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Britney Spears is Picnic Table Pretty

Britney Spears is Picnic Table Pretty

Here are some more tidbits from Britney Spears’ exclusive interview with OK! Magazine via USA Today.

Apparently Brit Brit wrote a new song about her sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, called “My Baby”, which will be released on her new album. Here’s some quotes from the 26-year-old pop princess:

On being on the right track on life: “I’m healthy, happy and excited about the future.”

On if she cooks and cleans: “I do. Usually the maid and I will cook together. [The boys] love my spaghetti… I get mad if the maid does all the housework. If she takes it all into her own hands, well, what’s for me to do? I’m a cleaning fanatic. Dusting is my favorite, and Windex-ing.”

On what she calls son Jayden: “J.J.”

On her sons being so into cars: “[We've] watched the Cars movie nine million times!”

On what she’s listening to these days: “I really like Rihanna. I think she’s great. And the girl Duffy. I think she’s amazing. And I like the new Madonna CD. I like Leona Lewis, too.”

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  • Stefanie

    ooomg sooo adorable!!!! love her!!!

  • Angi

    I really happy for her, she seems to be doing so much better now.

  • betduke

    Oh, how cute! The new and improved Britney Bitch. Again stuffing her kids with junk food to rot their teeth and make them fat. Oh, wait. I see some carrot sticks used as props. Never mind.

  • black

    Hohohoho—–she listenes to Duffy—she must be cool.

  • my voice

    Awwwww, one of the cutest pics ever!

  • dave

    she’s looking so good!! keep up the work. she’ll be coming back in no time!

  • MMM

    WTF? Cheetos and Sunkist, for a 2 year old? Oh dear!

  • kay

    i loe britney its great to see her doing better and being on the right track. Especially spending time with her adorable boys!!

  • ashlee

    so what if they have a little soda and cheetos. She could do that once in a while.Raise your kids how you want to

  • Tarra

    Remember all you Jolie lovers, she feeds her kids the same way. So think before you hate.

  • Anthny

    OMG stop freakin out over soda and ships are you kidding me, shes from the south and hasn’t let hollywood change her she is raising her kids how she was raised which is old fashion southern style. she looks so good and seems to be getting back on track, hate to say it but it seems like giving kfed custody is what did it. new album wow BS will always be a popstar legend and the only reason people think shes a bad mom etc.. is because the magazines focus on every little bad thing she does.

    her kids look just like her

  • Shawna

    Oh get over it! I have 3 children, ages 7, 5 and 2. The older two have soda occasionally and they all have chips or a cookie a couple of times a week. Big deal! Are you saying you don’t give your children those things or you never ate those things as a child. There is only one can of Sunkist on the table – maybe it’s her drink. The kids have sandwiches and carrots on their plates. Seems like a fine lunch to me.

  • Megan fox rocks

    cute cute cute

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I think her boys are just gorgeous!! She’s looking great. Hope she continues on the right path.

  • MMM

    No, I don’t give my 2 year old pop, and if I did it would not be in a sharp can. Call me crazy. Oh, and no Cheetos either, the horror!

  • Me

    First off, they croped the picture. The SUNKIST is Britney’s and on the outer corner’s were their sippy cups but Just Jared croped it out, probably on purpose. If you buy the magazine or visit one of her fansite’s like you’ll see.

  • bejeebus

    please tell me that the cheetos and the sunkist have been photoshopped in. b/c she cannot possible be so completely unaware of the jokes that surround her and those sorts of orange food stuffs…..i mean seriously. did she really walk into this total joke completely unawares? if so….someone needs to up the meds asap.

  • marc

    awwww cute

  • Yoby

    omg #7! What’s up with the drama!
    That’s not bad! It’s ok to give them soda or cheetos! They are @ a “picnic” what do u want them to eat?? The same food and milk that they have all days! They’re having fun!

    And britney is beautiful i can’t wait to read the complete interview!
    Sean P and J.J are gorgeous!

    Love u brit!

  • victoria

    First of all, it does not matter what Britney feeds her children at a picnic. They are having a great time. So what?? Cheetos?? AND, what does ” the south “, have to do with it? I have seen other celebrities eat the same thing with their kids in other pictures, and they are not from the south. The pictures HAVE been cropped, and the boys have their own sippy cups, but the cheetos will not cause them permanent damage……… Britney looks awesome, as does her boys…. Those precious boys look just like her and both seem happy and well adjusted.

  • Desireé

    Jared, Post about Dita!! She’s so cute when she’s out and about!!!

  • Savior

    She’s still one ugly mentally-ill HAS-BEEN hag. Her career is over and sooner her psycho fanatics accept that, the better it’ll be.

