malibu flaunting their affair or yachting around the mediterranean naked…….

    And on top of they they showd how serious they were about each other in no time!!

    Si and Balt are low level !! No comparison

  154. 154
    Carlos Says:

    Man: who is Siena Miller after all? What has she done?
    I don´t khow why people are fussing about her, paparazzi are for REAL celebrities.
    Here in Brazil, we never saw any thing about her.
    Why to show her more and more?
    It just makes her “value” grows…..sad emptiness

  155. 155
    C2 Says:

    What did SM expect? Did she think that people were going to bow down to her for sleeping with a MARRIED MAN? Did she think that the “they are in love” and “their friends/family support them” stories would make people forget about her MARRIED boyfriend’s wife and kids? If she didn’t want to deal with the consequences of her actions, then she should have continued to lay low. The only reason she is in LA is because she was afraid her MARRIED boyfriend was going to reconcile with his wife (BTW a separation is not a divorce).

    If she “can’t live like this”, then she should stop sleeping with her MARRIED boyfriend until his divorce is final. She should also stop flaunting the affair in public because it only shows how vindictive she is towards her MARRIED boyfriend’s wife. She should stop following the MARRIED MAN around as he chases after his wife and kids( first Italy and now LA). She should also instruct her PR team to STOP with all the “they are in love”, “their friends and family support them”, and the “they are separated/marriage was over” stories. These stories are not gaining SM any sympathy or respect, they just show that SM is disrespectful, irresponsible, selfish, hypocriticial,and heartless. These stories also make their “friends and family” look heartless and uncaring because BG is still MARRIED to RG (a separation is not a divorce).

    MARRIED and ENGAGED MEN and other women’s BOYFRIENDS ARE OFF LIMITS. If his marriage was over like SM and her PR team claim, then BG would have gotten a divorce (not a separation) a long time ago. These separation stories were created to justify BG’s and SM’s behavior AFTER the hotel balcony and Italy pictures surfaced on the internet and people were outraged by their behavior. The only ones that have been adamant about the separation are SM and her PR team, oops, I mean “friends of SM”.

    Why should we respect her, when she doesn’t even respect herself or other women for that matter? If this girl had any respect for herself , then she would lay low. BG and SM are NOT VICTIMS and both are EQUALLY responsible for this situation. Her PR team is working very hard to make it appear that she is a victim of “double standards”. The only double standard is defending SM for having an affair with a MARRIED MAN and not showing sympathy for the MARRIED MAN’S wife and kids. The public doesn’t care that SM/BG are “in love” or that their “friends and family”support them because five people (The MARRIED boyfriend’s wife and 4kids) are being hurt in the process. People have the right to be happy, but not if it is at the expense of others. The gas station event just shows SM that as long as she continues her relationship with the MARRIED MAN, his wife and kids will always be the topic of discussion.

    This is what she was really thinking at the gas station: “That pap has some nerve. Asking about Balty’s wife, when he should have been asking when Balty and I are getting engaged because as you know we are in love!!!!!! Our love is so great that in no time Balty will forget about what’s-her-name and those kids. Our love is so great that even Balty’s family and friends can’t resist wanting to share in our happiness. “

  156. 156
    307point1 Says:

    she has the best body!!

  157. 157
    OHman Says:

    Sienna is NOT MARRIED. Balthazar is. Crucify him. She aint acting classy that’s for sure but why does the woman get more **** shoveled on her than the man cheating on his wife?

    C’mon ladies, when a man cheats on you (married, separated, engaged, whatever), it’s not because of the other woman, it’s because he’s either an idiot or unhappy. The other woman might as well be “fill in the blank”. A man who’ll stray will stray and yeah, many of them do, even the good ones. Funny that’s it’s all the women who crucify each other over all the men who like to play.

  158. 158
    Sue Says:

    @#157: Most people agree they’re both disgusting. People comment more on her because she’s more notorious than him. She’s been known in the tabs and gossip sites as ‘Sluttienna’ for a long time and there have been lots of sleazy stories about her. This latest scandal just clinches it. There are now photos and she and her PR can’t deny them.

  159. 159
    C2 Says:

    What’s funny is that people keep trying to defend SM for having an affair with a MARRIED MAN or try to diminsh her role in this affair by using the “double standard” argument. This “double standard” argument is just an excuse(created by SM and her PR team) to deflect from the real issue, which is that SM WAS AND IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN.

