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Jamie Lynn Spears: Cheated On While Pregnant?

Jamie Lynn Spears: Cheated On While Pregnant?

Jamie Lynn Spears‘ boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, was seeing Kelli Dawson, a woman in her late twenties, while Jamie Lynn was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Kelli Dawson claims she and Casey, 19, were still sleeping together when Jamie Lynn, now 17, was six months pregnant with his child, she said in an interview with In Touch.

“We were both really attracted to each other,” Kelli reveals. “He totally instigated it and pursued me. His friends would tell me that he liked me, that he thought I was pretty.”

Kelli says she and Casey stopped sleeping together a few months before Jamie Lynn gave birth to their daughter, Maddie. “It just didn’t feel right,” she explains. “He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop.”

Britney Spears‘ first husband, Jason Alexander, has confirmed the story, saying it had become common knowledge that Casey was cheating on Jamie Lynn, the mother of his child.

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  • suzette

    that’s fucking disgusting, cheating on your PREGNANT gf
    shame on you casey!

  • Sophie

    F*** CASEY!!!!!

  • You

    In Touch should show better taste and not print stories like this. The girl isn’t even 18 yet and they are dragging her private life and misfortunes through the mud. If the media keeps this up, with her fragile family, she’ll be in rehab in no time.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….`gotta love white trash.

    hillbilly rednecks are always good for a laugh.

  • kehinde

    damn dat son of bitch needs to die now and fast

  • maria

    poor jamie lynn

  • Sophie

    What a jerk!!!!!!!!!

    HATE HIM!!!!

    Poor Jamie-Lynn…

  • candice

    How is that anyones business? How tacky!

  • newport beach, 92660


  • Janelle

    Oh wow I knew he would cheat on her

  • MAnders

    First, riight?

    Owch, for Jamie.

  • helen

    poor jamie-lynn

  • notbusy

    Don’t know whose more slimey, Intouch or Casey if it’s true. Why hurt Jaime like this! I don’t know how these people at these tabloids sleep at night. Britney’s ex should keep his fat mouth shut. He only lasted 24 hours so he is a joke.


    Hmmm …. I don’t know if I beleive this … some b*tches will do anything for there 15 mins of fame and a few dollars in there back pockets!!

    Poor JamieLynn!! She doesnt need silly little girls like this trying to drag her down …

    plus – Is Intouch really the most reliable source out there?!!! xxxx

  • me

    I feel really bad for Jamie Lynn. I just recently found out my husband cheated on me and we have two really young children. I feel horrible for myself and my family and can’t imagine what I would feel like if it was blasted on a magazine cover and being talked about by millions of people.

    Shame on Casey. What a pig. And shame on the slut who cheated with him and continued to do so knowing Jamie Lynn was pregnant.

  • Beth

    I hope Jamie doesn’t go through with the wedding.

    And Kick his stupid ass. It his fault she was pregnate.

  • Beth

    I hope Jamie doesn’t go through with the wedding.

    And Kick his stupid ass. It his fault she was pregnate.

  • Beth

    I hope Jamie doesn’t go through with the wedding.

    And Kick his stupid ass. It his fault she was pregnate.

  • Ha!

    Wasn’t there a rumor that this baby isn’t even his? This wouldn’t surprise me one bit. The woman behind the story must be so proud. Sleeping with some goofy-looking 19-year-old kid who doesn’t know how to use birth control. What a catch.

  • Noelle

    I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but give me a break. Poor Jaime Lynn?? Are you kidding me?? All of the reports about this boyfriend of hers said that he had been cheating on her prior to her even getting pregnant. Jaime Lynn is a dumb ass for letting herself get knocked up by this dude. My little rant against Jaime doesn’t excuse her loser boyfriend Casey. This kid doesn’t have it together and that sleazy chick that he was cheating on Jaime Lynn with should be slapped in the face. At her age what the heck is she doing hanging around with a teenage boy, especially one with his type of profile and with the full knowledge that he had a pregnant girlfriend. Women like that deserve to be punched in the face and spit on because they have no regard for anyone. Casey needs to get a good old fashioned ass kicking and I think Jaime Lynn’s dad and brother should be the ones to give him that kind of lesson.

  • Lovesimpsonsis

    This is awful. If this is true, SHAME ON YOU CASEY!

  • Mary

    that is totally effed up!!! Dump casey ASAP!!!

    I don’t know why that girl Kelli came ou tw/ the story wouldn’t she be embarrassed??

  • hihihihihi

    i wish he could of keep seeing kelli and make jamie more mad..

  • gina


  • naty

    She says it didn’t feel right? omg! what a bitch! it wasn’t right from the beginning, she was pregnant for god sake.

