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Joe Jonas is a Cute Cop

Joe Jonas is a Cute Cop

Why hello, Officer Jonas…

Joe Jonas of the pop-rock group The Jonas Brothers pops some bubble gum in his mouth while dressed as a NYPD officer around New York City’s Columbus Circle on Thursday morning.

The almost-19-year-old Jonas Brother directed traffic as he shot a new scene for the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert movie, which premieres on February 22, 2009. In another scene, Joe pretended to arrest someone, slapping a set handcuffs on another cast member.

Joe always plays the mustache-sporting cop in all the Jonas videos! Back in June when the “Burning Up” music video was released, Joe played a 70′s cop a la Miami Vice.

10+ pictures inside of cute cop Joe Jonas

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joe jonas cop 01
joe jonas cop 02
joe jonas cop 03
joe jonas cop 04
joe jonas cop 05
joe jonas cop 06
joe jonas cop 07
joe jonas cop 08
joe jonas cop 09
joe jonas cop 10

Credit: Brian Prahl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lauren

    OMFG! this is hilarious :’]
    i love joe jonas <3 he’s cute & funny.

  • vic

    haha joe your so funny and cute

  • thanh.



  • christina

    lol love him!

  • angela

    nice pornstache joseph.

  • Morrgy

    Woo first :}

  • jonaimaster

    How can you hate them?! Seriously, the Jonas Brothers are so cute. And it’s cool to see Joe still has that sense of humor we all love. That stash rocks!

  • em

    eeeeeep!! ^_^

  • mike


  • Brett

    He’s SOOOOOO handsome, jonas brothers make the best music, I loove their new album, the songs are heaven!

  • maggsie

    I never thought I would see the day that I wish NSYNC was back. The Jonas Bros is Hanson 2.0

  • chelsea

    To Meslissa-
    If you think they’re so gay and annoying, why do you even bother commenting? I think you have a secret crush on them and that’s why you care so much. That’s so elementary.

  • Sarah

    That’s hot.

  • elljay

    hhahaha, you gotta love joe! [:

  • naylynn

    dont comment i f you dont like them….why waste your time.


  • Aisha

    LOL :) You can see Joe’s package in Picture 5. Haha xD He doesn’t look like a porno star. Okay… maybe a little bit, but porn stars are meant to be fit. I think?! Anyhoo, leave Joe alone! He still kept his funny side!

    LOV3 JONAS BROS. <3 ,.
    Aisha, UK

    Email me?

  • sarah

    You guys are jealous of Joe Jonas because you can’t look as good as him.
    I Love You Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonasnumber1fan

    Their new album is AMAZING.

    Go buy it. :]

  • alaina

    Muahaha, Joe’s the best, I think.

    He’s got the looks and the personality, if ya know what im saying. ;]

    Love him.
    Their new album is AMAZING.
    Gooo buy it.

  • Karen

    he’s so cute! i love him

  • Elle

    oh wow. joe is hilarious!!!

  • emilyyy

    omg hes so freakin adorable. this is hilarious!

  • Vittoria

    If you don’t like the Jonas Brothers leave it to yourself.
    You don’t have to publish it…. and then you guys say that The Jonas Brothers are the ones who want attention! Mah Please!

  • meslissa

    it’s called a blog site. we can post if we want, morons.

    chelsea handler already bashed you moronic fans TWICE for attacking anyone who says something negative about these gays. she ripped into the jonas brothers fans for sending her hate mail after she made fun of them. don’t you guys get it? not everyone is going to like these 3 gays. get over it. you’re just as annoying as them.

    they are attention whores. i dont care what yall say about me. attacking someone about their opinions is the jonas brothers fans. little girls.

  • gabriela

    i love him, but not the jonas brotherss..

  • michelle

    o wowww..haha
    joes so hott & funny(:

    i love them all<33333

  • Anthny

    number 6 i agree but be careful these obsessed fans will threaten your life

    i mean these 3 are horrible actors and need to stay on the stage they are trying to become actors too WTF no they sucked in camp rck

    this time next year you all will be drooling over someone else.

