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Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight

Sophia Bush was all smiles despite the fact her flight was delayed for over 2 hours when she arrived at LAX airport on Tuesday.

The One Tree Hill star wore a wrap around cardigan before taking it off because it was too hot. Drinking water and checking her cell phone, Sophia then waited for half an hour for her luggage to arrive.

At the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Sophia, 26, talked about the different complicated and difficult issues teens face today.

“There are so many. They attack celebrities on blogs and teenagers are attacking each other on MySpace. There is so much negativity around, especially for young women,” Sophia said.

“They’re so competitive. You just hope they’ll learn to love themselves for what they are. Embrace yourself. I’d like to see press outlets doing stories on women of all types. We all have different goals, passions and dreams and you need examples.”

10+ more pics inside of Sophia Bush‘s annoying airplane flight…

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130 Responses to “Sophia Bush's Annoying Airplane Flight”

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  1. 76
    Kevin Says:

    I am sure poor Sophia has no choice but to be used. LMFAO

    Guys adore her and she isn’t sleeping around with various guys.
    Although I wish I was.
    Why does the idea of Sophia and James rile you so much?
    Good for them.
    At least they aren’t jumping into living together or engagement.

    Whoever came up with HAS BEEN HILL is genuis. lol

  2. 77
    Amy Says:

    All the people who don’t like Sophia and make up the rumors why even be botherd to come here and talk absolute bollocks about her. Their is no need for it, how would you feel if loads of people went over to a celebrity you liked. Also who gives a rats **** if she is dating James (which I don’t think she is) I bet all you haters have shagged alot more people than her lost your virginity at 12 and lads won’t come know where near you because you have a bucket for a fanny

    And Sophia your beautiful ***

  3. 78
    anonymous Says:

    her and james make out all the time here in wilmington. they’re just hiding it from the press because it’s not a serious relationship and it could damage her reputation. he’s pretty much unknown so he can get away with more.

  4. 79
    Sarah Says:

    You know, this world is full of some seriously fucked up people. And some of these posts on this thread just confirmed that.

    First of all, #25, #26, and #28(Rafi, Samantha, Pink Panther)
    Here’s the thing *******…..Sophia DOESN’T sleep with all of her co-stars. Got it??? She was with Chad for a really long time until his dumbass decided to cheat on her . Then she dated Jon Foster for a while but they decided to eventually part ways. Those two above mentioned relationships are the ONLY relationships that Sophia has been in for the past few years. Now I’ve been hearing rumors about Sophia and James too. Whether or not its true, NO ONE knows but them. And as for those idiots who keep on claiming that they have “sources” who are saying that Sophia and James are dating or are friends with benefits. Well guess what??? There are a lot of people who work on and off set that keep on saying that those “rumors” are NOT true. So tell your little sources to take some pictures if you want anyone to believe that ****.

    And if Sophia and James are dating, then why does it bother you ******** so damn much???? Whats any of that got to do with you?? If they’re dating, then GOOD for them. The important thing is that they’re happy. They don’t give **** about what you think so you guys are the ones who look end up looking like idiots. I find it hilarious that some people seem so bothered by James and Sophia being together or whatever. They’re acting like its gonna be the end of the world or something. Lol. They’ve been good friends for a long time now and if feelings have developed than thats totally normal. It happens all the time. So why don’t you guys pull that stick out of your ass’s and move ON with your lives instead of being so concerned about people who don’t even know you exist.

    I’m sure that the first few negative comments were made by the SAME person who used a different alias each time seeing as how they almost sounded exactly the same… seriously…..get a fucken LIFEEEEE.

    And #72,
    Your post was STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever read. James adores and respects Sophia. A lot of people who work on set will tell you that because they’re really good friends. So get a fucken brain or something…..its obvious that you need one. And as for that “he only wants her for sex” comment, how would YOU know that??? Have you been peeking in through there bedroom windows and spying on them????????

