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Michael Phelps: One More Gold To Rule Them All!

Michael Phelps: One More Gold To Rule Them All!

Swim-king Michael Phelps wins his 7th gold model of the 2008 Olympics games with a win in the 100-meter butterfly on Friday in Beijing, China.

Although Phelps, 23, has been used to winning by substantial margins, he proved he could win the tough race by eclipsing Milorad Cavic of Serbia by 0.01 seconds! Phelps finished the race in 50.58 seconds and for the first time, didn’t set a new world record.

American Ian Crocker, who is the current world record-holder, finished off the medal stand in fourth place.

Phelps now only needs a gold in his final 4×100 medley relay on Saturday night to win a record eight gold medals in one Olympics. He will surpass Mark Spitz, who initially set the record at 7 gold medals.


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  • Paulo

    I love him!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  • LOL

    serbia just filed a complaint….lame

  • Chrissy

    I hope he wins!

  • Joyce

    HELL YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just saying

    Wow! Go Phelps. What a bod! Those bitter Serbs are so jealous.

  • eira

    woowoooo!!! i hope he wins!!! i love him! go phelps!

  • oprah

    Wow, he’s fugly. I bet you girls will only go for him just to get those medals

  • oh snap!

    who the hell is serbia?

    michael is gonna win this hands down, he needs to win a medal in


  • kristin

    he’s sooooo amazing! i was freaking out during his race!

  • Hollisterxgirlx

    I love him!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  • alanna


  • Mejx14

    hess soo hott.
    and the best swimmer ever..
    hes a world history guy.
    and the guy from serbia..
    lost hahahahaha tells you how
    bad of a loser he is.

  • yes!

    Yeah! go micheal! I saw it when it happened it was so amazing!

  • nunny

    good luck
    hes awesome

  • shannon

    omg that race was so close between him and the serb! he won but i was freaking out

  • omg

    HE’s freaking hot.

  • melisa

    the serbs’ protest was denied.
    phelps won fair and square.

    aquaman lives to swim another day.


  • Jessica

    It’s official…the complaint didn’t fly.


  • Anonymous

    OMG!! Serbia was ONE INCH close to winning. I wanted ANYONE to win but Phelps. He’s so overrated.

  • sunny

    Yeah, “Oprah”…you wish you were so fugly…


    You’re awesome!! You’re the best!!

    But don’t let it go to your head…LOL

  • mike

    GO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • niki

    he’s gorgeous, and amazing and i know he’s gonna go 8 for 8<3

  • niki

    he’s gorgeous, and amazing and i know he’s gonna go 8 for 8<3

  • Helen

    I wish you had hidden the results somehow. You’ve ruined what I expected to watch in about 2 hours.

  • LuckyL

    I wonder when the hell the Olympics were playing today. Apparently not at 10 AM. Too bad I missed it. Anyway know a good channel for replays, east coast time?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    god bless, michael phelps… and god bless the usa! we rock!

  • sweetie

    He is so amazing! Congrats, Michael!

  • Go phelps!

    i was wondering when you were going to post about the olympics :)
    That last race definitely made me nervous, Phelps won by such a small margin. He is amazing!

  • Amy

    phenomenal guy – absolutely blemin fabulous.

  • Halli

    Seriously though. I just saw this live, and its extremely hard to say who really touched the wall first. Phelps won because of his long ass fingers. But congrats anyways. He deserves all the success he has earned.

  • jr

    ahah this is hilarious….i was watching the race live…the serb totally won…even the commentators said it on the instant replay (on NBC)…but it was pretty funny how afterwards they changed their tune and they started praising him!

    to me it’s a kinda controversial win for phelps, but congrats to him…it’s not like he’s undeserving…

  • usa pride

    #7 what is wrong with you. Michael Phelps is over there in the Olympic representing his country just like all the other athletes representing their own country. These athletes have been training since they were kids with long hard hours every day. They should be respected as heros. They are not Hollowood and Broadway celebrities. To me they are more respected by worldwide than Hollowood and Broadway celebrities.

    Congrat to Michael Phelps. USA are proud of you.

  • neurosurgeon


  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    He is an exceptional swimmner but to say he is hot? come on! Not so much.

  • Cami

    YES! GO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    && I was so happy that Nastia and Shawn took gold and silver yesterday at gymnastics!

    USA is proving how great of a country we are!

  • sweetie

    Jared, love the Olympics & Phelps coverage! Could we please have a post on Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson?

  • pam

    he is not overrated. michael phelps has been swimming since he was like 7 years old. personally i think the people that are overrated are celebs like brad and angie. and people who live in the paps cam lenses. not swimmers that are in the olympics. he is not overrated. he is a gorgeous and he won he touched the wall first they are probably sensors in the walls. football and baseball players now they are overrated.

  • Usuallydisinterested

    And they say professional wrestling is crooked! The Serb won by at least a second!

  • ellie

    your amazing…. congradulations !!!!!!!

  • nightgoddess

    We TIVO’d it and replayed it frame by frame at our house. Phelps definitely touched first, but if I hadn’t watched it in slo-mo, I would have never guessed. Thank goodness for the sensors in the wall so there cannot be any doubt or controversy over who won. LOVE IT! He won because he was smart enough to take another half stroke which gave him more momentum than just lunging like the Serb did. Even the Serb (who lives and trains in America) knew it was a done deal. It was his coach and team that were just going through the motions by protesting. What an exciting race.

  • enlightened

    The swimming races are determined by electronic touch. How can you think that in that second it takes the times to display that somehow it was rigged? Come on people, use your heads.

  • Usuallydisinterested

    You Yanks are incredible! The Serbian is an American too! But he doesn’t have Speedo putting the tix in for him. Wake up you all!

  • Jill

    Very gracious comments after the race by Mark Spitz. I was impressed.

  • yolly

    Congratulations Michael. You are a human speedboat, go for 8 tomorrow.

  • jr

    ahaha HE DIDN’T WIN…you can CLEARLY SEE THE SERB TOUCHING THE WALL….and his hands are out of the water reaching towards the wall (there are sensors on the wall, whether or not the serb touched the wall hard enough for the sensors to go off…who knows…but on NBC, as soon as it happened they replayed it and the commentators said that “they got it wrong”…then 2 minutes later, after the americans started celebrating, they continued to replay it and changed their tune saying “OH WOW IT WAS SO CLOSE…HE’S AMAZING BLAH BLAH”….

    good for phelps, he’s a phenomenal athlete….but to me the win just isn’t as special as it coulda been if he had CLEARLY won

  • Lyna Nguyen

    GO MICHAEL! You are amazing and an inspiration to others! You can do it, I’ll be watching tomorrow. Try to find another article to fire you up! GOOOD LUCK !

    – alll gold + new WORLD records/OLYMPIC records!

  • shorty

    he’s soooooooooo fast bug god is he fug or what

  • Gaby

    Congrats Michael! you are the best!

  • dana

    i thought he won 11 already????