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Demi Lovato is a Purple Princess

Demi Lovato is a Purple Princess

Demi Lovato takes pictures and signs autographs for her fans outside her uptown New York City hotel on Thursday.

The Disney sensation, who celebrates her Sweet Sixteen on Wenesday, has been promoting her debut album, Don’t Forget, out in stores next month (September 23).

And Demi isn’t the only one in the family climbing the fame ladder. Her 6-year-old half-sister landed a role on the hit ABC drama Desperate Housewives. According to TV Guide, Madison Delagarza will play Gabrielle Solis’ (Eva Longoria) older (but troublesome) daughter, Juanita.

10+ pictures of Demi Lovato, the purple princess…

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Credit: Thornton/Perez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • haha

    she’s SO pretty :)

  • haha

    há, i was first for the first time ever, wow.

  • anna

    hah, her birthday isn’t that much longer after Joe’s! I like Demi better than Selena and i like Milerz better than Demi. But they are all soo cool!

  • Emma

    i love demi – she is gorgeous and extremely talented.

    i can’t wait for her album!

  • kathy

    isnt she 16 why does she look like she is 25 and she also seem really dumb with that other disney girl.
    Miley all the way!!

  • love

    I love Taylor, Kevin, Nick and Joe. Thanks for giving us a daily dish of these bright talenetd people. And i will keep on checking this site because of this. And i would like to request some news from another talented young actress from disney channel, Brenda Song, who has starred in productions such as Stuck in the Suburbs which broke records and has a charting soundtrack (landed in the billboard 200), Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, Get a Clue, Ultimate Christmas Present, Like Mike (won a jury award for it), Phil of the Future and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody franchise not to mention her new upcoming projects which incude reprising her role as london in The Suite Life on Deck, A Wendy Wu sequel which she exucative produces, a Lifetime Original Movie called Special Delivery and a Warner Bros. Film called American Darlings and a rumored appearance in another Warner Bros. Film called Happy Ever After as the lead directed by A cinderella story director Mark Rosmn.

    Brenda has been called Disney’s next billion-dollar cash cow by E! Online:

    “Next she might do records, fashion and online entertainment,” says Darrell Miller, a branding expert and lawyer now negotiating offers for Idol contestant Syesha Mercado.

    CAN U GUYS PLEASE START ADDING BRENDA SONG NEWS like premiere pictures and candids.

  • alba nely

    shes so ugly and fat and that ugly hat and ugly shoes that hat looks like its for an old man ewww shes a fat cow and shes has that ugly cheap looking shirt and pants she needs a stylist

  • Ryanefron

    She and he jonas brothers suck big time xD

  • K


    I can’t wait for her album to be released! (:

    And can’t wait to see her half sister on Desperate Housewives!
    I think her half sister appeared in one of episodes of the Demi&Selena Show on Youtube too!

  • rachel

    Demi is awesome!

  • Amy

    11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julio

    i love her. i just cant believe in what miley did to her.
    Demi & Selena forever, they’re the sweetest.

  • bam

    love her!

  • michelle

    demi is very very talented!
    im happy for her and her half sister(:

  • Angie

    HORRAY FOR DEMI! We need more of her Jared! and less Selena PLZ.

  • Angie

    no offense to selena fans, but I find her rather annoying.

  • G

    its nice to see a star dressing age appropriate

  • victoria

    She is so cute!!! NUMBER # 12, What did Miley do to her? What did I miss?

  • selena&demi fan foreva

    love her so much!! she’s so cool!!!!!! i would love to meet her!!
    love them :)

  • jo

    Stop with the damn teams!
    Love her. Love Demi. Love Selena.

    Why can’t it be that way? Support the one of your choice and leave the others alone!

  • jo

    #18- NOTHING.
    The media is just bored without Britney and Lindsay to terrorize so they are trying to make ‘something’ out of nothing with these girls.
    It’s so stupid!

  • braaaaaaaaziliaan

    Demi, really ? I love you so very much ! :)

  • ashley

    princess??? demi?? omg she is so ugly!! how can u call her princess?

  • Miley fan for life!

    She should not wear skinny jean’s.

    Just sayin’….

  • Lora

    What is the obsession with these teenage disney stars? They’re just kids who act like they’re 30! Forget “grow up”, they should “grow down”. It’s ridiculous, they’ll all end up like Britney or Lindsey Lohan anyways as they were both young disney stars don’t forget.

