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Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush was all smiles despite the fact her flight was delayed for over 2 hours when she arrived at LAX airport on Tuesday.

The One Tree Hill star wore a wrap around cardigan before taking it off because it was too hot. Drinking water and checking her cell phone, Sophia then waited for half an hour for her luggage to arrive.

At the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Sophia, 26, talked about the different complicated and difficult issues teens face today.

“There are so many. They attack celebrities on blogs and teenagers are attacking each other on MySpace. There is so much negativity around, especially for young women,” Sophia said.

“They’re so competitive. You just hope they’ll learn to love themselves for what they are. Embrace yourself. I’d like to see press outlets doing stories on women of all types. We all have different goals, passions and dreams and you need examples.”

10+ more pics inside of Sophia Bush‘s annoying airplane flight…

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  • monica

    you guys are sad pieces of shit…

    why do you guys need the feel to over analyze someone you guys don’t even know? if she decides to open up her legs to every single guy she meets, well let her be! thats her choice! its her life, she can do w/e the hell she wants with it. does it get your knockers up in a twist? you guys are really lame. having nothing nice to say. go out and have some fun yeah?

    UK loves you sophia! thanks for posting abuot her JJ :)

  • lol

    This bitch is a whore and a half. AND EWWWWW she looks like she’s 40.

    I don’t see what the big deal of her sleeping with that costar James though, he’s ugly as hellllll.

  • anonymous

    At first I read this and thought it said Sophia’s Annoying and couldn’t help but laugh because it’s the truth. She’s annoyed me since she ever opened her mouth on One Tree Hill. I gave her a chance in the Hitcher but I had to walk out of that movie because it was ridiculous.

  • woah!

    what the hell happened to sophia? she looks sooooooooo OLD.

  • Sarah

    You all need a life.

  • cristina

    i love sophia! shes so cute!

  • lousta

    stunning as always

  • anon

    who is her bag by? i want to get one like that.

  • melly

    she’s so cute! can’t wait for table for three!

  • payce

    i love her!!

  • Miss safin

    She’s a role model, i love her, she’s so down to earth, classy and sexy at the same time, she rocks.

  • -.-

    71# she is a big celebrity. a lot of people look up to her and it IS boring to wait 2 hours!!! u said: who cares if her plain was 2 hours to late… noone cares about ur plain being 12 hours to late either.. at least not when u are being rude-.- go sophia!! love u <33 :D

  • Candice

    I’d like to start by saying that its pretty obvious that posts 102, 103, 104 are by the same hater. Lol I mean seriously, these haters are so pathetic that’s its actually kind of sad. You think Sophia looks old??? Well think again you blind motherfuckers. Sophia just recently made People Magazines list for being the best looking 26 year old in Hollywood. So get a pair of glasses……and FAST!!!!!!!!

    And jds(#100)—-
    The only EWWWWWWWW thing I see here is YOU and your post. Sophia has a huge fan base and we love reading about her so if you don’t like her, then what the fuck are you doing here you loser???????????????

    And I can’t believe that you said that she married Chad for his “fame” when the fact is that he was never even that famous to begin with. Lolllllllll If anything his popularity has only gone downhill ever since Sophia divorced him.

    And seeing as how Sophia is a young Hollywood actress……whats the big deal if she goes out with her friends every now and then and drinks or even if she dances provocatively??? We all do it. You act like you’re a fucken martyr or something. Just because Sophia is an actress doesn’t mean that she can’t go out and have fun.


  • Ellen

    Sophia WASN”T interviewed for this article JJ printed she wasn’t even talking to the photogs, you morons! They always write stuff to go with the pics they post. DUH!

  • kristen

    She looks gorgeous, as always

  • jalal

    oh my GOD, are you trying to tell me a ” celebrity ” was inconvenienced. what can we do to help? call a paramedic? or get homeland security involved. this cannot happen again. the state of our very bad TV shows depends on it.

  • rachel

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theoneyouhate

    You knwo what Sophia bush is AMAZING she is always so sweet to her fans and is just a nice person all around. So what if she is dating another co-star or whatever. James lafferty is so nice as well he goes out of his way to do charity things. If she has finally found happiness good for her. Besides in this article you dont see her bitching abut having to wait two hours. Even zac efron would have a diva fit about it. So back off and leave her the hell alone. Shes beautiful and doesnt even need make up. Thts more you can say for half of the celebrity out there. Weather its male or female.

  • kinz

    i cant believe yet again how nasty some people are and how low they will go! to go on here and publicly slag off some one you dont even know is just showing how imature and jelous some people can be! All these people picking holes in sophia or any one for that fact all because she apparently slept with this person, looks old, looks ugly, was only with chad for fame or what ever crap you come out with are just suming up exactly whart sophia said at the TCA and proving her point! Shes just doing Her job like most people in this world and her personal life has got nothing to do with any one but her, if she wants to sleep with 100 people thats her choice not saying she has but thats the point it doesnt matter its nothing to do with anyone! and i would like to no how all you people slagging her off would feel if the boot was on the other foot??
    just think about that next time you open up ur mouths and let out loads off crap you no nothing about!
    all i can say is i hope sophia doesnt read this shit and if she does well no that were not all selfless, mindless horrible people and to keep up the good job of looking fab and coming across as profesional!

    so in future in the words of sophia


  • Virginia

    I love Sophia she is so authentical and gorgeous and to those weirdos who say she opens her legs to all her co stars how do you know smart arses? are you there when it happens? I cant believe what jelousy and envy can do on some idiotic people like you

  • zelda

    i want to know what pleasure these idiots get by saying such nasty things about other people, get over yourself, you are just rude and you probably werent disciplined enough when you were younger, learn some manners,and its none of our bussiness who she dates, its her life… sophia is beautiful, and se seems like a very kind hearted person with great moral values. just by looking at a pic of her puts a smile on my face …

  • Angie

    Love Sophia Bush I think she is a great role model I just hope she just dosen’t change to much.

  • erin

    gosh, she is amazing.

  • Sophia

    I LOVE Sophia Bush, she’s a total professional and such a amazing role model. btw, I adore her bag, it’s so wicked!

  • ANonymous

    shes a moron. enough said

  • Angela

    ^^^I think you’re the moron and not Sophia.

    Sophia Bush is the best and is an amazing actress!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    all the haters need too calm the hell down;;
    wouldnt yuh be annoyed i knoe i would seriously yuh guys waste yur time on writing a comment on a person yuh dont even like and who the hell cares if yuh like sophia or not!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    all the haters need too calm the hell down;;
    wouldnt yuh be annoyed i knoe i would seriously yuh guys waste yur time on writing a comment on a person yuh dont even like and who the hell cares if yuh like sophia or not!!!!!!!!

  • stacie




  • Lynn

    anonymous, you are so right. Her “relationship” with James is such a joke. Nobody on set takes it seriously. He’s definitely screwing other girls besides her. A FWB relationship. Yeah, that’s healthy.