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Margaret Cho is Tattoo Titillating

Margaret Cho is Tattoo Titillating

Comedian Margaret Cho attends a screening of The Cho Show at Le Royale in New York City on Wednesday.

The Cho Show premieres on August 21 at 11pm on VH1. A sneak peek is available on August 15th on The show focuses on the 39-year-old Korean-American and her entourage as she fights within the entertainment industry to do what she wants, rather than what’s expected of her.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Margaret Cho’s colorful shoulder tattoos?

20+ pictures of Margaret Cho in tattoo titillating fashion…

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margaret cho tattoo titillating 01
margaret cho tattoo titillating 02
margaret cho tattoo titillating 03
margaret cho tattoo titillating 04
margaret cho tattoo titillating 05
margaret cho tattoo titillating 06
margaret cho tattoo titillating 07
margaret cho tattoo titillating 08
margaret cho tattoo titillating 09
margaret cho tattoo titillating 10
margaret cho tattoo titillating 11
margaret cho tattoo titillating 12
margaret cho tattoo titillating 13
margaret cho tattoo titillating 14
margaret cho tattoo titillating 15
margaret cho tattoo titillating 16
margaret cho tattoo titillating 17
margaret cho tattoo titillating 18
margaret cho tattoo titillating 19
margaret cho tattoo titillating 20

Photos: Amy Sussman/Getty
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  • Ouch!

    This unfunny woman is just trying to copy that legend that is Kathy Griffin!

  • someone

    who is she? SHes FAT AND UGLY!!!

  • mike


  • t

    love her so much and she’s best friends with kathy griffin so I don’t know what #2 is doing insulting her, can’t wait for her show

  • lily

    WHO is this UGLY women PUT Brenda Song pictures instead of this FUGLY asian. PUT Brenda Song and Disney stars news NOT NOBODIES.

  • McQueen

    I think it looks really ugly

  • grey

    LOL. shes so f**cking funny, if anybody remembers her show back in the day. she’s pretty much everything anybody likes… super rude &vulgar fjdsklajfkdsl;a im with you t!

  • nourhan


  • bejeebus

    i used to like her a lot…back in the day….not sure how “the new margaret cho” jives with the old one….but the tats are making me think she may have also altered her act somewhat…..just a feeling…

  • victoria

    She is so funny!!! What an odd assortment of tattoo’s, but they are interesting… Not surprising for her. Pretty.


    gross too much is too much!

  • remember da truth

    That dress is doing nothing for her. It’s ill-fitting, clinging in the wrong places, and she’s not wearing the proper undergarments for it.

  • LuckyL

    You’re not going to mention the NY fashion designer Richie Rich of Heatherette she is posing with?

  • Bella

    A little trashy looking.

  • tom c

    Tattoos make women look masculine, if you ask me. She looks like a motorcycle dude. All he needs now is a beard, bandana, and a leather jacket!!

  • lila

    those tattoos seriously dont look good.

  • umm yeah

    her older shows were so funny, especially when she talks about her mother. she has lost a lot of weight but still could use some spanx to help pull her in.

  • shorty


    she can b pretty funny tho

  • essie

    she’s the asian roseanne barr!!! lol

  • sam

    Lily, what are you about…12 or 13? Obviously if you think Brenda Song is a bigger star than Margaret Cho then you must have been born in the 90′s….maybe 2000′s.

    Margaret Cho ROCKS!!! She is the reason why most asians are on television today. She is a pioneer and definitely breaks the stereotype of asians. Love her.

  • sam

    Lily, what are you about…12 or 13? Obviously if you think Brenda Song is a bigger star than Margaret Cho then you must have been born in the 90′s….maybe 2000′s.

    Margaret Cho ROCKS!!! She is the reason why most asians are on television today. She is a pioneer and definitely breaks the stereotype of asians. Love her.

