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Miley Cyrus is a Fashion Icon

Miley Cyrus is a Fashion Icon
  • Miley Cyrus has a pair of really ripped jeans
  • Ali Lohan joins an elite group of women
  • Nicole Richie goes house-hunting in LA
  • Nastia Liukin is a pretty flexible Olympian
  • Katie Holmes shows a little bit more than she wanted
  • Taylor Swift joins the Jonas Brothers in NY
  • Nick Jonas jumps on a Columbus Circle carriage
  • Pick up some Zac Posen or Alexander McQueens accessories
  • The release date for the sixth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was pushed back on Thursday to July 2009 from its original slot in November 2008, movie studio Warner Bros. said.
  • Donald Trump announced Thursday he would save the Ed McMahon‘s Beverly Hills mansion from foreclosure by buying it for an undisclosed amount and leasing it to him.
  • Christian Bale won’t be charged in an alleged assault on his mother and sister, in part because they didn’t want to press the matter but also for lack of sufficient evidence, prosecutors said Thursday
  • Victoria Osteen, the wife of megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, says her faith never faltered after she was sued for allegedly assaulting a flight attendant over a spill on her first-class seat.
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  • gel

    miley is fat know…but still pretty…

  • nessasux

    jeah. d44 shes fat ugly biatch.

  • kira

    hey yooo
    I love Milerz !!
    (and happy birthday joe jonas! watch: )
    Greetz from Germany xD

  • mike

    Why did they move Harry Potter to July? Whatever…

  • kira

    Hey yooo
    I love her style!
    Check this out

  • kira

    I love her and her style !

  • Zaina..

    i dont really like her..

    shes such an attention seeker with her naked photos.

    i dont mean to hate but she cant really act


  • Chelsea

    How is Miley Cyrus fat? obviously you don’t know what fat looks like

  • kay

    shes so NOT fat people. wow

  • shinjee

    what? HP moved in 2009? darn it!
    make me believe it..

  • carol

    so ridiculous!
    can’t belive!!! Oo’

  • lala


  • lala


  • eva

    wtf how can she be fat
    im enormous if shes fat

  • atelier

    fashion icon my fuckin hairy gassy full of shit ass

  • Char

    WTF JULY?!?!?!? This is so NOT cool!!! All the others have been released in Nov why would this be July??? Not happy :(

  • Nicole

    attantion seeker.

    her album rox tho [:

  • emily

    love nick!!!!

  • anna

    she is awesome and her album sure did rock! miley is the coolest. ;) ooh happy birthday josepher!

  • violinbug1410

    miley is so cool!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    i don’t like miley. can’t wait to watch harry potter!

  • mileycyrusfan

    i love miley!!!!!!!!! why is every hater jealous of her? i know! because there ugly and miley is pretty and there dum and miley is smart!

  • Nikki

    wow. she a fashion icon because she wears ripped jeans?
    then everyone i know must be fashion icon.

    plus she looks messy, not the good messy but the “she just had sex” messy.

  • Nikki

    wow. she a fashion icon because she wears ripped jeans?
    then everyone i know must be fashion icon.

    plus she looks messy, not the good messy but the “she just had sex” messy.

  • tia

    WTF! how can ANYONE say miley cyrus is fat?! i cant stand the girl but she is tiiiinyyyy and has no meat on her whatsoever. she is the furthest thing from fat

  • chantall

    Miley isnt fat! but her face is!!! i like her but seriously she look really weird here!
    the HP movie moved to july cuz of the writers strike and somthing about the action sences!

  • michelle

    ugh..i cant stand miley!!
    ha.but that was funny #25 it does look like shes messy..well the “she just had sex” kind of messy!!!ahha

  • shorty

    she looks possessed in that pic

  • victoria

    Miley is NOT a fashion ICON ( lol ) !!!! I can think of alot of established older and beautiful celebrities that are, but honey, she is NOT one of them….. AND, on Katie Holmes, looking good on that shirt for one HOT MAMA. I bet she did not know her bra was that sheer. AND, on the the NICOLE RICHIE pictures, she has the same problem, but a little more pronounce. A little more nippley around the edges, if you get the drift. Especially through that see-through white shirt. Hollywood has no shame!!!………….. AND as much as I cannot stand the Comb-over Donald, I think that is a pretty noble thing for him to do for Ed McMahan. At least he gets to stay in a home he has been in for awhile. AND, last but not least, that Victoria Osteen Drama…. I don’t a thingy about her, BUT, I heard that spot on her plane arm was dry ( in first class ). OK, but, why all the fuss. You know that flight attendant does not have a prayer in court with Osteen’s background. Have you seen her clothes and make-up in court on T.V. daily?? And her high-lighted hair and lined lips? The flight attendant is African American and does not have a chance. I feel so sorry for her, and I BELIEVE HER. Osteen seems Arrogant. The jury is still out!!!

  • joey

    hp move 2009.i can’t belive it.but i have a questions justjared.why dont release daniel radcliffe or emma watson news and pictures

  • Vee

    I once had an offer like Donald Trump’s for my house. The person wanted to buy it for 2/3 the value and rent it to me for 5/3 the value. I hope DT would have a more compassionate offer, but I doubt it. Prove me wrong, Donald! This life is getting shorter, and the other life will be yours for a long, long time.

  • shinjee

    writer strike? its over isnt it?!. HP shouldnt get affected by the writers strike. They said november 21st, so be it, november!! July 2009? darn thats too far.

  • FSDF



    OMG! miley cyrus is a fashion icon?!?!
    i think i honestly just puked a little
    in my mouth. okay so whoever
    crazy person thought of that
    ‘miley cryus is a fashion icon’ crap..
    well you are just soo crazy!
    look..i don’t hate miley. and i don’t
    love her. her music is okay… and she’s
    okay. but a fashion icon!?!? really?!..

  • uhmmm

  • babysome41

    shes not fat

    you people are fricken blind.

  • mary

    yuck!!! hate her!!

  • none

    ha miley cyrus looks stoned.

  • Jodiie

    i dnt fink shes fat but shes not pretty either i fink… and i luv her songs but i dnt like her much because she was born into fame, thats why i like leona lewis and that more who have pure talent and worked to get where they are now, not help from her washed up dad

  • ????????????


  • thatkid.

    lol. miley is more anying than burnt toast.

    she is ANNOYING and fake.

    she needs to get over herself.
    gotta hate teenyboppers.

  • thatkid.

    lol. miley is more annoying than burnt toast.

    she is ANNOYING and fake.

    she needs to get over herself.
    gotta hate teenyboppers.