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Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush was all smiles despite the fact her flight was delayed for over 2 hours when she arrived at LAX airport on Tuesday.

The One Tree Hill star wore a wrap around cardigan before taking it off because it was too hot. Drinking water and checking her cell phone, Sophia then waited for half an hour for her luggage to arrive.

At the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Sophia, 26, talked about the different complicated and difficult issues teens face today.

“There are so many. They attack celebrities on blogs and teenagers are attacking each other on MySpace. There is so much negativity around, especially for young women,” Sophia said.

“They’re so competitive. You just hope they’ll learn to love themselves for what they are. Embrace yourself. I’d like to see press outlets doing stories on women of all types. We all have different goals, passions and dreams and you need examples.”

10+ more pics inside of Sophia Bush‘s annoying airplane flight…

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130 Responses to “Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight”

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  1. 26
    samantha Says:

    If she keeps going through men like she’s doing, she’ll have to turn gay! I’m sure all you in-denial fangirls would loooooooove that.

  2. 27
    nikomilinko Says:

    Who is she?

  3. 28
    pink panther Says:

    Some of the girls’ definition of ‘classy’ strikes fear deep into the heart of me. A girl who opens her legs for all her co-stars… That doesn’t scream ‘classy’ to me at all. Quite the opposite, actually.

  4. 29
    Mandy Says:

    Yes, she sleeps with all her co-stars. Not classy AT ALL.

  5. 30
    anna Says:

    I loveeeeeee Sophia!!!
    she rocks

  6. 31
    stella Says:

    i wasa big fan of hers unrill i found out the truth when i visted willi. ive lost respect for her and chad.

  7. 32
    randi Says:

    Stunning as usual

    and you realize if you leave the haters alone they will get tired of not getting the attention because they are just doing it to piss you off.

  8. 33
    Betty Says:

    Love her to death she is really so nice.

  9. 34
    mela Says:

    Oh God, she’s whining that teenagers “attack celebrities on blogs.” She honestly thinks THAT is a REAL problem facing teenagers today??

    Sophia, and celebrities like her, are the worst. If you don’t want to be a celebrity, quit acting (the fame is part of the job you idiot!), and move to Montana or something.

    I hate celebrities that B*tch and moan about the fame part.
    nObody signed u up for it besides yourself so shut up!

  10. 35
    claire Says:

    she is amazing just a very down to earth person:)

    have to say I love how at the top of the page they included that quote as when i watched the tcas couldnt think that it was definetly one in the face for all those haters out there that continue to post their BS ;) I loved what sophia said its so true she has such class and definetly such a awesome person

    All you haters from FF are so pathetic you just post the same thing over and over its getting very tiring if you dont like her go read something about someone you do like and stop the constant bashing here ,I know if I wasnt a fan of someone I sure wouldnt be even reading things about them

  11. 36
    Nan Says:

    Insane OTH fans. Get a life. Sophia was married to Chad for a short time, thank god. He was banging everything and anything and ends up getting a minor on knees and she is a fan who does his bidding. Hilarie is on the loose now and who knows what she is banging. Sophia has had two relationships in six years. IF Sophia and James are together great for them. Both are kind hearted and wonderful people. Do they need to get engaged to please your trashy minds. No they don’t. As Sophia said the hate by girls on the internet is so sad. Go back to your journals and spew your nasty thoughts.Moving on, Sophia looks terrific. I wish I had her style and having a plane delayed is the worst. Her skin looks so pretty. I guess she is in town for another photo shoot or event. Love you Sophia.

  12. 37
    Eileen Says:

    Sophia did not complain about the fame. She was saying she thought it was sad that girls have become so hateful towards one another, get her complete response and not the small part posted by JJ. Being so judgemental and negative speaks more about you then the subject you rant about it.

  13. 38
    lauren Says:

    I love how the only defence she has is “Chad cheated on her!” because she talked about it in about thousands of teen mags to get some fame out of it. Knock it off *****. I am actually enjoying the james rumors because that’s just so ‘her’. Keep those rumors going and you will continue to loose class, woot!

  14. 39
    louise Says:

    mela, i don’t think you get what she meant by what she said, she meant because of celebrities being attacked on blogs they then attack each other.
    but seriously, if you people hate her so much why bother to comment? deny it all you want but i sense a hint of jealousy.
    not really seen much of her work but she has been credited by a few good actors so she must be quite good. love her outfit here.

  15. 40
    Amy Says:

    Sophia does not need a defense. It is you vile CM fans and OTH fans that have a problem. Sophia is respected professionally and by those who matter in her life not you but t holes. Personally I hope Sophia and James are together.

  16. 41
    Anna Says:

    Yay! I so hope Sophia and James are together. Both of them are so nice. James is the awesomest guy. Great choice of a girlfriend. Sophia rocks too. Both have class and James is great person. I think all his fangirls are jealous. Especially since everyone tried so hard to get us to believe he hated Sophia. That is the best part. They have been friends since the beginning of the show and if they are having a romance that is even better!

  17. 42
    blah Says:

    LOL, James doesn’t see her as his girlfriend. She’s just one of his *****.

  18. 43
    Pam Says:

    LMAO Sophia didn’t talk about Chad in that way. She made one comment about the truth in the rumors. You have no idea what wasn’t said. She has class and integrity she has moved on with her life. You need a life, coming on boards to trash others. The rumors regarding Sophia being promiscious are false started by the fans of OTH who picked sides and are childish. I heard Chad is happy for her dating James maybe you need to let go of your BS.

  19. 44
    Fiona Says:

    oh for goodness sake what so now were back to the whole chad thing AGAIN wtf ? the storys nothing to do with him anyways and she didnt talk about it lots of mags she may have made a comment in one but what the ***** wrong with that she was obviously hurt things had turned out the way they did and in my opinion there was worse things she could have said but she didnt. All this anti talk will ever be is the little CMM fans who have a chip on their shoulder and are jealous of sophia so need to make themselves feel good by bashing her but in the same breath wil continue to say “I hate people who bash chad its not good to say mean things” double standards if you ask me

  20. 45
    Heather Says:

    James is a gentleman and he definitely is not a manwh**e. Those are other rumors that were started when it was believed he was dating Sophia…to try once again to diminish her…once again it failed. Your Beloved James adores Sophia. So give it up. No cares about Chad. If you continue to try and smear Sophia then all the cast members are fair game. Be careful what you wish for. You aren’t allowed to bash on FF or OTHforums so you use this to spew your ugliness. Like someone said go back to your livejournals and be in misery with your other cohorts.

  21. 46
    Kathy Says:

    Who really cares If Sophia and James are dating? Dating co stars is nothing. Where do you meet guys these days? Work seems a safe place. Picking up strangers is too scary. Sienna Miller dates anything and there is proof for sure. I mean I have never seen tacky pics of Sophia anywhere. Bachelorette party pics with girlfriends don’t cut it. You all need to chill.

  22. 47
    Kris Says:


    “I hate people who bash chad its not good to say mean things” double standards if you ask me.
    So true.

  23. 48
    Zanessa-love4life Says:

    Aww poor Sophia :[
    But shes lookin good!
    Cant wait to see the season premiere of OTH September 1st!!

  24. 49
    Sophia Bush fan Says:

    Love her so much!

  25. 50
    Mandy Says:

    Kathy, there are lots of tacky pictures of Sophia, she just not famous as those Disney kids, so nobody cares.

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