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Ashley Tisdale is Gym Trim

Ashley Tisdale is Gym Trim

Ashley Tisdale looks fit and trim in a 291 Clothing “Peace & Love” tank after getting in a hard workout as she leaves her “Results Personal Training” gym in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 23-year-old actress stopped by Dodger stadium last night with boyfriend Jared Murillo to check out a baseball game.

Are you ready for some more Sharpay Evans? About two months to go until HSM3 hits the big screen! Check out the sneak peak if you missed it…

10+ pictures of Ashley Tisdale getting gym trim…

Just Jared on Facebook
ashley tisdale gym trim 01
ashley tisdale gym trim 02
ashley tisdale gym trim 03
ashley tisdale gym trim 04
ashley tisdale gym trim 05
ashley tisdale gym trim 06
ashley tisdale gym trim 07
ashley tisdale gym trim 08
ashley tisdale gym trim 09
ashley tisdale gym trim 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • b


  • gigi

    Her face looks a little fuller?!
    mabye not anyways her hairs’
    alot more brown she should go
    her regular color(brown)

  • Trishelle

    She is soooooooooooooooooooooooo UGLY what an ugly hideous girl DAMN!!!!! Ashley tisjackson ugly man ugly.And her nose looks like michael jacksons what the heck is up with that…Haha…Horse face mj
    face,Fat face.Yuck.Blah!!!!!!!!

  • Riana

    eww man i used to like her but i hate her now

  • zanessaluv4ever

    her face looks a little fuller. but w/e shes kool

  • Kara

    Ummm shes looking fatter and uglier like what the HELL)
    This girl keeps getting uglier by everyday like Yikes!!!!!)

  • mike


  • nina

    Her face looks “fatter” than I last recall.
    But she still looks very beautiful.
    I love her Chanel earrings too.

  • a.l

    cute she looks pretty

  • a.l

    cute she looks pretty

  • Megan

    She got even bigger like ewwwwwwwww she is tripple times uglier now,ew ashley you are so ugly.Get your disgusting nasty face fixed.EWWW.

  • Caprice

    Like what the hell i agree with the others she is ugly,very ugly get a mirror you ugly monkey ,oops sorry it breaks, everytime you look at yourself.Cause you are that HIDEOUS and you stink.HAHA!!!!!!!!

  • tia

    wtf happened to her face? looks like she got stung be a bee! she usually looks so disgustingly skinny…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …. double chin?

  • krista

    hahahaa, that shirt it’s same as vanessa wearing here concert in iowa :D:D look

  • Ashlene

    Um shes ugly and fat

  • krista

    hahhaa, she is wearing same shirt (different color) as vanessa in her concert tour. Look

  • Sabrina

    Whatever she was skinny them but now as a 23 year old fat butt disney star she has gained so much weight to her self cause her patheic life ain’t going no where so there you stupid blind fans go.And shes ugly.

  • Tonya

    Um ew, ew,ew shes fat and really very ugly.

  • Lanina

    Ashlene you are
    so fucking envy

    Ashley the best :D

  • Kate

    She is so fat and shes ugly and you are right she does have a double

  • Chelsie

    What a fugly girl!!!

  • Ju

    she gained some weight but she looks nice!!!
    she has been wearing those sunglasses some much lately!! r they new????

    she’s cute!! i like her :)

  • Chrissy

    She is so UGLY!!!!!
    Her fans are the only people who think she’s “pretty” but she’s not even close to that! She’s very goofy looking, and that nose!!!! wow, it’s horrible…but it matches with the rest of her face.

  • Jessi

    Haha,you people are so hilarious and shallow you will go far cause i agree 1million persent.She is the ugliest girl ever,and she sucks at everything,shes useless and shes getting fatter and fatter and of course uglier by every minute of everyday of her stupid patheic boring life.

  • Hannah

    Shes really disgusting to me.

  • Kada

    Ashley is not fat. Actually, I think she was getting too thin. She either gain some weight( which I doubt) or is puffy from working out hard.

    NikkI B. that’s fat.(Yes, I went there)

  • girlleader1

    haters are soo weird!!
    1 minute they say that she is too fat!
    then a couple pictures come out of her looking fuller in the face and start crushing her bout bein fat!
    she rox and is wayyyy more gorgeous than all of you!

  • nothot

    not hot..double chin…weird

  • Nichole

    Shes flipping ugly and her face is kinda fat mostly her chin.

