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Rachel McAdams: I Worked McDonald's For Three Years!

Rachel McAdams: I Worked McDonald's For Three Years!

Rachel McAdams takes front and center in New York Times’ latest issue of T Magazine. The 31-year-old Canuck cutie has been out promoting her latest film, The Lucky Ones. The story revolves around three soldiers — Collee (McAdams), T.K. (Michael Pena) and Cheever (Tim Robbins) — who return from the Iraq War after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them. Here are a few excepts from Rachel‘s interview:

[Even though you wanted to become an actress,] you still stayed in Canada instead of jetting off to L.A. or New York. [Why?] I had a small-town life – I worked at the local McDonald’s for three years. I’m not sure why they kept me: I am something of a daydreamer and a dawdler, so they would only let me be the ”friendly voice” that greeted you when you entered the restaurant. I was slow – I would be organizing the sweet-and-sour packets in the customer’s takeout bag while the line snaked out the door. Even at a fast-food restaurant, I wanted everything just so.

Do you like to audition? I love auditioning. Since ”The Notebook” and ”Wedding Crashers,” I don’t have to audition anymore, and I miss it. You get to show your interpretation of the character. I get nervous when I don’t audition. What if they hate what I want to do? I also like screen tests, where they put you in a room with your male co-star. They want to see if the two of you have chemistry together. There’s something wonderfully old-fashioned about a chemistry test. During a movie, chemistry is so important, and yet they just assume actors can fake their way through it. That doesn’t always work.

In ”The Notebook,” you and Ryan Gosling had amazing chemistry. Are love scenes difficult? They’re strange. A kiss with anyone, on or off camera, can be intimidating. I’ve been kissing for nearly two decades now, and I’m always convinced I’m not doing it right. Chemistry is so important in a great kiss. You can act your way through anything, but it’s hard with a kiss. It’s much better if there’s an attraction.

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  • tony

    It’s good to see Rachel again! I loved her in Red Eye and I think she’s a terrific actress:)

    Smokin’ photoshoot!

  • PardyHardy

    Some of those pictures look like Parker Posey…

  • nikkita

    I like her, shes honest and funny.

  • noor

    I like the fact that she is humble and human. I mean I worked in a McDonald’s for 3 months myself and I feel like I can relate to all she is saying.


  • kdjf

    She is the greatest, everybody loves her & if you don’t you’re on crack.

  • kelly

    She’s amazing. Great actress and gorgeous. Seems really cool, too.

  • nuuuuu meeeee

    I adore her talent, she’s a HOLY..WOOD keeper :P

  • leigh ann

    Great actress, but that’s a big NO on those pictures.

  • charlotte

    is she dating ryan gossling? I think I saw them sitting outside marmalade cafe in sherman oaks. they weren’t talking to each other though! just typing away on their iphones like every other person in la!

  • JB

    love her but these pictures are terrible

  • meh…..

    Good actress, but not too high on the attractive list andn these pics don’t help.

  • Suzie

    Love her. On a plane recently, I saw Married Life. Not a movie I would typically see, but she was GREAT in it.

  • snap dragon


  • str

    lol, she was the ONLY thing i didn’t like about the notebook…

  • sara

    Hey Charlotte, I don’t know if there dating but when was it you saw them? Just curious .

  • Supernetuser

    The whole article didn’t get into her film at all.

  • Cate

    Hey Charlotte….. I don’t think Ryan and Rachel are dating but I guess you never know. How recently did you see Ryan and Rachel in Sherman Oaks?

  • Kate

    Well, I loved her in Mean Girls, and I think she’s much prettier with long blond hair…

  • Gracie

    Ryan and Rachel used to date, last I heard they broke up a while ago but there was sightings of her going to a gig where he was the DJ.

  • charlotte

    cate and sara—it was a few weeks ago.

  • ilana

    boring actress and she looks like a clown aka the Joker

  • Austin powers

    That’s not a woman — but a man baby

  • alyson

    fabulous actres!!

  • Karey

    This was a great interview!! :-)

  • Helena

    She looks fierce! It’s also fresh to see her once in a while, instead of seeing Katie Holmes every day! McAdams has obviously heard of the term ‘Less is more’!

  • Caroline

    Love her! Thanks, Jared!

  • grapes

    Love her, love the photos…can’t wait to see her films The Lucky Ones and the Time travellers wife!!

  • rick

    less of her because its obvious no one cares about her. forgettable actress and she has manly chests

  • shorty

    god i didnt even recognize her

  • shoops

    Wow…amazing, doesn’t even look like her…I like it…alot.

    Glad to see she’s back, amazing actress, and amazing down to earth person…Go Rach!!

  • Diana

    Even though she’s no longer in a relationship w/ Ryan. They really should do another movie together!

  • Marieme

    Not my favorite photo shoot of her, but man she is totally gorgeous as well as luminous as an actress. She could own Hollywood if she wanted to. The thing is she doesn’t and that makes me admire her tons! I do hope to see her in a bunch of films for years to come.

  • ShimmeringDew

    Beautiful woman and great actress – love her – but these pics suck….you cant even recognize who she is and the only pic that does her beauty justice is the straight forward face one.

  • Very funny !

    gosh i love her! she’s one of the most beautiful, humble, down-to-earth, stunningly gorgeous, graceful, nice, talented actress out there! i wanna hear and see more of her…..she’s really special

  • Best of hollyweird

    oh boy (insert heavy sarcasm here) can’t waaaaiit for this film, Tim Robbins playing a solder, ooooh great. WTF does this idiot know about the military except for his extreme disdain for them. Maybe he should still to playing roles he’s more in touch with, like maybe reprising DiCaprio’s role in What’s Eating Gilbert Gramp.

  • neil

    # 19 Kate @ 08/15/2008 at 2:29 pm

    Well, I loved her in Mean Girls, and I think she’s much prettier with long blond hair…

    I felt sorry for Lindsey when doing the burlesque scene on the school stage with Rachel. I’m sure a lot of producers and directors felt the same way; WOW! Her career has been nothing but upwards and onwards ever since while Lindsey seems to be flushing it all away. Looking forward to this film but even more so for “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. That is going to be a real tear-jerker.

  • http://justjared LICI

    I’m not sure if i’m liking these shots of her. She is so pretty so that is NOT the issue, but I don’t think these are “her”. It’s almost TOO high fashion or something. Just doesn’t seem authentic to her

  • meme

    She is gorgeous. Nice to see another side to her. These shots may not be her, but she sure as hell looks good doing them…and she’s not too bad at acting too!!

  • omg

    GO RACHEL! i love her in Mean Girls and The Notebook! what a beautiful woman.

  • omg


  • omg


  • heeyys!

    i love Rachel McAdams!!!
    she is such an amaaaziiiiiiinnggg

  • Michelle

    Rachel McAdams is the best actress in Hollywood. She’s also my favorite actress because with every role she gets, she looks flawless and has a charm with the character she plays. I want her to get back with Ryan, they made such a beautiful and happy couple!!!!!!

  • Dorothy

    Awww the attraction with Ryan Gosling…=D

  • prepster

    FINALLY, a celeb named “Rachel” who’s not a midget, truly talented & no media-dog had appeared on this site

  • karine

    Thanks jared !

    I love her, she’s a great actress and she works hard.
    The notebook, Meangirls, Red eye…. She’s wonderful when she plays.

    I can go to the cinema once I know she plays in the movie i am going to see.

    She seems nice and clever. And beautiful.

    Anyway, this pictures are not beautiful.