  5. 80
    Julie Says:

    Um, how is she classy and elegant? She screws all her costars gets slop ass drunk on a regular basis. She’s screwed atleast 4 on set co-stars. You don’t piss where you eat, you would think she would have learned that by now. She’s a ***** to fans who still want her characte with Chad’s. She told them the only way she can tolerate Chad is because her character won’t be romantic with his anymore.She’s a diva on the set. Chad has been happily committed for 2 years, yet their marriage breaks up after 5 months? I wish Chad had been as low as her and aired her dirty laundry.

    I will say cute shirt, hate the shoes.

  6. 81
    LoveLee.r Says:

    luuuuvvvvv ya Sophia !!
    you rock ; )

  7. 82
    Kelly Says:

    Er, people actually think James is dating her? LMAO

    He’s ******* like 5 other girls here in Wilmy. I’m sure she’s opening her legs for him too, but please don’t call it dating. He’s still ******** one of his ex’s even.

    Sophia should feel like a ***** if she thinks she’s anything special. But I doubt it, Sophia is ******** other guys too and still calls her ex Jon Foster ALL the time. Apparently he tells Jame’s brother Stuart how psycho she is.

    Whatever you people can live in your little “Sophia can do no wrong” and is a little virgin mary and that James isn’t a manwhore, but please accept reality in your real life. Jesus, James is a 22 year old horny guy, most guys his age are manwhores. He as looks and some money, you think he isn’t? LMAO. Just because he’s a “nice guy” doesn’t mean he’s not sleeping with a lot of girls. It’s probably because he’s so charming and sweet he still has ex’s wanting to jump on his ****. LOL

    Grow the hell up people. This is the real world.

  8. 83
    amanda Says:

    she is so gorgeous! i love her she just exudes confidence and she is just so intelligent and sweet! she is seriously an amazing person, and a terrific role model for all people! i seriously love her outfit! absolutely adorable and she’s not even trying! she just always amazes me! simply elegant, classy, and breathtaking! i so hav a girl crush on her lol!

  9. 84
    Alicia Says:

    Mela and Reese,
    If you go back to the article, it quotes Sophia as saying,
    “They’re so competitive. You just hope they’ll learn to love themselves for what they are. Embrace yourself. I’d like to see press outlets doing stories on women of all types. We all have different goals, passions and dreams and you need examples.”

    Sophia isn’t bitching or moaning about fame and she never has. All she said was that there is a lot of negativity in the world and she is absolutely right. People are always talking bad about each other and if you go through all of these celebrity blogs on Just Jared alone, you’ll clearly see that there are some incredibly rude people in the world who talk a lot of trash about others. What she said was 100% true. People attack celebrities on blogs and teens attack each other on various sites such as Myspace and Facebook all the time. I see it happen everyday. And all Sophia said was that instead of being so hateful all the time, people should learn to love themselves for who they are and be civil. And I absolutely agree. Theres enough hate in the world and the problem only seems to be getting worse.

    And Reese, I saw that exact same interview that Sophia gave on Craig Fergusen too. And once again, I can’t find anything wrong with what she said. She said that she gets along with guys very well because some women tend to be petty. Thats absolutely true. Some women do tend to be catty….its nothing new. I’m a woman myself and I’ve been in several instances where women will talk about you behind your back and just be really nasty because their either jealous or due to some other ridiculous reason. Sophia didn’t put anyone down but just said something thats kinda true. If you happen to see it differently than thats fine. But I didn’t find anything wrong with what she said at all. And besides, Sophia has a lot of really close girlfriends too which means that she doesn’t have friends who are just guys.

  10. 85
    angelica Says:

    I can assure you that people are NOT jealous of Sophia. I would have to have extremely low self confidence to be jealous of her and I don’t.

  11. 86
    angelica Says:

    I can assure you that people are NOT jealous of Sophia. I would have to have extremely low self confidence to be jealous of her and I don’t.

  12. 87
    amanda Says:

    u know its really sad when women bash other women! i mean seriously she is a human being and its sad when people bash celebrities! i mean i think if we all worried a lil bit more about ourselves and how we are acting instead of bashing others we would all be a whole lot better off! Jesus says any person who is without guilt cast the first stone! well unless u are without guilt and have never sinned than i dont think any of us has a right to judge! i personally think that Sophia Bush is a very classy and beautiful lady and we could all learn a thing about how to treat others from her! god bless!