  • Ha!

    Those boys are really cute. Look at them smiling for the camera.

  • click

    shes soooo fake…

  • GIAN

    She looks very healthy and happy with her beautiful babys. LOVE YOU BRITNEY YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER, PERFOMER/SINGER AND PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Well rihanna is great too but leona lewis is the best. BRITNEY IS BACK. QUEEN OF POP.


    britney is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE IS HEALTHY AND GOD BLESSED HER 4 REAL.

  • Di

    Im more concerned about the comments “my Maid…My Maid ….the maid and I cook….” isnt that like an ancient word??? HOw bout HOusekeeper, nanny whatever…maid is like “do this for me, do that!”
    gimme a break….




    Again stuffing her kids with junk food to rot their teeth and make them fat. Oh, wait. I see some carrot sticks used as props. Never mind.


    ROFLMFAO hahahahahahahah that was hella funny

  • BEI


  • Zanessaever

    yay i’m so happy for her..
    i’m glad she’s coming back to the Britney i used to know..
    go Brit!!!


    I love this picture:) So cuuute!

  • samito

    i want the magazine now lol she look so beautiful

  • mickey

    I thought she wanted the media to leave her alone. Guess not.

  • tony

    I’m actually tired of this. You haters complain about her going off the rails, she then finds herself again, and has come a long way, finally healthy, beautiful and back to normal – and then you find something else to complain about.

    Regardless of who you are, if your child asks for Cheetos and Sunkist, you give them some. What’s she supposed to say? “Oh, no I can’t, the tabloids.” What the hell is wrong with you people???

    These people will never be pleased. She’s finally back to normal and looking fantastic, and you now muck on about what she’s feeding her kids.

    Grow the hell up.

    (P.S, what did you expect? Some caviar and a side bottle of crystal spring water?) arghhh!!!

  • Ely

    I never thought I’d feel so happy for a stranger’s well being. Im so proud of her. Good luck to you Britney!!

  • Cheetah

    o god no!! call the cops, I AM A BAD MOM!!

    my son turns 2 in just 2 weeks. He had have chips 3 times in his life now. I turn myself in. Ow and not to mention. I bet he will drink soda within a year sins he is the youngest kid in our family and all the others are way older then my son..

    Where is the phone i have to call britney to have a meeting for bad parenting..

    Como’n have complaints about serious problems.

  • Matt

    I love Britney to death. She’s the most down to earth celebrity. And I love her kids too.. Such a beautiful family

  • slave 4 u

    Very cute. LOVES IT!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …..what`a retarded looking family.

  • @ tony

    I guess we know who runs your household….the children. Why don’t you grow a sack. Learn how to be a good MATURE parent instead of cowing to every single demand your children make. Idiot.

  • T

    She is a liar. She doesn’t write her own songs. and she never will
    talentless w*hore. Nobody is jealous of this mannish looking slut.

  • tony

    Your comment just shows your immaturity.

    The age her sons are, they are normal boys/children.

    I don’t give my sons junk food day-in-day-out, they have healthy meals and are the right weight for their age, but when you’re out with your children (like Britney) having a picknick, you bring soda’s, chips, etc… You don’t pull a well, put together meal out of your hamper.

    It’s just nonsense. When you’re out for the day doing whatever, the kids get ice-cream, snacks and whatever else. When it’s a normal day, they eat what they’re supposed to eat.

    My previous comment was pretty clear, you need to grow up and talk some sense.

  • Jbo

    I LOVE how people dub her the WORLDS BEST MOTHER????? WTF are you smoking FREAKS… If she’s the best mother, then this world is SCREWED!

    Hey, I’m all for her getting her wits back, but MY GAWD people relax and find a real hobby instead of idolizing immaterial individuals – who really don’t benefit society…

  • Jessica

    Brit seems to be getting her life back on track…good for her.



  • kay

    *22, if shes a has been then why are you reading about her today? Britney is still a power player in the music industry. I cant wait for her next album!! Britney has realized she had a problem and worked to correct it. I think she has. Look back of pics of her in march. Her hair was gross, her eyes were glazed over, and she hardly ever saw her children. Now: WOW looking great and spending time with her kids!! I wish her all the best in life

  • Supernetuser

    She finally sounds happy.

  • renee

    Wish everyone would leave her alone, everyone is very critical of other people, but no one is perfect, especially celebrities. At least she’s recognizing she was in a bad place before and is seeking help from others to improve her life and have a relationship with her kids. Good for her, I’ve always liked her, she seems very much like the whole celebrity thing hasn’t changed her from the southern girl she’s always been. Hope she makes a huge comeback!

  • TOM