  • kas

    talented? yes. ugly? yes

  • mandy315

    actually her tattoos are very tastefully done, and I do believe the one on her left arm/ shoulder was done by Kat Von D. She’s an amazing artist. And thats your opinion that tattoos on women look masculine, personally i think thats complete bullshit, but whatever. There are a lot of attractive women that have tattoos…take a look at Megan Fox!

  • lEIGH

    Is she still married?

  • kk

    Yeah. She’s married to Al Ridenhour. Here’s his myspace page ( and his website ( I hear he’s not in any of the Reality Show episodes. Hmm….

  • ainslie

    i love margaret cho. she’s a funny, smart lady. but these tattoos are just a little to cliched for my liking!

  • Jess

    i love this fuckin woman!

  • ericka

    I had no idea that she was so heavily tattooed

  • Mnd

    :D I will always remember her, “the best way to get over your body issues is to just flaunt your body at every opportunity”. LOL! Love her.

  • Glenda

    No thanks, not very classy!

  • Muckbeast


    Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

  • Ash

    She gorgeous and so are her tattoos. I love that she does her own thing on TV and in the clubs. She’s unique and hilarious. (I do think she’s more like 45 and I hope she lives 4ever.)

  • Phil

    She is STUNNING! A gorgeous, confident, significant, wonderful, inspiring and important woman!

  • chanck

    eeewww…She looks like an old prostitute!!

  • remember da truth

    I never found her funny, but I’m not Asian and I don’t relate to a lot of her humor, whereas my Asian friends were dying laughing. Especially the bits about her growing up in America with immigrant parents — I think that some of that is universal for people in that situation.

    I do respect that she broke a LOT of ground, for a lot of people and fought hard to do so. She also let a lot of people know that Koreans are a significant part of the population. Not all Asians are Chinese or Japanese, and unless you are from California where there are Cambodians, Vietnamese, Phillipinos, Samoans, Laotians, etc a lot of people overlook that fact. Koreans contribute a lot to the community and the economy and Margaret Cho made sure that their voice was heard.

  • newsflash

    I LOVE both ladies, but Margaret Cho has been performing stand-up way longer than Kathy Griffin. I don’t even think they really cover the same material though…Margaret is much more political

  • newsflash

    oh, and i think her tattoos are beautiful.

    different strokes for different folks people, no need to judge or criticize just because you wouldn’t want it on your body

  • Rey

    Margaret Cho is one of the most beautiful people in the entire world.

    The love she gives, her honesty, and her keen insight into human beings and their interesting, predictable and un-, behaviors makes her even that much more special.

    And she would take you mommy-f-ing haters DOWN.

  • Mel

    I LOVE HER!!! She is so amazing and has broken so many barriers in the entertainment industry. Not only does she stand up for gay rights, but also women and minorities! GO CHO!

  • you crazY

    everyone should stop being uptight, narrow-minded snobs! please? thanks. lol seriously, love the tats and the Cho!! :)

  • Michelle

    LMAO! My daughter and I just saw her on television. This is the first time I have seen this woman and the first thing I said was she looked like an Asian Roseanne Barr. Then low and behold I look her up and the same comments are on here.

  • The Hog father

    I read this and can’t help but to wish I could get my hands on you hater bitch’s. This is a joke for you people to say shit about this awsome & sexy and more talinted then eny of the stuped people they call caleb’s now a day’s I love you margaret cho & the tatt’s are hot!!!

  • Joann

    Margaret Cho is my hero! She has endured so much in her life with her weight, race and who she is! She is a strong and beautiful independent woman and she is original to the core. Kathy Griffin (and i do like her comedy) is just flat out annoying sometimes and I’m sure alot of her fans can agree….Margaret Cho does a DEAD ON impersonation of a typical asian woman and a lot of her comedy probably isn’t funny to those who aren’t familiar with asian culture or even with the gay community. Once you know a little about asians and gays, her comedy will make more sense to you…until then…long live the Cho!