    Once again a MARRIED or ENGAGED MAN and other women’s BOYFRIENDS ARE OFF LIMITS. This is not a difficult concept, it is common sense. Most women respect themselves and other women, so they don’t get involved with MARRIED/ENGAGED MEN. But, women like SM are so insecure and jealous of other women that they cross the boundaries with these MARRIED/ENGAGED MEN because they only feel good about themselves when they are causing strife in the lives of other women. You blame the man for the affair, while excusing/ignoring the role that the other woman has played in the affair. Just remember that a man wouldn’t be able to cheat if women like SM didn’t exist, so SM is just as much to blame for this affair as BG. Some men wouldn’t cheat if women like SM didn’t encourage them, so SM is just as much to blame for this affair as BG. She could have walked away, but she didn’t and she still hasn’t ended the affair with the MARRIED MAN. When the media started reporting that BG had dumped SM and was going back to his wife and kids, what did SM do? She went to LA to show everyone (especially the MARRIED MAN’s wife) that the she was still sleeping with the MARRIED MAN, and those who defend SM wonder why the public is disgusted with her.

    SM does not have the right to sleep with a MARRIED MAN and should be held accountable for her actions. It was/is SM’s responsibility to end the relationship with the MARRIED MAN or to wait until his legal separation or divorce was/is final. She didn’t do that, instead she invited the MARRIED MAN to visit her in Prague and was photographed kissing him. She followed the MARRIED MAN to Italy and LA. She took off her clothes and posed with the MARRIED MAN on the hotel balcony and at the beach. She went to LA and made sure that she was seen and photographed kissing, shopping, and lunching with the MARRIED MAN. She and her PR team/”friends” spread lies about the MARRIED MAN’s marriage and leaked stories that she was living in the MARRIED MAN’s family home. It’s SM/BG and her PR team that have ruined her reputation, not the women who refuse to condone this behavior by speaking out against SM/BG. Please spare us with the “double standard” argument because SM has never shown any respect towards other women.

    Now, her PR team are putting out reports that BG has met her parents for the first time and that they approve of her relationship because she is so happy in love with the MARRIED MAN (Wasn’t her mother with them on the boat in Italy? Looks like someone is rewriting history). I don’t know of any parent that would be happy that their daughter is sleeping with a man who didn’t even have the decency to divorce his wife before he started sleeping with their daugther. It’s stories like this that disturb people and cause them to “shovel ***” on SM. SM and her PR team need to stop putting out stories like this because it makes SM and her “friends/family” look inconsiderate and immature. Both SM and BG are EQUALLY responsible for the affair, so please stop trying to put all the blame on the man. The only double standard is defending a woman who has an extensive history of sleeping with MARRIED/ENGAGED MEN. If she didn’t want to face the public, then she should have continued to lay low.

  160. 160
    rien Says:


    Hear je, hear je!

    I read in the local newspaper: “The Look of “naked” happiness. Sienna can also do it with her cloth on!”

    The content is exactly like what you said, that Getty met her mother (in the newspaper at least) for the first time.

    It must have been the spin of her PR. We, who read gossips, knew that her mother was there on the boat together with Getty. So it is not possible that Getty had just met her for the first time!

    And the mother was happy? Wow, this is a little bit weird for me. She was happy because a man left his wife for her daughter? What is that? I mean, she was left by her husband, wasn’t she? Some kind of personal revenge from Sienna’s mother? Some thing like: I can not be happy with my husband, so no woman shall be happy with hers? ????

    But then, I blame the mother. Nop. Sienna is old enough to think with what left in her head, if there is any. Because heart obviously she doesn’t have!

