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It'll Be A Tom Cruise Christmas

It'll Be A Tom Cruise Christmas

Check out this new pic of Tom Cruise in his latest movie, Valkyrie, from director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X2, Superman Returns).

The WWII drama, based on the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Cruise), has changed release dates once again, but has finally been settled: Friday, December 26.

The company’s distribution head Clark Woods told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’ve now completed the movie, and it’s fantastic. Until now we didn’t have a movie that was done. But now we have a movie starring Tom Cruise that deserves the best possible playtime.”

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Photos: Phil Bray/MGM
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  • Linnea

    I hate him. He is wierd and mean. And his movies sucks.

  • dido

    ı can’ t wait for this movie. The movie that based on true story has class and looks wonderful with talented actors , good move for MGM

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …..`yeah! finally, the world has been waiting. i know everyone cant` wait till christmas now. thank you tom, thank you for giving us all this wonderful gift… the gift of film. lmao

    another box office hit for cruise.

  • t

    He’s a strange one alright, but he’s done a few really good movies. Minority Report, Collateral and Magnolia to name a few.

  • franzi

    can’t wait to see it (:

    first ?

  • mike

    Love him!!! I actually really am looking forward to this movie since it is based on a true story…

  • kidi

    Ugh. I love Christmas. Don’t want to connect this strange gnome to the holiday.

  • athena

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out…December 26th is a good date for a movie. I think Tom looks good and intense in these pics. I wish him more success and hope that people stop ragging on him for his eccentric antics…he’s still a person with everyday quirks.

  • JK

    WTF WHO cares about a 50 year old ugly man. PUT Brenda Song and Miley Cyrus news. Oh and Jonas news too. WTF Brenda, Miles and others are hot now and tom is old.

  • jaye

    Before now they didn’t have a movie that was done? Oh yeah ,spin it that way. This movie was so DONE a long time ago. What the heck are they thinking with this movie; a German movie with no one with a German accent? Who’s suppose to take this movie seriously? Hilarious. I hope they know how comedic that is lol.

    To release this movie right after Christmas is the death knell for it.

    Btw InFamous, I like your sarcastic humor. I know I’ve been ‘waiting’ for this movie.

  • dancer

    Has had awful pre-reviews! Tom has lost his marketability big time.

  • Cleatis

    It opens same day as Revolutionary Road, which brings Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet back together in their first co-starring roles since Titantic.

    I’m sure, however, that after the holiday everyone would be more opt to see Tom Cruise’s Nazi movie.

    I smell a hit…or something.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Gee, Christmas and the Nazis. They sure go together don’t they? WHAT A JOKE!! They’re really trying to get their monies on this ‘caca’. They couldn’t wait until AFTER the holidays to turn this dribble out? The man can’t produce a true accent in any role he’s tried — how’s he going to pull off a German one? WHAT A LAUGH!!

  • Mav

    But Tom doesn’t believe in Christmas, Virginia.

  • click

    cant wait to seee this been a while since a tom cruise movie… always something good.

  • youwillmissme

    Handsome as always! God bless you Tom!

  • fresh

    Why would anyone want to go see this on Christmas???

  • Pamela

    Yipppppppppppppppppppeeee finally, I have been looking forward to this movie. Yes!

  • Nicole

    That is a horrible time to put this movie out – who’s going to see a Nazi movie near Christmas??? Are you kidding me?

    I wouldn’t go see a TC movie anyway, but definitely not a Nazi movie after Christmas dinner.

  • kay

    Tom Cruise is s true star. I have to watch this. I watched Tropic thunder last night, what a great perfomance. you got Tom.

  • Janey

    I would want to see him on Christmas definitely. A great actor he is. I love world war dramas.

  • Caring

    Poor Tom he has been labeled crazy because he showed his emotional side to the public..that is why I love the Europeans, they are able to show emotions without being labeled crazy….

  • ME TOO


  • kenneth

    This is great news. The best news of the day.

  • Kay

    Tom has done nothing wrong. He attacked the wrong kind of people. That is crazzies who are on meds. They are depressed and take it out on him. Crazy people also think the rest of the world is crazy, that is why they call tom Crazy, they know he is not but they are angry he is happy and they are not.

