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Sunday Rose Makes Movie Set Debut

Sunday Rose Makes Movie Set Debut

Nicole Kidman and country superstar husband Keith Urban take their newborn daughter, Sunday Rose, to The Fox Studios set of Baz Luhrman‘s new epic film, Australia, in Sydney on Monday afternoon.

Sunday Rose, five weeks, was carried around in a New Native sling and also accompanied by her grandfather Anthony (Nicole‘s dad).

Kidman‘s costar Hugh Jackman was also seen back in the saddle at Moore Park in Sydney, shooting more scenes for the movie.

Australia opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, November 14.

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Credit: Carlos Costas; Photos: Guy Finlay/Icon Images/Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • mya

    Even if I do not agree with Nicole for a so long trip with her little fellow, I can’t shut up the fact that Hugh Jackman is a beautiful man.

  • ha!

    i love them!!!

  • nda

    I want to see Sunday’s face!!!

  • janeway

    Thanks for the pics, Jared. Can’t wait to see this movie. Hugh looks so hot in the saddle. Nice to see Nicole taking her daughter to work with family support.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    Baz is a great director. Love Moulin Rouge.

  • Vogue

    i want to see sunday!

  • faboulous

    I want to see her too!!!!

  • Dancer

    Can’t wait to see Sunday and the movie!!!



  • diane

    OH there’s that kidman just itching for publicity imagine taking a five week kid on a movie shoot is she out of her mind

  • whatever23

    Wonder who was the surrogate mother who really carried Sunday Rose???

  • marie ashley

    she is carrying sunday in the serena & lily market sling!

  • rOO

    Thats a Serena and Lily MARKET SLING, not a Native Sling.

    You can find them at

    Nice to see the happy family – can’t wait to see “Australia!”

  • pollywaag

    That is NOT a native sling but a Serena & Lily Market Sling – They are so beautiful and I so want one!
    YOu can see them here

    Can’t wait to see pics of the actual baby!

  • Mia

    I’d love to see little Sunday Rose soon! Nicole looks gorgeous..and so does Hugh..yum.

  • dido

    only botox quenn

  • Jaxon

    I think she is such a bitch. She couldn’t get big money for pics of her kid so now she just isn’t going to let anyone see her kid at all. I think that is so selfish and rude. She knows her fans want to see her baby and share in the excitement but she’s too good to “exploit” her kid. Right. She just didn’t want anyone to know that her kid’s pics weren’t worth big, big money and she didn’t want it reported that she got low figures for her kid’s pic. It isn’t about exploitation at all, it’s just about money and her little tantrum.

  • McLovin

    Don’t sput rumors without backing them up, #17.

    Also, it’s her right to not have to show her daughter to the world.

  • Dancer

    Jaxon, #17

    It is only a rumor that she didn’t get what she was asking for for pics of the baby. She has never sold her kids pics, wedding pics etc. Furthermore, if the paps supposedly can get $5,000,000 *yes* five million dollars for a picture of the baby, then I’m pretty sure that means a People or an OK Mag would have paid a lot more than a million for the pics.
    She will share a picture of the baby when the time is right. Most movie stars don’t show their kids to the public until they are six or so weeks old. It is HER baby and she doesn’t have to share it with you or me or anyone if she does not want to.

  • Dancer

    #10 Diane:

    Why shouldn’t she take the baby with her. A lot of her time will be spent doing nothing like sitting in a trailer etc., while waiting for scenes to be filmed.
    What is wrong with her taking the baby out. Her husband and father are there with her.
    If you had or have a baby do you plan to keep it in the house until it is 21 or something. Everyone I know with a baby was out and about with it within a week or two showing it to friends, family, coworkers etc.
    Get a life.

  • Supernetuser

    Use your braincells for a moment to think about how silly the whole paparazzi thing is anyway. People don’t need to sell their pictures to the media but they do. These people make more money than you or I will ever see in our lifetimes.

  • jujuelen

    I love Keith & Nic, can’t wait for the pics of Sunday Rose.

  • Matthew

    Be gone, trolls.

  • daisy

    These pictures are obviously taken from a long way away! It isn’t as if they are setting up pap shots right there, Nicole needs to take Sunday to the set as she is breastfeeding every 3 hours. How wanting your daughter with her makes her a bad mother I have no clue. She can’t win in some peoples eyes no matter what she does.

  • merrill

    Someone needs to teach her how to wear a sling. I doubt she had that baby. She just wants to compete with Tom Cruise.

    The movie looks stupid.

  • hostas

    Kidman isn’t wearing the sling appropriately – the baby needs to be upon her chest – not down by her legs.

    And how do any of us know if she is breastfeeding or not?

  • Passerby

    As usual, incredible depth of understanding and compassion are exhibited by all commentaors.

    Here it is in a nutshell: Nicole dosen’t want to have her baby’s photo in cheap tabloid magazines for the world to stare at. I for one feel she is entitled to that, it is her child and she is free to decide how much exposure her child receives.

  • just don’t like her

    “Nicole needs to take Sunday to the set as she is breastfeeding every 3 hours. ”

    Oh really.. well she didn’t seem to need to breastfeed her every 3 hours the other day when KUNK went to Cirque, Dark Night and a scoccer game all in the same day.

  • Dancer

    #28 just don’t like her
    Maybe she pumped extra milk into a bottle. Moms do it all the time you know.
    And like many others on this list I suspect–when I’m home with trusted people, I left my child longer than I would normally. Grandparents and aunts and uncles loved it and I got a break. Now that I’m a Nana I do the same thing for my kids and their spouses. We all win.
    Same for Nicole. Sorry your dislike of her makes you so unhappy about any pleasure she would take in a day with her husband. Or a day at work with her baby.

