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Tyra Banks Crimps Out

Tyra Banks Crimps Out

Tyra Banks shows off her new crimped out ‘do as she celebrates the first all Black Model issue of Vogue Italia during a taping of the Tyra Banks Show on West 26th Street in New York City on Tuesday.

Models Selita Ebanks (Victoria’s Secret), Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb and Chanel Iman all came out for the festivities and released black balloons during the celebration.

The 34-year-old model has recently been vocal about her displeasure with fashion, make-up and fragrance firms looking to celebrities to promote their products instead of models. “I think all supermodels now are losing out to celebrities. It’s celebrities who are getting the cosmetics contracts,” said Banks.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about celebrities “stealing” away contracts from models?!?

50+ pictures of Tyra Banks crimping out…

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tyra banks crimps out 01
tyra banks crimps out 02
tyra banks crimps out 03
tyra banks crimps out 04
tyra banks crimps out 05
tyra banks crimps out 06
tyra banks crimps out 07
tyra banks crimps out 08
tyra banks crimps out 09
tyra banks crimps out 10
tyra banks crimps out 11
tyra banks crimps out 12
tyra banks crimps out 13
tyra banks crimps out 14
tyra banks crimps out 15
tyra banks crimps out 16
tyra banks crimps out 17
tyra banks crimps out 18
tyra banks crimps out 19
tyra banks crimps out 20
tyra banks crimps out 21
tyra banks crimps out 22
tyra banks crimps out 23
tyra banks crimps out 24
tyra banks crimps out 25
tyra banks crimps out 26
tyra banks crimps out 27
tyra banks crimps out 28
tyra banks crimps out 29
tyra banks crimps out 30
tyra banks crimps out 31
tyra banks crimps out 32
tyra banks crimps out 33
tyra banks crimps out 34
tyra banks crimps out 35
tyra banks crimps out 36
tyra banks crimps out 37
tyra banks crimps out 38
tyra banks crimps out 39
tyra banks crimps out 40
tyra banks crimps out 41
tyra banks crimps out 42
tyra banks crimps out 43
tyra banks crimps out 44
tyra banks crimps out 45
tyra banks crimps out 46
tyra banks crimps out 47
tyra banks crimps out 48
tyra banks crimps out 49
tyra banks crimps out 50
tyra banks crimps out 51
tyra banks crimps out 52
tyra banks crimps out 53

Photos: Patricia Schlein/WENN, Brad Barket/Getty
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  • Mari Diamond


  • Gracie

    I’d prefer the model from the campaign then becoming a celebrity. It works both ways then – better shots, better campaign, better publicity! See Giselle, Kate Moss etc etc.

  • Bella

    She is very beautiful . . . but the hair is not good.
    The dress is also not flattering.


    does anyone think chanel iman (bright blue) is too skinny? thats how skinny i am from the waist up, naturally. u cant really see how skinny she is, because shes leaning her arms back, which deflect from seeing the width of her from collarbone to shoulder blades

  • aeon

    Beautiful. I like the look it is very “Avant-Garde.”

    Not meant for the masses but an art look. It is foward thinking not stale or….

  • wingggg

    bunch of black chicks trying to look wh….atever.
    they don’t even look natural with all these wigs, fake hair.
    don’t call me a racist. personally i thik alex wek is really pretty, but these so call models here don’t really represent african beauty.
    i think it’s a shame.

  • shoes4life

    I have to agree with Tyra. I never understood the celebrity endorsement overload. I don’t need to see them on or in my Vogue, InStyle, or W magazine hocking more stuff. Leave that for the professional models who literally starve themselves to be a model. It needs to go back to the way it use to be that the only time you heard or seen a celebrity was when they were either doing an article for a magazine, promoting a movie/cause or attending a red carpet event.

  • jimmy

    Hot Hot Hot! Tyra always looks good and she’s a true model/professional.

  • Halli

    Chanel Iman is so beautiful!!

  • LOL

    I agree with number 6. I thought Alex Wek would break the mold, but you kno what? A black gal still has to look like Beverly Johnson in order to be on a magazine cover or a fashion as campaign.

  • anthony

    I’m so tired of seeing the same celebs for cosmetics etc. like alba or scarlett they are so boring to me. I think models know what they are doing and look stunning and interesting while doing it, plus there is some mystery because we don’t have their lives shoved down our throats all the time.

  • courtney

    tyra and iman look the best..but wow the woman in the purple, i think its beverly johnson…what a MAN hiding under that hair!!!

  • victoria

    I guess who ever has the looks or the body will ultimately get the job. That is the way it is done now. It does not matter if the super-models or runway models starve themselves, sometimes it is who you are, and if you will sell their product. The RIGHT celebrity always sells a product, not an unknown model, whether they are beautiful or not. Sometimes even being establised does not help. Young people love their sitcoms and ” Hollywood”, and that sells.

  • angela

    although all those models are beautiful (especially chanel iman), i feel like there could have been more range.

    alex wek, iman, and gerren taylor are also beautiful african american models that i would’ve like to have seen, although i don’t know if any of them model anymore.

    and i prefer celebrities to promote products.

    if i see a celebrity walking down the street, in a movie, or on t.v. with beautiful hair or makeup, i want to know where they get their products, not some random person.

  • Miss dannielle

    man some of the people on just jared are so ignorant. you people who only leave negative comments must lead sad and meaningless lives. obviously nothing going on as exciting as the posts you scramble to leave comments on.

  • kk

    #6 go to hell racist. White women wear weaves and extensions all the time, it’s a different way to look, they aren’t trying to be white. Get over yourself bitch. If you didn’t like the picture fine, but don’t bring race into it.

  • aeon

    This Vogue Italy…not New York.