  • FC


  • manny

    omg poor Jamie lynn!!!! casey is a bastard!!!
    i hope this is not true!!
    that kelli girl is a fucking hoe!!!

  • Jessica

    Too bad… She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.

  • York Town

    To # 4 Infamous

    You’re an idiot. Do you think only white trash cheats on their GF’s??? Hate to tell you but I live in New York City and it happens ALL THE TIME.

    ALso, who’s the trash? Jaime Lynn has more money in her piggy bank than I’m sure you’ll make in 20 yrs punching a time clock and taking your monitored lunch breaks! lol YOU DA LOSER BIATCH!

  • kassie

    OMG. Ok, i really don’t understand these “I want attention” girls. I mean, they were living happily and she brought this. It’s the last thing Jamie Lynn needed to happen.

  • http://mmjk hhththrt


  • remember da truth

    Isn’t it only cheating if you are dating? I thought they had broken up before she found out she was pregnant, and during it he said he’s stand by her and do the right thing by the baby, but he and she weren’t a couple.

    Noelle #20 has it right — this woman is no teenager, as both Casey and Jamie-Lynn are. SHE”S the real sleazoid here. what’s she doing with a 19-year-old with a baby on the way?

    Statutory rape? Give me a break — Casey was a teenager, too. And to force these two to get married is stupid and anachronistic, from a time when if a woman wasn’t a virgin, she was never going to be married, and marriage was all a woman had to support herself. He should provide parenting help and financial assistance, but let’s not pretend they are a loving couple in their 20s or 30′s. They have their whole lives ahead of them, and it’s very unlikely they will not date others.

  • ebmo

    What a shocker!…..Teen lovers with an accidental pregnancy are not mature enough to have a committed relationship?!?!?

    Yeah….no one saw that coming!
    Look around for heaven’s sake!

    Happens every day, in every city of the world!

    No one is around to feel sorry for those girls, the ones with a lot fewer financial resources to raise the baby they ended up with.

    Maybe….just maybe the problem here is that Lynn spears was trying so hard to make a buck of the backs of her kids that she never sat down and talked to them about the reality of the consequnces of having an adult relationship before you are an adult!

  • gossipgirl

    if this is all true?, why is jamie lynn still with casey and she is going to marry him???, i hope jamie lynn calls of the wedding.

  • truvy

    That’s what happens when you screw around with people you don’t know all that well and don’t wear protection. They’re all complete and utter trash. The only one I feel for is the kid.

  • Andrea

    Man what a Jerk!! a woman who was 28????
    wha the hell
    Jamie needs to leave him and find some1 else!!!
    she deserves so much better and he can fun fliritng and fucking his 28 year old woman…

  • Georgia

    Well i hope she has finally seen sense! I always throught he was a worm, plz say the weddings off! hes a d*ckhead. She should pack all his stuff and drop him like a hot potatoe! Stupid idiot, he dont desevre her while she was pregnant what sick ba*tard dose that?!?!

    Sling him out!

  • marie

    poor jamie lynn
    that is just so wrong, so wrong…

  • gossipgirl

    i heard another rumor that casey and jamie lynn were not together at the time when she got pregnant?. i can see why that jamie lynn and casey were broken-up at the time of cheating, the girl(kelli) was with casey when jamie lynn was in L.A. filming her show zoey 101.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Casey is an a$$, and I feel really bad for Jamie Lynn.
    She went through giving birth to his daughter and he cheated on her the whole time!
    WHAT A PIG!!!!!!! :(
    Poor Jamie, she defenitely should call the wedding off and leave him, cause I see it as he doesn’t deserve her!

  • gossipgirl

    it sound like that jamie lynn is still going to marry casey late summer or fall, i guess jamie lynn forgive for casey for cheating on her. i feel so sorry for maddie briann.

  • charlotte

    what a sleeze bucket. shame shame shame

  • Yoby

    Omg! What’s up with that woman!
    what a bitch! That Hooker want’s her 15 minutes of fame! Shame on her to be with with an younger guy with a pregnant gf!
    of course shame on casey too! What a fucking pig i hate him

  • Ellenn

    oh my god .
    poor Jamie Lynn ..
    =/ how could Casey do that ?

  • ashlee

    drama, drama, drama, drama. that “other woman” wants her 15 minutes of fame. she’s probably someone casey went out with once before he met jamie lynn.

  • ashlee

    how much did the magazine pay this other woman to fabricate a story? more than she would ever make in her lifetime at a real job.

  • Kerri

    Since the ok article states they have been together off and on for years now, wouldn’t that make Kelli Dawson a CHILD MOLESTER!!!

    SKANY SLUT, Look at her pic in ok….

  • Kerri

    Sorry should have read SKANKY SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marc

    britney should kick caseys ass!