  161. 161
    neutral viewer Says:

    i dont think is fair what is going on here.. first.. until now.. the wife of this new sienna’s guy didnt say anything about the situation,so he is not also a saint , why paparazzi dont follow him? , he is also guilty of whats is going on here, Sienna didnt seduced him , he is older enough to know what he is doing, and he hasnt said anything yet , so that shows that actually his marriage is over.. (actually i think that marriage was over even before , as you know when one cheat on the other each is because the relationship is not going good at all.. even though anybody asked for a split…just see around urselfs.. we got “cheated” when the relationship is almost over..the cheating is just the excuse to make the split noticeable…so why the big fuzz????with Sienna???!!!)
    second, Sienna ad her new man they still hanging together so it means, and as you know they just keep doing they stuf together , this is because there is nothing to hide!!!…so may actually they met when the marriage was over.. and actually i think it is over indeed since if the wife doesnt say anything…until now all we have is rumours about the situation of the marriage..(paparazzi stuff)so until nothing is clear , and everybody deserve the right of the doubts.. so if we are taking about being fair , you be better be fair ..all of you out there, i think you are not in the right to jugde or say something regarding a topic that is still unclear…now if you always hate Sienna of course this is a good chance to say something and show ur “justice”"….so dont try to play the sid of judges if from the beginnign u didnt like Sienna..
    anyway that’s all i want to say…

    neutral viewer

  162. 162
    oh please Says:

    here we go AGAIN

    Sienna is as much to blame because:

    1. She’s done this many times before. She is attracted to and prefers attatched men. it gives her a sick challenge

    2. Because she is rubbing her t!ts in the Rosetta’s face

    3. NO ONE but SIENNA’S PR has said that they were seperated. Not his friends, not his wife’s. You’d have thought old Balty would say something by now.

    4. Because she has no otherwise redeaming qualities

  163. 163
    C2 Says:

    @ 161

    Just because SM is a woman and people are calling her out for having an affair with a MARRIED MAN does not make it a double standard. Everyone is disgusted with the BOTH of them, the paps have been following and questioning BOTH of them, people are slamming the BOTH of them. The thing that I find appauling is that there are always 3-5 people(or SM/PR team posting on blogs) who don’t think that what this girl is doing is wrong. These people then justify this girl’s actions by 1) attacking the wife for “not doing her duty”, 2) putting ALL of the blame on the man, 3) attacking the marriage or 4)insulting the posters that are calling this girl out for her behavior. These people often write things like: “Leave SM alone”, “this is brutal”, “who are we to judge”, “No one knows what happened”, “how come no one’s blaming the man”, “SM is single she can do whatever she wants”, “It was his marriage”, “The marrige was over”, “RG wasn’t making BG happy”. And now you want us to believe that the only people that are expressing disdain for this affair are people that are not SM fans. SIENNA MILLER is that you?

    The public(including me) wouldn’t be so disgusted with this girl if SM /PR team and the people that defended her would stop making excuses and just acknowledge that she is wrong for sleeping with a MARRIED MAN. Instead of doing this, both SM/PR team and her defenders keep talking about the “separation” and make SM out to be the victim. Everyone agrees that BG is scum and that he betrayed his family, so no one has let the MARRIED MAN off the hook. I was wrong, it seems that SM’s mother and father have let the MARRIED MAN off the hook because as you know, BG/ their daughter are “in love” and he is “separated” of course. People and SM’s parents make excuses for this girl because they are trying to deflect from the real issue; which is that SM WAS and IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN.

    A marriage isn’t over until the courts say that it is over and a separation is not a divorce, so SIENNA MILLER WAS AND IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN. The separation stories were created to justify their behavior after they were caught and people were expressing their outrage for their behavior. SM and her PR team have been working nonstop to make people think that poor SM was the victim, afterall she just couldn’t help who she fell in love with, right? No, Wrong. She propably coundn’t help that she “fell in love” with a MARRIED MAN, but she could have exercised some control around the MARRIED MAN. She didn’t have to follow him to Italy and LA.She didn’t have to take her clothes off and pose with the MARRIED MAN. She didn’t have to be seen kissing, shopping, and lunching with the MARRIED MAN who didn’t even have the decency to get a divorce or legal separation before he started the affair.

    If the MARRIED MAN is in love with her( like SM, her “friends/family”, and her defenders claim), then he wouldn’t mind taking a break from this girl while he gets his divorce/legal separation. The only reason SM stays by the MARRIED MAN’s side is because she is afraid that if she left BG alone that he will try to go back to his WIFE. Think about it, the “BG dumped SM and went back to his wife and kids” stories came out and SM responds by going to LA to show the wife and world that she is still sleeping with BG. Now surely you do not think that this is fair or was even a smart move on her part?

