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John Mayer's Dark Night

John Mayer's Dark Night

The Dark Knight returns!

John Mayer leaves his New York apartment building looking glum and wearing a Batman hoody with Batman ears on it on Friday.

Rumors continue to circulate about whether John dumped Jennifer Aniston or whether Jen dumped John.

Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive…

WHAT DO YOU THINK happened — John dumped Jen or Jen dumped John?

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  • me

    I hope its that Jen broke up with him!

    I do wish Jen could find someone she can be happy with.

  • Süße maus

    Der ist ja gar nicht so schlecht!!!!!!!!!

  • solana

    Uh, what’s this about a web?! I heard they split by mutual consent.

  • jen

    I really hope Jen initiated the break up. Mayer is a player and arrogant. Jen needs someone older and more stable. I hope she realized that she was beening used and wasting her time so moved on.



    he’s so hilarious that hoodie w/ ears XD





  • kelly

    wow Jared, your disdain is apparent~ who cares who broke up with who?? like this is news or entertaining? to wonder who broke up with who in hollywood? lame. get back to fawning over the jonas brothers and showing pictures of famous people pumping gas

  • awwwwwwwwww

    AWWWWWWWWWWW POOR BABY [ this is so funny] all of the fans of these two frauds should wake up and smell the media manipulation

  • piper, with a low

    Ah, the h*ll of double standards.

    A woman, moping around after a breakup, is guaranteed to be pegged pathetic if she mopes for too long.

    A man, moping around after a breakup, is guaranteed to get more tail. And since tail perks men up, they have to depend on other resources to keep the influx coming in. And since Mayer is a singer/songwriter/musician, the party won’t end anytime soon.

    Mind you, walking around with your hoodie on seems a bit excessive.

  • lipgloss

    Who cares….people end relationships all the time.


  • lipgloss

    Who cares…….People breakup all the time.

    Time for u to TURN THE PAGE!!!!

  • Well

    I BELIEVE the contract was over since the birth & photos of the twins were published. Therefore John services were no longer needed. Because there was such an agreement most likely he has been handsomely paid for services rendered and sign a confidentiality agreement that he would not discuss details of their arrangement.

  • payce

    i hope its jen who causes the break up..
    if its her, then its a karma for john..lolz
    but i really want to see jen getting hitched again..

  • Lillianne

    I never figured it for anything but hot sex. I hope it was good, but time to move on. He’s not in her league.

  • trix

    “John Mayer leaves his New York apartment building looking glum and wearing a Batman hoody with Batman ears on it on Friday.”

    What journalism!!! Have you even taken English?

  • amanda

    jen dumped him because she wants something serious, like get marry and have kids

  • dani

    love jennifer i can´t believe john ended he won´t find a woman like her..

  • http://jUSTJARED jAN

    So they date a few months, have a great time, find out they are incompatible and move on. I don’t think John likes touring without a girlfriend. Remember Jessica on tour? And I doubt he cheated on Aniston cuz I don’t think she’d stick around for a guy for a minute she thought could be a cheater type idiot.

  • AThinker

    My honest thoughts? I believe it was a Publicist hookup so it was a matter of time before it ended but it kept both of their names in the press while they had relatively little going on professionally.

    Don’t they share the same publicist?

  • Nora

    He looked a hell of a lot happier when he dumped (thank god) Jessica Simpson. So, I think she dumped him. And hopefully they hook back up – he may be a buffoon (did I spell that right?) but he is kinda sexy.

  • Jaxon

    I think anyone over the age of oh, say TEN who would wear that hoodie is a total douchebag. What am I saying? John Mayer is the very definition of a douchebag.

  • Boy

    That USA today article was right about analyzing Jennifer Aniston fans and that they are too invested in the welfare of this person. The pr machine that created this poor, pity jennifer campaign should be really embarass as well as their client. No wonder why no one other than wounded/gilted women care about her. You guys sounds pitifull with some of your comments:

    Jennifer dumped him because she wants something serious, I want her to get married, I can’t believe John would let go of a good woman like her, Jennifer deserves to be happy, Jennifer just wanted hot sex, she’s too good for him and so on. You all make her sound even more pitiful than she really is!

  • Takara

    Does it really matter who broke up with who? They’re over, that’s all anyone needs to know.

  • jon’s friend

    poe jon-
    go get checked- u survived onion head masculine man.
    she carrys grudges- man mite have left you burning.
    jens best friend is’nt norman it’s tetracycline
    her daye starts an ends by rollin ovah.
    poe jon.
    he’s paid two looke down an outt.

  • oh snap!

    you go john!!! finally you dumped her old as* you can do better than fugly man looking woman

  • squeezymcfeel

    I think the venereal diseases dumped the both.

  • coughcoughbullshitcough

    This is all some huge coverup story to hide the fact that John has gotten hair plugs. His convenient sadness and hiding, by being upset with miss Jen and the breakup, is a way to successfully smokescreen his ass out of wearing hoodies in summer. Or he got some face work done and needs a week or so to let the swelling go down.

