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Jonas Brothers Shoot Central Park

Jonas Brothers Shoot Central Park

The Jonas Brothers shoot a new video in New York City’s Central Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Kevin, 20, Joe, almost 19, and Nick, 15, have been in the Big Apple promoting their new album, A Little Bit Longer, out in stores now.

When asked earlier this morning what quality they look for most in a girl, Nick had this requirement: “They have to be good to mom.” Kevin added, “Family is big to us. That’s huge.”

Selena Gomez must have a great relationship with Mrs. Jonas then, no? (:

UPDATE: Disney exclusively tells that the Jonas Brothers were not filming their latest music video, but a segment for the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert movie that will premiere on February 22, 2009.

15+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers shooting at Central Park…

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jonas brothers central park 01
jonas brothers central park 02
jonas brothers central park 03
jonas brothers central park 04
jonas brothers central park 05
jonas brothers central park 06
jonas brothers central park 07
jonas brothers central park 08
jonas brothers central park 09
jonas brothers central park 10
jonas brothers central park 11
jonas brothers central park 12
jonas brothers central park 13
jonas brothers central park 14
jonas brothers central park 15

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • starbucks fanatic

    Joe – thou art a beautiful, beautiful man child.

  • stephanie

    They’re shooting Lovebug! :)
    Can’t wait.

  • emily

    i love nick :)
    he’s mine.

  • stephanie

    Kevin has been looking pretty hot lately!

  • richard

    first? :]

  • Luisa

    i love love bug!
    they’re perfect

  • Luisa

    i love love bug!
    they’re perfect

  • HSm3-72days

    there shooting love bug or a little bit longer cuz those are the only songs joe plays guitar in

  • jonasfan99

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous love them three with all my heart

  • Marin

    what fakes
    they cant sing
    and theyre extremely rude
    stop posting about them, find someone worth posting about please!

  • ilovejonasbrothers

    i love them all

    andd theor new cd is AMAZING

  • mima

    Yesssss!!! love bug! love all three!! soooo fantastically great!

  • selena

    and i really hate them now

    i used to love them soo much
    but after the whole TEAM thing
    i think they are really rude

  • mima

    although… they don’t use the piano in love bug…. but anyway…

  • AMY

    awww how tweeet…

  • mima

    and joe’s got his guitar…
    maybe it’s a little bit longer..

  • tia

    joe is so pretty! prettier than zac efron, perhaps?? now that would be an attractive couple! haha

  • rachel

    omg! i can’t wait for the new video!!
    i must say nick looks exceptionally hot in these pictures! :)

  • .

    nick looks beautiful(idk y i said that about a guy) in the 4th pic& 11th pic well all the pix hes facing the cam

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


    THEIR ALBUM IS ahh-mazing!!!!

    I LUV THA jonas brothers!! FOREVER n EVER!!!


  • Felcity

    Wow!!! Amazing. Can’t wait to see it!!!

    Gotta go update my JB fansite now haha!:p

  • http://justjared zerfonluver

    OHH YEAAA!!!!!!!!


    I LUV NICK JONAS!!!!!!

  • jfjsjf

    No they are not shooting love bug! its a little bit longer, that their shooting.
    joe plays the guitar in that. So your wrong!

  • jfjsjf

    number 13, actually in an interview selena said it was for her and demi’s bowling team. so its nothing aobut miley and mandy.

  • CJ

    ummmm a lil young to be thinking about marriage/family they are only teens

  • scout

    good god enough with these girls!

  • sarah

    The video is for the song “A Little Bit Longer”! Can’t wait!

  • k

    in the last pic, that doesn’t even look like Kevin…

  • Anabel

    i wonder what video thy’re doing!

    BECAUSE! i remeber that just jared said they were filming a video for the song kung fu grip.

    WHICH! it was actually the burning up video .

    BUT! yeahh.
    i wonder what their mother and father did while making them .
    these kids are beautiful.

  • michelle

    i love them all<3333
    there all amazing, hott(: and perfect!

    nelena forever♥

  • Maaary

    they just ROCK .

    buuuut , W H A T I S J O E W E A R I N G ?

    OMG .

    hahahahahahahaha .


  • Maaary

    they just ROCK .

    buuuut , W H A T I S J O E W E A R I N G ?

    OMG .

    hahahahahahahaha .


  • Just to point out the FACTS

    i can’t stand nick…he seems so full of himself! he thinks he’s hot (i don’t think so but..well!) ….and shows off, look at his look! hate him. i have to say that kevin is not that hot too….the only one who’s actually very very HOT is Joe….he’s way hotter than other s k a n k s like zac efron etc….anyhoo, what’s their fame? what did they do ? i can’t see why they’re so “famous” and talked about…..i guess little girls love them..that’s it.

  • tiamaria

    fugly crack heads are sooo UGLY. can’t even play the guitar. gay homo cunts. nick is a twat, joe is just not funny, and kevin well who is he? they think they are so good but they are just fools in tight trousers. ewwww

  • shelly

    O dear lord, STOP with the JONAS BROS!!! Am I the only adult on the planet earth that is SICK TO DEATH of these no talent children? (minus the 21 year old one that stares off into space….) Oh wait, they write and play thier own music….whaaaaa…..has anyone heard them sing live???? OUCH!

  • 4564356

    zero talent.

  • amy X

    joe is too hot !!!!!! gosh, i wanna hug him and kiss him and…… well you see what i mean LOL! i’m in love with him….he’s so cute…so handsome…so wow lol….joe!!!!! i love you :D

    i know i’m patheticly into this guy

  • .

    jfjsjf she was being sarcastic not literal she was joking!!!!! wow u really believed that so naive

  • Brandi

    Ugh, I wonder what song it’s for?? I hope Lovebug like some people are saying… If it is A Little Bit Longer I will cry.
    Their album is amazing, and I love them to death…
    But A Little Bit Longer is definitley not one of my favorite songs from it. And if it becomes a single and I have to hear it on the radio all the time, it will suck… majorly! That’s what happened with When You Look Me In The Eyes too, I like it but not enough to listen to it all the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the song and support Nick with his diabetes 100% but I don’t want that to be the new single.

    Darn. I bet it is…

    Oh well, I love these Jonas boys! :)

  • Angeline

    The light hits them so good in these pictures.

    A new video?!!??!?! HELL YES. I love them.






  • kay

    Doesn’t Joe look like a male version of Vanessa Hudgens?

  • Brenda

    What song were they shooting a video for?

  • tif

    its lovebug for sure!

  • JBforever

    Love these boyss<3

  • lisa

    i hate selena

    jb are cool!!

  • amanda

    if u hav nothing nice to say than dont say anything at all! you dont know them and nobody has the right to judge them!

    i personally think that they r gr8 role models! i mean they are christians, waiting til marriage, and are extremely sweet and family oriented!

    plus they r extremely hot! i think joe is so purrtty!
    and my heart beats so fast when Joe sings especially i got to find you and their new song sorry! wow break me off a piece of the deliciousness that is Joe Jonas well Kevin too but Nick’s a lil to young for me lol!

  • heaven

    nick, i can be nice to your mom. i can!!!

  • leana