  • damn hot

    Mav, tom beleive in christmas you idiot b haven’t you seen him at the oprah show in his house in colorado whene he was talking to oprah about how they loved spending their christmas time with the family around the table that he showed .

    I can’t wait too for the movie !!!

    He looks f$cking damn hot here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mamamiaaaaaaa ! he reminds me of the walking scene of his movie born in the 4th of july.


    GOOD NEWS ALL ROUND. It is a must watch movie.

  • Irina

    I thought they would never release it. I love Tom Cruise with all my life. I just want to watch him in movies. I am going to see Tropic thunder. I have heard rave reviews for him. Great guy he is.

  • gina

    He looks good in this. Like his acting, but his behavior has been off for so long now.

  • Marta

    sounds like great Christmas movie :P

  • Omg

    Tom will win an oscar

  • olive

    Tom Cruise is great, I watch all his movies.

  • silence


  • viva mexico

    Hellz yea, I was anticipating this movie for this year , and didn’t like that it was moved to next year. Now I am so glad!

    By the way, I saw Tropic Thunder last night, me and friends loved it!

  • jaye

    Omg @ 08/14/2008 at 4:33 pm

    Tom will win an oscar
    Yeah, he knows who he is , a dude playing a dude playing an actor. The only Oscar on his plate is a wiener.

  • tell it like it is

    You might just want to wait for the DVD because his cameo in the movie is all but 10 minutes. On DVD, however, you can keep rewinding so you can, if you want, watch him forever.

  • victoria

    I have seen pictures of his house in OK magazine at Christmas, and it was decorated beautifully. He had several trees throughout the house, they had cut down on their own property, in Telluride, Co. He was talking about playing ” dada claus ” to Suri and how much fun it was. She recognized him through the Santa uniform, and ran to him, he told Oprah………… I hope his movie will be a tremendous success for him, as Katie’s Broadway play will be for her. They have had enough hateful comments for awhile.

  • olive

    Yes I agree, good time to go for an Osar. I am rooting for this movie all the way.


    Great, now we have soemthing to look forward to at chrismas.

  • KarenA

    He looks so good. I’m glad it’s going to be released for awards consideration this year. Welcomed news, Jared. Thanks!

  • eddie jones

    if tom wants to be a military hero why doesn’t or why didn’t he enlist? He can only be hollywood hero? ha, loser.

  • you’re delusional

    LMAO! I guarantee most of these comments came from the same computer.

    Scientology got caught doing that at another site. They also got caught trying to rig an opinion poll on Cruise in Parade Magazine. Man….you guys are so damn obvious!!

    Cruise is doing major damage control right now. His studio just tanked, he got fired from Edwin A. Salt and no body in Hollywood wants him so he’s reduced to doing 10 minute cameo’s in other people’s movies.

    Deal with it people. Not only is Cruise NOT going to win an Oscar, this film is going to TANK IN THE BOX OFFICE, and when it does, I’ll be laughing my ass off at the 1 or 2 losers who posted all these comments.

  • lurking

    I am not going to fund Scientology by going to see this movie.

    How much do you think will go to Scientology?

  • lurking

    Remember his baby with Nicole Kidman? What did he do?
    Weird and mean guy.

  • kathy

    god it looks like its gong to be a good movie but why does psycho Tom Cuise has to be in it he doesnt even look like the guy he is playing. i bet he made them put him in that movie because he is a little bitch about everthing

  • Hitler on christmas day

    WTF. They’re crazy, not that there is any good day for this movie, but 12/26??? It’s sickening.

  • Yeech

    This film is going to be a turkey. It just has that look, Bryan Singer notwithstanding. Get out the cranberry sauce.

  • library lady

    Keep you money and spend it on Daniel Craig’s movie coming out in December – Defiance. He plays a Jew hiding out from the Germans. I saw the movie trailer, the movie looks wonderful and he has a great accent. Daniel is so much better than Tom.


    Tom has reached the state of nuttiness that even the eccentricity of fame can’t protect him from. He’s a joke, a has-been, and is in that very long stretch of limbo where he either has to develop enough gravitas to be a character actor, or go the route of VanDamme and the like, playing in his own self-made shows that only a few die-hard fans could sit through.