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Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty

Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty

Sienna Miller breaks down and almost starts to cry when the paparazzi question her in Malibu, Calif., on Monday.

The 26-year-old actress was trying to fill up her Lexus at a Malibu gas station, when one of the paparazzo questioned Sienna about her alleged homewrecking.

“Can you leave me alone, I’m trying to get gas and this is really harassment. Please leave me alone,” Sienna said. “Please I’m asking you. I can’t live like this, please give me a little bit of respect. I’m just trying to f***** fill up my car.”

After she left the gas station Sienna pulled into the Police Department’s Emergency Safety Zone to ask for an escort home.

10+ more pics inside of Sienna Miller running on empty…

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173 Responses to “Sienna Miller Is Running On Empty”

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  1. 101
    Kathy Says:

    Alina #100: you say Getty and his wife were separated, “that’s fact.” Apparently, someone forgot to clue Rosetta (you know, the wife) in on this “fact.”

  2. 102
    repeat Says:

    Sienna you need to learn from Angelina-
    if you are going to be a home wrecking tramp –
    go and adopt a ton of kids
    pimp out the kids for $14 mill and donate ONE million of that to charity –and then your home wrecking / trampy ways will be ignored and you will be labeled a humanitarian instead!

  3. 103
    Arnaud Says:

    Whatever, Brad had the affair with Angie when Brad was still married. It doesn’t matter if “the marriage was over before it ended”, it is what it is, Brad cheated and Angie was the bulldozer that finally wrecked that home. Only an idiot won’t see how obvious that was or EVEN WORSE, deny that it ever happened. Just because Brad never admitted to cheating doesn’t mean he didn’t, I mean what celebrity in their right mind will admit to the entire world about an indiscretion? That’s career suicide! Balthazar Getty started a relationship with Sienna Miller when he was already separated, Brad Pitt did not. Brad may have been discreet about his affair with Angie but don’t be delusional and think that they’re faultless.

  4. 104
    alina Says:

    Kathy, yes, they were already separated. How do you know they were not?

  5. 105
    nic Says:

    omg, how come no one’s acknowledging that there was a separation already???????????? she’s not a home wrecker.

  6. 106
    Kathy Says:

    Alina #104: I don’t think they were because of all the statements made before the topless pics came out and because of the inconsistencies.

    Sienna and Getty are saying that the Gettys were already separated and he was sleeping on people’s couches for six months.

    If that’s true, then why was Getty saying his marriage was fine in late June/early July? Why was Getty photographed with his wife FOUR MONTHS ago at a public event if they were separated? Why hasn’t Getty yet filed for a legal separation? Why were Sienna and Getty sneaking around in Prague and at the Chateau in May if Getty was already separated?

    See, there are far too many inconsistencies to believe the Gettys have been separated for “quite some time,” unless you count a “few weeks” as some time.

    And if you still believe this lie (and you aren’t a paid PR flack), then I have some wonderful swampland in FL to sell- this is a perfect time to invest in real estate.

  7. 107
    mickey Says:

    Let’s see, she is publicity ***** who romps around topless a married man and SHE wants respect. You reap what you sow, honey. If you don’t want the paps following you around don’t give them reason to. My advice to poor little Sienna is that she hone down on the ******, scandalous side of life and try more tact, class and discretion.

  8. 108
    Columbus Says:

    Re. Kathy and Alina’s discussion:

    I don’t understand why Getty would’ve denied the separation from Rosetta at the airport. When asked, he could’ve remained silent, but he said, “We’re fine, guys.” I think that has added to the confusion of when or if a separation occurred.

    I agree that no one should judge the situation. No one truly knows what goes on between people, and private matters are just that. I also agree that the parties involved should keep a very low profile. The cynic in me wonders if the incident at the gas station wasn’t a set-up for a sympathetic reaction. If Getty is in LA to see his children, Sienna really should not be there at this time. At the very least, she ought to be in Santa Monica or Santa Barbara or anywhere out of the direct path of the paps. It’s a bit soon to set up house together in light of the circumstances.

  9. 109
    sdnd Says:


  10. 110
    joey Says:

    The wife deserves NO sympathy. She is older than Miller.

  11. 111
    sheryl Says:

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 12:40 pm sheryl @ 08/12/2008 at 11:22 am

    “LuckyL @ 08/12/2008 at 9:48 am People., Jude Law cheated on her with a slob of a nanny while they were still married, hardly an equivalent. I’m no huge Sienna fan, but I hate it when illogical banter and misplaced emotions prevail.”

    And yours is the epitome of illogical banter. Jude and Sienna were NOT married. Slob of a nanny? How nice. Now run along and lick Sienna’s feet.
    Pathetic response, irrelevant mistake”

    Pathetic response? Your response or mine? I vote yours!

  12. 112
    Calypso Says:

    Sienna is NOT a HOMEWECKER!! Balthazar and Rosetta were ALREADY SEPARATED!! …even the wife admitted it!