  • billie

    #28, she could have pumped… nicole kidman is a classy actress. she would have fetched good money for her baby pics, don’t forget she didn’t show off connor or isabella for quite a long time. just because tabloids have gotten out of control it doesn’t mean she has to change her ways and give in. and insofar as competing with tom and katie, give me a break. since her divorce from tom cruise, she has been considered one of the best actresses in the world, working on great projects and winning the academy award. katie holmes does nothing except try and be a fashionista, lol, with her rolled up jeans look. how pathetic. and tom, he’s nothing but a big joke at this point. he went from being the coolest movie star on the planet to a big fat joke. and i don’t really feel sorry because of how he has handled his kid’s relationship with their mother. the scientology home schooling, living with them and not really seeing their mother. and to think that nicole gets abuse on top of it for being essentially cut out of her own children’s lives. it must make her feel so good to hold sunday rose and know that will not happen. her kids are in a cult, what a shame. good for her and sunday.

  • j

    wonderful pictures

  • PEG

    Why do you Nic haters even bother to read about her? OH, that’s right, YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE!!! I love that Nic & Keith are trying to keep their private life private. Of course I want to see a picture of the baby, but it’s their baby; they’ll release one in the near future. And I love that she’s taking the baby to work with her.

  • MAK

    Number 28, she didn’t do nothing of the three things.

    Gosh, you’re attacked her for how she’s using that sling? Gosh, get a life

  • oxa

    She refused to sell the photos so she could have the pappers follow her around, thus keeping her in the press for a lousy new movie..

  • woogie

    most of you complainers are grapping at straws here. You have no idea what’s really going on with Nicole and her baby. There are too many children in this world being abused, starved, have parents that don’t even want them….and you guys are complaining about the stupidist things that she does or does not do…… This is a woman apparently who has always wanted a child…..and I doubt she is being a “bad” mother as some of you are saying.

    Lighten up!

  • kat

    I’m an ardent Kidman fan, however, I don’t NEED to see her baby’s face.

    Frankly, it’s none of my business. Trolling the Internet day and night to provide employment for paparazzi stalkers is a tad vile.

    Connor and Isabelle’s photos were never released. It was only after the divorce that Cruise used his children’s soccer games to attempt to create a family image with katiebot.

    Do any of us really need to see the face of an infant to whom we are not closely related?

    Should another human’s infant be hunted 24/7 to assuage our own petty curiosities?

  • Mallory

    # 36 is dead on, mate!

  • Dancer

    #36 I agree with you, but I’d still like to see a picture of the baby! I love babies and I bet Nicole and Keith have a cute one! So I’m shallow.

  • irene

    I wish i could take my baby to work too. Good thing that she can do that.

  • victoria

    Well, at least the heat is off Katie Holmes and on Nicole Kidman about her Terrible and Horrible and Vile mothering skills. It is a shame she could not have taken lessons from all of you, who are so perfect, that put these women and children down every day… The first picture of Sunday Rose that hits the papers and net, will cause a landslide of the most hateful comments, and from judging what we read about Suri, I’m sure there will be some comparison’s. ” creepy “. ” weird ” ” retarded ” ” I can see why she kept that thing hidden so long “. Not to mention the never ending surrogate crap, that people LOVE to write about. No wonder the Urban’s have not shown her to the public. If the papers wrote about your mothering skills or your children in this sort of manner, not ANY of you would put up with it for a minute. Why can’t we leave the children out of this??

  • mya

    Do you wanna see the picture of my childrens? I would like to sell il for million dollars but as I’m not a public figure no one would be interested in and no magazines would buy it except for maybe 20$…

    But if I would be a public figure as Nicole, Katie, Angelina, Jessica, etc. I think that I would prefer to do the same as Nicole. Paps are always on your private life.So for the good of the child, I would prefer to keep it away from flashes during several years.

  • hkdfggh

    I love them!!!

  • Emma

    Sweet, adorable people all of them! I can’t wait to see the movie Australia!! I LOVE romantic adventure epics. :)

  • lucy

    It’s true – she isn’t wearing the sling correctly – it should not be up on her neck bbut out on her shoulder and the baby should lay accross her front – she might get a neck ache wearing a sling like that.

  • B says

    Did anyone stop and think that most likely they want all of the family to see her first. I haven’t read a thing about Keith’s parents or his bothers family seeing her yet.

  • Ashley

    can’t wait for Australia

  • Ashley

    can’t wait for Australia

  • http://love45 arlene

    que cool pero me da tristeza la bebe por que la esconden tanto pobre metida en esa cosa no se aficia. nicole empeso a trabajar muy pronto se le nota triste a nicole se ve como aficiada no sera que keith es muy protector y se pasa de sobrepotector y la aficia mucho.nicole no sonrie cuando vere su sonrisa y ya quiero ver la bebe pero tambien quiero ver la cara hermosa de nicole sin botox natural nicole complase a tus fans y vuelve a ser quien eras antes con tu pelo rizo y tus labios al natural please. te lo recomiendo vuelve a tus bellos rasgos te lo digo de corazon . y ya veras como todo cambiara en ti.

  • diane

    Dancer…….. Are you on the kidman payroll

  • Gosh

    Some people on this site are so dumb… You should be screaming all day in pain because you’re so utterly dumb. Honestly! *shakesherhead*