    John Mayer has plugs!!!!!

  • cici

    Any idea where to get that hoodie…?
    sooo cute!

  • Seriously

    I love how some of you make these bull sh!t assumptions about John Mayer. You don’t know jack sh!t about the man. I’ve actually have met him many may times and he one of the least arrogant musicians I’ve ever met. However, it was fun making you Jenho fans put your panties in a twist. You people desperately need a life outside that ugly no-talented hag.

  • piper, with a low

    # 28 coughcoughbullshitcough @ 08/15/2008 at 7:39 pm

    Errr… he just shaved his head a couple of weeks ago.

    I would think that his hair has to be longer for hair plug/transplants to blend in.

    Besides… he has a thick mop.

  • shorty

    get rid of the hoodie already

  • Sadia

    Don’t particularly have an opinion on this guy, but kudos on the awesome hoodie.

  • http://deleted florisene

    The outfit is funny hahahaha

  • Cosmo Girl

    No doubt Jen Aniston is just enjoying her freedom as many newly re-single women do. When one is relieved of a bad marriage, it’s fun to go out there and explore. I’d much rather date several, than to settle down with the first hot lay. What is between the ears is much sexier to any thinking woman. Hot sex cools with time, but interesting conversation lasts forever, and most of us ladies choose forever over hot for the moment. I don’t understand all the fuss over a break up with Meyer, Vaughn, or Pitt. When a relationship is over, it ends and concerned parties move on as all have done. Seems to be some clingy fans who refuse to move forward to the now.

  • sonia

    since Jennifer camp are singing like a bird trying to save face, Jen got dumped, and rightfully so, this old hag is giving all women young and old a bad name, how could any one respect her after this? i think, wait,,,,,,,,i know she is the biggest in Hollywood now, hopping from bed to bed with 4-5 partners in a matter of years, what’s sad is she have all these pre-teen kids who watch friends, defending her, thinking this sort of behavior is ok , john is not at fault, he’s a young man, who is being honest, everyone but ignorant Jennifer knew that, or she choose to ignore it, but she is too old not to know better, so don’t whine now, you look foolish to people who know better, every time Jen breaks up with a man, people think it’s the mans fault, and the men get a bad rap, sometimes it ruins their reputation, she is poison, Jen take responsibility for your problems.

  • Celeb watcher

    Jen dumped him because she wants a grown up, not a guy with Batman ears on his hoodie!

  • Very funny !

    am i the only one who thinks this hoodie is ridiculous? LOL leave it to 8 year-old boys damn…… anyhoo! i’m sure HE dumped her…….i’d bet it actually. poor jen, she’d better hurry up and find the right man to make babies! she doesn’t have much time left now… i feel bad for her.

  • laurie

    He’s creepy.

  • JohnMayerfan

    John dumped that pathetic old hag because he wasn’t ready to get married and have kids with this old, whiny, clingy bit-h.

  • liz

    OMG this guy is a total loser, stupid man whore.

  • pomme

    where can i buy his batman jacket? i love the tiny ears! :D

  • bella

    Sorry but he’s such an @ss!

  • piper, with a low

    # 38 Celeb watcher @ 08/15/2008 at 8:33 pm

    Oh snap… I didn’t even notice the bat ears.

    Now that’s ridiculous.

  • dkjdk

    They got sick of fucking each other & moved on, I dont know why people assume that one wants to find someone forever, to me it seems like john & jennifer are into just having fun, they were just fuck buddies, get over it.

  • alea

    John Mayer is faking it. He is not up set. Don’t let this jerk fool you. He enjoyed having a beard now he is afraid the gay rumors will come back.

  • Ann

    Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive…
    So true. The douche bag is trying to get the fans he lost back. No way will this fan go back I’ve seen his true colors.

  • o WELL






  • debra77

    Why does it matter. They were together for what 4 months. I don’t call that a real deep relationship. They were hardly seen together. We saw her going to see him on tour. We saw them by a pool and on a beach. If this was a deep relationship, it sure happened fast. I really don’t care who dumped whom. I do feel that people are being a little unfair to John. He has been pretty honest about his life, and the women he has been associated with. If his past was a surprise to Jen, then I think she needs to get a clue. She had to have gone in this thing knowing about John or some of her friends could have told her. Jennifer is not a doe eyed teen. This is a mature woman who has been married, and has been with other men before and after her divorce. I heard on another thread (take with a grain of salt) that she gave him an ultimatum and that he cheated 2/3 times. If this is true (I really hope not), then she is to blame for allowing a man to cheat on her more then once. John seems too free to cage at this time. Jen maybe reaching that stage when a baby is now or never. She said once that she saw herself in the future with kid.. Maybe she will adopt or have it naturally.

    I just don’t think it is fair to bash John. After all this is the man that Jennifer picked. Where is her responsibility for the choices she makes.