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Violet Affleck: Happy Birthday Dad!

Violet Affleck: Happy Birthday Dad!

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck, 2, buy birthday balloons for her daddy, Ben Affleck, who celebrates his birthday on Friday.

Violet and Jen bought a whole bunch of birthday balloons, including the usual Disney characters and Thomas the Tank Engine.

The mother-daughter duo dropped by the children’s art studio Creative Education in the Visual Arts on Wednesday.

Ben turns 36.

Happy Birthday Ben!

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  • Nini

    Jen is effortlessly beautiful. And out of all the famous celeb tots out there, Violet always looks the happiest! She’s soooooooo cute!

  • Zaina..

    beautiful little family…

    Happy Bdayy =D


  • kiki

    I hate the this site, the editor rarely accepts requests for new news. What about adding news about other Disney stars, you rarely have Miley news for that matter so i doubt that u will bother listening to requests for new celebrities to be added to this site. OK Sophia Bush you add Sophia news for her fans Sophia makes up for the CW One Tree Hill cast then i guess. And Jonas make up for Jonas. Demi and Selena are part of Jonas then. What about Miley, and what about Dylan and Cole Sprouse or Brenda Song, The Cheetah Girls, i am never checking this site again stick to your celebrities for ever. FYI Brenda went to the TCA’s and posed with Miley. I didn’t see her picture on here. WTF you also never feature Vanessa news like once in a month or week. While u always feature sharpee news.

    FYI The Cheetah Girls’ first CD sold more than 2 million copies and their tour raked in $26 million. And Brenda Song in December 2006, was ranked #7 in the orbes Top young earners list with an annual earning of US$3.5 million. Did Sophia ever sell millions and recieve millions?????

  • love

    FYI The Cheetah Girls’ first CD sold more than 2 million copies and their tour raked in $26 million. And Brenda Song in December 2006, was ranked #7 in the Forbes Top young earners list with an annual earning of US$3.5 million. Did Sophia ever sell millions and recieve millions?????

  • zanessa fan

    Jen is a pretty girl, lately she looks tired, pale and in need of a stylist. What not to Wear should be consulted. Even though she is playing mom role here, she could put a better effort forward.

  • kiss


  • remember da truth

    kiki/love, you do realize that you are whining for kids’ stuff, and sounding like you are 12 at the same time. Maybe you would find what you are looking for if you go to a kids’ site. Many adults are happy with this site.

    Notice that Jen Garner is the fourth most popular celeb on this site and Vanessa Hudgens is seventh. The site puts up what is most popular.

    I for one find there is way too much in the way of reality stars and kids’ stars. I skip all Jonas, Selena, etc posts because they bore me, And I don’t watch reality shows so the Heidi/Lauren whatever posts also bore me. If you don’t like a celeb, skip it, and if you do, post and it will gain in popularity. There is a lot for kids here, so stop whining.

  • remember da truth

    I like how Jen takes Violet to the Creative Education in the Visual Arts school, and how happy Violet seems to be.

    Jen doesn’t need to put forth an effort to make you happy, She is making Violet happy, and obviously being pregnant she is making Ben happy. She is going to be tired in her condition.

    The dress is similar to what Zahara was wearing to the Museum with Brad. Zahara was matching her mommy’s pregnant clothes, which became the style for Hollywood pregnant moms like Jen and Gwen Stefani. Cute!

  • Ally

    Nobody has dimples like Violet.

    Happy birthday Benny boy. x

  • jojo

    she is so white like cheesseee. why are you americans like cheeessse women eg. dita vt ?? absoulutely not attractive.

  • Ely

    Jen is so frumpy

  • Michele


  • sweeeeeeet !

    awww Happy Birthday to Ben :)
    they are so cute!
    can’t wait to see the new baby , hope it’s a boy this time :P

  • love

    remember da truth, i bet that if Just Jared posted Brenda Song news it would get over 100 comments and rank higher than Jennifer Garner instantly. I bet you it that it would beat this hag.

  • demi

    violet is not a good looking baby
    shiloh is cute!!!

  • Elle

    Frumpy mom, cute kid. And she had an assistant with her, so if she wanted to protect Violet from being photographed, she could have had the assistant carry Violet in and out of the store. But then, who wants just a picture of this hag?

  • http://Ha!Ha! Peanuts

    For a pregnant women, she looks very ill, pale and underweight. She is playing a deadly game with this baby of hers if she doesn’t eat enough. The latest craze in Hollywood is pregnorexia where the women don’t want to put on any weight so they can fit into their skinny jeans in a matter of weeks. P.S. That top gives her no support whatsoever so I can see why you could call it frumpy. Its cute on the younger set but she looks like her chest needs support at 36.

  • sweeeeeeet !

    Violet is NOT A BABY!
    and Jen looks good pregnant

  • to Michele

    and whats wrong with Jen wearing it after Angelina?
    maybe Jen is a fan of her’s too :P

  • Edie

    Peanuts- she doesn’t have enough of a chest for it to matter, but she does look awfully pale. Not sure if she’s underweight- she’s getting big pretty quickly, just like she did the last time. Her face didn’t fill out until the last month or so of her pregnancy, which can happen with some women, especially the ones who have more athletic/boyish figures to begin with.

