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Suri Cruise is Chelsea Piers Playful

Suri Cruise is Chelsea Piers Playful

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 2, for some trampoline lessons at the indoor playground at New York City’s Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex on Tuesday.

How cute is Suri‘s pink nail polish???

The mother-daughter duo was seen leaving Chelsea Piers on Friday night, as well.

Yesterday, it was announced that Katie‘s husband Tom Cruise would likely star in the warmhearted comedy Food Fight. The latest rumor is that Katie will be co-starring in the film alongside Tom. As reported earlier, Tom will be playing a snooty New York chef who is forced to cook meals at a school cafeteria. Katie might play a teacher or a cafeteria staffer.

10+ pictures inside of Chelsea Piers playful Suri Cruise

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suri cruise chelsea piers 01
suri cruise chelsea piers 02
suri cruise chelsea piers 03
suri cruise chelsea piers 04
suri cruise chelsea piers 05
suri cruise chelsea piers 06
suri cruise chelsea piers 07
suri cruise chelsea piers 08
suri cruise chelsea piers 09
suri cruise chelsea piers 10
suri cruise chelsea piers 11
suri cruise chelsea piers 12
suri cruise chelsea piers 13
suri cruise chelsea piers 14
suri cruise chelsea piers 15
suri cruise chelsea piers 16
suri cruise chelsea piers 17

Credit: Vila/Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Humberto Carreno/
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  • LuckyL

    Lol, she never has any playmates. Just mommy.

  • tia

    woah shes kinda smiling! thats a first! but yeah i agree with the first persn, this child doesnt seem to have any friends her own age! she seems like she has a weird life.

  • kate

    It is clear that they do this for PR. Tom Cruise is not working for long time now why don’t he at least takes care of his kid while she is working???

  • Rita

    From the moment I saw her for the very first time on Vanity Fair, there’s something surreal/unreal about her. I can’t quite grasp it or verbalize it; and I really don’t want to offend anybody, but something’s wrong!! (Not necessarily with the kid though? I don’t want to be mean)

  • dancer

    Lord have mercy Jared! Are you getting paid to push this woman on us?

  • h

    I love Katie Holmes. I can’t help it. No matter what she’s wearing…I still like Katie, posessed by Xenu or not. Suri’s a cute baby. Tom Cruise, however, is on a TOTALLY different wavelength.

  • http://huh gladiotor


  • no more

    Katie, Tommy should take care of Suri . I think you have done enough
    photo op with her. And stop copying .The balerina shoes and now the nail polish .

  • woogie

    no bottle this time! Now its the blankie. Both Violet Affleck and Suri seem to be the same age……and yu can really see the difference. Violet seems more normal…maybe Suri is a late bloomer?

  • haley

    awww cutee.

  • Kelly

    Stop flipping out. Suri is just a child and Katie is just being a mom.
    I say she’s adorable. Who cares if she has playmates or not? She will soon enough.

  • chica

    omg i love suri! she looks pretty

  • james in san diego

    Ahhhh. Isn’t she the cutest little thing.

  • ellie

    really cute!

  • KrissyKitty

    ~Katie, as a mother I am pleading with you to get your daughter away from Scientology, and get her to a real Pediatrician.

  • ellie

    i always notice katie has long pants and aand long sleeve tops ect and suri is always in dresses with no jumper

  • ellie

    she loves them gold shoes…!

  • dianad1968

    Where’s the outcry about Suri wearing nail polish?

  • oh my

    suri MUST SEE A DOCTOR for her autistic symtoms. NOW!

  • pants?

    does this little girl ever play in jeans, shorts, or pant??

  • dave

    Why does Katie paint Suri’s nails when at that age, kids are either sucking their thumbs or putting their fingers in their mouths all the time? Doesn’t she know that ingesting paint is dangerous?? There seems to be no thought to what she does; everything is done for the momentary pleasure (of shopping, etc.)

    And I had to mention that in one of the photos, Katie looks like a dazed pirate.

  • snow white

    fairest mom and baby of all

  • tutu

    I have seen cuter. Her nose is the one who spolied it . anyhoo, let the kid play with other kids.