  • mao

    It’s disgusting that she looks nowhere near her age. Hope this mediocre wh*ore she gets trampled.

  • Heather

    i love demi!
    shes amazing and i cant wait for the new album!

  • Suzieee

    wow she’s awesome! i love her along with miley
    yuck about selena

    demi+miley forever
    wait i forgot about jonas haha

  • gina





  • nina

    Wow, no black.
    But she looks cute.

  • meghan

    she’s so pretty!!

    all you haters are just losers who are jealous!!!

    YOU ROCK DEMI!!!!!!!
    i love her shirt.

  • stephanie

    i have her shirt heck yes.
    love her! :)

  • Vfan

    I knew her sister Madison couldn’t be her real sister they look so different.Does that mean her parents are divorced?

  • pennylove

  • pennylove
  • snap dragon

    this b*tch is not 16 she’s obviously lying about her age, UGLY TALENTLESS SKANK

  • ANNA

    OMG! EWW!

  • kay

    I love Demi! She rocks!


    i love demi so bad ):

    why cant i go to her sweet 16 ?

    ahhh ¬¬

    i really wanted to go !

  • Jamie

    She has a KILLER of the best that
    I have heard. But I don’t think she acts very well..
    in Camp Rock.. It kinda sucked even though I LOVE
    the JoBros..I didnt like the movie. But I deffinitley
    will buy her album! Her voice is amazing!!


    i love demii demi
    and & will marriege and be
    happy 4ever

    okkk no ¬¬

  • soff

    she is so pretty

  • Krissy

    LOve DEMI!

    and to all you haters, reliaze this- atleast she’s can sing, act and be a better romodel then Miss. Fag – Breakout Miley Cyrus!!!!
    newflash- nude pics and bigger the drama, to a faker liar, who hurts ppl’s feelings aka her ex Nick… && gets jelly easily to make fun of the two ppl, that didn’t do ne thing, but have fun – miley was never funny, she tries to hard.- just like how she was on HM, sum luck, for sumone tat never went to skool, and faced the real life.

    so stop callin her fat,un- stylish, ugly (ETC)- face the facts: she’s more prettier, funnier, and actualli has style, then miley, who thinks, she can strip infront of the cam, to impress ppl-.- ( sorry miley lovers, but this girl, is not worth to b a good romodel)

    well young celebs get more attention since there starting n the business, so get used to it more often, since we get used to everyone else the same way.

  • LMM

    shes not very good looking, but i guess make up does do miracles cause in some pictures shes acceptable looking but in others shes nothing special… but i guess this applys to everyone thats not blessed with the good looks some people are, but atleast this girl has a voice, shes not a bad singer at all…

  • Krissy

    and stop hatin on her, jus cuz, she’s now gettin the attention, the fame (etcc)
    face it! she’s a way better role model, singer, actress, and a amzing personality, then miley cyrus – who did sum pretty intense, stuff , that proves she’s a faker. – tries to hard, mistakes of the pics, and hurts ppl, like nick. ( wit tat 7 things song/her whole new album)
    but since there isnt a feud between them, miley is jus jelly, cuz there gettin the attention.- she wasn’t in funny for that video!!!!
    DEMI & SELENA are the true, down to earth role models here!
    ok, whoever says demi is fat, and has no style- ur wrong!
    umm, her age was different as a kid, so rite now, she lost weight..and secondly, her style range, is actualli pretty decent , unlike miley, cuz she dresses weirdly.. or should i say, likes to hang around, wit nothing on.( PICS are no lie)
    ( sorry miley fans, but we can’t support sum one, that’s only gonna do, is make more mistakes)

    Over all, stop hatin demi and selena, jus cuz, there starting to make it into there career. Demi didn’t ask the JB’s to help her, they offered to, so don’t go saying, that she’s taken the fame off of them..she needs help, wit her music,( since it wasn’t hard hitting, to make it into the business) jus like every other celeb. Turns out, JB’s are supporting them more, after wut miley did, so there’s real love for u there. And stop comparing S wit M, cuz one ) miley didn’t start fame the hard way, she did it, the easy way, but not for Sel, since she’s been doin this, her whole life!
    Sel, started to sing and act, way b4 miley, so there’s more proof that she’s not copying her!

  • Krissy

    sorry about the double post..i didn’t know, it was here.
    i thought it was turned down.

  • lily

    she’s soooooo pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fkjerj

    Demi has the perfect body, she is not so skinny she looks great.