  13. 88
    Lena Says:

    You got quite a nasty little mouth on you don’t ya?? I love how you”know” all that. Do you have any PROOF because I would love to see some right about now.

    As for that Sophia is sleeping with other guys while James is sleeping with other girls comment…….are you stalking them?????????????????????????? I love the way you just made up all of that bullshit……thats right, your ENTIRE post was bullshit. If you’re gonna talk, then at least say something thats even remotely close to the truth instead of pulling **** out of your ass.

  14. 89
    lena Says:

    some people have seen james with other girls and also with sophia. they’re not exclusive.

  15. 90
    maz Says:

    stop with all these rumours and putting sophia down. fck its so immature!!

    agree, since when was this about sophia and james? its about SOPHIA! so if u dont like her…dont go opening this page.



  16. 91
    Shae Says:

    So I wasn’t going to say anything because I had just come to read this article about Sophia seeing as how I’m a huge fan of hers but then I read this one post that I found really amusing.

    Sophia IS classy and she IS elegant. A lot of people know that and those who truly know her say that Sophia is one of the most gracious and sweetest people in Hollywood. She’s always a total sweetheart to her fans. Everyone has their good days and then their bad days. So if you met her on a day where she wasn’t her usual self, then grow up and realize that no one is happy all the time. I’ve met her a few times and I have friends who have met her before too and we’ve all had the most pleasant meetings with her. She is always so friendly and sweet.

    As for that remark you made about Chad being in a “happily” committed relationship for 2 years when his marriage to Sophia had lasted all of five months. Do you even know WHY they separated??? Its because he CHEATED on her. So did you really expect her to sit around and wait for him to go an just do it again??? PLEASE. She dumped his ass and now she can hopefully find someone better.

  17. 92
    leah Says:

    ^ Clearly you don’t even know an ounce of truth of what happened in that relationship. That was a very unhealthy relationship on BOTH Chad and Sophia’s account.

  18. 93
    jo Says:

    ok heres the deal with james and sophia.. they are DATING! i dont know what the hell you guys are talking about them just being ******** buddies.. because they are def more then that. they go EVERYWHERE together — the gym, out to eat, out to bars, out to the movies, out to the beach.. how could he possibly be ******** any other girls if sophia is always there? not to mention when they are out together, they hold hands and make out. he is def not trying to get with other girls right now, especially when sophias there (and trust me, she always is).

    so you guys who are saying that james only looks at her as a piece of ass.. ya’ll are wrong. he wouldnt be with the girl 24/7 if he didnt actually like her.


  19. 94
    jo Says:

    sophia and james are dating dumbasses

  20. 95
    mori Says:

    Sophia is gorgeous and smart!

    Wilmington isn’t such a big town so when you say they are dating or something else why no one ever got a pic of them together,if they are making out all the time someone would probably got a pic or something so until I see actually proof I don’t believe it!

    as for haters,if you don’t like her so much you should just avoid this post!

  21. 96
    kristen Says:

    to all the haters, why do you even comment here? I mean seriously, are you that bored? Do you not have lives? You have to make up all these lies about people you don’t even know?

  22. 97
    Sara Says:

    Nuts, all this over a dying show and cast.

  23. 98
    la Says:

    Doesn’t she read Perez because he’s “fabulously bitchy?” So, she has openly admitted to loving the blog that attacks celebs in the most vicious way, and now, she’s going to say she doesn’t support it?

    I swear, this chick says whatever sounds best at the time, which when compared to her past quotes, generally makes her sound dumb.

  24. 99
    llet Says:

    She has always looked like a big flake.

  25. 100
    jds Says:


    lol what a *****!

    come on there are SO many better people to talk about then that ****.

    i love how she is so ‘classy’ when she married one guy for his fame…got all she could from him so moved on to her next co-star.

    what a ****.

    lol dude you all can defend her ALL you want…but everyone knows how big of ***** she is…just go look at the pics of her DRUNK as hell with her friends…humping other guys…pole dancing and such **** ass moves.

    lol find someone else write about.

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