    Now her mother is defending SM, she can not understand why people are disgusted with her daughter for sleeping with a MARRIED MAN. She thinks that it’s okay to sleep with a MARRIED MAN because he is “separated” and her daughter is “in love” with the MARRIED but separated man . I guess it must be every mother’s dream to have her daughter swept off her feet by a MARRIED but separated man. It’s stories like this from SM and her family/friends that outrage people. You talk about being fair. How is defending BG mistress fair? How is telling other woman that they should be fair and have sympathy for the woman that is sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND fair? How is telling people to respect you while still sleeping with the MARRIED MAN fair? How is claiming you want privacy while you and your PR team flaunt the affair fair? If you still think that it is non-fans of SM that are expressing their disdain for the affair, then you need to stop and re-evaluate. BTW SIENNA IS AND WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN.

  164. 164
    @ 162 Says:

    I agree with you! It infuriates me that people actually believe Sienna is the victim here or better yet not responsible at all. Sienna is a famewhore and always will be. She is wrong as well as Getty and Rosetta and her children are the ones left suffering. I refuse to fall into Sienna’s PR trap to believe that SHE is the VICTIM! Ha.

  165. 165
    natalie smith Says:

    The are definately both to blame….for different reasons but I thing they have in common they are


    they keep flainting their affair to the whole world – we have seen them going shopping, dinning, vacationing jus tname it and they do it
    otherwise they wouldnt pick the bussiest places in the world and this is the most perverted thing of all!! They want to be seen!!! I mean is is mome sick PR advice??

    SM is facing some serious issues – chain lovers- married men??
    I mean she can get no satisfaction for sure!!

    And as for her mother – what a role model!!!!

  166. 166
    Sprmcandy Says:

    I have some free sperm for you sweet Sienna, you want? *** get it baby.

  167. 167
    Sue Says:

    #162 & #163 have it right. The ‘double standard’ thing is something her PR put out to deflect focus from their shameful behaviour. Some of the media low-life are sucking it up. There’s a disgusting article in the London Sun newspaper that actually blamed Getty’s the wife for the shameful affair. Yes, you heard right. They blamed the WIFE. This is what some douche at The Sun wrote:

    “It’s the saintly wife in the middle who strikes me as the real culprit in all this, if there is one, rather than the usual tale of three flawed human beings doing their best to deal with the unpredictability of desire. I can’t stand wronged spouses. If a man or woman isn’t interesting enough to keep hold of their wife/husband, they should expect someone else to nab them. The martyred Rosetta must be either a fool or hypocrite — who marries someone who was a drunk at 14, a heroin addict at 17 and then expects them to be a regular guy, home every night in time to tuck the kiddies into bed? Grow up!”

    The article is beyond vile. I have no words for their filthy attitude. I can’t believe any real woman could think like this. The Sun must be getting paid by the sk@nk’s PR.

  168. 168
    natalie smith Says:

    ….167# I agree!!

    The sun is writing rubbish!! ” if aman or woman isn’t interesting enough they would expect someone else to nab them” ???

    What is this??? how can one define ‘interesting in a marriage’ ??? this is so cheap analysis!!!!

    the only thing I think is correct seperately from anything else is that the guy was bad news all along the woman who married sush a looser (yet billioner) had it coming!! These people are never curred…they go throught their lives as imature teenagers – its just the way it is!!!

    He will break up with sienna and go back to his wife and then start all over!!! there is no doupt about it!! wait and see!!

  169. 169
    janna Says:

    Angelina Jolie IS harrassed by the press on a weekly basis. If anyone did not notice she is always shown in a bad light by tabloids. The paparazzi have been stalking her for 3 years now and her every move is followed …… much more than sienna. She get constant bashing but unlike sienna keeps her head up high and that is why she continues to be loved as much as she is hated.

  170. 170
    Mary Says:

    Wa, Wa, Wa..GO back to England then…She is a homewrecker..remember her affair with P Diddy …I agree she can;t have it both ways. Her behavior is careless.. Don;t take naked pics of yourself.

  171. 171
    lena Says:

    In a way i do feel bad for her but she should of expected this to happen.
    Her actions were acts of adultery and obviously weren’t correct. Hopefully Baltazar is the last guy she’ll be with………however thats unlikely im afraid………

  172. 172
    Films megaupload Says:

    Films megaupload :

  173. 173
    monica Says:

    @Nicole: look your mirror Puritans.

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