  • omg

    IM A HUGE ASHLEY TISDALE FAN but looking at this pictures reminded me of britney spears! im sorry ashley but you look a little “fat” here.
    i thought going to a gym make you fit and strong. YOU GOTTA LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!! your face looks like she got stung by a freaking bee!

    she also needs to dye her hair back to BLONDE! i mean her roots are just digusting to look at. IM SORRY BUT ITS THE TRUTH. and i cant believe im even saying this! i mean im her biggest fan and such, but these pictures are all wrong.

    but still i support her all the way!!!! <33

  • soff

    love the t shirt

  • are


  • Chrissy

    She always copies Vanessa….

  • shine

    i like ashley but she looks sooooooooo weird in these pics.
    is that a double chin??

  • Trishelle

    She is fatter and shes ugly

  • zanessafan

    ashley is gorgeous.. and if you dont like her dont waster ur time commenting!

  • Vay Nay Nay

    Damn all you haters. I had to get up here and defend my best bitch. Ash is not fat. Hello? What has happened to this world? She may have had an allergic reaction to something, chill out. Though, watching HSM is like having a snake forced down my throat, and I am not even a AshTis fan, you guys don’t have to be critical bitches. In fact, I bet you all are shoving a Big Mac down your cookie dough ass right now. Maybe Y.O.U. should be calling Jenny Craig & heading to the gym rather than Ms.Tis.
    Thank you. Have a nice evening.

  • gigi

    HAHA! wow, I am comment #3 on this post and I was the first
    one who said I thought she was a little chubby in the face (useing full) so I wouldn’t get bashed by the fans and such but WOW nvm b/c obviously everyone agree’s!

  • leslie

    maybe she went to the dentist. when i get a filling, my face swells up from the novocain.

  • LuckyL

    Her neck, face, and arms look full of lard. I guess that’s where she gains weight.

  • Kat

    Ashley is awsome, love her, Just heard ‘I want it all’ Very cool and catchy lol.

    Cant wait till hsm3!!!

    I dont hear any change in her voice though coz of her nose job, lol i think she sounds the same lol, feel free to disagree

  • Ashlee

    Please …..Ashley the fat fug does not look better than me. Any one who thinks she is cute is ugly themselves

  • nourhan

    she has a chubby face now and her hair seems daker than before more brown

  • justjaredfan


  • Trishelle

    Um yeah she is ugly and fat also it’s cause shes old and a washed up
    freak actress who can’t act or sing her way through a paper bag and now shes been going to mcdonald’s everyday shoving a big mac down her throat and going to the gym and after go to fast food place is
    just sickening and really sad.And shes ugly.

  • charlene

    OMG all you haters can just go fuck yourselves. I am so SICK and TIRED of you trashing on this beautiful talented sweet young lady for absolutly NO reasopn. Thats right theres no reason to say anything insuling about her. Do any of you know her? do you even have a clue about who she is and what shes like? No you dont. well i met ashley and she is seriosuly the sweetestr girl on this PLANET so dont gosaying shit about her true and all you people are seriously so SHALLOW its disgusting. ashley is beautiful but even if she wasnt so what? why does it matter what she looks like? its who she is as a person and her talent tahts important geez people get over yourselves and actually I ould like to see a picture of all you haters who are saying insulting things about this girl because my bet is either a)your drop dead gorgeous so you think your shit dont stink or b)your ugly as he;ll so haters put your money where your mpouith is and post your pics p here for all to see. Cant do it can ya? hah i knew it CHICKENS!!! because you dont want people criticizing you but yet you can go and bash this lovely young woman. HYPOCRITICAL MUCH!!! And for all you people claiming to be her fans yet still insulting her than i hate to tell you but you are most certainly not a fan atleast not any kind of fan i’d like to have. She would probably be appalled that she has fans like you. with fans like you than who needs haters. gosh. if you love someone than you suport them and stick by them nomatter what and you most certainly dont say horrible things about them that aint even true. people get a life. ashley is a lovely young womna plz do tell me why you hate her so much a nd Riana you said you used to love her but now hate her well what the fuck changed? how can you be a fan of someone and than suddenly just stop caring? makes no sense t me. ashley if you are reading this just know that i am your number 1 fan and i will love and support you threw everything and dont listen to the haters ok, dont let them get you down b/c its not worth it their idiots and none of what they say is true. love you you look great it seriouslyt made my night seeing new pics of this goddess. love you and cant wait for hsm3

  • Katey

    She is the ugliest most grosses looking girl i’ve ever seen shes flipping fat too.