  • lissa

    lmao, this has to be the greatest thing ive seen today. Joe is so amazingly gorgeous…and im really glad that he still has his hilarious side. Their 3-D movie is gonna most definantly be in the top 5 in the box office. Can’t wait to see it.

  • michelle

    o wowww..haha
    joes so hot and funny..
    gotta love him<3

    i love them all!!

  • You want to know what’s elementary, Meslissa? Bashing people you don’t even know. Okay, you don’t have to like them. I couldn’t care less if you don’t. And stating your opinion is fine, but acting like you’re 12 years old and calling them “gays” is what’s annoying about disrespectful people like you. Maybe if you haters weren’t bashing them 24/7, then their fans wouldn’t be “annoying.”

  • Anthny

    how can you all call yourself fans when you clearly like one more then other. OMG HES SO HILARIOUS i dont see whats so funny its not like he thought about it himself and picked the costume, they are told what to do and say they are disney money making robots. you guys just wanna kiss his ass if he made a video of him killing a person youd all be like “awhh hes so nice killing that person so they can go to heaven” wtf

  • Agustina

    La envidia MATA :)
    Veni, Joe, arrestame (:

  • tony

    Everyone seriously needs to chill.

    You either like them or you don’t. You either leave a good comment or you leave a bad one.

    Good comments are great, but saying someone who leaves a bad comment shouldn’t is just absurd. If someone dislikes someone then they’re going to be nasty and say that the person(s) irate them, it’s just a fact of life.

    I’m a JB fan and it doesn’t bother me, and it shouldn’t bother you. People have opinions. My friend can’t stand them but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk to him because he doesn’t like the Jonas Brothers.

    Not everyone is going to agree, get over it.

  • Taylor

    first of all the first and second comment can go somewhere . and second joe can lock me up anytime! if he takes me to his house

  • Bea

    that is THE hottest thing ever! OMFG!!!!

  • Bea

    that is THE hottest thing ever! OMFG!!!!

  • hannah


  • hannah


  • Future mrs.Joejonas

    :O He can really pull that look off ;) I wouldn’t mind if Joe arrested me haha
    Love them <3

  • Sarah

    I think Joe is gay, and before everyone attacks me, I’m not saying that to be funny or hate on him, because I actually really really like him. I’m a massive Jonas Brothers fan BIG BIG FAN, but everytime I watch an interview or see him talking, I get a gay vibe. There’s nothing wrong with him being gay if he his, just sucks that us girls can’t have him (he’s so good looking).

    Remember i’m not hating on him, in my opinion I think he’s gay.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …..`the gayest cop ever.


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m just happy there millions of ‘normal’ people in the world who know these little girlie-boys cant sing.

    and i really cant wait for the littlest one (w/ AIDS) to hurry up and pull a justin timberlake (and become a solo artist) lmaooo

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Awww even as a cop he looks adorable….AND HOT :)
    My ♥ Belongs to Joe Jonas!

  • Adie

    LMAO. I love Joe and the Jonas Brothers. :D

    btw, I don’t like haters commenting here. Waste of your time.

  • jb lover

    if you guys “hate” the jonas brothers then why are you wasting time even looking at the pictures nevertheless commenting them. If you don’t like them fine thats your opinion but you don’t have to sit there and type all the crap your typing. So go and comment someone you do like please:)

    My opinion is they rock and their MEGA hot and talented. I love all of them :) I love the Jonas Brothers.

  • Nikki

    lmao hhahah aw joe i love this!

  • Brenda Song Lover

    is he dating brenda song???? holding hands at dinseyland.

  • embryy


    I LOVE the Jonas Brothers.

    Although I am not an annoying fan; that would sleep for them on the streets of New York; but they did inspired me :]


  • JK

    Yeah Brenda and Joe were holdingh hands at disney but they haven’t confirmed it. BRENDA AND JOE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Brenda and JB Fan 4 life.