  • t

    Adorable as always. Happy Birthday, Benji!

  • xyz

    they are both so damn ugly, they look like rabbits

  • anon

    To the people commenting that she looks pale and tired, have you ever been pregnant? The fact that she is able to be so active and chase after a two year old is great. I spent the first five months of pregnancy with my head in my toilet or looking for a bathroom to throw up in and then the next four months feeling like garbage. Not everyone feels and looks fantastic when they are pregnant.

  • Mav

    “And she had an assistant with her, so if she wanted to protect Violet from being photographed, she could have had the assistant carry Violet in and out of the store.”

    Where does this even begin to make any logical sense? If a mother wants to protect her child, she should hire an assistant to do it? LOL. Or they aren’t going to take photos of the kid just because the mom isn’t the one holding her? Think again


    Those dresses look better on women with nice boobage, see Angelina. I like Jen G’s low maintenance look ala Angie though. No makeup. Hair down, bone straight. When a woman is naturally pretty like an Angie, Jen Connelly, or Jen Garner they can do that. It’s not for the naturally homely (see Chin Maniston) however. :-P

  • shammy

    Jen and Violet look like NATURAL WONDERS. Happy B-day Benny boy and hope the day is shining bright for you my friend. These little dolls shall give lots of TLC to the birthday boy today.

    Would love to see some photos of the trio together.


  • Jackie

    When did Angelina wear that dress?

    By the way Violet is so adorable.
    I want Jen to have another daughter.

  • Nicole

    Angie wore that same dress and Zahara wore the same dress on the pictures you posted yesterday

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet is the happiest kid around. She is also very sweet and adorable. Her mom is the best and her papa is a very lucky dude. I hope he has a happy birthday.

  • victoria

    To XYZ…. That is pretty cruel, to say about a precious child…. What is up about that??? Happy Birthday to Daddy Ben!!! That is so neat to get him Balloons….. I think Jen looks good, considering she suffers from morning sickness all day long. ( x-17 online ) She made the remarks to a reporter coming out of a Dr.’s office, when asked how she felt. No wonder she is pale and ” rough looking “. Violet is adorable..

  • Magnolia

    she is wearing the same dress Angelina jolie wore in neworleans
    and Zarrah wore the other day to the french museum. Cute

  • Soccermom

    Violet is such a cutie with the sweetest smile. I think those balloons are for her, kids can never get enough balloons, she is going to have a lot of fun with them when she gets home.

    Jennifer needs to wear a good support bra, she can’t pull off the braless look as she’s 36 not 26 and her boobs are going down, down, down. The dress is nice apart from the saggy boobs. She looks like any other busy single mom.

  • someone

    I don’t even know who Brenda Song is. Anyway, from the neck down, Jennifer looks positively dowdy.

  • someone

    Oh and her face changed a LOT during her last pregnancy. Way earlier than the last month.

  • mina

    That is so f#cking dumb, boring a#s byotch…who the heck buys their 36 year old husband baby balloons…the woman is an idiot!!!! grow up Jen…also you need to stop talking like a little girl.

  • minime

    And where is the birthday boy????looking at P#rn on the Internet, and drinking a bottle of gin lol….he must be kicking himself in the a#s for letting fuglie get preggers again. LMAO!!! Karma Karma Karma.

  • Mikey

    totally agree – who’s bday is it? Ben’s or the girl’s? Ben really wants kid balloons on his bday. He seems more of a lap dance and poker kind of guy. This is another example of Jen not really having a clue and in denial, trying to create something that’s not there.

    Happy bday ben! He’ll definitely split in a maximum of a few years when he hits midlife crisis. It’ll be better for both of them. Jen can grow up and ben can find himself again. Free ben!

  • kelly

    Happy birthday!!

  • sonja.i

    omg, Vi started to look just like her daddy. That [ minus Jen's dimples ] is Ben’s facial expression, nose, chin and isn’t she a bit tall for a 2 year old toddler? I am not saying it’s a bad thing or anything..she probably got that from daddy as well.

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet and Jen are so sweet together and have so much fun. What a beautiful mother/daughter relationship they have. I can’t wait until the new baby gets here to see how she or he will fit into the mix. What a lovely family. So nice to see a celeb family being so down to earth and unhollyweird.

  • NO MORE!!!

    I AM SO SICK OF SEEING THIS FUGLY, NO-TALENT B*TCH!!! You hate the paps so much, here’s some advise: go away (FAR, FAR AWAY), raise your kids, and focus on keeping your sham of a marriage together (your best bet to keeping Ben is to keep on having kids- he loves Violet WAAAY more than he does you). And the way you pimp out your kids, you deserve every second of morning sickness you get.

  • Emma

    What a beautiful little girl! Blonde, long hair, milky white skin and probably blue eyes. She looks like a little sweet princess. :)

  • zoe

    violet is adorable! she is beautiful and doesnt look like the typical children. yes, angelina worked the dress first but jennifer looks good. when it comes to casual style, jennifer always has hits and misses. but she always looks gorgeous on the red carpet.

  • MCA

    look at that dimple…so cute! :-)

  • allyal

    Violet is so cute! i love her hair! hope she gets a brother:D