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Vanessa Hudgens Sued For $5 Million

Vanessa Hudgens Sued For $5 Million

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is being sued by producer Johnny Vieira for more than $5 million and punitive damages.

In May 2005, Vieira claims he and Vanessa entered into an agreement to launch Vanessa‘s career and “share equally” in the profits. But after High School Musical became a hit, he says she dropped him and owes him $2 million.

Vanessa even sent a photo of herself to Viera with this inscription: “Johnny, thank you for everything, without you, I would be no where [sic], we will make it BIG- Vanessa Hudgens. Sweet.” You can see the note at TMZ.

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  • psst

    does she even have 5 million?

  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    (i’m 1st??)
    WHAAA???? ohh…vanessa!!

  • claudia

    second !!!

  • Anne-sydney

    Probably. but soon she’ll be poor

  • Lauren


  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    whaaat??? oh…vanessa!!

    (i’m 1st?)

  • claudia

    ¬¬’ not

  • Isabella


  • Isabella


  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    nooooooooo poor nessa!! = (
    i’m her #1 fan and i think that this is UNFAIR!!
    can’t believe it!! i’m like :-O

  • kat


    but you never, know.
    the whole thing can be blown out of proportion.

  • Heather xx

    This makes me sick
    I really hope it isnt true
    and I really hope she has enough money for this not to hurt her.

  • Heather xx

    This makes me sick
    I really hope it isnt true
    and I really hope she has enough money for this not to hurt her.

  • Floor

    she’ so frakin cool , i love her

  • stephana

    v, i hope you get through this, darling. i have you in my prayers! much love!

  • Floor


  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    she may not have that money…but zac do!!
    and as a good bf she need to help her!! i guess!!

  • [☆_Starz_☆]

    i mean…he needs to help her!!

  • Becky

    Vanessa will get through it. :)

  • erica

    I hope vanessa looseeee
    she doesn’t have any moneey
    maybe she can sell her nude pics

  • tia


  • LiLLy

    oh god thats SO funny! maybe this will bring her ego down a couple of notches!

  • Nic

    She grates on my nerves!
    An agreement is an agreement ..Pay up Vanessa!

  • Abbyyy

    hmmm…i’m shcoked,
    once someone makes money,
    everyone thinks that they can try and get it.

  • Hilary duff is better

    haha my friends and I are laughing SO hard right now! we only kinda like her so it’d be funny if she did loose a couple of million! just cuz, i dunno, she always seems soooo freakin self absorbed and this might show her that good looks can only get her so far!

  • donalu

    sshe will pay and she will have moeny for a lot of years later. i mean 5 millon for her are like 1 cent.. remember the bill she gave to the poor man?? 100 dollars!

  • priet

    haha # 20 lol!

  • jasmine

    i’m actually worried does she even have 5 million dollars?

  • Andrea


  • Babyv Supporter

    poor nessa
    I t better not be true
    no matter what happens I am behind her no matter what
    It is so not fair

  • Celina

    vanessa is awesome.I met her when i went backstage on the August 8th show [my birthday] she is really nice.there was nobody but me and her.

    she gave me a lot of things to remember her by.she is not self obsorbed and,she is richer than 100 million dollars for sure.
    she’s #8 on the top 10 rich teens.

  • http://www.x-mizzvanessa-x.piczo.comFansyte VH #1 amazed fan

    I cant believe this s!!!!!!! she’s more rich than I thought!

  • zaccara

    JARED!!! please print ALL of a story or none of it. She and Hollywood records say that a settlement was reached with this person and he is claiming they are not paying or have paid him the settlement.

    Look like he wants more than he got. Also is she was a minor he can’t actually sue her but her representation (layers, parents, record co).

  • Love _you_vanessa

    i’ll kill that stupid prouxer !!!!1 :@ WTF !!!

  • maria

    this has to be a scam…we love vanessa!

  • Love _you_vanessa

    i’m with you vanessa !!!!! i have your back !

  • beci

    how could u sue someone so beautiful! lol

  • audrey

    poor Vanessa :’(
    hope she gets through this ! <3

  • zaccara

    Erica #20

    Be very careful dear–go ask your mom or grandmom – what goes around comes around and when it comes it’s uglier than the original thought, or deed. Maybe you should think before wishing ill on someone else – it comes back in ways you don’t expect sometimes it retaliates against your partents or child or another loved one and you ask yourself why this is happening to you and goes back to some vicious wish or thought you had about someone else.

    You haters don’t seem to get that and when it comes back and it ALWAYS DOES you wonder why

  • anon

    its ok vanessa!!! this will only make you stronger!<3

  • ali

    why does this sound so ridiculous?
    oh yeah! because it is!
    if they’ve already reached a settlement,
    then why is this fattie mcpattie asking for more?

  • audrey

    haha #4s, you got a point there :p

  • alex

    she is definatly NOT self sbsorbed, i see her givin money out to that homeless guy alll the time. she is sooo nice. you guys really need to back off cuz her nude pics were a mistake and normal humans make mistakes. god look at miley im pretty sure she will NEVER learn. but i know vanessa did.


    fuck haters

  • fan

    This is nothing. Most celebrities go thru this. Everytime whenever you fired agents, representatives, managers, etc, they will sue the celebrities for their fees. Look at the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, & other professional players that make over $1,000,000 per year, which those players hire and fire agents representatives left and right, and those fired agents come bace and sue them for millions for unpaid fee. The professional players’ attorney just settle out of court and negiotiate a fee that both side agree on.

    Vanessa probably have her attorney working on it already. She is probably expecting because of the first lawyer, that sued her first, failed to do his job at that time. Now Vanessa can probably sue that first lawyer for malpractice and client missrepresentation.

  • [[peace]]

    poor vanessa. i really hope its not true ether but im sure she has enough $$$ to pay this idiot off

  • emma

    im so sickk of all these people stepping forward when vaanessa is getting bigger and bigger by the min.. and i really hope everything will work out and that she doesnt have to pay and money.. it must be hard for her shes only 19

  • kristin

    That’s such bull. I hope everything works out for her! We’re here for you, Vanessa!

  • shine

    she totally has the money to pay, cause of hsm3, her new movie Rock on and her album. but this sounds soooooooo stupid i hope the guy loses!

    dont worry baby V i still love U!!!!!

  • Ζθε™

    omfg…i feel sooo bad for her!! shes only 19 and she doesnt deserve that!!

    love her!!

    go V!

  • Ζθε™

    omfg…i feel sooo bad for her!! shes only 19 and she doesnt deserve that!!

    love her!!

    go V!