    At the very least it is a start.

  • ilovejonasbrothers

    tyra is soooo cool but i dont like that hair style

  • shannon

    love the pics and tyra but there are no words for her fugly hair

  • gia

    Oh, pooooor, pooooor models. They might have to get a real job now.

  • terissa

    She’s better than Naomi Cambell!!!!

  • ace

    i agree with tyra. lets face it a model job is to model stuff. be a face of a product. be on magazine. walk the runway. do editorials and commercial stuff. that is why they are call models.
    a celebrity regardless a singer, a movie actor/actress or watsoever are celebrities due to their own capabilities and talent. so they should stick to their job. its like whats the use of having jobs if every magazine cover (especially fashion magazines) and every endorsement of products are taken by all this celebrity. there is a huge difference between getting sponsored and taking models job. they work hard to get and be in shape. take care of themselves since young so it is kind of unfair. so tyra here is right.
    if this continue, soon model wont exist. and u see the same celebrity which is phatetic

  • Kayla

    Lol @ KK
    wow, i just love that black girls always ALWAYS say that white women wear weaves. I am half black and half white. I don’t know any of the white girl i know wears weaves. give me a break.

  • Kimi

    Whoa there!

    But to answer your questions, I rather see a model on the contract and see their face on the ad. Sometimes the celebrity doesn’t fit the picture.

  • kill

    WOW!!There is a Chinese old saying that beauty with heroes!!WELL!!
    We all like have the beautuiful things!!!
    I well tell you all I had the opportunity to understand many of sexy girls on agelessmatch.C O M!!They very open and bold!!They always give you bring a lot of surprises!!!I think you should like them!!!

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    “infamous” get over YOURSELF, you’re not even famous so give us a fucking break! yeah that’s what we know and you do too. you must have a meaningless life too, ignorant racist. hope you’ll end up with someone black (to avoid saying something like “go to hell” even if you deserve it) …you know what is karma….saying “blacks are ugly” won’t make you pretty, i guess you’re a fugly jealous caucasian with no life, go playing with your dolls. FYI, i’m proud of having white genes like you but hey, race has nothing to do with beauty….get yourself a life and a brain! …… anyway, i like tyra, she’s beautiful and i think the hair is not that bad. she’s still very pretty….same for chanel iman, they’re both gorgeous… i TOTALLY AGREE with Tyra when it comes to the celebrity take-over..yeah, i’m so sick and tired of seeing them stealing the show..i mean, models are there to pose…for the mags covers, photoshoots and all, wtf are doing celebs there? don’t they have something else to do? promote movies or release albums ??loads of girls do starve themselves to be a model and it’s just unfair to see celebrities get all the attention. I know that maybe they could be first a model, then a star but it’s not that easy to survive in that business so….i think everyone should stick to his vocation. if it goes on like this, models will cease to exist in a near future.. and that’s wack.

  • ariel

    Then kayla you’re blind or stupid, probably both who knows. White when wear weaves all the time. I’m sure there’s a picture post here with Jessica Simpson showing off her weave and you’re none the wiser. Let’s keep the idiocy and racism out of this post and celebrate these beautiful black models. Lord knows they don’t get enough of it in the first damn place.

  • ariel

    P.S. To infamous, go play in traffic with a blindfold on okay? Thanks.

  • Whatever

    Sure this seems right. An all black magazine issue is okay, but once anyone comes out with an all white issue it will be called racist. I just don’t understand.

  • luvallcolors

    I see the racists are out today…pathetic…but anyhow, you don’t see many asians gracing covers either do you? okay, well for the lack of covers the blacks get, they have made the music biz all about rap and hip hop, and they happen to be the majority of the successful athletes too…I happen to think black women are far more interesting to look at in magazines because they don’t seems to feel the need to be anorexic. they tend to have curves and booties. But I wish they would let their hair be natural. The small afro’s that frame the face look fabulous…It’s crazy to make their hair look like a white persons, and even worse when they dye it blond…
    Lastly, I do not like Tyra Banks much at all…but always respected that she wasn’t a toothpick, but from the looks of it, she dieted herself down again.
    As far as celeb’s being on covers…I agree with it being enough already and boring. The photoshopping has gotten worse and the young girls have the anorexic actresses and models as their role models. When mag’s want to put Nicole Richie on their covers it just perpetuates her desire to be as thin as a model.

  • realitybites

    The days of Super Models are over…the ones who had that title should feel lucky they had the careers they did. It’s all about celebrity’s now, as those covers sell far more magazines, and it’s the money these editors care about.

  • kei

    To infamous

    Go to see a therapist! Seriously.

  • Vogue
  • meme

    “Whatever @ 08/12/2008 at 9:52 pm Sure this seems right. An all black magazine issue is okay, but once anyone comes out with an all white issue it will be called racist. I just don’t understand.”


  • Ralu

    she looks like barbie, she’s SO beautiful… the most beautiful of the girl celeb :)

  • Whaa

    yeah models are way better than celebs. Im sick of every celeb there is.

  • xyz

    #30 that’s because all Asians look the same–nothing interesting about their individual faces, but in fashion that’s the most important thing-to have an interesting face.

  • ace

    to number 37 = XYZ
    mind u i am asian and i think asian women are beuatiful. what u see in fashion magazines are usually japanese, chinese and korean. broaden ur mind and see what kind of multi-culture the asian people embrace. we do not look the same and i dun think i look the same as everyone else. so before u now go B*tching abt asians open ur door to see the beauty of asian. dun just think asian as japanese koreans and chinese okay. not all asian look like those slit-eye wide forehead kind of models.

  • oni


  • Come on

    Wow, xyz, that is incredibly racist. You should be ashamed of yourself. Wow.