  13. 113
    Columbus Says:

    Calypso, Rosetta has not admitted the separation. She has been silent and has chosen not to speak to the media.

  14. 114
    Jbo Says:

    I HATE when celebs cry about the stalkerazzi! It’s part of the job you *****! There are TONS of things I hate to do for my job, but do it b/c it’s what I signed on for.

    By acting all baby and crying about it, they are goig to follow you more – DUMB *****! Act like they aren’t there and don’t answer their questions – no matter how unnerving they are. By engaging with the paps and crying, you look like a ******* CRYBABY who deserves to be in agony!

  15. 115
    Calypso Says:

    Yeah…maybe you’re right.

  16. 116
    barbie Says:

    No-one ‘deserves’ to be stalked. Who has the right to make this judgement – certainly not the typical poster in these types of fora. Irrespective of what Sienna and Balthazar got up to, the Paps are being obnoxious and only thinking of themselves…and the dollar signs. I don’t know the background to these photos, but Sienna looks very distressed. I feel really sorry for her.

  17. 117
    angie Says:

    I’m sorry, that’s got to be some pretty poor acting on her part. Not convincing enough.

  18. 118
    shea Says:

    this is so funny to me. Miss Miller LOVES the papz attention and does anything to get it. Now all of the sudden they are no so nice to her anymore because of her taking up with a married man with 4 young children and she is SO upset. Boo Hoo. Cry me a F*cking river. give up the act Miller. You are a pathetic girl. See darling, your actions DO have consequences and you are NOT exempt from anything!

  19. 119
    bella Says:

    ***** puhlease. She ran from London coz she is despised by the Primose hill set where she lives. They are both disgusting, of course normal morals and rules don’t apply to these “stars”.

  20. 120
    cb Says:

    you can get police escorts because you don’t like the questions being lobbed at you? who cares. deal with it.

  21. 121
    Maxinme Says:

    She is an actress and now she wants you to believe her. She is fake crying, Jude Laws wife should reconize it. She didn’t have a hard time then, but when she was cheated on by Law. Then she wanted people to feel sorry for her. Now she is back in the old frame as homewrecker and she is playing us.

  22. 122
    Bbb Says:

    disgusting home wrecking ****, and that blazaarah watever his name is should be ashamed. i don ‘t care about double standards and society today this is whats wring wid it. ppl shld take responsibility for their actions, ***** r not cool

  23. 123
    mya Says:

    Here and there she was asking some advises for her career. But since the movie with Keira Knightley, she has nothing to do or so…

    She never asks for photogs attention before.She seem to enjoy it but never thought that she could be follow up to Malibu. She hoped that nobody will be watching her… Here’s the rewards!

    So, by now, if she wants to be out of attention, she just have to return to England. As long as she wouldn’t meet Getty in public, she’s gonna be fine.

  24. 124
    Pecker Says:

    You people are dumb here.

    Since we’ve been seen more lately news about Sienna Miller and her affair with some random douche-bag, I have a question to ask you people. Why is it that it’s OK to harrass someone like Sienna Miller, yet some of you people give Angelina Jolie a free pass for homewrecking other people’s marriages? Don’t get me wrong here, I think what Sienna did was wrong and desserves to be thrown everything thats thrown at her, but yet Angie is being praised by doing all this charity s*** & yet we’re all ignoring the fact that she’s a homewrecker too. So we hate homewreckers, but we like AngieJo? That’s just hypocrisy there. Anybody can do all the charity s*** that AJ is doing, and yet get no credit. But when she does it, it’s like some sort of “event”. Just last night i gave a homeless man a dollar, and it didn’t make the news, but i bet if she did it, then it would be on TMZ and everyone would praise her for that. BullS***

    And i know some of you are gonna say that Angie is getting a free pass because she’s hot…ppsshhh! Please. I’ve seen hotter women than her. Seriously. It’s no different than what Sienna did. They’re both homewreckers. If people are gonna harras Sienna, the Angie should be harrassed to.

  25. 125
    oh please Says:

    She may not have know Balthazar was married then, but she knows now!!!

    They are going out of their way to be in the public eye in an outrageous manner. Please, sucking her t!t in public?

    That he and Rosetta were seperated is FAR from fact!!! The only people that have said that he and his wife were seperated is HER friends!! Her PR would say Rosetta is an alien NAZI if they thought it would help. If it really is true, then why doesn’t Balthazar say something? Because he knows his wife would rip his nuts off!

    She broke up with her ex over the phone after she started ******* Balthazar. She better-dealed Rhys staight up, and then changed the locks on the home they shared!!

    She’s done this before! She prefers married or attached men! Do a search for “Sienna” and “homewrecker”.

    Why the Frick are people defending her? All of her talents lay between her armpits and her knees!!

    And BTW, I think Angelina’s a homewrecker, too.

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