  • @


  • nilda

    get over yourselves jealous unhappy lowlives

  • bess

    Suri,Katie and all this photos are heartwarming and

  • :)

    What a good and lovely mom.
    Suri is so blessed, a happy and beautiful baby.

  • anonymous

    Thanks JARED

  • Fantasyisland

    Doesn’t anyone care that this little girl looks “normal”? She looks carefree, wearing a simple, casual summer dress, barefeet, having fun with her Mommy. Lighten up people!

  • rubyjean

    Beautiful —— more please!!!!

  • Vogue
  • Fantasyisland

    I happen to have a little one (my son) who is currently being diagnosed as Autistic and I can tell you that Suri is not Autistic. My three year old daughter is bright and happy like Suri but she doesn’t have a lot of playfriends here own age, either. It isn’t the mark of a bad parent, messed up child or bad childhood, people!

  • ymca

    give this family some peaceful moments to themselves. I feel bad for Katie especially Suri

  • Stellartes

    I think Suri is autistic.

  • usa team

    the usual trolls are getting more vicious because they hate what they see and they really cant find anything wrong with this family but they are just wrapped in their own denials and delusions.

    Their attacks will only come back to hurt them.

  • McLovin

    Suri Cruise looks so happy!

    So much for those stupid autistic rumors.

  • tutu

    Oh please, she wants us to talk about her that is why she shows up twice a day for the whole month. I never seen thing kind of thing even with Brangelina.

  • LMM

    the daughter is so cute, shes adorable ;)

  • tutu

    I meant to say this kind of thing

  • ellie

    suri is the cutiest little girl!!!!!

  • sue

    McLovin = Internet stalker of all things Katie.

  • Suzie

    HELLO, If you didn’t notice, both Zahara and Shiloh (a month younger than Suri) had nail polish on in last week’s People magazine. There’s nothing wrong with a little polish on a little girl.

  • McLovin

    How is it clear that they do this for PR, #3? Mothers don’t take their kids out to playgrounds?

    Cruise isn’t filming anything but that doesn’t mean he’s not busy.

    It’s just your imagination influenced by tabloid rumors, #4.

    Copying who, #8?

    All babies are e so there’s no pint in comparing them, #9.

    She’s not autistic, #19 and #34.

    And what should Holmes do, #37? Not leave her house? She’s famous and will be stalked.

    More like defender of innocent people from judgmental gossips, #41.

  • aE

    I have yet to see a picture of Katie smiling with her daughter on the trampoline. THEY ARE NOT SMILING what the FU** is wrong with these people! They are just going through the motions. In one of the photos Kaitie just looks dazed holing onto Suri. And the little smirk you see from Suri in the sun ….is exactly what it is the sun shining in her face. And there is something WRONG with this child,little girl or woman or old lady depending on how Katie dresses her that day. The truth will come out soon about what is wrong with Suri.

  • shorty

    that is one freaky looking child

  • dave

    HELLO Suzie. Do you think whatever Zahara and Shiloh do, all kids should do??

    Nailpolishes can contain lead, especially if made in Taiwan or China. Kids put their fingers in their mouths all the time so it makes no sense to apply nail polish on them. It’s a health risk.

  • the shiznack

    yes, i wont insult the child anymore – but katie and tom are whackjobs

    and this isnt an insult – but how will suri make friends with children her own age when scientolo kids are home schooled?

    also did the beckhams go to the tropic thunder premiere?

  • Kylegotgame

    Suri Cruise looks like an anime cartoon. They should make a manga called ” Suri Sailormoon” She is so beautiful! Those asian blue eyes are so pretty!

  • aE

    Suri’s dress is way too ooooo big on her! Isn’t Katie suppose to be this “fashion icon’? Shouldn’t she know how to dress her kid size appropriate? Picture #2 ..why even put anything on her then. UGLY dress and Suri is NOT a cute child. Her hair looks unwashed and just dirty and not taken care of. Uggggg

  • aE

    KATIE is NOT really famous . She just happened to marry Tom (psycho) Cruise and had a kid by him. Those pictures of them at the Thunder priemere were BORING without Suri in them. Suri is who we’re looking at and what a disaster they did in raising her so far.